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NOTlabs: The Skateboard Fan- 07.05.12

mainfan.jpg NOTlabs (the NOTCOT physical, experimental, play/make/hack/exploratory studio of sorts) has been quietly evolving faster and faster… recently you’ve seen the new Makerbot Replicator that just joined us… and i’m a bit overdue in sharing some of our other machines and projects with you… And loving skateboards (remember our Skateboard Swing?) first up ~ staring at the ugly, boring ceiling fan that hung above us led to the idea of of skateboards as fan blades! And sure enough a few days later, skateboards and a nice simple ceiling fan was acquired to test with! take a peek at our skateboard ceiling fan experiment on the next page.

Here’s the old fan… fan1.jpg

Prepping the boards… fan2.jpg

Drilled and attached to the blade fitting! fan3.jpg


Putting it together! fan5.jpg

And we’re ready! fan6.jpg

It works pretty well ~ and looks fun up there! fan7.jpg


Changes to come… might lighten up the boards… perhaps take them into the laser cutter and add some fun patterns/textures…

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