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Geometric Lighting We Love- 01.24.12

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It’s no surprise that many of our favorite lighting designs are heavily inspired by nature and geometric patterns. With their modular structures, many of these designs are even compact flat packed lighting systems that can be assembled easily (without tools or glue even!) by the end consumer into gorgeous large chandelier/pendant lamps. On the next page take a look at a roundup of geometric lighting we love from design classics to modern designs to futuristic living concepts!

lighting0.jpg Hope designed by Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto for Luce Plan
There is something incredibly beautiful about the assembly of these prisms. Absolutely mesmerizing to look at ~ this is one of my favorite lights of all time. The geometry and joinery is clever and simple and with the amazingly light polycarbonate Fresnel lenses it is easy to assemble. Take a peek at our previous post with the Hope light during the salone and the assembly process of the Hope!

lighting2.jpg Coral Seed System kitset lightshade by David Trubridge
Made of Bamboo Plywood with Nylon Clips and flat packed ~ the shadows these create are just stunning…

lighting3.jpg Caboche Ceiling Lamp designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto
“Suspension lamp composed by spheres of polymetylmetacrylate, transparent or gold yellow. A screen in white satinized blown glass guarantees maximum diffusion of light and prevents glare.”

lighting4.jpg Miss Maple Pendant Lamp by Elisa Strozyk
“material: wooden textile, steel - The pendant lamp “Miss Maple” is showing the use of a familiar material in an unconventional way. We usually experience wood as a plain surface, but here it is broken down into a grid of triangles. This makes a flexible lampshade which can be transformed manually in three-dimensional ways. While the lamp generates warm light at night the surface outside becomes more evident with daylight and turns the lamp into sculptural object.”

lighting6.jpg Hyphae lamp by Nervous System
“Hyphae is a collection of 3D printed artifacts constructed of rhizome-like networks. Inspired by the vein structures that carry fluids through organisms from the leaves of plants to our own circulatory systems, we created a simulation which uses physical growth principles to build sculptural, organic structures. Starting from an initial seed and a surface, we grow a hierarchical network where nodes constantly branch and merge. The densely interconnected structure is at once airy and strong.”

lighting7.jpg Philips Bio-light Design Uses Bacteria To Light Up Your Livingroom
“The concept explores the use of bioluminescent bacteria, which are fed with methane and composted material (drawn from the methane digester in the Microbial Home system). Alternatively the cellular light array can be filled with fluorescent proteins that emit different frequencies of light.”

lighting8.jpg Taraxacum 88 by Achille Castiglioni for Flos
“Pendant lamp providing direct and reflected lighting. Structure is formed from 20 pressed, polished aluminum triangles holding 120 clear Globolux bulbs.”

lighting5.jpg NaCl Light Shade by James Patmore
“‘NaCl’ is an organic cluster of geometric shapes. Based upon the sporadic formation of salt crystals the light-surround mimics their growth whilst keeping a sensitivity to the light, using paper to manipulate the light source enabling the opportunity to explore the ranging tonal qualities. Like its inspiration the piece has the possibility to grow into a dramatic installation piece.”

lighting9.jpg Diesel Rock Pendant Light by Foscarini
“Like a volcanic rock that when it breaks apart reveals a jewel within, Rock is an interplay of surprises and contrasts. Mysterious and severe outside, diamond-bright and iridescent inside. Outside, the dark version is rough with a scattering of golden motes, whilst inside, it shimmers, smooth and mother of pearl-covered. The white version assumes a new personality to fit in with each different use, a precious stone that highlights in particular its asymmetric facets, evolved according to a casual logic. They reflect the light’s rays in the internal surface as in a crystal, producing a surprising and unforgettable effect. This is an object that does not go unnoticed from any point of view.”

lighting10.jpg Norm 03 by Britt Kornum for Normann Copenhagen
As beautiful as the finished lamp is ~ there’s something amazing about how simple it is to put together. Britt Kornum explains - “The Norm 03 lamp shade originally took shape in my hands and hung above my own dining table with its organic and very alive-looking form. When the lamp is turned on it casts a shadow on the ceiling that reinforces the ‘alive’ impression. Two long foil strips fold in and out of each other in a snake-like pattern, creating, in their own way, order from chaos.”


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These lamps are amazing! Some needed inspiration and found some here on NOTCOT as always.

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