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CES: A Peek Inside Cubelets- 01.16.12

cubey0.jpg So, you’ve seen the AMAZING video of the dutchman in the woods introducing Cubelets (if not, you must). Well, i finally had a date with Modular Robotics Cubelets ~ and got to explore and create with them over beers and bruschetta while at CES. Fun part? Building autonomous robots that can drive themselves, run away from me, run to me, spin lights around, and beep away… all while navigating around the place settings and deliciousness. There’s something undeniably satisfying about the way the magnetic blocks snap together and just start DOING things! And their natural ability to pique the curiosity of people of any age to just get lost exploring the possibilities… truth is, you definitely need a table full to properly explore the overwhelming amount of options… and i love that it feels like true object oriented programming ~ in that you literally connect blocks that have various functions… like the light sensor block to the inverse block to the flashlight block and add a battery block and things just start happening!

Anyhow, these fun robotic cubes have been getting written up everywhere ~ but are you ready to take a peek INSIDE? When popping by the booth the next day, the Modular Robotics team broke out the leatherman and let us take a peek inside an inverse block ~ granted it’s one of the less filled cubes ~ but I love the design of how it opens (and is held together with two little screws!)… also if you ever want to hide things in your robotic cubes……… see more pics on the next page!





Flash forward to the next day at their CES booth ~ dutchman video playing ~ and toys out to speak for themselves as people naturally start to poke and play and get lost with their curiosity with huge grins on their faces. cubey5.jpg


I love that amongst the cubes is their Popular Science “Product of the Future” award! cubey7.jpg

Then it was screwdriver time… cubey8.jpg

They slide right apart! cubey9.jpg

As beautiful on the inside… as the outside! cubey10.jpg


Modular Robotics Cubelets!!!

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For some reason I keep thinking these Cubelets are macro sized prototypes for Borg Nanites….Beware!

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