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Unboxing (+installing) the NEST- 01.16.12

nest0.jpg Perfect timing ~ the NEST thermostat just arrived today ~ a chilly LA day in need of heating… that i can control from my phones, laptop, etc. (aka from bed when i wake up and before i get to the shower?) It really is a beautiful object, with an incredibly easy and intuitive interface (spin and push to click!)… and it has gorgeous packaging as well… and the coolest little screwdriver you didn’t even know you needed! While you can see tons more about the ins and outs of NEST on their site ~ the unboxing and installation was too fun not to share… so many details to see! So head to the next page and see the rest…

p.s. should be no surprise that the UI is by Bould Design (of roku and a lot of the logitech squeezebox goodness)…




Beautifully simple… nest4.jpg



I didn’t expect the screwdriver ~ nest7.jpg

~ or to love the design of it so much… nest11.jpg

In addition to being able to mount it directly to the wall, there are also additional mounting plates. nest8.jpg

The tiny level being built in to help you install it straight is an awesome detail. nest10.jpg

Here’s the back of the main unit which snaps right in… nest12.jpg

Simple, easy instruction even include stickers to help label your old thermostat wires for easy installation of the new system nest12a.jpg

OK ~ now time to get installing ~ here’s my old thermostat taken apart and the wires labeled… nest13.jpg


Installing the Nest with square plate (it helps hide the old holes!)… nest15.jpg

All wired up… nest16.jpg

And we’re good to go ~ setting up wifi, etc… spinning the dial and clicking as i set the passwords… nest17.jpg

Then hopping online ~ i set up my account ~ i can control it all from the web and iOS/Android apps… nest18.jpg

… as well as settings… nest19.jpg

Ok ~ time to go play with it and warm up the house! go see more vids/pics/info on Nest here.

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5 Notes

magnificent! i was just lamenting over the horrendous UI of my current thermostat - i never know what the temperature is really set to, sometimes the AC randomly turns on, etc. makes me think a “nest” would be a fantastic product for a NOTgiveaway sometime in the future! ;)

----- tommy pez 26.01.12 08:13

Love the idea but I’m always a bit concerned about hosting some of the funuctions on a website. What if in the future the site is no longer available. Wish products like this allowed you to host your own website.

----- John 18.01.12 19:20

We’ve already got a programmable Thermostat (Honeywell) but it’s SO ugly I want to murder it & install a Nest instead! Wrong? Probably, but I guess if I Freecycle the Honeywell then it’s not so terrible, right?

And “NOTnest” made me chuckle.

----- The Slapster 17.01.12 21:17

An awesome break down of the Nest for those who are technically inclined!

----- Nick M 17.01.12 17:16

Please post more photos of it installed! This is on my short list of things I really want but don’t need. Looks fantastic.

----- Austin 17.01.12 11:27

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