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Holiday Giveaway #4: Autodromo- 11.26.12

autodromo0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Autodromo makes such STUNNING watches. Beyond the beautifully detailed photography they share online, these watches are just as nice, if not nicer in person (Shawn adores his! Remember the Vallelunga?) ~ their watches are perfect for anyone who loves minimalist design aesthetics and the detailed beauty of vintage cars and driving! In gorgeous, simple, blacks, whites, and reds paired with perforated/smooth leather straps. These are not just any watches - these are “Motoring Watches”.

As for how the Autodromo Brescia came to be - “For nearly 50 years, Europe’s most difficult and fearsome road race was known as the Mille Miglia. Its serpentine 1000 mile route encircled all of Northern Italy, but it always started and ended in the same ancient town in the Northern Italian alpine foothills. The name of this town is Brescia. The Brescia watch speaks to time-honored elegance and simplicity. Its clean, understated look is the perfect complement to a tailored Italian suit.”

THE GOODS: The Autodromo Brescia watch

TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us your about your favorite drive before 12/1 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

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UPDATE: Congrats to Heiko of Nuernberg, Germany!








TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us your about your favorite drive before 12/1 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


438 Notes

Driving through the Okanagan with my friends this summer was quite a beautiful experience.

----- Michael 02.12.12 00:41

the best drive is nowhere.. I’m too lazy for that! lol i’d rather hover or flyyyy!

----- Kenny Garcia 01.12.12 23:55

Not in a car, but on a motorcycle. There is something about being in out in the elements that makes motorcycles so special. There is no screen, no separation between you and the wind, the sleet, the rain and. Well. The whole world. I had the opportunity this past year to take some time to myself. I spent three months in mongolia working in hospitals, living with a community of reindeer herders near Siberia and living with a family that hunt with golden eagles. I then went to Vietnam and bought my motorcylce. Two hundred dollars for a 100cc Honda. Tiny, but plucky. I rode just over 10 000 kilometers over the course of four months through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. Forging documents, getting too familiar with water buffalo, almost being hit by trucks and busses and breaking down almost every single day. But my little motorcycle limped through country after country and brought me to my final destination, Pennang. I went for one last ride around the island, through jungle and dense city streets and found a little stall that sold rice and fish, right at the edge of the ocean. There I sat. A man invited me in with him to eat— told me his life story, his strife his successes and introduced me to his children. As I was getting ready to leave, I told asked him a question: “Do you want a motorcycle?” He looked at me, understandably confused. I told him that it wasn’t perfect, and that it certainly needed a bit of work– but if he wanted it, it was his. He asked me what I wanted in return. I told him that inviting us in for lunch was already good enough. He turned to his wife and started speaking to her in Malaysian, she doesn’t speak English, she came over and looked at Tumi and I with raised eyebrows, I shrugged my shoulders and smiled in response. I told them that we were going to go out again to see a bit more of the island, but on our way back I’d stop and drop everything off for him. Motorcylce, registration and the key. Then, it was his to own, for good.

We went out along one of the roads that snakes its way through the jungle, up and down mountains. Then just sat for a bit at the side of the road. It was the end. And everything felt right. All of it. All of it felt okay. For the last few days I’d spent on the road I’d been wondering how I was going to sell my little motorcycle. Maybe I could cover the cost of my flight to Indonesia, though I’d settle for fifty bucks… But, while riding, the more I thought about selling it, the more I turned the idea round in my head– the less it seemed to appeal. How could I accept money for this? For this tiny motorbike that I had nursed through four countries at sixty kilometers an hour. That I had sat with for days and days and days on end. Selling it seemed cheap. An unfitting end for me and my pygmy stallion.

We got back to Rabbi’s little bungalow and walked in. His children were all there and all shook my hand. He told Tumi and I to go choose and take any of the clothes we wanted– we tried to refuse, but he wouldn’t have any of it. I took two t-shirts, Tumi took a skirt. He urged us to take more, but we told him we were traveling, and just couldn’t. I handed him the registration card and the key and told him about some of her particularities. He then asked if we would take a picture with him. And that was it. As we shook hands he started crying. Trying to hold back tears he repeated, Thank you, thank you– telling me to come back whenever I wanted. Whenever I could. And. We walked off. Silent. Shaken. But overwhelmingly content.

After a minute or two.. I started laughing. And just couldn’t stop. That motorcycle meant Nothing. Nothing to me at all, and everything at the same time. But to them? It means so much more. Worth far more than any dollar sign I’d have plastered to it to sell. In this life I’ve been living over the past little bit, I barely own a thing. I have some silly bits that I carry around with me, a few articles of disintegrating clothing, but practically nothing to my name. And giving something away when you have nothing to begin with is just so easy. You start with nothing, you end with nothing. You gain small items as you go and others eventually move on. If anything I had was more expensive, more costly, my experience traveling would be completely different. I would covet my possessions more, horde them, keep them for myself. Refuse to settle and be disappointed at every endpoint. Frustrated. But it isn’t like that, and I couldn’t be more happy with the result.

The contest was ending soon, I hope I made it. I copied part of it from my blog, in case you look up any of this stuff for plagiarism. But, That was my drive. That whole thing. One that changed me fundamentally and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

. Anyway. It changed me.

----- Matthew 01.12.12 22:05

My favorite drive is between my parents’ house and my grandmother’s house. It is not the most beautiful, nor the most epic, and it lasts exactly 1 hour and 16 minutes no matter what, but it is definitely the most meaningful. Every exit off the interstate we have stopped at while growing up, be it to meet my grandparents, grab a shake, or rush into the bathroom before we explode in the car. Now that I am no longer living in North Carolina, whenever I take that drive, I know that I am at home.

----- Cameron Shore 01.12.12 21:17

My Father and I are inventors. We talked everyday. He made the best apple pies, perfecting it over a lifetime. I was in Washington, D.C. when his Doctor called me that my Father was holding on waiting for me. It’s seven hours from DC to the hospital in NY. I drove directly to the hospital. I was there for his passing. After leaving the hospital and as I walked to my car there was an apple perfectly placed next to my driver’s side door. I’ll never forget him, he was my best friend and I’ll never forget that drive. Thank you for letting me share this event.

----- Michael 01.12.12 20:32

The best drive was with my brother from Dallas to Maryland in 2004. My father gave me his old Toyota Avalon to use for my junior and senior years in college. The 2.5 day drive was filled with some great stories and some insane drivers. We were fueled by coffee and good conversation. The nights we spent at random motels along the way where we basically slept with one eye open fearing that the car would get stolen. Best drive for me because it was beautiful scenery and some great bonding time.

----- Sam Fine 01.12.12 19:53

One of my favorite drive’s was when I had the opportunity to cruise the scenic beauty of the winding Blue Ridge Parkway on a near perfect fall day. The drive itself was interesting, and was greatly enhanced by all of the amazing views of the majestic Appalachian Mountains blanketed in a swirl of all of autumn’s finest colors.

----- Dana Kasten 01.12.12 19:43

The drive around Lake Auburn in the Winter.

----- Marie 01.12.12 19:04

Best drive for me was back home after months away at US Navy boot camp. Oh, to be back in the civilized world.

----- Dema 01.12.12 18:57

My favorite drive has to be on the west side of Tutuila, A. Samoa. It is the perfect stretch of coast and winding road. Nothing I’ve experienced quite beats it.

----- Zach 01.12.12 18:13

My favorite drive I can think of was mid 2004 around Flagstaff Arizona. Traveling west on I-40 headed towards Las Vegas, was driving a Chrysler Crossfire (vastly under rated car), kept it between 80 - 100 mph on the big sweeping curves through the pine trees. It was wonderful.

----- KevinD 01.12.12 18:13

The trip from Miami to Nova Scotia via mtl Toronto NYC Washington. Not bad!

----- Jon 01.12.12 17:35

My favorite drive is a stretch called “tail of the Dragon” in NC. 11 miles, 318 turns in the gorgeous mountains of NC. At the peak of fall colors, its breathtaking. No speed limit (resume safe speed means 55, but with that many turns, its literally unattainable). I last took the drive on a BMW S1000RR, and haven’t felt a rush like it since.

----- Carl 01.12.12 17:15

The drive from Pearson Airport to my mum’s place. I only get to make it once a year but it’s hands down the best drive in the world.

----- Liz 01.12.12 15:21

My favorite drive is through Northumberland and round Keilder Resivoir - it’s a gorgeous part of the world!

----- Dan Gilmore 01.12.12 14:55

Coming from New England, my drive through Wyoming was the most interesting I’ve experienced. Going up the highway into Casper, which is situated at the bottom of a bowl, with a thunderstorm centered just over it, was a sight I’ll never forget.

----- Meghan 01.12.12 14:11

The drive from Geneva to Chamonix is breathtakingly beautiful, exciting, scary, and magical all in one. It was a fantastic experience.

----- Magdalena 01.12.12 14:08

For my 20th birthday this year, my partner and I went to Italy. I had a great time looking at all the exotic cars, but my partner surprised me with a hired Ferrari for 2 days in the bassanno hills.
Most amazing moment I’ve experienced, hands down.
In Australia where I’m from these cars are so expencived due to the 6 different taxes, a Nissan GTR R35 in the US is about $80,000, in Australia it’s $200,000(USD).
I never though I would get a chance to drive anything like a Ferrari but the Italians made it possible!

----- Barclay 01.12.12 13:36

I always love the drive along the Historic Columbia River Highway, just east of Portland, Oregon.

----- Tom 01.12.12 10:20

Austin, TX to Brady, TX along Highway 71. Absolutely beautiful.

----- Adam Edwards 01.12.12 09:40

i would like to win this watch to my boyfriend, because he deserves it :)

----- rebekaluca 01.12.12 08:29

Recently took a road trip to San Francisco to deliver custom furniture to a client there. We took the scenic road back to Santa Monica on the Pacific Coast Highway with a detour through Monterey wine country. Beautiful drive.

----- Scott B 01.12.12 08:03

Riverway in Boston… always feels like a F1 race track with too-narrow lanes.

----- Ryan 01.12.12 07:34

Does a favorite ride count (I don’t drive)? It was when my dad and I were caught in a flash flood, but dad’s good ol’ 1982 Ford Escort braved the waters while newer and bigger cars were left stranded. Ford took us safely home hours later and throughout the ride back, dad and I crooned senselessly to the songs on the car radio. It was bliss!

----- Ellen Bautista 01.12.12 05:53

In my memories, i have a special place for one specific moment…a perfect moment… I drove my twin spark, when I hear beautiful song on the radio…not on mobile phone, or via bluetooth or something…just old school radio, Rolling Stones played Under my thumb and me with manual gearbox and wooden steering wheel around beautiful and peaceful road near my hometown…Revs from italian engine perfectly sync with Keith Richards magic, ang for that i will never forget that morning, and moment un time…Greetings for all petrolheads!

----- Urosh 01.12.12 02:18

I can’t find my book I wrote on here anywhere? :(

----- Paul Palmieri 01.12.12 00:48

On the way to Brescia, the passage through Bologna was exceptional. We found ourselves immersed in the middle of a pack of crazy drivers; and before even we realized what was happening, we were all competing with each other. Everyone against everyone. No rules! Just adrenaline.
Passing each other on the left, on the right, using the other side of the road without caring about the oncoming cars, running through stops and red lights. It was a genuine Cannonball Run with classic cars. The sensations were incredible and the sound of those engines echoing through the historic center of the city was almost “orgasmatic”. The intensity gradually faded as we left the city behind us, and as we aporoached Modena we split off from our last opponent, a yellow Ferrari 225 Export Tuboscocca.

----- Oriol Vilanova 30.11.12 21:06

101 in central California, north of Big Sur. The view is magnificent.

----- Valeria 30.11.12 20:57

I took a gorgeous roadtrip across Croatia years ago that I will never forget!

----- Kimberly M 30.11.12 20:27

CA Highway 1. Going north. Windows down. Led Zeppelin blaring through my Jeep’s speakers.

