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NOTlabs: Squadt K11 BOOMERcam- 08.06.12

mainfergcam.jpg We’ve been long time fans of Project Squadt by Ferg and Playge. You’ve seen our NKD Jack as well as our little team of Fr0g and K11 Sp0ts (s001 + s003). From their intricate details, accessories, branding, and more ~ what’s not to love? In fact, in this year’s Designer Toy Awards, Ferg is up for Artist of the Year, Nozzel S00 Squadt by Ferg & Playge is up for Fan Favorite, Squadt Fr0g S001 & K11 Spot [SWAMP DWLLR] by Ferg & Playge are up for Toy of the Year, and Playge Doctor Skelve (W/ hood) by Ferg & Brandt Peters is up for Best Collaboration. Phew it’s been quite a year for Ferg and his ever growing collection of creatures!

With a K11 Spot (dog like creature that resembles a surveillance camera), we couldn’t help but wonder whether it could be an ACTUAL working camera! Together with Ferg, we decided to try it out! He sent over a Squadt K11 BOOMER (in addition to looking camera like, the little guy’s head opens!) and we went to work in the NOTlabs hacking a little wireless video camera into his head! It ended up needing some dremeling, 3d printing, laser cutting, and more to get the little guy going, but now he may LOOK like another toy on the desk, but he’s streaming video! See the process and video of him in action on the next page!

Here’s K11 Boomer in his original state… fergdog0.jpg

… adorable velcro’d on packs and all! fergdog1.jpg

… inside is a tray for his bombs! fergdog2.jpg

… this is the first camera we started with… and a manual scanning receiver fergdog4.jpg


No way things were fitting with those in there! Dremeling it out… fergdog6.jpg

… and popping the red lens off… near impossible to get JUST the red part out easily… and red video feed didn’t sound like the best idea! fergdog8.jpg


… time to model a new lens! fergdog10.jpg

… and 3D print it! fergdog11.jpg

… then laser cut a friction fit faux lens to fit inside! fergdog00.jpg


… packing it all in ~ we also decided to upgrade to an auto syncing receiver that plugs right into your computer! fergdog14.jpg

It’s a tight fit, but it fit JUST right. fergdog15.jpg

HE CAN SEE!!! fergdog16.jpg



Check out the video to see how it’s all hooked up!

Now he’s perched up in the crate shelfs keeping an eye on all things NOTlabs! fergdog19.jpg


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THIS IS AMAZING!!! You guys rock for the walk thru steps, Im glad someone did this.

And Ferg is the man, best of luck to him for the award. He’s a shoe in!

----- Johnny G 07.08.12 11:52

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