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A Week in Istanbul- 07.24.12

ist0.jpg What a week it has been! Here in Istanbul for the wedding of one of my friends since high school… we were supposed to be on vacation… but of course even while running around, Shawn and i couldn’t resist snapping and sharing pics of all the inspiration and amusement on our cell phones… many of them making it to our NOTlabs instagram (and his personal one too)… As far as proper features go ~ so far you’ve gotten a peek at our flight in to istanbul as well as inside our room at the House Hotel Galatasaray… and the adorable Emel Loves Istanbul city guide that arrived! So for all the other randomness ~ from touristy adventures to Blue Mosque and Ayasofya to the leeches and peacocks near the spice bazaar ~ to random shopping inspiration and museum finds ~ to the wedding on the bosphorus and boat ride ~ to cafes, tiles, graffiti, and so much more… get a flash overview of what we’ve experienced on the next page!

ist1.jpg Saw Morrisey… fun red/blue storm trooper graffiti… tiles i loved… and breakfast view from the top of the House Hotel Galatasaray.

burger.jpg Of course, we ended up one late night getting Islak “wet” Burgers in Taksim (and it’s SO near the hotel!) ~ naturally, at some point we also ended up trying Maya Kupir in Orkatoy.

ist2.jpg “…says a website”… miniseries being shot outside the hotel window… leeches!… view up from nargile break…

ist3.jpg fun record store… dining under the trees at Cezayir… little comic shop we found that had Andrew Bell’s Sashimis!

ist4.jpg Bar had fornasetti wallpaper? view from our House Hotel Galatasaray bed… the House Cafe in taksim

ist5.jpg House Cafe coffee, postcard from From Istanbul With Love… living wall in Armaggan… view from the top of the Sofa hotel

ist6.jpg Apparently i’m consistent with the tile i like even when i find it in another color… candy being made at YESAM in Armaggan… fun teacup/mug… awesome bookcase ladder at Robinson Crusoe.

ist7.jpg Exploring Istanbul Modern… and we watched ants try for ages to carry a caterpillar up the wall, but gravity and the caterpillar would fight back… then up they’d go again… and on and on

ist8.jpg Jennifer’s Hamman ~ despite being right amongst some of the touristiest of areas (right behind the Blue Mosque) ~ she has some of the best color, material, and weave variations we could find throughout the bazaars. Also decent pricing and an incredible wealth of knowledge (and lots of stories) about the background and creation of them all!

ist9.jpg Fun lamps… and i had no idea Fender had a folding guitar stand!

ist10.jpg Some of the crazy (and sad) creatures in the pet section of the Spice Bazaar…

ist11.jpg Adorable mini crank music boxes!!!

ist12.jpg Inside Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Ayasofya… and more Istanbul Modern

ist13.jpg Wandering in and around the markets/bazaars and taksim

ist14.jpg Bosphorus wedding… Hotel patterns… cobble cubes…

ist15.jpg Most intense cell phone repair shop… sliding walls of endless drawers of cell phone parts…

ist16.jpg Paşabahçe Mağazaları - Fun irresistible two stories of glassware and other home randomness… (there was an amazing glass blowing video playing behind the cash register too)

ist17.jpg Fun to see these Gram Notebooks by 2mikrop in person after seeing them on NOTCOT.org ages ago.

ist18.jpg View from the Sofa Hotel roof!

ist19.jpg … view continued…

ist20.jpg More inside Ayasofya ~ and the deliciously cute Ara Cafe

ist21.jpg Hafiz Mustafa to try their ancient sweets recipes and coffee… what felt like an endless staircase to the rooftop bar… more spice bazaar… more cay and baklava…

ist22.jpg More peeks from the wedding… from the first dance to the boat adventure up and down the bosphorus into the night…

ist23.jpg Top of the Sofa Hotel… my favorite warning sign… the awesomest alley filled with tools of ALL sorts and sizes… the bridge fisherman catching tiny sardine sized fish…

ist24.jpg A peek at our late nights between SDCC and Istanbul flight in NOTlabs… we had a few days to figure out a photobooth guestbook setup for the wedding that we could pack and pop up on site! Laser cute wood frame on an ipad running Pocketbooth on a tripod worked like a charm!

Phew ~ and that concludes a tiny portion of the randomness encountered on our Istanbul adventure… as caught on our cell phones/instagram!

And this seemed like the perfect close to this post… istmany.jpgFrom Istanbul With Love.

and… istmany1.jpg another From Istanbul With Love.

…. and a few peeks from the Turkish Airlines Lounge (SO many domes intersecting!) and some of the goodies that made it home. moretoadd.jpg

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