----- Cory 30.11.12 19:44

Well, I have many great trips, I also have one that was the worst one of my life coming back with a blown head gasket in my Porsche. 24 hrs later I made it home. i wish you wanted that story because you could write a book about it. But since you want the best one here it goes!My best ride started from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, dead of winter, with a girl and her dog! Being in my twenty’s mean’t that it was going to be an adventure, and that 1200 mile’s of driving,plus rain, snow, and a wind storm across the desert the day before was no reason to stop us on our quest to see it all in 3 days time! We started our trip by taking the infamous Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful coastal drive, that meandered along the Pacific Ocean, and lead us to our first stop, at the legendary Hearst Castle, located in San Simeon, Ca. When we arrive to our dismay the Castle was closed in the winter time, and the gates to the entrance were locked as well. But of course being young, and letting nothing stop me, I finagled the lock, and we cruised up to the castle, parked the car, and stood in amazement at the ocean in the distance! Well, 1000 miles still to go, so of we went.Next stop Moro Bay, and Moro Rock. got there, at this beautiful little sea cove village, had some lunch and marveled at the Rock in the distance ( Use to be a mountain that jutted out of the ocean floor by the way)Next stop right up the road was Pismo beach, which we stopped at along the side of the freeway, which happened to be made of gravel! Well of course I had to see, how sideways I could get the ole Porsche coming onto the freeway-so I hit it, and my girlfriend then hit me. (Yes girlfriends could still hit you back in 1991)So now off to the winding roads, and beautiful cliff’s of one of the most beautiful, as well as trecerous drive’s along PCH. After meandering through what seemed to be 5,000 up,down,s and turns we would reach our next destination! The giant Sequoya trees of Northern Caly.We would again get out to stretch our legs and have a drink along this rustic cabin/restaurant with old rocking chairs in the back on a patio, that over looked a flowing creek surrounded by some of the largest tree’s you have ever set your eye’s upon. Off we go again, now headed down the great mountain into one of the most beautiful are’s on earth. Monterrey California! It was getting late already, and doggy and girlfriend were a bit restless, so we stopped off at a hotel, and called it a day. Note: back then I never booked anything ahead of time, such as a hotel!Who would ever think to do that? Anyway’s we wake up, and drive through, not stop at San Francisco “Been there Done that!” and head to our next destination lake Tahoe Nevada.Did I mention that I was young, stupid, and driving a rear wheel drive Porsche 944 Turbo in the winter? Oh yeah. Anyways off we go, and before we know it we are entering the west side of these giant mountains on the west coast of California. The first hour of our accent is just beautiful.Tree’s are everywhere, and just beautiful road’s! And then it happens. Snow! We are now around 5,000 ft. above sea level. Did I mention rear wheel drive, no snow chains, never plan ahead? I thought so. Traffic is at a stand still, and up ahead are CHP checking for chains, and down below with no railings is about a 3,000 ft drop straight down. I some how convinced the CHP that I and my trusty steed could handle the weather, and he let me keep going, either hoping I would crash to my doom over the edge up ahead, or just knowing I was just young, dumb,well you get the point! We arrive in our snowy wonderland, hotel unsecured, but happen to find a cozy cabin down on the frozen lake of Tahoe! We go to dinner, do a little gambling, with me winning, and me passing out hundreds to aforementioned girl!I’ll skip to next day! Next day. We decide that hey neither one of us have ever been to Reno Nevada. And that we were so close, that it would be a sin not to stop by, do some gambling, or should I say me doing the gambling, and girl just donating to the casino’s!So same thing as mentioned in Tahoe, we wake next day and head for Oregon. Now of course it would just be way to easy to cut west across Nevada, and then pick up the nice and easy 5 frwy, into Oregon. Nope Paul had a better plan. Lets head east of Reno about 100 miles, and explore uncharted territory through the back woods of Oregon. Well. the first section of the drive looked like the Grand Tetons in winter, surrounded by majestic lakes. We thought now was as good a time as any to stop and grab a bite. We eat, and off we go on our new adventure. As we drive we notice a sign that states ” Walk where the dinosaurs walked Thunder Beast park ahead!” Well I don’t know about any of you, but winter spring, summer. or fall, this place was calling my name.So he we come Thunderbird! We pull into the parking lot, and are met by a lady who states, that good ole Thunderbird is closed for the winter. Well never taking no as an answer, I bribe her with I believe a whole $5.00, and she opens up the gate. Did I also tell you that I was stupid? Well, anyway my girl thought I was the best, and we searched for Tyrannasorus Rex foot prints! And what we did find were frozen snowing holes in the ground, that may as well have been my foot prints filled in. Matter of fact next thaw, people may see my prints and think as well they have come upon a real ice age predator. Nope just me!Well $5.00 well spent, back ur butt’s back in the freezing car and off we go to? Well we drive, and drive, and drive in nothing but wilderness, snow, and an occasional hawk perched on a pole. Their will be no stopping now, Why? Because their is nothing for miles. We come upon our turn off that will lead us back into civilization Portland Oregon God willing? Gas tank full, uh no!Heater in my Porsche hardly working? Yes! Water, gun, blankets, flare gun, food, if we break down in the middle of nowhere? Uh no! Well here we go. I don’t see a human, nor do I see anything but snow for 3 hours. That is, until I come around a corner, and almost run straight into a herd of buffalo! Close call but we make it. Did I mention that back in 1991 we did not have GPS, Cell phone’s,AUTODROMO watch, or a pay phone in the middle of the buffalo infested tundra? Well 3 hours later we end up in or near Portland riding along a river once transversed by Louis and Clark.We then pulled up to our un-booked hotel room, slept like winter buffalo, and woke and headed for the 1981 volcano site of the once mighty Mt. ST. Helen’s that exploded into oblivion. And of course I wanted to see what was left, in the middle of winter season! So I drove, we conquered it, which was amazing by the way,as we saw Mt. Rainier off in the distance! And a surface that reminded you off what i would think the lunar surface looks like! Just amazing!We then left that beautiful area of the country, hopped back on the 405 Frwy, and headed back to our destination of beautiful Seattle Washington!We arrived in less than 3 days of driving, completely mesmerized at what we had seen, experienced, and had done together in such a short amount of time! This was not just a road trip, but an adventure trip of two people in love and a dog. The Porsche is gone, the relationship has dissolved, although we are still friends, and doggy has gone to doggy heaven in the sky. But that drive, that girl, that time in my life will never be forgotten! Now if I win this watch, I will always be able to tell the time during my life adventures ahead!
Thanks for listening to my adventure!

----- Paul Palmieri 30.11.12 18:20

I just got back from Belgium last week. Spent five days driving a new Fiat 500 from the North Sea down to Brussels. Great friends, beautiful sites, and tasty beer.

Can’t wait to go back.

Aaron Roberts

----- Aaron Roberts 30.11.12 18:04

My favorite drive was about two years ago when my girlfriend left me. We had been together for two and a half years, and we had reached a pretty serious point in our relationship. When she broke up with me that day, I didn’t cry nor speak, I just took the car and drove. I probably drove for three or four hours, and as I was driving a found peace in my soul. I got a chance to reflect, take some time for myself and got a whole new perspective. Suddenly I felt good about it, and managed to turn a negative happening into something positive, and I think it was all thanks to just driving that night. It was beautiful.

----- Anders 30.11.12 17:38

My favourite drive is one in the sticks of North Cumbria, England, between Carlisle and the Roman fort of Birdoswald, near Brampton. Beginning on ancient ‘drove roads’, deliberately wide roads to accommodate a thousand head of cattle, to winding, wisened, single-tracks that lead you - unwaymarked - from village to village. Some of the villages pre-date the Domesday book, all built in characteristic red sandstone of the Eden valley; the road passes fortified farmhouses - local protection from the Border Reivers in the 1700’s; past the remnants of Hadrian’s wall, marking the North most frontier of the Roman empire. Opening out into big country, open skies, open hill moor single track that follows the military way, a road used for millennia. On this road you could be in any time, it’s a road rich in beauty, steeped in history.

----- Jim 30.11.12 17:18

Skyline road near palo alto

----- Tarun 30.11.12 17:09

Driving away from my wedding with my new bride! It wasn’t until that drive that the events of the wedding day started to set in; most amazing feeling in the world!

----- Tim VanDewark 30.11.12 17:06

Up the Pacific Coast Highway at dusk during the summer, from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara. I swear, if you catch the strip of highway about ten miles out from SB just as the sun sets, you’ll think heaven is opening is opening its gates in front of you.

----- Steve Earnhart 30.11.12 17:04

Living in Australia, there’s not a lot of leeway for epic drives due to the nanny state of our country. However, a few months ago a friend in an GT3 RS and I went up to a secluded spot and did a targa style run up in the hills around the mountains. The sound of the naturally aspirated engine rebounding off the surrounding trees was immense!

The road to Mt Donna Buang is awesome.

----- Tom Fraser 30.11.12 17:04

Interstate 26 between Erwin, TN through the mountains to Ashville, TN. Beautiful views of the Appalachian mountains on a lightly traveled highway. Each season offers outstanding great photo ops.

----- Brenda in TN 30.11.12 17:03

Taking my Porsche 928 on the annual (sedate) drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Banner elk, usually accompanied by 12 of my friends. Of course, until we run into a cocky GTI owner that needs to get owned.

----- fraggle 30.11.12 16:38

Palisades Parkway to Bear Mountain in NY

----- Dan 30.11.12 15:48

I left late at night for an 8hr drive to surprise my girlfriend. I took some prescription drugs to stay awake. It was a really fun experience. No, I wasn’t high. It was just cool to watch the sunrise while I drove through the night.

----- Daniel 30.11.12 15:13

My favorite drive was a few summers back in the most northern part of Portugal. Winding, narrow roads through steep and Rocky Mountains. Through the untouched nature that makes that spot of Portugal so beautiful to me. Passing a herd of wild horses and crossing a roaring river we crossed into Spain to enjoy a glass of wine and a superb dinner, balancing spicy galapennos with juicy meat from the grill. With the sun setting we drove back again, over grassy mountain slopes, engine roaring, spirits of friend and family up. A quick stop at the beach where the river and the sea meet finished off the beautiful automobile evening.

----- Paul 30.11.12 15:06

Great Ocean Road (Australia)… in a car infested by giant spiders.

----- Michael 30.11.12 15:04

During the months of December and January, when we have a family get together in Baguio City, in the Philippines, the uphill drive when it is eerily quiet and we’re actually driving slowly through the clouds(it is that high) is something that I would say a favorite, one for the books. Even there’s enough outside the windshield to remind of Silent Hill runs.

----- David 30.11.12 14:43

This spring my husband and I drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. It was stunning!

----- Lorinda 30.11.12 14:24

Driving to SFO when we’re talking an international flight, preferably not in coach.

----- Chris 30.11.12 14:08

favorite drive was through the English countryside. being american, it was also a bit scary on the left side!

----- anton. 30.11.12 13:45

The road to Milford Sound in New Zealand

----- PattyCakes 30.11.12 13:34

I drove from Long Island to Yellowstone and back, taking different routes in each direction and it was the two best weeks of my life, period. The things I saw were amazing, even in the stretches where you think there wouldn’t be much.

----- Michael 30.11.12 13:27

There’s something about driving at night I’ve always loved. I don’t know what it is; it feels like I’m in a spaceship, zooming through the sky at a million miles an hour. A few winters ago, it was snowing really hard, and as I got onto the highway the snowflakes started blurring by my windows. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have sworn I was in hyper-drive.

----- John 30.11.12 13:25

My favorite drive was in the first week I was dating my husband. We didn’t know where to eat so we spent the whole night driving around. He showed me the city, we listened to music and we watched the world slip past as the stars shone bright. It was so simple, but I remember sitting in that car and feeling energized and invigorated and (Super cheesie) in love.

----- Jenni 30.11.12 12:22

My favourite drive would have to be from the Grand Canyon to Jerome in Arizona. It was late December, and my boyfriend and I had left the Grand Canyon in the evening, so it was getting dark and we had quite the drive ahead of us. As we made our way, however, driving the winding roads around the smaller canyons, the Christmas lights were coming on in the valleys below, and by the time we reached Jerome, our way was lit completely by the tiny lights.
It was just awe-some.

----- Desiree S 30.11.12 11:00

I got the chance to come to La and drove mulholland drive .Fantastic

----- rich 30.11.12 10:58

My favorite drive is on the Blue Ridge Parkway at 7am, above the clouds sitting in the valleys like liquid nitrogen.

----- David 30.11.12 09:13

My best ride was the first ride ever with my girlfriend to visit her mother. Beautiful summer weather and silent roads in the middle of the night.

----- Joonas A 30.11.12 09:12

The long straight shots across the midwest.

----- Ryan 30.11.12 08:53

A drive through the Catskills on Route 17. At day the meandering road pushes onward through hill and valley, overlooking untouched mountainsides and scattered with towns (population: 650) where all the residents seem to stop by the same diner in the morning for a cup of coffee. At night you drive with only a pair of headlights to illuminate the pavement ahead of you, rarely passing by another driver on the way home. The classic Americana imagery pervades the space with a sense of calm and security.

----- Annie 30.11.12 08:27

Favorite drives are from when I was a kid, sitting in the back of the family station wagon with my best friend, trying to get all the big rigs we passed to honk.

----- andrew 30.11.12 08:21

My favourite drive is anywhere my wife is waiting for me at the other end.

----- James 30.11.12 08:13

one of my favorite most memorable drive was back in like 2003 my band made a drive for one gig from Houston to State College PA. A friend of the bands girlfriend was going to school up there and offered to setup a show in the basement of some friends of hers and pay for the gas…so we drove straight there (20 something hours) played the gig, drove back…we were only in PA for about 22 hours!

----- charlie Price 30.11.12 08:02

My favorite drive was on a spring break trip years ago, but I will never forget how stunning the landscape was. I drove from Vancouver to Whistler Mt in British Colombia. The highway snaked along an icy inlet, where the mountains dove straight into the water.

----- Jessie 30.11.12 07:31

Driving my vintage bicycle; trying to give my contribution to save the planet.

----- Agata 30.11.12 06:56

I’d say my favorite drive was after my wife and I got engaged we drove from Portland to San Francisco. It was long but an adventure I will never forget.

----- Justin 30.11.12 06:14

Tops off the Jeep, sun is shining, wind in the hair, and felling like your a character out of Jack Kerouac novel. That is the perfect drive…

----- kim 30.11.12 03:36

Any drive with my friends with “You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go” (covered by Madeleine Peyroux) playing in background.

----- Eloisa 30.11.12 02:06

my favorite drive is when my wife sits next to me, and it does not matter where we are diving :)

----- Max 30.11.12 01:32

Driving our BMW beta all-electric ActiveE down Lombard Street in SF with 11 other ActiveE owners, just last month. :)

----- Hoister 29.11.12 23:49

Live Oak Canyon road under the trees on an overcast day in Orange County, California

----- Nick 29.11.12 23:24

Drive along Mullholland Drive at Sunset - reminds why you love L.A.!

----- Mark Meyerhoff 29.11.12 23:13

As I drove Camille home from dinner on my last night in town in a friend’s borrowed graduation present, the inevitable split seemed to be the only destination. At a point where everything I knew had to be left behind and everything that lay ahead in Boston was uncertain, I could only experience the wreckless abandonment and exhilarating freedom of controlling a machine bent on going faster. When that state of mind is fed by sound of John Lee Hooker’s blues guitar in an otherwise quiet countryside, no drive is more dangerously pure. It would have been nice to know the time.

----- MAC 29.11.12 22:16

Any drive involving a long tunnel that i could successfully hold my breath through when i was little.

----- Tiffany 29.11.12 21:56

I bought a 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde in college. My first road trip with that car is still one of my all time favorites. I took a short solo trip up highway 1 (from the SF Bay Area) to Fort Bragg, CA. Something about flying through the curves in that weird car with all the windows down, through the fog. It also ended up costing me a bit more because of the hefty speeding ticket I got shooting down 101 on the way home. Oops.

----- Ted 29.11.12 21:48

Skyline Drive in Virginia. It’s so beautiful.

----- Jeremy 29.11.12 21:12

My favorite drive would definately have to be the c: drive… I don’t get out very much due to my Allegrophobia (fear of being late)… which incidentally would be solved by having a watch…

----- Jonathon 29.11.12 20:38

My favorite drive is anywhere in the world where there is nothing but open space around me and my husband is by my side. And no music please. Just the quiet of nothing.

