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Holiday Giveaway #12: Kidrobot Black- 12.06.11

krblack0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Ok this 12th giveaway is kind of incredible. I mean they all are, but this one… wow. You can’t even buy what they are giving away… Kidrobot Black is an amazing collaboration between Kidrobot, toy designers, and our favorite non-color color, black. In their words:

“In the color restrained world of Kidrobot Black, artists transcend current confines of technique and expression to both innovate in existing formats and promote the exploration of new ones. Kidrobot Black thrives on the untried, the unexpected, and the unusual.

Forging pieces that feature primarily black materials with minimal secondary highlights, Kidrobot Black frees the artist of the complications derived from color. These limitations compel artists to surpass the norms of material and form, and push past the line between consumer product and art, as well as between object and design.

Featuring darker themes inherent to the medium, and available in only limited quantities, Kidrobot Black distinctively unites higher and lower forms of expression as it draws production to the brink of unique.”

As for this giveaway ~ they are giving away not one, but TWO of their limited editions. Both of which have been sold out for some time now (and these things go FAST!) So one lucky winner has another chance to add these two lovelies to their collection. The Goddess by Doze Green is one of 200, and The Deek by Jeff Soto is one of 150!

For a chance to win The Goddess by Doze Green and The Deek by Jeff Soto from Kidrobot Black, leave a comment with your favorite toy before midnight PST on Dec 11th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more images of the figures on the next page as well as a Kidrobot coupon!

CONGRATS to our winner, Daniel in Boynton Beach, FL!

krblack1.jpg THE GODDESS BY DOZE GREEN 20-INCH VINYL - EDITION OF 200 Bow before her; the Goddess approaches. Unshroud Doze Green’s mystical black Goddess from her premium packaging and discover why faithful pilgrims journey far and wide to bask in her splendor. By far the most magnificent Kidrobot Black creation ever conceived, this visionary vinyl towers at 20 inches to the top of her horns and celebrates the life and love granted by the eternal Mother. Exquisitely rendered in matte vinyl and embellished with gloss-touched details, Doze’s latest depiction of the symbol of fertility will have you in awe of her organic-mechanized mythic form. Encased in luxurious black and gold quarters bearing Doze Green’s signature in gold foil, this striking sculpture is limited to only 200 pieces.

krblack2.jpg THE DEEK BY JEFF SOTO 6.5-INCH VINYL - EDITION OF 150 Look out the window; The Deek is coming. Straight out of California-based artist Jeff Soto’s childhood horrors, this axe-wielding 6.5-inch vinyl nightmare features burning red eyes and ice blue stars tattooed to his hands. Known for his striking visual imagery, Jeff Soto’s art is inspired by childhood toys, skateboarding and graffiti, and hip-hop and popular culture. His paintings are highly sought after and exhibited in cities thoughout the US and abroad.

For a chance to win The Goddess by Doze Green and The Deek by Jeff Soto from Kidrobot Black, leave a comment with your favorite toy before midnight PST on Dec 11th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!



259 Notes

Lego,lots of lego’s

----- Jeff 11.12.11 21:23

I always wanted an easy bake oven

----- Andrea 11.12.11 14:26

MY batman figure

----- Joseph Sarti 11.12.11 09:03

my fav toy of all time was my 78 El Camino…

----- seAN 11.12.11 07:33

My favorite toy is a Gundam action figure.

----- Jon 11.12.11 06:35

tough question; top star wars: yoda; top gijoe: Zartan top transformer: dinobots ….best years of my life spent with those guys

----- noel drumbor 11.12.11 05:33

My favorite toy has always been Godzilla figurines.

----- Alex Awesome 11.12.11 03:04

Anything scooby doo related.

----- nick 11.12.11 00:08

my imagination.

----- carol 10.12.11 18:57

Any Huck Gee toy is my favorite toy!

----- Justin Cheah 10.12.11 17:20

a fabric parachute that had a harness to attach to any of my GI Joe guys. A neighborhood kid tried to steal it once and I tackled him; the only physical altercation I’ve ever been in.

----- Brett K. 10.12.11 12:15

My favorite toy is my 8-inch Qee collector’s Saraha. I keep it on my desk at work with a collection of other toys and get so many comments on it!

----- Elora 10.12.11 11:55

legos, of course!

----- dima 10.12.11 11:43

I remember a time when my friends and I would have loads of fun making elaborate paper boats to float along the riverbank.

