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U-Socket USB Outlets- 06.24.12

socket1.jpg It seemed like a good Sunday afternoon, home alone activity… i’ll install/upgrade a few outlets i impulse bought at Dwell On Design! Moans and groans and installing in spots other than i had planned… i’m wondering if these were just a novelty or truly adding a much needed convenience. So in theory, with SO many things charging via USB (and i love the USB charging ports in cars!) ~ having some added to outlets is a wonderful idea! And theoretically easy enough to switch! Right… and wrong. How old your home/wiring is will make a difference… i just learned which parts of my house have older outlets from probably 50+ years ago, and which parts have brand new ones… the electrical boxes are different sizes, and these new USB ones nearly fill newer ones… and don’t fit the older ones. Also, when they cut your countertops/backsplashes, if it doesn’t line up EXACTLY, these may not fit. (argh!)

On the upside ~ these U-Socket USB Power Outlets are supposed to reduce energy costs and minimize that vampire power issue when you leave things plugged in that don’t need to be sucking power. And it is like turning your 2 outlet into a 4… (or a 4 into a 6, but those don’t seem to be available yet!) So i’m still debating whether i need more… or whether a power strip does the trick in most spots… but i am totally charging my phone via USB outlet next to me as i type this! See more pics on the next page!


They were only selling these two at Dwell On Design ~ so i got one of each to try… the quads look tempting though (sadly not online yet!) ~ curious whether those fit more easily in most electrical boxes? socket3.jpg



The details on the side of the box say “15 Amp, 125 Volt NEMA compliant 5-15R, 2 Pole, 3 wire duplex receptacle with 2 built-in 5V Auto Sensing USB 2.0 ports @ 2.4 Amps (total); straight blade design with built-in grounding and smooth/flush faceplate; Side wiring with polarity mismatch warning light. Requires 14 gauge or larger wiring & 16 cubic inch or larger single gang electrical box.” It also appears to be built upon a Leviton outlet.

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i wanna purchase the u-socket!!:)

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