----- Abbe@This is How I Cook 29.11.12 20:09

HWY 1 with my pops…

----- eliot 29.11.12 19:33

Through the lettuce fields in southwestern Arizona. They’re the smell of home as agriculture meets desert when the air cools at night.

----- Paul Morgan 29.11.12 18:56

The kind of drive that leads nowhere, wherever you end up will be perfect because its new and fresh and exciting, going anywhere just because you can, the destination isn’t the point, the experience is. Taking the time to look at what surrounds you, seeing things you’ve never noticed before and that beautiful moment when you find yourself in a place you didn’t know existed, that you’ve been completely lost to until now. No sat-nav, no street signs just taking the next turn as you come to it.

That’s my favorite drive.

----- Humble Mike 29.11.12 17:49

My favourite drive was with my girlfriend, from Istanbul/Turkey to Bursa/Turkey. Both are really beautiful cities.

----- Taha Çulcu 29.11.12 17:31

My favorite drive was always the drive home to South Carolina from College in Virginia. When I’d start, the trees would be leafless and barren. As I drove south, the leaves would creep back on to the branches bit by bit until the forests were full and painted yellow and orange. It was a little taste of renewed vibrance and life, and it always got me through the cold Virginia winters.

----- Marc W 29.11.12 17:27

PCH 1 Highway. Big Sur. Beautiful.

----- sarah 29.11.12 15:58

I love the drive from SF heading north through Mendocino and into the Redwood forests :)

----- Joel 29.11.12 15:58

Country roads in Northern MN during the fall leaf color change… Pure beauty!

----- Abigail 29.11.12 13:14

Ever since I was 17 I dreamed of owning a 911 Porsche. Three years ago, at 59, I picked up an 08 in Naples, FL at the beginning of the economic downturn. It was the same price as a new fancy American pick up truck; I was so lucky. I live in upstate New York so I had to drive the car home. I felt like James Bond. It was a dream come true. I still have it - and it excites me every time I get in it. It’s always the best drive.

----- Tony Schifano 29.11.12 12:25

I was raised in Northern New York, and when I say north, I mean, North. Ever heard of Syracuse? North of there. North of Watertown and Fort Drum and even the town Canton. That’s where. For five straight years my now fiance and I travel to the nearby Adirondack Park and drive down Route 3, one of the most beautiful back roads I have ever seen. It’s the way we go on our way into the park, because it is far from the quickest way to our usual destination and is a nice place to stop and hike or do some fishing.

----- ALexandra 29.11.12 12:14

My favorite drive was the time I drove a red 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider through the rolling hills near Monticchiello, Tuscany. It was a beautiful spring morning and the sunbeams casted long cypress shaped shadows on the curvy, desert road. The peaceful silence was shattered by the mighty roar of the 1.3 liter engine. Too bad my buzzing alarm clock overwhelmed this beautiful sound.

----- Erik G 29.11.12 11:34

My favorite drive is when I’m late.

----- Joe k 29.11.12 11:29

As a kid , my favorite drive was along the Oregon Pacific Coast Highway in the fall— surreal beauty. My current favorite local drive is taking HWY 290 out of Houston to Austin. As the scenery changes so does my stress level as the big city is left behind.

----- tonyF 29.11.12 10:29

Currently, my favorite drive is the cliff-side bend of road around the east corner of Oahu.

But, if you can’t make it out to the islands a drive up the north-ish coast of California will do just fine.

----- Michael 29.11.12 09:50

Several years ago, my friend and I drove through the interior of Iceland. It was summer… the days were so long; the sun didn’t set until almost 11pm. Our drive was a constant transition of natural green beauty, icy blue glaciers, and extraterrestrial moonscapes. And often we were totally alone… the wild isolation was both thrilling and a little scary.

----- kimdog 29.11.12 06:48

My Favourite drive is along the great ocean road in Victoria Australia. Everything about the road is wonderful. The reason the road was built - to help war veterans re-establish themselves after returning from war. The wonderful views - incredible. The wonderful dining all the way along. The beaches for my kids to play on. The stunning architecture of beach houses like no others. The twists and turns of the road have been memorised by me, and the best part is reaching Apollo Bay, visiting the apostles, and then turning around and doing it all over again in reverse.

----- Adrian 29.11.12 06:03

My favorite drive is special for multiple reasons. There is a gorgeous piece of winding back country road that is within a couple minutes of my childhood home in central Kentucky where my Mother still lives. It’s about an hour and a half round trip through picture perfect horse farms leading to the Clay’s Ferry river crossing at the Kentucky River. It can be a simply relaxing Sunday drive, or if you’re feeling a bit more sporting, a challenging yet safe drive to learn more about your car and yourself as a driver. Whether I’m simply wanting to relax and enjoy being home (which I never get to do often enough), or get together with a group of friends for a blast down to the river for lunch, the road is always there, welcoming, inviting, challenging, perfect.

----- Clay D 29.11.12 04:38

Westbound on 23rd Ave in Edmonton just past the Research Park around dusk. Even though I no longer live there, it always makes me think of home.

----- BL 29.11.12 00:10

My favourite drive would be along Changi Airport in Singapore with the music playing and the lights of the runway and airport sparkling. Best thing when jet-lagged and exhausted from flying constantly.

----- Kathlyn 29.11.12 00:00

My favorite drive was with my sister in our uncle’s car in Tokyo. He took us through Ginza, drove on the Rainbow bridge, parked outside a rest area where they had unique food vending machines, and also parked out by the bay in Odaiba. These were just a few of my fondest memories of our late uncle. RIP

----- steven 28.11.12 23:50

Sunset Boulevard is my favorite drive hands down. It’s got it all. Gritty near downtown, and glitzy above West Hollywood. Classic curves through mansions in the west and dumping out at the glorious Pacific. Nothing says LA like Sunset Boulevard!

----- tina 28.11.12 23:39

I left a job and city I hated, packed my car, and spent 5 days driving west to Seattle. A road trip alone would have been fun, but the feeling of leaving my past behind and driving toward a brilliant future was exhilarating.

----- Monica 28.11.12 23:21

The stretch of road from Tofino to Victoria that spans Vancouver Island. Breathtaking views and unforgettable curves after a long day of surfing.

----- Martin 28.11.12 22:21

My favorite drive has to be touring the twisting during the annual VW Show and Get-Together here in NW Arkansas!

----- Aaron 28.11.12 22:01

Definitely the Connemara mountains in Ireland! Some tea, a hired car, good music and pouring rain…

----- Glauco A 28.11.12 20:02

i’m to lazy to google but you can take the 79? in so cal and drive through hemet’y’ area and go up into the angeles forest and come down the mountains into palm springs

----- kelly w 28.11.12 19:05

My favorite drive ever was in Banff Canada. Grand mountains in the distance, long stretches of road. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

----- Megan 28.11.12 17:44

Maui… road to Hana… smashing guava as you go!

----- Ben Dwoken 28.11.12 17:31

My favorite drive was the countless drives from SLC to LA with my husband. We spent all those hours laughing and talking. Getting to know each other on those drives were priceless.

----- Brittany 28.11.12 17:26

Getting my car from east coast to west coast. Now that was a long drive with many different types of scenery.

----- Lara 28.11.12 17:18

Best drive was along the California coastline from San Fran to Carmel in the modern version of the Ford Thunderbird convertible. Fun car, beautiful views, and great memories.

----- Brian 28.11.12 17:00

Choosing between a lot of drives through Italy, any drive in the family 1960 Fiat 600, a road trip to Sweden with my best friends or the first drive with my girlfriend… I’d have to say the greatest one was with my dad two years ago. Now, I’ve never really been close with him. It’s not that we couldn’t stand each other, we just didn’t have that close of a bond. Which is why I was all the more surprised when one day, he suggested we take a road trip to Stuttgart to visit the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums. Admittedly, I’m a BMW-guy myself but this was an offer not to be refused.

It was one of the most amazing weekends of my life. The motorway parts went very smooth, the Volvo gobbling up the Autobahn-miles like it was nobody’s business. The stay, food and museums were great, it’s a trip I recommend to anyone. Yet it was the drive back that was the most special part though. For some reason-presumably to avoid a traffic jam- the nav system suddenly rerouted us away from the Autobahn. We were comfortable, de-stressed, had great music on and nothing but time, so why not?

And oh boy, did that gps do us a favour. We came across some breathtaking, twisty and deserted roads, seemingly endlessly rolling through the countryside. The spring forest scents rolled in through the open windows as the stereo blasted Dire Straits and the waves of torque from the inline-5 diesel engine shot us up hill after hill. We still didn’t actually talk much during that drive, but I’ve never felt as close to my father as during those exhilarating 30 minutes rocketing through southern Germany.

----- Alec VP 28.11.12 15:59

My favorite drive was on a roadtrip down the PCH 1 Highway. The air was crisp and it was a bright summer morning. It was right at the point when you reach Big Sur and there’s an especially windy stretch of road. Each turn was a new vantage point of the beautiful landscape, with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. There were no cops around so you could go as fast as you wanted, and every inch of asphalt reminded you why California is so great.

----- Chris 28.11.12 14:42

Stunning watch. My favorite drive was back to college after coming home for the summer. I was SO READY to go back and it felt so good to drive towards freedom!

----- Jessi 28.11.12 14:33

Wow, what a sleek watch! My favourite drive is unfortunately one I’ve only done once in my life. It was a drive from Calgary, up through Banff, Jasper and onto Grand Praire, AB. The mountains are majestic, and they took my breath away. And from Jasper to Grand Praire? Haha, that was a hoot. We took a back-country logging road (faulty GPS directions) but it was SO GOOD. Bumpy, dusty, but all nature! (And my first moose sighting!)

----- Sharon 28.11.12 14:20

My favourite drive would be any drive in my tiny ochre yellow 1969 Fiat 500. The smell of an oldtimer, the look and feel of original craftsmanship brings me great pleasure. And all this at a whopping topspeed of 70km/h! :)

----- Ben Joossen 28.11.12 14:08

driving home for xmas :)

----- evita 28.11.12 14:00

My favorite drive is out of the city! Any drive that gets me into the country is a nice change of pace!

----- John 28.11.12 13:49

Through the Vale de Sole, just north of Trentino in Italy!

----- wolfie 28.11.12 13:36

I live in Brooklyn now, and driving is a rare gift these days. I say that because I always felt at home behind the wheel. Even in Manhattan traffic, I enjoyed gripping the wheel & shifting gears. My favorite frive was always the time I spent by myself, my car & getting to know a new Album. Listening to music hasn’t been the same since moving to Brooklyn.

----- Jayson 28.11.12 13:06

Favorite drive is my daily commute on I280, no/low traffic and beautiful open scenery around Stanford University

----- edgar 28.11.12 12:23

My absolute favorite drive is the one across my home state of Pennsylvania and through Ohio to get to Indianapolis for a gaming convention, because every drive is better when you are going somewhere amazing.

----- Jen 28.11.12 12:20

The drive into Marble, CO, from Crested Butte :)

----- Ian S. 28.11.12 11:59

My favorite drive was shortly after my divorce, it was the first road trip I had taken as a “free man”. The trip lasted nearly 9 hours with my two kids in the back seat and ended in the three of us visiting the ocean for the first time in any of our lives. The drive took us through backwoods and mountains and eventually landed us on the edge of the nation where we stayed for a week without a care to rub together between us.

----- Eric W 28.11.12 11:45

Any drive home from work, or Santa Barbara to Los olivos.

----- Will R 28.11.12 11:43

I can tell time. I have a wrist. I can use this watch.

----- darrell 28.11.12 11:40

Driving to my adopted family’s house in the Nebraska sandhills. I remember the first time they gave me directions (“go over six cattle guards”) as I drive through the herd. The dust covering the rental car at the end of my visit makes me feel better about the dirt that was on my car when I lived in that part of the country.

----- Sarah 28.11.12 11:39

My favorite drive is the first morning in a new place after flying there the night before. It’s like an awakening.

----- David 28.11.12 11:38

My best friend and I drove cross country to get me from South Carolina to my law school in California. Two weeks, 5,000 miles, and all my favorite places in the country. From Key West to the National Parks in Utah and Colorado to Vegas. Best two weeks of my life.

----- Scott Pierce 28.11.12 11:10

My favorite drive is always when my little ones fall asleep in the back seat. I cherish this for all time.

----- Holly R 28.11.12 11:03

My favorite drive is any trip to a new place I haven’t been before, hopefully out of state. I love to see new scenery and strange roadside attractions.

----- Sam Nau 28.11.12 10:23

Driving along the Hudson River Valley in the fall is unbelievably beautiful.

----- Mike Boylan 28.11.12 09:19

When I was a kid we would drive five hours on Highway 7 from Ottawa to Newmarket in Ontario to visit my grandparents for Christmas. I was car sick the whole way, always, at least six or seven times. We would pull over, I would throw up out the car door into the snow and we would continue our drive, for me, and I imagine my parents, a terrible experience. However, ten minutes from their farm the road became a gravel road and my sister and I would count of the landmarks we knew; the “alligator” fence, the bridge, the chicken farm etc. That ten minute drive will always be my favorite because despite the terrible motion sickness and discomfort in that Chevy Malibu, I knew my grandparents and Christmas were only minutes away. It made it worth it.

----- Joanie 28.11.12 09:14

When I was a kid we would drive five hours on Highway 7 from Ottawa to Newmarket in Ontario to visit my grandparents for Christmas. I was car sick the whole way, always, at least six or seven times. We would pull over, I would throw up out the car door into the snow and we would continue our drive, for me, and I imagine my parents, a terrible experience. However, ten minutes from their farm the road became a gravel road and my sister and I would count of the landmarks we knew; the “alligator” fence, the bridge, the chicken farm etc. That ten minute drive will always be my favorite because despite the terrible motion sickness and discomfort in that Chevy Malibu, I knew my grandparents and Christmas were only minutes away. It made it worth it.

----- Joanie 28.11.12 09:05

Pike’s Peak on my vintage vespa!

----- Ken 28.11.12 09:02

My favorite drive would be doing something I’ve never done before.

----- Calvin 28.11.12 09:00

My favorite drive is when my then girlfriend (now wife) left at midnight from Utah and drove 9 hours to Los Angeles on a whim. We enjoyed the Santa Monica Pier and my wife and father had their first debate over The Beatles! My wife loves them, my father on-the-other-hand … well, let’s just say he is very old-fashioned.