----- Lee Yew Wan 10.12.11 08:21

Right now, my favourite toy is my iPhone 4S :)

----- Ellen Bautista 10.12.11 08:16

My brain is my favorite toy.

----- The Keith 10.12.11 06:47

My favorite toy right now is this anatomy figure that is my new desk mate. He’s clear with one half of him showing his skeletal system, the other his muscles. Then his torso is fully of squishy organs. He also has a squishy brain inside of his skull that’s top is removable. I love educational and strange toys!

----- Leslie 10.12.11 01:06

Favorite toys these days are Three A toys by Ashley Wood. They’re unreal. Such a skilled artist.

----- Greg 09.12.11 19:06

My favorite toy is a wire & cardboard chase-toy that brings my cats Taz and Roo so much joy and challenge, and makes me laugh for hours as they risk life and limb all to capture and conquer a piece of rolled up cardboard :)

----- Leigh 09.12.11 18:45

Growing up I loved action figures, legos and hot wheels just like every other boy. But my absolute FAVORITE toy? Z-bots. An apparently little-known line of miniature robot collectibles which were generic enough that I had to invent a story and character for them but well-executed enough that I wasn’t breaking them or throwing them about thoughtlessly.

----- Matt 09.12.11 18:27

My Tim Burton collection!!!

----- maria 09.12.11 15:52

Ninja Turtles of course

----- Amanda Brown 09.12.11 14:41

A metal one legged Superman w/ a ripped cape from the 70’s. I still have him on my shelf.

----- Parker 09.12.11 14:13

My old-school Speak-n-Spell.

Yes, I still have it.

It even works, sort of.

----- Rabbit 09.12.11 13:12

my approx 2 feet high “The Iron Giant Metal Eater” figure.

----- eddie 09.12.11 05:05

i love Kidrobot zipper pulls. i spend so much money on those (so expensive here in the Philippines)

----- Samantha 09.12.11 02:25

Coarse’s “False Friends”

----- Agata 09.12.11 01:00

my huge donut plush from kid robot’s yummy series!

----- victor 08.12.11 21:12

An orange wooden mouse pull toy named Lisa from Vilac.

----- jamie 08.12.11 20:50

i love legos.

----- sarah 08.12.11 20:40

My iPhone!

----- Dustin 08.12.11 18:32

International Playthings Big Loader

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 08.12.11 17:26

I’m dating myself here, but hands down, Hungry Hippos!

----- Danica 08.12.11 17:05

An Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!

----- Ralphie 08.12.11 15:34

My purple plastic bone with peanut butter inside.

----- Jack the Dog 08.12.11 15:26

When I was a kid my dad always took me to his friends house who collected toys. And the thing I always remember the most is these two predator toys, one would spit acid(water) and the other had a button that when you hit it the whole thing would explode. The quality was amazing back then, just like the quality of these KidRobot figures, the detail is amazing, I would be happy to have even one of them. Happy Holidays.

----- Chris Rands 08.12.11 12:58

When I was a kid my dad always took me to his friends house who collected toys. And the thing I always remember the most is these two predator toys, one would spit acid(water) and the other had a button that when you hit it the whole thing would explode. The quality was amazing back then, just like the quality of these KidRobot figures, the detail is amazing, I would be happy to have even one of them. Happy Holidays.

----- Chris Rands 08.12.11 12:55

My cat!

----- Stav 08.12.11 11:17

Tara Mcphersons Bubble Yucky (Pink)! I gave it to my wife the night I proposed!

----- Eddy Way 08.12.11 09:38

My Fireball Island board game! Too fun!

----- Cole 08.12.11 05:00

My Boytoy!

----- Agnes 08.12.11 04:22

My chewbacca bobble head that came in a care package from my bf over thanksgiving since I couldn’t make it home. :) Orr my comicon exclusive Optimus prime nerf gun!

----- Minnow 08.12.11 04:19

My favourite toy is my Friends With You-Wish Come True Coco figurine.

----- Jess 08.12.11 03:57

My titus plush!

----- Iris 08.12.11 02:49

favourite toy? that’s hard. :p

my laptop ^___^ does that count? :]
but maybe just my stuffed eeyore :3

----- heather 07.12.11 22:46

I used to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower, my most favorite toy ever!

