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Hyperfunctional Fashion- 09.25.12

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At NOTCOT, we often approach fashion no differently from anything else we write about ~ it’s all about great design and/or art/technology angles… we love beautifully intentional minimalism with incredible materials and added functionality that takes it over the top… So for this post, i had fun digging into our archives and beyond to round up some fun fashion that has a little extra something going on that you probably don’t expect at first glance! From the sleek jacket that will turn into a pouch (and pop up wrinkle-free in moments) to the tarp/blanket/jacket to the men’s dress jacket with secret reflective bits for biking in, to a sports bra that can monitor your heart rate and more! See it all on the next page…

acronym1.jpg Acronym makes incredible clothing that is minimalist and high tech all at once… their WS-JF26 Hardshell Packable Windstopper Active Shell Jacket is fantastic! And a must have for any travel i do… it packs down to nothing (and into a pouch of its own even) ~ keeps you dry ~ has a great asymmetrical zip ~ has a SLING for when you want to carry it on you without wearing it ~ and it magically unwrinkles in moments no matter how crammed up it was! See more from the notcot post!

tarpit.jpg Poler Magic Tarpit - “Half Tarp, Half Space Blanket, Half Magic. So many uses it’s impossible to list them all. It has a hood and hand hold pockets so you can wrap it around yourself and stay warm. The corners have grommets so you can tie it down and use it as a primitve shelter or cover your motorcycle or bike like you would a regular tarp.”

commuter.jpg Levi’s Commuter Collection - there are reflective details for bike riding safety built in to these jeans, jackets and shirts!

smartfashion0.jpg Smart eScooter Fashion - i still love how the back of this leather jacket zips off into a little clutch!

reef.jpg Reef Fanning Hawaii Flip Flops - not just flip flops, these have “Thirst quenching technology (bottle opener on the outsole)”

raphajacket.jpg Rapha Lapelled Jacket - “The Lapelled Jacket combines semi-formal tailoring with technical fabrics and features. The main body of the jacket is made from an easy-care, cotton-nylon blend that includes Elastane for great stretch on the bike. The fabric is lightweight, quick-drying and dirt-resistant and creases will stretch out easily so the jacket can be folded into a bag. Twin vents in the shoulders ensure great reach on the bike and the flexible fabric also means that it will shape to your body when riding, then have a more relaxed, deconstructed look off the bike. Technical features include a storm collar, which is finished with hi-vis tape for extra visibility when fastened.”

rapha.jpg Rapha Jeans - “Developed specifically for Rapha in Italy, the denim is an evolution in functional fabric. Unlike regular denim, the jeans are extremely resistant to abrasion and won’t deteriorate at key wear points, particularly around the seat. The stretch in the yarn also allows for ease of movement… The right rear pocket is reinforced to hold a compact D-lock, while the front pockets are cut deep to keep contents secure when cycling… Details include a reflective Rapha logo inside the right leg displayed when rolled or folded-up. High-visibility pink binding also features inside the legs.”

hoodiebag.jpg Stephanie Simek’s Hoodie Bags - these hoodie/scarves can be turned into sling bags!

nikeplus.jpg Nike+ Training Shoes - Beyond sneakers, these track your workouts and “Nike+ sensors capture your movement in real-time to measure how hard, fast and often you train. High-Intensity workouts from the world’s best athletes push your training to new heights.”

adidas.jpg Adidas Supernova Glide Bra - beyond being just a sports bra, this one has built in sensors to let you attach a heart rate monitor!

pocket.jpg BetaBrand Bike To Work Pants - “These trousers sport a secret inner brilliance: cuffs that roll up to reveal super-bright reflective material, plus an equally blinding pullout that deploys from a rear pocket.”

reflectivflower.jpg WDC Helsinki 2012 Kukka reflective jewelery ~ cute and playful, yet a nice way to add some reflectivity while biking to just about any outfit, bag, etc!

jakpak.jpg JakPak - believe it or not, this is a jacket, sleeping bag, tent combo… all in one!

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