----- Tyler 28.11.12 08:55

My absolute favorite drive that I have ever done was about a year ago when I was lucky enough to spend New Years in Iceland. I rented a new Defender and drove through out the southern region of the country. Stopping to see the small fishing and farming towns along the way, the black beaches and the almost fairy tale settings that surrounded the entire trip. The adventure ended up at the southern most point, on the steep cliffs and the sun hanging on the edge of the ocean.

----- Jarred Eberhardt 28.11.12 08:51

Tour de Corse, Corsica, 2003. After a long day taking in the 2003 World Rally stages deep in the Corsican Mountains I had to drive back to the hotel. Why was it memorable? I’ll never forget the intense pressure and rapt exhilaration of driving a rental car through the windy single lane Corsican back roads, at night, in the rain, trying to keep pace with the amped up rally fans.

----- Joel Yatscoff 28.11.12 08:18

favorite drive … by far my move to california. my colorado license had expired. my mom’s overprotectedness had not. she flew out to take the drive with me, because she didn’t want me going it alone. after discovering my license had expired, she refused to allow me to drive the uhaul trailering the first car i ever bought myself (a “66 bug) out to california. my mom and i talked the whole time about growing up/life/possibility/etc. best drive ever for a mother and son. hands down … favorite drive ever. thanks, mom.

----- christopher allen 28.11.12 07:51

Route 66 during a thunderstorm on my honeymoon

----- Liz B 28.11.12 07:49

Texas Hill Country backroads!

----- Danielle H 28.11.12 07:46

The drive home at Christmas, listening to the radio for our favourite Christmas ones.

----- Conor 28.11.12 07:07

Definitely in 6-inch snow with a RWD Mustang. Took every ounce of concentration to get that thing under control - the short trip was filled with excitement, fear, and an immense feeling of satisfaction when I got to my destination.

----- Nils J 28.11.12 06:56

Driving from Canmore to Banff and seeing the glory of the Rocky Mountains

----- Almin 28.11.12 06:41

Despite the name Route Nationale #3, the road is a one lane dirt track running straight up the center of Haiti from Hinche to Cap Haitien. My dad, sister, and I unknowingly ventured up this 80 miles stretch in my 2006 beater Mitsubishi Montero with no power steering, to find what turned out to be a stunningly beautiful 6-hour drive. After a couple close calls (no guardrails in Haiti) we arrived unharmed in the historic capital of the Pearl of the Antilles.

----- Adam S 28.11.12 06:08

it’s when i have the possibility to sleep while someone drives.

----- Talita 28.11.12 04:58

My favourite drive would have to be the morning of 1st January 2011, driving home from Manchester after seeing in the new year in style at the WHP. Raining, dark, gloomy, then as we set off the clouds parted, blue skies, clear country roads. Top start to 2011.

----- Ian 28.11.12 04:12

My favorite drive would have to be going back home after a long week of college. (except it’s my parents that pick me up)

----- Amanda 28.11.12 03:40

My favourite drive has to be the A82 round Loch Ness on a crisp winter morning. 140 miles of gentle winding road, amazing views of mist over the Loch and the ever present hope of sighting nessie!

----- STUART FAIRHURST 28.11.12 02:44

My favorite drive is to the fast food drive through.

----- Yariv goldfarb 28.11.12 00:49

Italy along the coast line!!!

----- Diane 28.11.12 00:10

My favorite drive was to Talimena up in the hills between Arkansas and Oklahoma from flat TX. The first time I got up there, it was 2AM, about 40F, I had the windows down and it just felt surreal, especially since the final destination was a lodge atop the hills built in the late 1800s.

----- Shiraz 27.11.12 23:26

Favorite drive is the one on the way back from a long trip, with the kids asleep in back.

----- Takuro Imagawa 27.11.12 23:05

The backroads of the Adirondack’s are seldom used but scour some of the most elegant landscapes I have seen. I’ve grown up in them, so it is always nice to explore the majesty of the mountains.

----- Collin Banko 27.11.12 22:55

Any drive leading home!

----- Thu 27.11.12 22:27

I don’t have a driving licence. So my favorite drive is te third course on Daytona USA (Sega arcade machine, cicra 1993). I cannot remember what its called.

----- Jonas Chau 27.11.12 22:10

My favorite drive was the final time driving back home with a few of my friends, the entire contents of my apartment, and my college diploma.

----- thossein@risd.edu 27.11.12 22:10

My favorite drive was the final time driving back home with a few of my friends, the entire contents of my apartment, and my college diploma.

----- thossein@risd.edu 27.11.12 22:10

my favorite drive was one i had played out in my mind for over a decade: ye olde cross country drive. when those 3,000 miles finally did find their way beneath me it was in a far from luxurious mini van, with twin 2 year olds, a dog, and all of my belongings and i still drove every mile of that 7 day trek with raw, unadulterated glee. I think i might have spent most of the drive exclaiming “holy shit! this country is fucking beautiful!” to the bewilderment of toddlers.

----- t 27.11.12 22:07

My favorite drive was when I was sixteen and freshly licensed. I drove from Oklahoma City to Dallas in the family’s old station wagon. Instead of a car radio I had an old boombox seat belted into the front seat and a box of cassette tapes to entertain me. I got lost in Dallas more than once and somehow managed to make it to Ft. Worth, I’m still not sure how that happened. Not the most exotic or lengthy trip I’ve ever made but you never forget your first.

----- nik 27.11.12 22:06

Highway 1 just south of Monterey, beautiful misty cliffs and winding roads.

----- Jeff 27.11.12 22:01

Louisiana to Canada, in winter. America is a beautiful country.

----- Sharon 27.11.12 21:56

My favorite drive is in the Bay Area, from San Francisco down to Santa Cruz, through the redwoods. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

----- kim 27.11.12 21:25

Pairs to Chamonix, France - smaller roads all the way.

----- jamie 27.11.12 20:58

Two come to mind: Santa Monica north up through Malibu until you can’t see any buildings, and San Diego eastward into the desert until you can see the stars at night.

----- rich 27.11.12 20:45

Nothing fancy, but just something memorable.
The slow cruising along the outskirt of this small town in New Zealand called, Wanganui.
Green scenery, sheeps and just really peaceful and humble.

----- MC the Onion Boy 27.11.12 20:25

My favorite drive is any drive early in the morning, when there’s hardly anyone on the road and you can see the sun rise.

----- Jess 27.11.12 20:23

My favorite drive was through the French Riviera with a convertible mini cooper. We spontaneously decided to stop at a small city called Cap Ferrat to eat and we met Adam West who has a house there and is neighbors with Brigitte Bardot. Just a road trip that I will always remember.

----- costa karras 27.11.12 20:10

My favorite drive…any and every drive that has taken me back home.

----- Sarah 27.11.12 20:02

My favorite drive was definitely through the wine country in spain. gorgeous.

----- Caroline 27.11.12 19:57

Favorite drive is on the Pennsylvania Turnpike while heading out to college at 6am, the fog rolling in, nice and cool air, the windows down and the music loud.

----- Sung Chang 27.11.12 19:37

My favorite drive - hands down - has got to be my most recent. On my first-ever trip to Europe, I met up with an Austrian I had met in Panama City, Panama. I flew into München, trained to Salzburg, and returned to München amidst the Alps on the Bundesautobahn 8 C63 AMG Wagon. As an American hitting the autobahn for the first time, driving a great car, without a speed limit, was truly the best drive I have ever taken… thus far.

----- Shawn O 27.11.12 19:32

Earlier this year, my girlfriend and I were vacationing in Nice, France. We had only seven days, but I told her that one of those was mine. After seeing the area’s renowned corniches in movies my whole life, I needed to drive the famously snaky roads myself.

On a menacingly overcast day, I picked up my rental Mini Cooper S convertible in downtown Nice. The next three hours featured the twistiest and most scenic roads that the region has to offer.

After three hours, the sun cleared, and those cliff-side roads offered vistas of the sparkling sea and mega-yachts creeping into the ports of Monte Carlo and Villefranche. That was also about the time I found the car’s traction control setting and turned that sucker off. Deserted roads, top down, sun shining, flipping the paddles to jump back and forth between second and third gears - I can’t believe my cheeks weren’t sore from the nonstop smile etched onto my face.

After another exhausting and exhilarating four hours, I finally brought my adopted baby back to the rental shop. She was hard to part with. But I’ll always have my photos. I think 007 would have been proud.

----- Justin J 27.11.12 19:23

My favorite drive was the recent drive my husband and I took moving across the country from Utah to Boston, MA. The October weather made for a spectacular journey across the heartland of America. It was a once in a lifetime drive to begin our new adventure on the east coast.

----- Carrie 27.11.12 19:17

One of my best-loved drives is through the towering red-rock of Zion Canyon, Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Truly humbling…

----- Ben 27.11.12 19:09

64 West through West Virginia!

----- Greg Weaver 27.11.12 18:50

I had just purchased a very used 1992 Hilux, and had just driven from Kampala, Uganda out into the bush to the trading post. From there I spent 4 hours driving back roads into the game park, literally driving through a safari, over washed out roads and flying down dirt hills, almost rolling the truck once or twice. It was the most harrowing, and memorable, drive I’ve ever taken.

----- Andrew H 27.11.12 18:49

I bought a 37-year-old motorcycle that was pieced together from multiple mismatched donor bikes. Obviously, she needed a lot of work to keep running. The best drives are any time I finish fixing the latest thing that broke on my motorcycle, and take her out for a test ride. The ride is usually short and quick, but I feel intimately connected to the bike. The improvement with each ride would be barely noticeable to anyone but myself. The experience of isolating the problem, trying the best solution, and testing it successfully (after many failed attempts!) fills one with accomplishment. You feel that you can conquer anything!

----- Nour M 27.11.12 18:00

If you can believe it, my favorite drive lasted three months… My family and I camped along the way as we moved cross-country from Anchorage, Alaska to Chicago. So many good memories, great photos and lessons learned. What an adventure!

----- Lauren 27.11.12 17:37

Hwy 101 to crescent city

----- Cheng lam 27.11.12 17:22

While driving in the winter when it’s snowing isn’t always the most enjoyable, there’s something about the white expanse I remember fondly driving for the holidays in Minnesota. Fields of white snow, cold air, and the destination of family and friends.

----- Joseph 27.11.12 15:49

Driving from LA to San Francisco on the PCH. Any time of the year it’s a beautiful trip.

----- Joe G. 27.11.12 15:30

My favorite drive was from Lyon to Cannes via Aix en Provence in tiny rental car with my best friend. The drive and scenery was fantastic but the memories I made with my friend still bring me happiness and delight! Also the great wine helped!

----- Marci 27.11.12 14:23

My best time driving was when I was going west through the Colorado rockies on my way to Moab, UT at night! It was like leaving one world in the evening to arrive on a completely different planet in the morning.

----- Andy Stoltz 27.11.12 14:20

California State Route 1 without a doubt.

----- Colin T 27.11.12 13:33

I would have to say my favorite drive is through the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas on a nice morning.

----- Ryan 27.11.12 13:29

My favourite drive: last years Porsche Panamera weekend through Germanys “Blackforrest” (Schwarzwald) with an driving instructor. Amazing landscape and stunning cars! Yeah!

----- Dominik Schmitz 27.11.12 13:17


In 2007 me and my girlfriend, now wife, drove from Durban, South Africa, to Cape Town. Amazing. We took a zig-zag route and drove a total of about 2400km.

We saw the fantastic Drakensberg, the hippie-surf paradise of Coffee bay, stayed in Hogsback seeing beautiful butterflies and flowers. Then to Graff Reinet and yet another type of climate and nature. Then we drove down to the coast, we watched whales and other sea life and ate some of the best oysters and fish ever. Plettenberg Bay became a favourite, with beatuful surroundings and again, those oysters!

Continueing along the Garden Route we stayed in small towns, enjoying every day! Then it was time to head inland again, now it was time for the wine country! Started of in Robertson, the going on to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Fantastic wines and the most beautiful wineyards I have visited, especially enjoyed the smaller wineries!

The roadtrip was soon to end, but before Tabletop mountain and Cape Town we head down to the Cape. It was quite foggy that day, but as we aproached the Cape the fog disapeared and we got a perfect view.

An amazing drive, through a ton of different climates and microclimates, the most diverse drive I have ever made. Only good experiences! Lovely people and country!

Oh, and Budget forgot to charge us for the rental.

Have a good one,

----- Johan Hübinette 27.11.12 13:17

Pacific Coast Highway!

----- Eleanor 27.11.12 12:02

My favorite drive is up highway 1 from LA to San Francisco.

----- Mike 27.11.12 12:00

Im still young so hopefully my favourite drive is till yet to come

----- sam 27.11.12 11:45

Driving through the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia.

----- Jaclyn 27.11.12 11:04

The best drive in this beautiful wide world is the Blue Ridge Parkway in western NC. With some of the most stylish curves and elevation changes, I can’t think of a better time-piece to share the beauty with.

----- Alex W. 27.11.12 11:03

The last time I drove from Florida to California. The foothills of the Appalachians have steep, winding grades which makes downshifting fun. In Kansas and Nebraska you can see for miles on the plains and the winds are vicious enough to really toss your car around. The Eisenhower Tunnel right after Denver which is so deep that without lights it’d probably be pitch black at noon. The mountains giving way to Salt Lake City and the salt flats that reflect the sky and look like ocean coming up to the interstate. The Joshua Tree sculpture in that same location but miles from anything is like a strange beacon in the desert. The mountain pass at Reno/Tahoe while a blizzard was coming through and there were six-foot high walls of snow around my car. Finally, the Bay Area and the drive down the coast with the ocean always out the passenger side of the car, all the way to Los Angeles.

----- Blake 27.11.12 11:02

Rolling down the Cinderella bridge in old Pasadena, late at night, with the warm smell of the arroyo below dancing with the cool autumn air.

----- Chen Lin 27.11.12 10:50

my favourite drive is at night, when i’m going home to my sweetheart!

----- David 27.11.12 10:47

My favorite drive ever was through Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont. A bit scary sometimes, but gorgeous nonetheless!

----- Caitlin 27.11.12 10:47

Driving in rural Iowa (where I’m from) especially on gravel roads. I love getting away from the city that I live in and returning home. It really is the best drive ever.