----- Justin H 07.12.11 22:10

My Favourite toy would have to be my iPhone!…wahaa

----- Jessica Ng 07.12.11 21:30

my favorite toy was my cupboard full of colored paper and a pair of scissors. I enjoyed endless hours of snipping and sticking, come to think of it I still do!

----- Laura 07.12.11 20:18

Perhaps about a year ago, 7-11 had a Domo-kun promotion in which their Slurpee straws had little Domo figurines attached to them. Those are probably my favorite toys at the moment :) My favorite is the Domo with the gold thug chain (http://madsilence.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/domostraw.jpg), hahaha.

----- Stephanie 07.12.11 19:58

legos led me down the path to study architecture. so they should either be my favorite, or my one true bitter regret.

----- rich 07.12.11 19:31


----- OJ Desuasido 07.12.11 19:19

when i was a kid my favorite toy was the At-At Walker. But my brother thought he could ride it like a horse and then i had to find a new favorite toy :(

----- josh 07.12.11 19:14

My favorite toy as a kid was my double headset Swatch phone.

----- Erin 07.12.11 18:41

1st gen transformers soundwave

----- alex 07.12.11 16:35

Mr. Potato Head! I don’t have my original anymore, but I do have the McDonald’s kids meal candy dispensing Mr. Potato Head.

----- SD 07.12.11 15:55

Currently, my favorite toy is the BudBAT collab between Ferg & Scott Wilkowski.

----- Patrick 07.12.11 15:33

easy, my Millennium Falcon of course…

----- Dennis 07.12.11 14:35

My yellow three-foot teddy bear; dad got it at a carnival for mom before I was born. It’s missing both eyes and its tongue, but whatev.

----- Meghan 07.12.11 13:33

Every last LEGO i’ve ever gotten, and have yet to buy!

----- Mike 07.12.11 13:04

My teddy bear given to me by my sisters in the third grade.

----- Jeff 07.12.11 11:21

My board games!

----- Thu 07.12.11 11:18

My favorite toy was BATHTUB in my friends yard. We used to pretend that it is our space ship!

----- Monika 07.12.11 11:17

My favorite toys were always my Pound Puppies, particularly the one I named “Crystal Star Pup.” She went everywhere with me!

----- Ashley 07.12.11 11:15

real x head figures!

----- steven 07.12.11 10:29

Marbles! Cheap, fun and shiny!

----- Jasper 07.12.11 10:00

I personally have to go with GI Joe. Nothing like setting them up to shoot from the roof with a bb gun.

----- landon 07.12.11 09:46

My favourite toy… a model of Villa Stein made by myself to stand longitudinally because i love to play with space! Haha but do you know Villa Stein?

----- chen 07.12.11 09:21

I still love building blocks and legos, and sheets to make forts with. My desk is filled with Kid Robot toys, and things from ThinkGeek. I guess I just like toys.

----- katalia 07.12.11 08:46

My favorite toy is my HPI 5b…an r/c car an adult doesn’t have to be ashamed of.

----- Kevin 07.12.11 08:39


----- JUSTIN R 07.12.11 08:34

Micro Machines… the ones with the big wheels were awesome.

----- Mathias 07.12.11 07:17

My favorite toy is Lego!

----- Misha 07.12.11 06:50

I was inspired by the beautiful snow this morning.

----- Nancy Hobock 07.12.11 06:39

I really liked my GI Joes but the truth is my Playmobil take the cake, those were my favorite

----- Marco 07.12.11 06:31

It’s gotta be legos, legos are the best.

----- Adam Edwards 07.12.11 06:29

Favorite toy? The cardboard box!

----- Brian Belida 07.12.11 05:10

My favorite toy has got to be Hot Wheels. It relies on the imagination to make it fun.

----- Gary 07.12.11 04:39

My fave toy ever has to be the Drinky Crow from the animated series by Eric Kaplan & Tony Millionaire http://bit.ly/tYbeeI

----- J Reeve 07.12.11 03:47

My favorite toy is my camera. It’s perfect for keeping memories, making art, and adventure. It also has more accessories than anything I played with as a child =D

----- Nick Talley 07.12.11 02:14

Rubik’s cube!

----- Emily 07.12.11 02:00

My favorite toy was a magnifying glass. Crayons and ants hated my magnifying glass an I. HaHaHa

----- David almighty 07.12.11 00:53

mid 80’s gi joes. an adventure waiting for me everyday after school when i was a kid.

