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Reebok FitList Box- 09.26.12

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On fun and unexpected surprises, a Reebok FitList Box just arrived in the mail! For the launch of the Reebok FitList App on Spotify, the folks at DeepLocal created limited edition sneaker cases containing portable stereo speakers and sound reactive LED lights that glow in reaction to music, ambient sound, and even touch. (It’s oddly mesmerizing to tap the case and watch it light up and fade!) Most impressive is the fun video they created with athletes working out alongside a wall of these LED shoe boxes, and as they jump and run and work out. They’ve created 100 limited edition Reebok FitList boxes holding a pair of RealFlex Transition 2.0 shoes featuring an exclusive colorway (black with red soles!) just for the occasion. See the video, making of, and a peek inside the actual Reebok FitList Box and what powers it on the next page!

The Reebok FitList Box Ad…

… the making of!

You can see the walls of boxes responding in the videos… reebok10.jpg

And a phone plugged into a box as it starts to play music! reebok11.jpg

All of this is to promote the new Reebok FitList App for Spotify… the app lets you create playlists based on Activity, Intensity, Duration, and even artists ~ there are premade lists you can edit/vote on reebok12.jpg


And on fun surprises - Reebok sent over one of the FitList Boxes! reebok0.jpg

You can see the laser cut cardboard with the Reebok logo peeking through the box… reebok1.jpg


… the shoes! I must admit, these Real Flex shoes feel surprisingly awesome! (i’m curious to see how they hold up compared to my Nike Frees) reebok3.jpg



here’s a peek at what’s controlling it ~ there is even a sensor that keeps it from lighting up if the box is open… reebok6.jpg

On the external corner of the case, you plug in the power supply and audio line in… reebok7.jpg


… and on the technology of the Real Flex shoes

Also ~ from our Instagram… they are SO REFLECTIVE! moreshoes.jpg

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