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Inspired: LAX-FRA-LNZ - 08.28.12

linz00.jpg I’ve tagged along with Shawn Sims and Golan Levin to Linz, Austria as they showcase the Free Universal Construction Kit in its entirety and accept their award at Ars Electronica Festival. It’s been quite the journey to get here (i’ve never blown a tire as we pulled away from the gate, which led to 2 hours on the tarmac waiting to get a tire changed… which of course resulted in missing our connection… and a few bonus hours of Frankfurt lounge time)… and running around, wandering, exploring, and relaxing, which inevitably means a slew of random pictures (perfect excuse to properly test out my HTC One S camera)… See the inspiration of the last day or two on the next page!

linz01.jpg The sunrise was worth waking up for… somewhere over greenland.

linz02.jpg I couldn’t get enough of the glow!

linz03.jpg Frankfurt Lufthansa Lounge… Sound Chairs! You can plug in the pod, curl up, listen to music and watch the airport madness below…

linz4.jpg … the view from the pod chairs!

linz5.jpg After crashing once we finally got to Linz, we woke up starving after the hotel restaurant closed… so we wandered into town and found our first taste of Ars Electronica Festival awesomeness in the main square…

linz6.jpg The walk back along the Danube in the dark was bat filled…

linz7.jpg At a certain point it’s hard to tell what is graffiti and what is part of the sculptures…

linz8.jpg … too hilarious not to photograph!

linz9.jpg I’m fascinated by the way these trash dumpsters are strung up…

linz10.jpg Watching kids interact with the human car wash brushes at the entrance of OK was fascinating… some touch it, some stick their faces in… most eventually walk right through - with huge grins on their faces!

linz11.jpg The Free Universal Construction Kit section of the exhibit when we arrived… a bit of work to do still!

linz12.jpg The smiling espresso drinking teapot logo made me smile.

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