----- Laura 27.11.12 10:43

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time in a vintage car, looking at the reflection of blue sky and the red bridge in the chrome, felt like in a movie or in a dream! it still does that to me now too… when the sky is clear!

----- Greg 27.11.12 10:43

my favorit drive was once before winter, when started snowing the first snow. Its beautifull to see that everything is covered in white and roads still are black and small snow flakes still coming from the skys

----- Rihards 27.11.12 10:35

Southbound on FDR drive in NYC. Feels just like the old school video game Cruisin’ USA. It makes me feel proud be part of it all.

----- Ehren 27.11.12 10:33

My favorite drive has been going through the wine country in France and exploring the various little villages that get me away from the beaten normal Parisian tourist spots. Can’t be beat! Summer, fall or winter is the most beautiful drive!

----- Lucas lund 27.11.12 10:30

It was in Scotland: Glasgow to Aberdeen in an old Citroen w/ my dad. The scenery and the car were nothing compared to the conversation and happiness of spending time with him!

----- TONI 27.11.12 10:28

The best drive is the one you know the best. It’s not only the drive, but the destination, the ride, and what you have with you. My favorite ride used to be in my Volvo 850 (aka Frank), Driving home from NYC, with a cup of coffee. My best thinking came from these drives.

----- Andrew Lee 27.11.12 10:27

Back in high school I would take my Golf with upgraded suspension around the leaf-filled streets of the Connecticut wilderness while listening to hip-hop instrumentals and freestyling. It was an amazing way to release stress.

----- Anders 27.11.12 10:26

The Garden Route in South Africa, abusing a hire car to the maximum.

----- William J 27.11.12 10:22

I love driving in suburbs. There’s something interesting about looking at the neighborhood in motion.

----- Ray 27.11.12 10:21

Best drive was during my study abroad in Sweden. Got in a car with two friends and drove down to Malmo and over the bridge into Denmark. It was spring so there were just miles and miles of yellow rapeseed. We drove around the danish countryside and then up the west coast of Sweden through Gothenburg and up to Oslo.

----- Heng An Wang 27.11.12 10:19

It may be a short drive but, I love driving over all the bridges that go into Manhattan from the boroughs.

----- Matt Burke 27.11.12 09:53

I think my favorite drive has to be any road trip with friends. There’s something about being on the road with good company that is refreshing and enlightening.

----- Jacob Bain 27.11.12 09:24

We entered Rocky Mountain National Park from the east, through Estes Park, from Boulder. Even here, the landscape is impressive and the mountains loom close by. The Old Fall River Road opens for a short time during the summer, starting on July 1. It’s a one-way, gravel road that has terrific views, switchbacks and some steep grades. The ride was a wonderful build up for the visitor center at the summit, and the trip back down was just as beautiful, meadows of wildflowers, bighorn sheep, wind shaped trees and panoramic views of the valley below.

----- Jeanne 27.11.12 09:08

My favourite drive is early morning Saturdays in Downtown Detroit just before sunrise. The sun is peeking its way through the beautiful monumental skyscrapers and art deco design that once made the city great. The streets are empty and there is this calming aura about the drive. The opportunity is there to soak in history and reflect what it was like when The Motor City was at its peak.

----- Alex 27.11.12 09:00

Spain… a black Audi A3. My best mate. My Cannon. And a hangover dreamt up by Satan himself purely for his own amusement. So we’re in Madrid and being from the UK, everyone drives on the wrong side of the road to us, so getting out of their alive could have been tricky but once we hit the open road South to Cordoba we were away with the aircon on full, fending off the 90 degree heat from the Spanish sun.

Blasting in to the barren countryside, we thought maybe it could be a dull trip so the music was cranked up and the pedal was firmly smashed to the floor. All the time we’re passing each other fresh hams and fruit all from the local shop we befriended durring our stay, spilling water down ourselves and the car in an attempt to dowse the hangovers and laughing about last nights fun in some club where the most amazing local people filled us with their amazing Gin Tonica concoctions.

Further on our journey the vistas begin to roll and appear as if decorated with toy farm lands, rows of olive trees and yellow and brown expanses with lines carved by their masters plough. The occasional ramshackle outhouse, furnished with graffiti even out here in the wilds. Now windmills come in to view. First one, then three, then whole rows adorn the crests of each hill. We start to laugh and choose who out of us will be Don Quixote and Sancho Panza and if we should take a diversion to fight these giants with their flailing arms.

Instead we decide on a diversion to stop at Toledo for a few hours is in order and so we leave the highway and start the climb towards this fortified hilltop town. A town renowned for it’s tiny streets. The sworn enemy of the wing mirror. Of which we had two at upon entering Toledo…

An hour later and no parking in sight, we’re well and truly jammed between tourists and tight corners. Even the walls of the ancient buildings had guttering carved in to their sides to allow for safe passage of shiny rearview devices. Driving through there was the motoring equivalent of a game of Operation, except we had more to loose. A 750Euro insurance excess to be precise. The music was off and we hardly spoke for the entire exercise in skill and concentration. Even the aircon couldn’t stop the beads of sweat bejewelling our furrowed brows. Each one driving it’s own route along the creases of concentration in our faces.

We find ourselves back at the outskirts of Toledo. We park and walk. And we eat as if we just won 750Euros each.

After a well earned feed and a wander we hit the road again for more of the same. The final 300km in our trusty black steed with both its mirrors. The hills roll by and mature in to mountains and the driving is free and easy. We swap seats and share the camera and wave at the occasional senorita for fun. They smile back at these two crazy English fools and we’re spurned on to reach our final destination by their kindness. Each smile briefly easing our automotive saddle sore.

The windmills are swapped for giant bull shaped cutouts. Each one painted black, standing five storeys tall and straddling their chosen hill with their shadow guarding their realm.

A stop at a roadside cafe to service ourselves once more before the final stretch introduces us to some of the most amazing coffee either of us have ever tasted. We sit on the veranda and sip until finished and stay a little longer. The dust blows around us and we notice the shine of our car has dulled with our journey and we let the crickets do the talking while we rest.

We set off but only when we’re happy to and soon find the final leg behind us. The sun dropping in the sky, forcing our sunglasses in to retirement for the day, we find ourselves thankful for powerful maps in phones and wonder how people used to manage without such technology.

Almost all too soon we’re pulling in to a hotel car park and checking in, grinning about our experience. Within fifteen minutes we’re up on the roof with a nice cold drink and lying by an infinity pool with a view across old Cordoba town. Wondering just what will Cordoba bring us tonight?

And what will tomorrows drive to Seville bring as well…

To be continued… maybe

This was my favourite drive and will be something I remember for ever

----- Paul A 27.11.12 08:31

I grew up in the north of canada in a town called sept-iles(seven island) where there’s only one road that goes trough all the villages and towns. Traveling along this road you can see all the beauty my region as to offer, the sea, the boreal forest, the rivers and the lakes. Since it is up north the area hasn’t really been developed leaving it to a stage where nature and the 21st century civilisation collides.

----- mark-antoine Joncas 27.11.12 08:20

My favorite drive is when I drove down the PCH 1 in a rental mustang. The twists and turns mixed with amazing scenic mountain views and vista stops of the ocean were breathtaking.

----- Jarrell 27.11.12 08:18

My favorite drive is from where I live in San Antonio, TX to the Florida keys. It’s most enjoyable for the destination but if you stay off I-10 and take your time there are some amazing things to see along the way. Driving around Cape Cod is a beautiful drive as well.

----- Erastos 27.11.12 08:08

My favorite drive is from Pasadena California to Devil’s Punch Bowl nearby Lancaster, California. We usually do this trip on xmas day as a get-away from all the Wal-mart xmas decoration crap from the suburbs. Usually nobody is in that area during that time, especially the fact that we drive out around 5am and get there around 7ish in the morning. Take a hike, watch the sunrise. It’s a quiet beautiful reward for such a drive.

----- Xian He 27.11.12 07:53

My favorite drive is from Philadelphia to New Hampshire during the fall time. I head up every year to see the foliage from the change of seasons. its an unbelievable ride especially when you see trees become vibrant colors of orange, yellow, and red. Its certainly something everyone should witness if they ever have the chance

----- Emil Buccilli 27.11.12 07:52

My favorite drive is in rural, northern Maine. No people around, but so many trees and some moose! It’s always misty and cool and lovely.

----- Liz 27.11.12 07:51

Crashing waves, cliff side drops, winding roads, fresh salt air and my girl at my side. The twisty Pacific Coast Highway south of Monterey in California is still my favourite drive. The beautiful vistas and occasional whale-citing offered a blissful retreat from our downtown Toronto lifestyles, and Los Angeles traffic. From Carmel to Cambria, this drive is a MUST for any who loves scenic drives. Don’t forget to relax at Lynn’s in Cambria for a fantastic espresso… just a great finish to a wonderful drive
http://tinyurl.com/cxjq2q8 (Google Maps- sorry, if this is unacceptable.)

----- Jeff 27.11.12 07:46

My favorite drive is from my home in the bay to my old home in Nevada. Not only do I get to see my partner, family, and friends at the end. I get to relive my life in the process.

----- Wesley Hill 27.11.12 07:40

Latigo Canyon Road in Malibu on a foggy Sunday morning. I had no map and was only driven there by curiosity. A mile in and I was above the fog, driving on top of the clouds through tight hairpins and sweeping curves. I didn’t know if the road reached the other side of the mountains but didn’t really care. I found my favorite road.

----- Anthony Sims 27.11.12 07:39

My favorite drive was the day after my wedding. I had gotten my husband a Ferrari rental for his wedding present, and the day after the wedding we got up early and cruised PCH before we had to return the car.

----- Namtran Nguyen 27.11.12 07:20

Favorite drive: PCH.

----- John 27.11.12 06:48

My favourite is the one on my two feet one my way home after a long day at work — I have no car. But it’s a scenic walk by shops and across a bridge in Washington DC and changes everyday since the faces I see vary from one day to another.

----- Ces 27.11.12 06:44

My favorite drive was taking the highway that goes all the way along the coast in dominican republic with my boyfriend the first time we went to the beach together. Its about a 15 mile stretch with clear tuquoise blue water on one side. Then parking at the marina end enjoying a dinner by the water with the waves practically crashing at your table. the drive back is always a little shorter but its just as nice to arrive home after a day at the beach and have a good rest.

----- Enmanuel 27.11.12 06:44

My favorite drive is every fall, When I take the road from Canada to Mexico to go visit my family. It’s a unique ecological experience I only get to appreciate once per year. The variety of landscapes changing along the rhythm of the music in my car, it’s like magic.

----- Guillermo Garcia Pons 27.11.12 06:35

Elk Mountain Highway in Asheville. Beautiful twists and turns at an irregular interval, fun s-curves with deep banks. Excellent ascend and descend over the Eastern continental divide, and the best part - it’s never busy.

----- Rob Wilkey 27.11.12 06:35

My favorite drive is anytime I’m on a road very late at night and there are no other cars around while good music is playing!

----- Robert W. 27.11.12 06:06

Favorite drive is Route 100 through Vermont. Twists and turns through the mountains on my way home.

----- Jason 27.11.12 05:56

My favorite drive is a roundabout trip I made a few years ago around the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. The scenery, activities, towns and colorful people really made it a memorable drive through and through.

----- James 27.11.12 05:48

Any drive is a good one. There’s something about being behind a wheel that’s empowering—having the helm and being in complete control is one of the best feelings, especially in a world where so many things are out of our control.

----- jonathan lee 27.11.12 05:42

You just can’t beat taking a 1962 porsche 356b down back country roads through the Texas Hill Country. You might pass a car every 15 minutes if your lucky. Windows down and the only thing you hear is the echo of the 1600cc VW engine roaring flying around winding roads.

----- Kyle C 27.11.12 05:14

My favourite drive when i drive my gf home! not so much the ride, but the deep talks we have =)

----- Kai 27.11.12 04:13

I don’t drive much. My favorite is the trip back home after work

----- Veronica 27.11.12 04:01

The first ride of the year with my Thunderbird 1983.

----- Anne-Marie L 27.11.12 03:49

My favorite drive ever was just last week. We live in Western, NY, near Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We’ve (me, wife, & 3 kids) never driven on a long road trip family vacation before. The week before Thanksgiving we drove all the way to Florida and back for a vacation. And I found I enjoyed the drive with the family as much as any other part of the trip. The route itself was boring and uninspiring, interstates with repetitive views. But the five of us had a blast together and some really quality time to laugh and talk.

----- Chris Meisenzahl 27.11.12 03:15

Driving in deep winter through snow covered, deserted streets.

----- Przemek 27.11.12 02:57

Well it could’ve ended really badly.
We’d bought a Citroen 2CV for $300 with no papers and we drove-slowly from Spain to France. The car was broken into 3 times and was impossible to lock but we grew to love her. Going down the Pyrenees, the brakes totally failed. I kept it screaming in 2nd gear and prayed for a side road I could swing into…but my prayers went unanswered. I think I bent the steering wheel I was hanging on so tight. We finally got to the bottom of the mountains and the first civilization we came to was a couple of houses and shops. One was a mechanics garage and he happily fixed our fried brakes and the other was a cafe/bar where we happily fixed our jangled nerves. It was a hell of a ride, nobody died and I’ll never forget it.

----- Laurie Faen 27.11.12 02:46

My favourite drive so far is only two minutes from my house. Its the back road up to the Mount Victoria lookout, its windy, tight, quiet at night and once you get to the top, there’s amazing view of Wellington, New Zealand. But this is only so far! there are so many roads i want to explore, especially some on the mediterranean coast.

----- Jamie 27.11.12 02:25

I don’t drive. I take public transport to any place.
I want to save the earth.

----- Lee 27.11.12 02:03

I can think of many beautiful drives. The one I’m thinking of now was about five years ago on a summer night in Waterford, Michigan, where an ordinary drive from a friend’s house because an enchanted occasion when I realized that the lights I was seeing at about 4:00 AM weren’t distant city lights, but were the Aurora Borealis, something I have not personally seen this far south before or since. I stopped on the side of the road, and enjoyed the scene.

----- Brian 27.11.12 00:35

The places where you can lose yourself in, without getting lost. Where it’s just you and the road, music playing in the background, and you’re slowly noticing how beautiful the world looks as you’re driving past. What’s all the more amazing is when you’re driving back home, after months on the road. I’m heading home, and nothing feels better than a nice scenic drive towards where my heart is.