----- Dan 06.12.11 23:37

zomgz squee black!

ahem. favorite toy… original Veritech Fighter 1 from Macross Anime series… diecast metal n’ everything…

----- Patrick 06.12.11 23:02

My Buzz Light year would love to be friends with Lilitu, for that matter so would I!

----- DAB 06.12.11 22:28

The goddess!!!! Absolutely adore doze!

----- Michelle 06.12.11 22:13

boobs! I mean legos…lego boobs…

----- Allen 06.12.11 22:09

My favorite toy is Bucky Balls.

----- Gaetan 06.12.11 21:40

My favorite toy is my stuffed animal I made! It’s a squirrel! Took me a while too.

----- Angela Nguyen 06.12.11 21:00

Favorite toy hands down is the Barry McGee Tokion figure release awhile back. I had it and the Margaret Kilgallen figure and had to sell due to finances .. :(

----- Aaron 06.12.11 20:50

My favorite toy is Tara McPherson’s ‘Lilitu’. Another level. Wish I’d managed to get one in time…

----- Ian 06.12.11 20:03

My Favorite toy that own is my 14 inch Buff Monster Destroyer

----- Drew Quintana 06.12.11 20:00

Legos, but the big blocks not the tiny ones…

----- Solmaz 06.12.11 19:45

My mother bought me these little life-size rubber lizards modeled after real ones, and I loved them. I’m not sure why, but these have meant hours of entertainment, and I still have them.

----- Kylene 06.12.11 19:27

my old rocking horse!

----- viktoria papp 06.12.11 19:21

My favorite toy was Legos

----- Victor 06.12.11 19:09

My Playmobil Castle!

----- Roy 06.12.11 19:08

By far it was always Lego. All about childhood creation. Now I resort to art toys!

----- Jake 06.12.11 19:05

Favorite toy is nerf guns.

----- Jeremiah 06.12.11 19:03

My favourite toy was always K’NEX. It gave me a passion for making things with my hands that I have even now. I’ve still got my entire collection in my closet.

----- Sam G 06.12.11 19:00

Gotta be my tonka trucks!

----- phil denton 06.12.11 18:11

Back in the early 90s when those finger decks were cool - you know the skateboards for you fingers - I wanted one bad. My parents wouldn’t get me one, so I made one from timber and alot of balsa glue. I even drew cool stuff onto it like a real deck.

----- Andrew Chau 06.12.11 17:55

My favorite toy were Legos. They’re still classic!

----- Jay B. 06.12.11 17:29

My Bandai’s Gundam F91.

----- Valdir de Oliveira 06.12.11 17:21

as a kid i have to say my favorite tow was any spawn action figure

----- Seth 06.12.11 17:20

Lego, specifically medieval Lego. A nerd from birth.

----- Anthony 06.12.11 17:06

Sure, why not(cot)?

----- tudza 06.12.11 16:45

My favourite toy is Jason Freeny;s Cutaway 6.5” Anatomical Stay Puft Marshmallow Man… http://espvisuals.blogspot.com/2010/10/jason-freeny-update.html

----- Selph ESP 06.12.11 16:26

My favorite toy in my collection is my frankenmonkey with removable glow in the dark brain. such a rad figure.

----- tony F 06.12.11 15:49

My favorite toys are Legos.

----- MIKE 06.12.11 15:23

Legos! Even as an adult, I love Legos. I always secretly hope my niece and nephew will want to play when I go over there. I’m always down for building!

----- Rae 06.12.11 15:23

My favorite toy was the Imperial Gunner. That dude shoulda had his own movie where he and Boba Fett went and kicked ass all over the galaxy.

----- Dan 06.12.11 15:17

My favorite toy is my bicycle! Custom carbon fiber, AmClassic wheels, and powered only by my own determination!

----- Tyler Benner 06.12.11 15:02

My big wheel

----- wolfie 06.12.11 14:47

Midnight magi

----- Steve ruddy 06.12.11 14:42

I had a little plastic doctor’s kit, and I was really into performing complex surgeries on my stuffed animals

----- Hilary 06.12.11 14:41

Has to be transformers! Even got an autobot tattoo!

----- Noel 06.12.11 14:26

My Tamagotchi!

----- Michael 06.12.11 14:23

Actually not Play Doh. Sculpey! Hold form better.

