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William Banfield’s Micro Make- 07.05.12

newdesigners2012-3952.jpg The latest from London-based editor, Justine Aw as she checks out the press preview of New Designers 2012 Part 2, which is open to the public from July 4th - 7th.

William Banfield’s Micro-Make, a clever series of kits for schools, designed to engage young people in the way every day goods are produced. The first two of the series are the Micro-Make Vac Former and Rotational Moulder, which are compact, easily transportable kits that let children use vacuums to create their own molds and a rotational molder to create hollow forms! I got a brief demo of the kits in action and the kids who get to manufacture their own pieces are in for a treat! Take a look at more pictures on the next page!






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