----- Stephanie 26.11.12 23:26

my favorite drive was through the clouds when crossing the island of Madeira. Amazing experience for a guy spending his days mainly in flat grounds.

----- martins 26.11.12 23:24

A drive along the highway alone late at night with soft music playing at the background. At that moment, it is as if time outside of the car has freeze and you’re allowed to think and feel for a moment in your drive.

----- Denise 26.11.12 23:19

A drive along the highway alone late at night with soft music playing at the background. At that moment, it is as if time outside of the car has freeze and you’re allowed to think and feel for a moment in your drive.

----- Denise 26.11.12 23:19

The drive to Joshua Tree.

----- Yoshio 26.11.12 23:14

This June - all around iceland - varied scenery - beautiful nature

----- Heiko 26.11.12 22:39

My favorite drive is yet to come - it would involve wearing this amazing Autodromo Brescia!! I’m a HUGE wristwatch fan, and strangely enough I even found myself thinking of the Autodromo brand while looking at the dials on the dashboard of my Nissan 1400 utility van - they have not updated the design since the 70s, so the simplicity of the design is charming and nostalgic - much like the Autodromo range. HUGE fan!

----- Vaughan 26.11.12 22:31

There’s a road that runs along a local lake where I live, Lake Murray. Its a beautiful steamrolled galaxy black asphalt road with vivid lines marking the lanes. Smooth, full of twists and turns, and unpopulated. Its the perfect place to open up the throttle and take in the summer.

----- Case C 26.11.12 22:04

From Mikumi Park to Tarangire Park in Tanzania. We have done it 4 times now and there is always some part of the truck missing after the bumps and washboard, we always have to weave through some elephants at some point, the Baobab forest is amazing, and we always seem to do at least one 180 on the super dusty “never ending road”. Oh, and having baboons attack your car looking for food while we motor through the hills extra slowly and carefully is fun for the kids.

----- Cody 26.11.12 21:59

My favorite drive was on the Nurburgring! Especially since it took three trips to Germany to do. On the first trip, the track was covered in snow. The second coincided with the Formula 1 race, which was a nice consolation prize but only added to my continued frustration. Finally, this past year I accomplished my mission spending two days there in a rented race prepped Scirocco and M3. I highly recommend the experience.

Other than that, since I live in Los Angeles, any day without traffic is a good drive.

----- Derek 26.11.12 21:20

That drive back home after a long year at school :)

----- Robert Ryan 26.11.12 21:05

‘67 Alfa Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, Pino Verde outside, old leather smelling and fitting beautifully inside. Sweet, raspy sounds from forward. Cruising down Sunset boulevard all the way to the beach, night falling, the city illuminated. simple appreciation of the oversteer in the bends near the Palisades Alternating grip between the shift knob and my girl’s hand, anticipating the cool sand and rush of the waves. Sublime.

----- Adam 26.11.12 20:55

It is the warm, familiar feeling of driving through tunnels, flashing lights, and the city skyline at night…like the glow of a flashlight under a blanket. Every child has refused to go to sleep. As an adult, driving through the darkness while everyone else is sleeping produces the same rebellious childhood memory.

----- Christina Lei 26.11.12 20:46

The road to Hana, Maui, 3AM on a clear night. Windows down, waves crashing against the rocks, warm air and freshly picked fruit.

----- Jason Alcock 26.11.12 20:45

The Eastern Sierras are amazing in the early summer, driving up the Owens Valley, with Mt. Whitney on one side, Death Valley on the other.

----- James W 26.11.12 20:44

My favorite ride was probably my first. After insisting I endure every formality associated with being a young driver, my father caved and allowed me to take his Buick out for a spin. It came as naturally to me as I had expected. In the days that followed, I drove anywhere and everywhere, each trip was a new adventure. But none was as memorable as that first time, just me, my father, and a cool autumn breeze. It became more than a ride, it was immortalized in my mind as one of the few times I’ve felt such a strong connection with my dad.

----- Anatoliy D. 26.11.12 20:37

my favorite drive is highway one for about 2 hours from SF. i pull over by this artichoke field to a cliff that has a small trail to a really tiny beach with a really cool tide pool cave thing.

----- BJ 26.11.12 20:35

Highway 518 from Orrville to Sprucedale. The curviest lady Canada has ever lost to redevelopment. Granite walls and smooth corners, truly the one who got away.

----- Hud Rogers 26.11.12 20:33

The final stretch along the coast before turning off into my neighborhood.

----- Shawn 26.11.12 20:31

my favorite drive. two miles to my parents house. i can pop in nearly any time for a snack or beverage. it is amazing!

----- matthew harrison smith 26.11.12 20:16

I love the drive in the backcountry roads of hillsdale county where I can thrash my Hot Hatch around corners while keeping an eye out for deer

----- Caleb 26.11.12 20:07

I go to work very early so I use my morning commute to plan and meditate on my day. I enjoy this quiet drive.

----- Martin 26.11.12 20:04

My favorite drive was on a hot summers day with 3 friends driving through the Catskill Mountains, NY. On our way to find another swimming hole after 2 hours swimming. All windows and sunroof down and sharing iPods through the cars sound system.

----- Ben KB 26.11.12 19:57

upper deck of Seattle viaduct on a bright clear day

----- Nick C 26.11.12 19:47

My favorite one was slightly bittersweet. On deployment to Afghanistan I was a driver in a “Route Clearance Platoon”, which essentially meant that we drove around at about three miles an hour for days on end clearing roads and trails of IEDs. Our last drive from a mission up in the Sangin District of Helmand province over the laughably named Peace Highway and Highway 1 back to Camp Leatherneck was strange. I knew we would not be traveling these roads I had come to know so well in 7 months anymore. The poppy fields, farms irrigated from the Helmand river, and the dusty desert expanses were all to be gone from my day to day experience. I would not again help save lives and legs by finding bombs in the road. Relieving and unsatisfying. I was driving out of harms way. A drive never to forget.

----- Zach 26.11.12 19:44

My favorite regular drive is up Highway 101 past the Golden Gate, through Marin County, and all the way to Tomales Bay. Gorgeous in early fall.

----- irena 26.11.12 19:36

I love to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, especially in autumn.

----- Cindy Aiton 26.11.12 19:18

The drive heading north from Los Angeles on the 101.

----- Joe 26.11.12 19:18

My favorite drive is out to the beautiful east end of Long Island in the fall. Nothing beats cruising through the cozy towns when all of the summer vacationers are away. Clean air+fall colors=bliss

----- Lauren L 26.11.12 19:12

My favorite drive is from Baton Rouge to New Orleans up until you pass over Lake Pontchartrain. NOLA was such a mysterious city and I’m sure much more so after the storm…when I passed the swamps I used to imagine all types of voodoo going down.

----- Auntie Kibby 26.11.12 19:08

Recently, I drove solo from San Francisco to Dallas. I encountered beaches, the mountains through Yosemite, the eternal expanse of Death Valley, the spontaneous opulence of Las Vegas, the deep red of Arizona’s soil, and the wide prairies of West Texas. That was definitely my favorite.

----- Charlton 26.11.12 19:06

The drive up Lucas Valley Road to West Marin County, to Highway 1 and Tomales Bay

----- Richard Kung 26.11.12 19:05

From tahoe City CA to southlake tahoe through emerald bay in my folks old 71 911 no power steering on twisty roads is a lot of work but a lot of fun

----- Chuck 26.11.12 18:52

I loved the drive from Munich through Austria and the Dolomites to a little town, called Burgeis, in northern Italy with my wife and another couple - some good friends from back home in eastern Pennsylvania. We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast, woke up, had breakfast, went to the corner store to buy a bagette, hunk of cheese, and salami, and drove off through the country to a trail head to hike all day. I remember looking at the vineyards while we cranked Green Day and just loving the contrast - making every drive eclectically romantic. It’s hard to have a bad day when you’re driving in a postcard.

----- steve 26.11.12 18:42

My favourite drive was driving through the small countryside roads of Tuscany. Seeing the endless vineyards and greenery, every inch of land sculpted by centuries of farmers and winemakers. Beautiful, emotional, and sublime.

----- Brian 26.11.12 18:39

My favourite drive is definitely the route from Richmond back to Burnaby on a dry, summer night. I would adjust my driving position and close the windows and sunroof to achieve the smoothest performance. The Michelin tires on my car grips the road as if it feels like my body and soul have blended into the motor of the car. Although I know this route by heart and even if I were blind-folded, I purposely choose to run a mixture of highway and small streets for a bit of twist and fun. Spirited drives are meant to be, yet please drive safe!

----- V WONG 26.11.12 18:33

Pali highway on the way to Kailua, hawaii

----- Jenna 26.11.12 18:31

Any of the many (race) drives East or West on I-90 I’ve taken over the years.
I say race, because it seems that no matter how we start the journey, we always end up almost doubling our speed by the end of the trip. And you get to see so much of America, an America that most East or West coasters don’t know exists. From Washington to Boston. Mountains, Plains, Forests, the Sand dunes of Lake Michigan, the Badlands…. Get out and Drive people.

----- Darin S. 26.11.12 18:27

New Zealand’s Coromandel peninsular: sickeningly winding roads, concrete roads hanging onto the cliffs, canopy’s of trees creating tunnels over the road, breath taking ocean views, punga trees, squashed possums melting, tractors, sheep, cows, water falls, rivers… you know you’re on holiday when your driving on these roads.

----- Amelia 26.11.12 18:23

Driving at 120 MPH on a backroad in Alabama, one that went straight to the horizon, but dipped and rose, dipped and rose again into the distance.

----- Sakim Spijker 26.11.12 18:22

One of my most favorite drives is along the Amalfi coast in Italy!

----- Dina 26.11.12 18:19

My favourite drive was last May, along the south coast of Iceland. I was with a small group of friends from college, and we were driving from our hostel in Reykjavik to the quaint farmhouse cottage we had rented on the opposite side of the island. We drove eight hours along the south coast, winding through fields and forest, navigating foggy mountain passes (made more difficult by the fact that this was my first time driving stick), under countless waterfalls spilling off of barren cliffs from the glaciers above through flat expansive deltas to the ocean. We had packed ourselves like sardines in our little white Nissan, and like that we raced across one-lane bridges and crawled through rockslide areas, one person looking out the window for falling boulders. My favourite part though, was driving through endless fields of lava choked with blowing ash, which suddenly opened to reveal the pristine sight of Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier, stretching clear and blue across the horizon, with the open road stretching straight as an arrow towards it.

----- Sam Giesbrecht 26.11.12 18:18

Driving up the PCH in Big Sur. On the prefect day you can emerge from and descend into banks of fog. Every curve climbs out of misty blindness into grassy mountains and a glimmering ocean below. For a moment you are sublimely alone, cresting a new world.

----- Devin 26.11.12 18:12

My current favorite drive is the one to work - it’s the only one I take my motorcycle on (no “for fun” riding allowed at the moment!).

----- jay 26.11.12 18:11

Among my favorite man things, watches and cars are two of them. My fav drive would be Great Ocean Road here in Australia. Sweeping corners and awesome views (if you arent driving too fast to not notice then)

----- Sean 26.11.12 18:09

The best drive I think I’ve taken was with my boyfriend when we were visiting Scotland this past September. We rented a VW Golf and drove from the Isle of Skye onto a ferry and then clear across both the isle of Harris and Lewis (Outer Hebrides). It was beautiful and surreal. I’ll never forget it.

----- Kirstie H. 26.11.12 17:54

Driving Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park with the one I love. My wife was there too!

----- TDJoe 26.11.12 17:51

My favourite drive…the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney to Nowra in Australia. The road meanders through cities, mountains, coastlines, country Australia with a section out over the Pacific Ocean. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

----- Sirdanielcummings 26.11.12 17:47

Every christmas we take a 2 hour drive from my city (Auckland) down to the Coromandel, it’s the most beautiful and peaceful drive as its fields of green, mountain range and then we pop out at the beach where we spend two weeks on holiday as a family, we look forward to it every year. It doesn’t get better than a New Zealand summer christmas at the beach.

----- Tina 26.11.12 17:40

Favorite drive was taking the coastal route from Seattle to Los Angeles in one go with my brother in his VW Van.

----- Jon 26.11.12 17:32

Favorite drive is to a little cabin in the woods.
When it’s winter, snowy, water frozen, fog hangs over the grass, slippery road…

----- Arnon 26.11.12 17:32

My favorite drive is when i take out my BMW E30 320i sedan on a sunny sunday with my little brother. Its a short drive but i liked to do it once in a wile. People stare and wonder why some one would buy such a crapy car but others liked it. Every car should be that simple and user friendly, is the perfect look and size. But it has a little failure… the clock is broken, and perhaps NOTCOT would help me, cause i lost the track of time.

----- José 26.11.12 17:29

Yes oh yes, Mines Road in Livermore, California is a terrifying not-entirely-paved one and one half lane road in the most beautiful, sunny, twisty, dusty (mostly cop-free) central valley. It’s an utter joy. And to Wente for a glass of wine and some well deserved charcuterie—perfect.

----- Daisy 26.11.12 17:09

My favorite drive was in the PC game Mafia :) Racing with the old 60s racing cars, favourite.

----- Burak 26.11.12 16:47

My favorite drive was during a tour of Europe with 4 buddies in a 2 door sports car heading to Amsterdam.

----- Tom V 26.11.12 16:43

The last day I was in the city before I moved. It was a cold night, five minutes to midnight. And I was hopelessly head over heels for someone. It was an amazing drive through Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto with her. So many twists and turns on a constant speed ..looking at the lake. Man was that beautiful.

----- Karan 26.11.12 16:20

My favorite drive is my commute to work each day. From Sunset Blvd. at the east edge of Beverly Hills to UCLA — a wide road lined with gorgeous scenery and fun curves. I’m rewarded at the end with the job I love at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

----- Britt Benston 26.11.12 16:08

Iron Mountain Road onto the Needles Highway in the Black Hills of South Dakota is one of the most beautiful, twisty roads east of the Rocky Mountains. You start at the base of Mt Rushmore, and wind your way up through the old tunnels that perfectly frame the carved mountain before switchbacking down to picturesque alpine meadows complete with wild flowers and buffalo before entering Custer State Park. More switchbacks and one lane tunnels reveal a view straight out of the Swiss Alps with rock spires, cliffs, and giant granite faces all around. Finish the drive by refreshing yourself with a swim in Sylvan Lake (made famous by the movie National Treasure) and your day is complete.