----- Brenner 06.12.11 14:12

My favorite toy ever was the Rambo Rocket Launcher I received for xmas!! Man that thing was awesome!

----- Todd B 06.12.11 14:11

Play Doh!

----- Brenner 06.12.11 14:11

I once had a Chuck Norris toy, cannot be beat.

----- DylanB 06.12.11 13:55

Old timey…lincoln logs
New timey…Sam Flores:Fatima

----- Alexandra Snook 06.12.11 13:47

My favorite toy is a G.I. Joe. I loved them so much I gave them all the best funeral a toy could buy and I buried them in the back yard as a kid. The problem was, I couldn’t remember where I buried them. I would like to get some more.

----- Tyler 06.12.11 13:40

My favourite toy would have to be the Edward Gorey Black Doll!

----- black_cloud 06.12.11 13:30

Barbie, of course!

----- Ralitsa 06.12.11 13:17

My fave when I was a kid was lego blocks, just the non-descript blocky blocks from which you could make anything!

----- blue 06.12.11 13:14

The Etch-A-Sketch!

----- Natasha 06.12.11 13:13

Divine Design—magnetic desk (building) toy — always fun!

----- Margaret A 06.12.11 13:11

My Neighbor Totoro plushie

----- Derik Strattan 06.12.11 12:58

My pocket knife - was allowed one as soon as I could demonstrate the ability to sharpen a graphite pencil to a good point.

----- Lisa McKenzie 06.12.11 12:44

Crayon and paper

----- Jim 06.12.11 12:43

Sectaur castle!

----- sethernicus 06.12.11 12:39

My favorite toy that I have is the ARMSTRONG ROBOT from ThreeA. Awesome details

----- Asenh Tsan 06.12.11 12:32

The GODDESS by Doze Green. I’ve been following him for years now and have been blown away by his imagination and creativity. Crossing fingers, toes and eye balls for a win!!! Good luck to all

----- Alexis 06.12.11 12:29

When I was a kid my favorite toy was probably Stretch Armstrong, but even now I still have a fondness for Legos.

----- Diana 06.12.11 12:24

My shogun warrior robot!

----- Levi montez 06.12.11 12:21

I’m a total fan of Tegu. clicky wooden blocks with magnets??? yes. please.

----- Mary 06.12.11 12:12

Big box of thousands of LEGO parts…the best way to entertain a kid for a veeeery long time ;]

----- Artur Jelonek 06.12.11 12:04


----- christi 06.12.11 11:54

A pen, paper, and my imagination.

----- Bryce 06.12.11 11:43

My favorite toys were boxes, pillows and stuffed animals. Basically boxes and pillows were cars and rafts, the kitchen floor was usually hot lava and my stuffed animals were my various travel companions.

----- Melissa 06.12.11 11:42

My favorite toy was/is the Spirograph.

----- Rey 06.12.11 11:33

I always loved my lincoln logs

----- nick robles 06.12.11 11:26

A yo-yo is my favorite toy. As it exhibits the effects of life in this modern society. The pleasure of a free-fall, followed by the moments of dangling, and then to be left in a tangled mess and to do it all over again.

----- Mardep 06.12.11 11:19

My favourite? Hot Wheels cars that I used to ‘race’ with each other!

----- Sarmishta 06.12.11 11:13

Nerf Sneak a Shot. That was the one with the secret dart in the handle that you could fire at your opponent as you put your hands up to surrender. Man, I must have been an annoying child…

----- Bill Jones 06.12.11 11:08

As a kid, it would have to be my red wagon.

----- gilberto 06.12.11 11:03

my favorites were my breyer model horses and the adventures we had.

----- mary fielder 06.12.11 10:58

As an adult, my favorite toy is my Dunny by Shane Jessup. As a kid, I loved my old-school Speak & Spell.

----- Marissa 06.12.11 10:54

My favorite toy was a matchbox!

----- Tyson 06.12.11 10:48

Growing up I had this little black scottish terrier stuffed animal puppy named Blackie. I carried it with me everywhere with a death grip around the neck..in case I ever lost it or someone would try to steal it. The neck is now significantly smaller than the body and head in proportion, and I still love it to this day because of that.

----- Brandon 06.12.11 10:28

My favourite toy has to be the yoyo!!

----- Jos 06.12.11 10:16

My favourite toy was always the box!

