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Blik x Carnovsky ROSONE Wall Stickers- 09.08.12

bliking0.jpg We have been smitten by the works of duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, aka Carnovsky, for years now (you can see them on NOTCOT.org) ~ from the wallpapers to the art pieces to the scarves and now STICKERS with Blik! [Side note: I feel so ridiculous that even when reading/writing about them for so long ~ it wasn’t until i ran into this picture of Sylvia and Francesco at the show opening in Portland that i realized i went to Domus Academy with them a few years back! What a small world!]

Anyhow, we’ve been lusting after their wallpapers filled with various plants and animals for some time, but have yet to figure out a wall to commit to it, so when the Blik stickers launched (and were teased at their 10th bday party!) we had to try it! Since the designs for the Rosone series of 4 designs were all symmetrical circular patterns, they reminded me of ceiling moldings around chandeliers or other pendant lighting… so, why not a fun artwork for the ceiling to go around the light? This also allows for the possibility to have color changing lightbulbs you can easily use to see the various RGB views of the artwork! Take a peek at unboxing of the new Blik x Carnovsky Rosone wall stickers, peeks through the 3 colored glasses they come with, and our application of it on the ceiling all on the next page!









In theory (with the help of photoshop) ~ here’s what the blue should look like… BIRDS! Thinking this one might work better in the dark with a blue light? birds1.jpg


When it comes to installing this one on the ceiling ~ we found the best strategy was to slit the backing so that you could apply the sticker from the center outwards, ensuring that the center was perfectly aligned! This way you can also carefully peel the backing away as you apply!





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3 Notes

The more amazing there is a a lot of different design walls cling and stickers that will carry the room to life and make a real centerpiece.

----- Wall Cling 19.12.12 07:36

Those colors are beautiful ! This is a nice idea ti creat a sticker with different point of view.

----- Frederic 01.12.12 15:10

It would be great to see one being applied.

----- deb 26.11.12 05:15

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