I’ve done this very drive more times than I can count, driving everything from a superbike, to a one-ton truck, to a sedan. The road transcends the mode of transportation and reminds me why I love to drive.

----- James 26.11.12 16:04

My favorite drive is Highway 1 along the coast of California. Beautiful view especially at sunset on a clear day!

----- Jeremy 26.11.12 15:56

Once drove from NYC to Indianapolis, and the miles and miles of open farm land was a good change of scenery when coming from the crammed buildings of NY!

----- Michael 26.11.12 15:54

hate to say it, but highway 94 from st. charles missouri to jefferson city… it’s windy, crazy fast… the scenery is nice, sure, but hanging on through the corners and hoping not to hit a bit of gravel is amazing…

----- mark masterson 26.11.12 15:44

I took a ride through a little town in northern Ohio last fall. The Town is called Kirtland and there are many winding roads and hill. I was driving through at about 7:00pm and the sun was reaching that stage when the light comes through the trees and the air was fresh and crisp. Just beautiful.

----- Jonathan Monreal 26.11.12 15:41

My fav drive was just last weekend. A drive along the great ocean road to take my girlfriend to the beach at Lorne. It was amazing to see her energy recharge once she had sand between her toes and sun on her face. :)

----- Simon 26.11.12 15:36

My favorite drive was the cross-country trip my family took when I was 13. We loaded up the RV and headed West (from upstate NY.) We Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, the house where Field of Dreams was filmed, among others… We went as far west as Idaho and the RV broke down! We spent all day in the shop and they couldn’t resurrect the old beast, so we wound up buying a new one 2500 miles from home. We were on the road for almost 40 days. What a trip!

----- Rob 26.11.12 15:28

Home,it’s where my heart is.

----- mark 26.11.12 15:23

My favorite drive is up the California coast from Santa Barbara to Monterey Bay.

----- Christina 26.11.12 15:21

I rented a zipcar for my 22nd birthday and spent the whole day exploring Orcas Island in Washington trying to get lost. The roads are the perfect combination of curves and hills to keep every moment exciting, and the island air smells so good. Along the way I found a beautiful island that is only accessible when the tide goes out and a path emerges out of the ocean. This is what it looks like as the tide goes out: http://i.imgur.com/Mp57y.jpg

----- Isaac B 26.11.12 15:09

I haven’t actually found my favorite drive yet. Still too many places on this earth to explore.

----- Daimian 26.11.12 14:59

I will never forget the drive I took with my parents from Los Angeles to Vancouver, B.C.. We got to drive through some of the most amazing scenery ever, it was an amazing time with my sister and parents

----- KM 26.11.12 14:57

I’m on it now. I write this from Imola, where I’m four days into a drive from the Nurburgring to Istanbul. It’s already been epic, particularly travelling from Zurich to Monza over the alps as the sun rises. Coincidentally, I stopped at Brescia today and went to the Mille Miglia museum. Tomorrow, Modena - supercar country!

----- Phill 26.11.12 14:54

I recently drove from Seattle to Banff national park in Canada, through Montana. I was in awe when I saw the snow capped mountains in Banff. Stopping by the road side at night in Montana and looking up at the star filled sky blew my mind. You can see the entire universe out there.

----- murali allada 26.11.12 14:53

My favorite drive: Anytime I’m holding the wheel and girlfriend takes charge of the stickshift. Really hard to drive like this by the way!!!

----- Marc 26.11.12 14:52

Best drive of my life was Carmel - San Fran at night, through the back roads laid on my GPS. Top down, stars out…it felt like something out of ‘Cruisin USA’

----- Jesse 26.11.12 14:46

my favorite drive is the lewis pass in south island New Zealand.

----- christine 26.11.12 14:36

my favorite drive is the lewis pass in south island New Zealand.

----- christine 26.11.12 14:36

I grew up in the mountains near Yosemite National Park, in California. My favorite drive is from my friends house on a lake, to my house on a mountainside, during the winter, at night.

----- Donnie 26.11.12 14:32

When i lived in Daytona Beach.. Went for several rides at night along the beach while listening to “Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight” =)

----- Fredrik 26.11.12 14:27

Theres nothing more beautiful than cruising down the deserted Sunset Strip at 4 am on a Sunday morning. I work the night shift as an EMT and get to see some of the most popular places of LA completely deserted. Empty urbanity with only you and your car can be breathtaking.

----- Adrian H. 26.11.12 14:27

The pacific coast highway—an obvious choice but totally lives up to the hype. So much beautiful scenery! I would love to drive it again.

----- Kendra 26.11.12 14:23

I really love the drive up Hwy 1 from San Francisco to Gualala. Through the dairy farms of Petaluma to the fishing village of Bodega Bay up past the dramatic meeting of the Russian River at Jenner and then through the phenomenal twisting road along the very last edge of the West Coast. Never the same drive twice.

----- Greg Long 26.11.12 14:20

Favorite drive is from Manali to Leh in India!

----- Bijal 26.11.12 14:12

I drove from Georgia to Prince Edward Island with my father one summer. So many different landscapes and experiences. What a diverse and immensely beautiful country this is.

----- Sid Law 26.11.12 14:10

The drive from LA to Vegas. Always gives me butterflies. Coming back is another story ;)

----- Mikey C 26.11.12 14:04


My only regret is I never got to make this drive in my ‘86 Alfa Romeo Spider.

----- Brandon 26.11.12 14:01

Halloween night when I was 15, lost on a pitch black, one lane country road, we were chased by a demon-like red sports car with its brights on. Almost died. lol

----- cilla 26.11.12 14:00

My favourite drive is a short drive to the beach in the South of France. It begins in Port Grimaud and heads over the hills through the hill top villages of Gassin and Ramatuelle before dropping down to the beacj at L’Escalet.

The drive through the vineyards and hills is breathtaking.

----- Adrian Ainsworth 26.11.12 14:00

Sycamores, elms, and white bark brich trees line the canyons and ravines of Topanga Canyon Boulevard which winds gracefully for eleven miles through the spectacular Santa Monica mountain down to the sea in Malibu California. Breathtaking on any day and especially mornings.

----- Leon Rubins 26.11.12 13:59

My favorite drive is through the winding back roads in Alabama in my Audi A4 feeling the grip as I whip around bends!

----- Taylor Burgett 26.11.12 13:58

The drive from KFC to my house! nothing beats that smell of fried chicken in the car

----- Randy 26.11.12 13:30

I love the drive coming out of Yosemite. The curvaceous mountain roads combined with the beauty of nature make for a great drive.

----- Ray Fong 26.11.12 13:26

I love riding Eastern Township in Quebec and pass the frontier to go on Vermont route 105 passing by the Stowe mountain gap!

----- Carl Leduc 26.11.12 13:25

Twice I have now driven across country from seattle to Louisville back up to Chicago and back across to Seattle. You get to see a little bit of everything from the west to the midwest to the great lakes and the roads are busy but not so busy that it is slow going. Especially when driving across montana.

----- Jeremiah Andrick 26.11.12 13:22

Driving the desolate streets of downtown Houston on the weekends, enjoying the stark contrast of the city during the work week and then, when no one else is around.

----- Carl 26.11.12 13:22

My favorite drive is from Prince George to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I love it on any of the many ways you can go.

----- matt 26.11.12 13:17

The drive from Morrisville, Vermont to Burlington during peak Autumnal foliage is simply unrivaled.

----- Seth B 26.11.12 13:17

My favorite drive was actually a ride. I took the bike from Michigan to N.C., and the section of back roads through southern Ohio, across West Virginia and in to Virginia was amazing.

----- Bruno V 26.11.12 13:15

My favorite drive is highway 191 between I-40 and I-70. It is an amazing drive. The first time I drove it was heading back to Colorado from Arizona. My band was coming back from a west cost tour and I had the late shift and was driving through Moab when the sun came up. Magical is the only way to describe it. A bit out of the way, but truly worth the drive.

----- Jonathan 26.11.12 13:07

Denver to Aspen over Independence Pass…… For those unfamiliar with Independence Pass, Sweeping Alp’esk turns, 1,000ft+ cliffs with no guardrails and in some sections only a single lane road for both directions… (I suggest googling it)

Normally Takes - 3hrs 30min to 4 hours…

Our Attempt to Break Record - 2hr 15min (1 Pit Stop for gas) 600hp 350Z

Record Set by a Friends Dad in his 94’ 964 Porsche Cup Car - 1hr 42min

That Record Still Stands…. Think You Got What it Takes??

WARNING - Requires Balls of Steel and a V1 Radar Detector

----- Brendan O. 26.11.12 13:05

my favorite drive, a memory from the late 80’s…A friend and myself driving north on Route 40 from Mendoza, Argentina in a used 69’ GTX to San Juan, roughly 100 miles thru mostly barren land with never ending vistas and the huge mountains to our west. We had the needle pegged forever, it was over 100 degrees outside, no music, just the roar of the engine. about half way up we had to stop because a tanker truck of some sort had exploded in the middle of the road (creating a small crater) some time previous, and instead of removing and rebuilding the road they just let traffic go around it.

----- Joseph Reichenbach 26.11.12 13:03

I remember that as a child the most beautiful vista was the sight of the pacific shoreline swelling up in front of me as our family car crested the final peak of the Rockies in British Columbia.

----- Ben Teichman 26.11.12 13:01

Just a couple years back, I had the incredibly fortunate opportunity to drive a Ferrari F430 in the mountains just north of Milan. The Ferrari engineer who so graciously let me drive his car while he rode shotgun acted like a rally-racing co-driver, giving me pace and corner notes as I weaved through the mountain roads furiously heading for the Swiss border. The sound of the glorious V8 echoing against the mountainsides was, to say the least, intoxicating. If only it didn’t last a measly 2 hours.

Makes me wish I had a few extra hundred thousand dollars to get a prancing horse of my own. Ah well, maybe one day…

----- Prashant J. 26.11.12 13:01

My favorite drive are the one on a warm summer day, friday after work on the way to the cottage! Great scenery along the water!

----- Marc 26.11.12 12:59

Beartooth Pass:
The Beartooth Highway is the section of U.S. Highway 212 between Red Lodge, Montana and Cooke City, Montana. It traces a series of steep zigzags and switchbacks, along the Montana-Wyoming border to the 10,947 ft (3,337 m) high Beartooth Pass. The approximate elevation rise is from 5,200 ft (1,600 m) to 8,000 ft (2,400 m) in 12 mi (19 km) in the most daring landscapes.

When driving from the east to the west, the highest parts of the Beartooth Highway level off into a wide plateau near the top of the pass, and then descend to where the Beartooth Highway connects to the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway near Cooke City, which forms the northeast gateway to Yellowstone National Park. En route, one passes numerous lakes typical of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area which borders the highway along much of its route.

The highway officially opened June 14, 1936.

Because of the high altitudes, snowstorms can occur even in the middle of the summer and the pass is also known for strong winds and severe thunderstorms. Drivers should plan on a driving time of at least two hours for the 69-mile (111 km) long trip from Red Lodge to Cooke City. It is a good idea to check with the Red Lodge Chamber of Commerce or the Beartooth Ranger District beforehand in case of road closures.[2] Montana Traveler Information[3] and Wyoming Travel Information Service[4] both provide online information on Beartooth Highway travel conditions for their respective portions of the highway.

The Beartooth Highway passes through portions of Custer National Forest, and Shoshone National Forest and near the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.

----- prestonnoon 26.11.12 12:57

Driving from Montreal to New York City through the Adirondacks in the fall.

----- Sydney 26.11.12 12:56

The rocky coasts of Southern Maine. The roads aren’t far from hellish during our Summer (“tourist season”), but the perfect nights mid to late spring and Fall, they are spectacular. Warm breeze off the ocean while cruising tight corners with the roof down. There isn’t much that beats it. Especially after the family leaves on Thanksgiving. Yeah it’s 40 degrees out, but after dealing with family for 14 hours I deserve to put the roof down for a few.

----- Ryan 26.11.12 12:55

In my Kia Soul with my doxie Addie to the beach.

----- Mike H 26.11.12 12:55

Well, i´m from Spain and my favorite drive was in my honeymoon in the USA. Man, that was a dream… I drove through the Highway one, from Napa Valley to Las Vegas. By the way, i visited SF, Carmel, Monterey, Big Sur, the castle of William Randolph Hearst, fighted some sea lions (long story about…), San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, LA, Palm Springs (one of my favorite places, suposse in debt to Frank), Barstow and the 66, Calico the ghost town!!! and all the way to Las Vegas… Dude, no words. Best month of my life. Best drive ever.

----- Eduardo 26.11.12 12:54

Swishing through the blue ridge mountains caught in a blizzard. Who knew that a car accident could end in the best thanksgiving in memory with a family of perfect strangers.

----- Anthony 26.11.12 12:52

Seattle to Nashville via San Diego. Drive of my life. Three weeks of utter joy.

----- Gareth Watkins 26.11.12 12:50

My favorite drive was 1 week after I got my drivers licence, through the hills of Charleston, SC in a convertible Miata (which are WAY cooler when you are 15)!

----- greg 26.11.12 12:50

My favorite drives were when I was young and living in Ohio. Autumn was always my favorited time of year and I loved road trips with the music turned up as we would drive through the red, yellow, orange landscape.

----- James 26.11.12 12:50

My favorite drive, by far, is the Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire. I had the pleasure of driving it back in ‘08 with about 7 other MINI owners. We drove up and down the highway about 4 times, and didn’t caught behind any traffic, didn’t see a single cop, and averaged about 70mph. Glorious fun.

Also, in my hometown of Warren, CT, there is a stretch of road (where I grew up) that could easily be a Tarmac rally stage. Whitcomb hill Rd —> Brick School road. Amazing elevation changes, switchback turns, lush New England Foliage and blind corners make it a thrilling and challenging drive for anyone.

----- Michael F. 26.11.12 12:48

My future favourite drive would be to drive through Europe to North Africa. From Stockholm, Sweden which has beautiful nature and amazing roads, passing Denmark, Germany, Passing Belgium and The Alps in beautiful France. The continue on driving through the northern coast of Spain down to Portugal, then driving up to Barcelona and later on taking the Boat to North Africa (Marocco or Algeria).