----- Rav 06.12.11 10:16

sock monkey

----- Angie 06.12.11 10:12


----- Ryan 06.12.11 10:03

favorite toy: etch-a-sketch

----- don p 06.12.11 09:56

It’s not really a toy, but I would say a pencil and some paper. There is nothing you can’t create or imagine with these. That’s how I spent my childhood.

----- vu 06.12.11 09:55

favorite toy: etch-a-sketch

----- don p 06.12.11 09:50

My best friend bought a plushie banana and a plushie octopus from the nearby value village, and then stitched them together to form a tentacled banana. :D :D :D :D Krakenana is my absolutely favourite toy hands down forever and ever.

----- Ayla 06.12.11 09:43

My favorite toy when I was a child was the clapper that my grandmother regifted to me. She didn’t know how to use it so she decided this would be a great gift for me, why I do not really know. I used to plug the tv and dreamcast into it wait for my brother to start playing, then the fun began. As my brother was thumbing away at Ready to Rumble I would start clapping and off went the TV then depending on his reaction the game system would potentially meet the same fate.

----- Nate 06.12.11 09:43

That creature with the big tits and horns is really mind blowing. I kind of want it.

----- Peter 06.12.11 09:28

My favorite toy every is and always will be legos. Hours on end of creating, playing, and the simple discovery of it all.

----- David Rieman 06.12.11 09:24

This Soto piece would definitely be my favorite NEW toy if I won! (anxiously awaiting his Snow Owl print in the mail this week!!) But my favorite current toy out there would probably have to be just about ANY of the Course toys… they (and their packaging) are just insane.

----- Pete 06.12.11 09:21

My favorite toy would have to be my ps3, how else could I possibly stream all 200+ episodes of Melrose Place available on Netflix. guilty pleasure

----- ChloeDee 06.12.11 09:17


----- Noelle Stiles 06.12.11 09:16

Sea Monkey Kit. BEST THING EVER. It was a toy, a pet, and loads of fun!

----- Sarah 06.12.11 09:15

My favorite toy was an original Monchhichi! Circa 1981, wish I still had it. The bestest ever. My twin sis was getting tubes in her ears and I convinced my mom to buy her a gift, but insisted since we were twins we both had to have one. We each got one:)

----- Lish 06.12.11 09:09

My favorite thing to play with was a box of miscellaneous toy animals. The epic story lines would keep me entertained for hours!

----- Elizabeth 06.12.11 09:06

TMNT action figures were the world in the late 80s/early 90s.

----- Daniel 06.12.11 09:05

favorite toy ever had to be the rubiks cube.

----- allen 06.12.11 09:01

When I was a child, Legos were awesome. I’m an ‘adult’ now and Legos are still awesome.

----- Lara 06.12.11 08:59

My favourite toy is a vintage 1995 hasbro Wolverine figure! Who doesn’t love Wolverine!?

----- Justin E 06.12.11 08:58

When I was little, it was my pound puppy. Still have the little guy in my office.

----- Ginger 06.12.11 08:48

Rubik’s cube!

----- Grant Thomas 06.12.11 08:47

Fingers, because they know how to Fing

----- randy 06.12.11 08:45

My hand-sewn plush minecraft creeper.

----- Jennifer 06.12.11 08:34


----- Gino V 06.12.11 08:33

Beanie Babies. Lots of fun.

----- Rachel Bain 06.12.11 08:28

Hard question… It’d have to be the original millenium falcon toy though. Star Wars is the BEST! (obviously)

----- BEN C. 06.12.11 08:27

Silly Putty! Especially if it changes color or glows in the dark.

----- Domi 06.12.11 08:24

I was obsessed with the Transformers Metroplex action figure.

----- Stacy B. 06.12.11 08:23

THE DEEK is my fav toy from these guys…. slick stuff!

----- CRAIG.M 06.12.11 08:23


----- jay panelomo 06.12.11 08:05

LEGO! Even today, I could spend hours sitting on the floor, hunched over that pile of bricks. ^_^

----- Tom 06.12.11 08:04

My favorite toy had to be the Micronauts. They allowed me to combine pieces and build new toys. there was no limit to the number of creatures, robots and machines I could construct. Others had linkin’ logs and legos. I had science fiction at the ready.

----- Chris 06.12.11 08:02

My favorite toy has to be my safari giraffe from build-a-bear.

----- Tran Nguyen 06.12.11 07:47

As a child, it was probably my giant medieval castle and all my knights!

----- Robert W. 06.12.11 07:44

My favorite was this blue bouncy ball. I loved it until the end!

----- Karin 06.12.11 07:40

Mr. Potato Head. You can make him as crazy as you want! And who doesn’t want that?!?

----- Allen Morris 06.12.11 07:33

I think my Favourite toy on my desk has to be my Revoltech Danboard, such a playful figure!

----- Adam W 06.12.11 07:27

my favorite toy was mazinger z

----- ------- ------- 06.12.11 07:14

My favorite toy is a metal Tonka dump truck.

----- Blake 06.12.11 07:13

My favorite toy HAS to be Barbie. She has so many accessories & cool clothes & hunky guys like Ken hanging around !

----- April B 06.12.11 07:05

Before I had a real HE-MAN sword … I had an imaginary ONE that was my FAVORITE toy of all time!

----- Matthew Harrison Smith 06.12.11 07:01

my fav toy were the star wars figuers which i now passed on to my son

----- david 06.12.11 06:57

My Lego Mindstorms NXT is my favourite.

----- Ed 06.12.11 06:55

AHH! Kidrobot AND black. Two of my favorite things together at last! My favorite toy would have to be the rocking horse that my dad made when I was a kid.

----- Jessi 06.12.11 06:44

My favorite toys were and always will be my GI Joes

----- Charlie Price 06.12.11 06:38

My favorite toy is a stick. It has so many uses, from making music to transforming into a sword, to being a good friend to snuggle with and listen to you.

----- Russ! 06.12.11 06:37

The Ginger Bread Dunny by Kronk is THE ULTIMATE TOY OF ALL TIME!!! :)

----- Greg 06.12.11 06:37


----- Morgan 06.12.11 06:33

Legos! Of course.

----- Kimberly M 06.12.11 06:26

ummm… anyone here ever had those Digimon digital pet fighting monsters? I don’t think i’ve ever had so much fun fighting kids on the playground with a pixelized t-rex LOL.

----- Justin Astro 06.12.11 06:20

Lego, Greatest toy you can ever have, It’s an endless possibility of combinations.

----- Matthew 06.12.11 06:19

Two words: Hot Wheels. The Turbo Glow Jump track to be precise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDW4DfE9gGU
I agree though, it’s almost impossible to beat LEGOS.

----- Dustcrumb 06.12.11 06:11

I always loved my erector set

----- Chris Wilkinson 06.12.11 06:07

I love my Dunny Mao & Lenin!

----- Steve 06.12.11 06:06

” When Jackie Gleason told his son he could have any present he wanted, he picked the most outrageous gift of all… Richard Pryor.” What a great movie, 1982, what a great year. That’s my favorite toy, Richard Pryor rolling around in a wheel and teaching a little rich kid about the holiday gift of friendship.

----- Joyce 06.12.11 06:06

My favorite toy is a Buzz Lightyear of the Toy Story movie that I carry in my car.

----- Pedro 06.12.11 06:05

My favorite toys right now are my custom Beast Brothers 8” Calendario Dunnys.

----- Geoff 06.12.11 06:04

My favorite toy is my Game Boy Micro.

----- Bryan 06.12.11 06:01

My all time favorite is coarse toys’ Paw!

----- Zach Tarrant 06.12.11 06:00

My favorite toy is Major Matt Mason.

----- Thomas Scott 06.12.11 05:57

My Z-Bots. Or Hot Wheels. Or Z-Bots on Hot Wheels.

----- Carl 06.12.11 05:53

The game Simon or BopIt!

----- Giant Sis 06.12.11 05:44

my stuffed monkey named Charlie.

----- Becca 06.12.11 05:40

my stuffed monkey named Charlie.

----- Becca 06.12.11 05:37


----- Ian S. 06.12.11 05:34

Yo-Yo, how has no one else answerd this?!

----- Javi 06.12.11 05:29

Lego. I’ve always loved Lego.

----- WillyHarris 06.12.11 05:28

Barbie dolls are my favorite as well as stuff animals.

----- sindy murray 06.12.11 04:57

To keep me motivated through my day at work I have various vinyl sitting on my Mac. But Andrew Bell’s O-No Sushi is my all time favorite. Just love the expression on the octopus’ face with his arms everywhere.

----- Mike H 06.12.11 04:52

A toy squirrel!

----- LMcF 06.12.11 04:30

I was never really a toy kid…more of a make believe kid, so my imagination was my favorite toy accompanied by my backyard.

----- Liz 06.12.11 04:03

This little fellow, made by my girlfriend. http://instagr.am/p/XpGz9/

----- Andy 06.12.11 03:36

Star Wars Lego!!

----- Yuri Martins 06.12.11 03:36

It’s got to be Lego; My Favourite Vinyl Toy would have to be my 8” Green Dalek Diver.

----- Tain 06.12.11 02:53

I guess mine would be my Magic 8 Ball. I’ve hold on to it for years and its a very good desicion-making tool. However, the odds are not in my favor right now for it has given me an answer to my question about winning a NOTCOT giveway. It says, “Don’t count on it”, “Very doubtful”, and “My sources says No”—Aww, right through the heart. To add to my despair, I just found out that someone had already won “the Hardgraft bag”. Congratulations, you’re a lucky man and I’m just a brokenhearted-yet-hopeful son of gun with a ramshackle sack of *toot*.

----- NY 06.12.11 02:50

My rubik cube. =)

----- Talita Escher Massola 06.12.11 02:45

My favourite toy is my Fellastar - 123Klan SE. Machine gun guitar FTW!

----- Dan Gilmore 06.12.11 01:51

My favourite toy has to be my 12” Futura Unkle 77 Pointman. Epic.

----- James 06.12.11 01:49

My favourite toy would have to be Barbie. Mostly because I’ve always been secretly jealous of her wardrobe.

----- Nicole 06.12.11 01:47

My favourite would be Takashi Murakami’s ‘Strange Melting Dob’

----- Jimmy Foo 06.12.11 01:43

i guess my favorite toys were really all the natural stuff - sand and sticks, moss, leaves, snails etc. also snow! :)

----- Liisa 06.12.11 01:32

my favorite toy was my stuffed giraffe

----- tzepo 06.12.11 01:27

ANY and ALL putty! Hours of squishy, Newtonian fluid fun!

----- Collin Banko 06.12.11 01:25

The Ninja Turtle Van

----- Roy K 06.12.11 01:24

I love the mindstyle assassin figure. Sexy samurai carrying a bloody sword, whats not to love.

----- Devin 06.12.11 01:17

I had a massive bin full of different legos, so i made things that we’re space-pirate-racer-jungle-nautical…..

----- Anonymous 06.12.11 01:16

When I was young, my dad brought me a giant Lego Technique race car - real suspension, engine etc that was a real toy! :)

----- Tom G 06.12.11 01:03

Joe ledbetter gigantic bunny!!!!!

----- frank 06.12.11 00:56

I always tried to build transformers out of LEGO. Sometimes they’d even match the LEGO cities I’d cover my floor with.

----- Flo 06.12.11 00:52

My fav toy would definitely be my 123Klan Nedzed Rabbit & Roscoe Diamond’s Dogbot :)

----- Aaron 06.12.11 00:51

GI Joe of course :)

----- Dorian 06.12.11 00:47

Not these because they are damn scary!

----- Edward 06.12.11 00:42

Lego Technique. No doubt there!

----- Tim 06.12.11 00:39

My favorite toy is my old he man figures.

----- Garry Hannah 06.12.11 00:37


----- Cody 06.12.11 00:33


----- olivier 06.12.11 00:20

Transformers G1 Soundwave! Was and still is my favorite toy. To bad all my old Transformers are gone - somehow my dad managed to misplace them all…

----- rob 06.12.11 00:16

Joe Ledbetter’s 8” Tiger Dunny

----- J_Walrus 06.12.11 00:08

My favourite toys were Micronauts.

I heart toys.

----- Gregobro 06.12.11 00:07

Weebles. “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.”
Kinda like me on a Friday night.

----- Daimian 05.12.11 23:59

My favorite toy was always lego. I used to have the moon base complete with monorail.

----- Ryan J 05.12.11 23:59


----- Yoshio 05.12.11 23:54

My favorite kidrobot toy would have to be a 2010 Huck gee ninja tiger 3 inch funny figure.

----- roo 05.12.11 23:51

Favorite toy is dunny by Kidrobot.

----- jasper 05.12.11 23:44

My favorite toy is the original Transformer Optimus Prime.

----- Edgar 05.12.11 23:15

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