Some day when I can afford it as a non-student!

----- Bachir Gaouar 26.11.12 12:48

I love driving up Highway 1 between Carmel and Half Moon Bay, but my favorite drives are through the woods and hills of Central PA. Up through misty forests and down in the farm valleys, dodging Amish buggies and winding up mountains. And there’s always family at the other end.

----- Nathan 26.11.12 12:48

The Great Ocean Road in Australia is still by far one of the most impactful drives I’ve ever been on, but my favorite still has to be the road home along the Alpine Loop in Utah to the cabin at Sundance. Too many memories and too much healing for it to not be my favorite.

----- Robert Cowan 26.11.12 12:47

Driving along the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River around Le Claire IA. It may not be as prolific as some other area, but it’s hard to find better in the rural midwest.

----- Eric T 26.11.12 12:47

Growing up, every Sunday afternoon my dad and I would take our cherry red 1976 BMW 2002 on the epic Route 218 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_State_Route_218) overlooking the Hudson River in Upstate NY. It winds cliffside from West Point to Cornwall and has been the location for numerous movie and car commercial shoots.

----- Kyality 26.11.12 12:46

My favorite drive got my hooked on motorcycles. Leaving San Antonio,TX heading north into the hill country. Driving on a bright sunny day with the blue bonnets in bloom down hilly two lane roads with mile after mile carefree enjoyment. The sound of a 750cc engine delightfully purring while the breeze whips around your body. Pure driving. Pure enjoyment.

----- Eli McCrory 26.11.12 12:44

Driving on the backroads through the mountains of North Carolina on a misty fall morning. Especially the Blue Ridge Parkway or even some of the obscure gravel roads traversing the backs of mountains with stellar views.

----- Ryan S 26.11.12 12:43

I haven’t had the opportunity to go on too many drives in quite a while due to my hectic schedule, but my go to is a drive out some backroads to the coastal Highway 1 in Northern California. The combination of the rolling Sonoma/Marin hills, little farms and ultimately the western coast is just purely awesome. The general lack of traffic is a plus as well.

----- Brandon 26.11.12 12:41

Woodward Avenue, from Detroit to Pontiac.

----- Spencer 26.11.12 12:39

November 2010, Edinburgh to Isle of Skye in Scotland. The snow was thick and our hatch back rental struggled but the manual gearbox saved us. Lucky as I had to get to the Isle to propose!

----- Tristan Shaw 26.11.12 12:38

It’s really nice in Sweden to go from Almhult towards Halmstad in Autmn. Awesome scenery!

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 26.11.12 12:37

My favorite drive, that i have only ever done once, was the drive from queenstown to wanaka, new zealand. The winding, mountain roads were breathtaking and there was very little traffic so i was able to drive my rental, subaru impreza with an extra heavy foot… until we had to stop for a heard of sheep that took their sweet time crossing the road. i’ll never forget that drive.


----- Borys Chylinski 26.11.12 12:34

I hadn’t been on a motorcycle for years until I borrowed one last summer and rode alongside one of my best friends from NYC to a design conference Portland, Maine. My life had become incredibly stressful (I’m sure I’m not the only one), and I wasn’t acknowledging most of the positive things around me. About 3 hours into the 8-hour ride, and after many miles of soul-searching, it felt like the stress began to crack and crumble, and then the wind just blew all of the tension out of my body. Everything came into focus, and I felt freed from the weight that I had been carrying. The route was amazing. We continued winding up the beautiful coastal 1A until we had to take shelter under an bridge from a tornado. When the storm had passed, we rolled into Portland soaked, and I must have had the stupidest grin on my face - reeling in my revelations, and excited to face whatever was to come next. I rode home a couple of days later (8 more hours in the rain) to a houseful of my best friends. It was my 30th birthday party. That ride changed my life forever.

----- Dylan 26.11.12 12:31

Favorite Drive is Vermont in the fall, logging roads with loose gravel, older beat up front wheel drive vehicle. The loose roads are a blast to spin the wheels and enjoy the cloud behind you. SORRY neighbors! the vehicle has to older or else the gear box isn’t as mechanical feeling, and the body has to be beat up a little so you don’t worry about chipping the paint.

----- Eric Ws 26.11.12 12:30

If you can find a day without too many trucks, the drive from Grecia to Calderas in Costa Rica on the old highway is amazing. It’s all twisties. There’s a great cafe to stop at on a cliff side overlooking a picturesque valley which is planted with shade grown coffee. I used to work in Costa Rica and that drive was a regular route for me, always a pleasure. Good fun in a 4Runner but would have been really awesome in something like a WRX.

----- Ryan J 26.11.12 12:27

My favorite drive is River Road in Northeast Ohio. The road hugs along the Chagrin River and provides some amazing scenery. Whether its old farm houses with acres of land or small historical towns, it is very hard to keep your eyes on the road. This road has the ability to take your mind off of life and just let you drive.

----- James Park 26.11.12 12:20

Not perfect but absolutely lovely Mercedes W123 coupe, my first car, nautic blue metallic finish and cream interior. It was early spring and temperatures just reached the t-shirt region. I drove for half an hour and then decided to pick up a girl i knew for ages. There was always that feeling with her. We cruised along while listening to some Air for a while and ended up on a mountain side. We parked the car on a clearance and the sun started to wrap us into the most beautiful red i’ve ever seen. Thats where we kissed for the first time.

----- Heiko 26.11.12 12:19

Somewhere in the Asturia region in spain, you can’t see the ocean, but you know it’s here, after the eucalyptus covered hills, and sometimes you can see the perfect Surfable waves from the Viaducs that gather all those hills together

----- Jb 26.11.12 12:18

The 101 in Between Ventura and Santa Barbara when it’s sunny, although you can get a better view if you go by train.


----- Keno Leon 26.11.12 12:17

I remember driving my cousins BMW convertible in Chicago when I was 16. I was amazed by that car! Sadly I never had a chance to drive it again.

----- Brian Grant 26.11.12 12:13

my favorite drive was a 30 second stretch between New York and Omaha. It was just before Council Bluffs Iowa on a typical bend of I-80. Not dissimilar then any other, but it was combined with a moment in time where the heartlands massive dawn was beaming off a small creek contrasted by a steel bridge and maple trees. While taking my foot off the accelerator to ascend the massive hill I rolled down the windows to hear the road speak and let the sun warm my face.

----- Benjamin K. 26.11.12 12:12

A midnight drive on the shutokou express way in Tokyo…the elevated, jetcoaster-like road that weaves through downtown Tokyo, experienced on a quiet weeknight is just divine.

----- SRW 26.11.12 12:12

My favorite drive was a motorcycle ride I took from London to Birmingham in the UK a few years ago. Half way the route crosses the north downs via an ancient “cart way” called Fish Hill Lane. The road snakes, straight up for a few hundred yards, turns left to flatten off for a few hundred more ( to allow cart horses to catch their breath and rest ), then up again. It carries on like this for a couple of miles, the hill is heavily wooded and the crest constantly obscured until the last moment. My Harley is a tough old beast and the summer air was so thick you had to push your way through it ( like wadding through hot water ). But “The Tractor” didn’t miss a beat, the big V-twin banging away with out a care in the world, rockers merrily singing to them selfs, exhaust growling, I was idilic. I reached the top and the last turn and exited the trees ( almost with a pop! ) and there stretched out before me as far North to the horizon as you could see, East too West, was a patch work of fields and hedge rows laid out before me, “England’s green and pleasant land”. And the road a head, 30 miles or more of “old Roman road” straight as a die, empty and off to horizon, just waiting…

----- Stuart Flood 26.11.12 12:12

Driving straight through from okc to colorado springs through the panhandle. Lots of little towns and straight open highway.

----- jack 26.11.12 12:10

Chuckanut drive southbound in the fall; you emerge through a winding road surrounded by evergreens into views high above the Samish bay towards the pacific and Vancouver island. 21 miles of winding roads traversing through hills, state parks and expansive views culminating with food/wine along the south end of the bay. you will often see para gliders lofting above with the occasional predatory eagles swooping down to the farmlands at drives end.

----- andre 26.11.12 12:04

The Blue Ridge and Skyline Parkways in Virginia are beautiful any time.

----- Bruce Schneider 26.11.12 12:01

The old Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry
(France) is my favorite :)

----- Pascal H. 26.11.12 12:01

The best drive was more of a park - my friends and I drove into Northern Ontario (Canada) to get the darkest view of a meteor shower. We pulled into a field, laid on my car’s roof and cracked jokes til 4am. There were at least 5 shooting stars a minute!

----- Daniel P 26.11.12 11:59

Best drive Is 1 highway in northern California, along the coast. Few Cars, Long wavy roads, and in a mazda 5 (2 seater) with top down.

----- George 26.11.12 11:59

The best drive was more of a park - my friends and I drove into Northern Ontario (Canada) to get the darkest view of a meteor shower. We pulled into a field, laid on my car’s roof and cracked jokes til 4am. There were at least 5 shooting stars a minute!

----- Daniel P 26.11.12 11:58

Bageshwar to Munsyari in Uttarakhand (then Uttaranchal) at the beginning of a Himalayan climbing trip. Of course, at the time I (or at least my stomach and nerves) didn’t think it was that great of a drive; but there have been so many times since that I wished I were there again.

----- david 26.11.12 11:57

My favorite drive is through Ann Arbor along the Huron river in the fall when the leaves are in their full spectrum of colors.

----- Alex 26.11.12 11:51

Latigo Canyon road, Malibu CA. Hold on tight……

----- Pete Sid 26.11.12 11:50

My favorite drive? The fall. It’s always in the fall. Through smooth winding roads and raining leaves, I can’t help but smile as the sun shines bright and lights the yellows, reds and oranges of the trees.

----- Jamal 26.11.12 11:47

I-80 California , yes I know not the most thrilling curves on the planet but when it was combined with a first date weekend in a Triumph TR6 and a mid summer night headed to Tahoe for the weekend, the perspective changes drastically. Top down, beautiful blond, the chill in the mountain air could not stop the fervor rising as we summited Donner pass. The drive down to Donner Lake was like cigarette after the fact, a skinny dip off one of the docks at the lake recharged the soul and energy level to continue the drive over to South Lake for a 4 am dinner. A weekend of events within the first hours of the drive will always make the synapse’s connect for life.


----- Marvin 26.11.12 11:42

Any fast car on the autobahn, of course.

----- NM 26.11.12 11:37

My favorite drive is through the Wind River Canyon between Riverton, WY and Thermopolis, WY. Cruising the winding roads along the side of a river through a beautiful canyon was always the highlight of a trip home from college. I haven’t driven it in years but I remember it fondly.

----- Adam 26.11.12 11:29

One of the best drives of my life was my first and only trip to Germany to see a friend stationed at a US AirForce base for Thanksgiving in 2006. We rented a silver BMW 5-series and drove along the Autobahn all day. I broke the group speed record at a blistering 160MPH only to return the car and receive a whopping fine for going over the rental-rate speed limit of 120…Never knew this car had a BlackBox recording our speed, but the money was worth every penny fulfilling a lifelong dream to speed across the AutoBahn in a German Car built for it.

----- Paul Tuorto 26.11.12 11:26

The don valley parkway, in toronto. Key part - it has to be late at night, or early in the morning. So much greenery that it feels like you’re driving in between forests, beautiful views, and little snippets of the city visible through the trees. During rush hour it’s terrible, but at night it’s the perfect mixture of beautiful roads and beautiful scenery. Looks great this time of year, too: http://www.civil.engineering.utoronto.ca/Assets/Civil+Engineering+Digital+Assets/news/greatnews/Don+Valley+Parkway+Fall.JPG

----- Jon Crowley 26.11.12 11:25

That magic moment, when you’re on the edge of the plateau above the city of Trieste in North-Eastern Italy, and you’re driving down, to the sea, and the air is suddenly milder and you’re hungry for the best fish soup and Campari Sprizz.

----- Chris 26.11.12 11:25

My favorite drive has to be right after a heavy rain so I can drive through the epic puddles!

----- Stephanie Luke 26.11.12 11:24

Driving up Highway 1 during summer. The ocean breeze is amazing and it is so much fun to see all the small beach towns. Also, the scenery is breathtaking.

----- Christi 26.11.12 11:21

MY favorite drive is taking my Porsche up mount lemon highway. Twist, curves, what a drive.

----- Tom Freeland 26.11.12 11:12

The spectacular drive through Big Sur. What makes the Big Sur stretch of Highway 1 so dramatic is between sea and mountains through windy Highway 1. You have not only the gorgeous Pacific views, but also lush, craggy cliffs and green mountains. Crossing amazing bridges, through forest and the smell of the salty ocean mixed with pine. When it is only you the road and nature there is no drive like it.

----- Cesar Viramontes 26.11.12 11:10

my favorite drive is going route 50, going towards O.C. Especially when it’s about ~2 AM and it’s dark out, not many cars on a cool summer night.

----- Jay 26.11.12 11:08

My favorite drive is the freeway.

----- Colleen Boudreau 26.11.12 11:06

driving through chestnut ridge park in orchard park NY in the fall.

----- josh s. 26.11.12 11:04

Hwy 101 on the Oregon coast, any time the RVs are not out in force. So, all winter!

----- jonathan Knight 26.11.12 11:03

My favorite drive would have to be the journey from Houston to Ft. Worth, via HWY-6 and I-35. There is a gradual crescendo of speed as you start out at 60MPH, then increase to 65MPH, then 70MPH, and finally come to rest at a startlingly un-American 75MPH. Couple this with a V6 Mustang, and the result is quite satisfying…even with the boring straight roads.

----- Jason M. 26.11.12 10:56

Since I am from the metropolitan area of NYC, I relish the opportunity to drive in wide open, traffic-less, natural areas. My favorite of all time was when I was on a road trip out west and I crossed through the Colorado Rockies in a panel van with a couple of my buddies. We were loud and enjoying ourselves throughout the whole trip, but when we reached the steep cliffs, beautiful boulders, and amazing peaks, there was a moment of silence to take in everything we were seeing.

----- Kiko 26.11.12 10:56

My favorite drive is Stelvio pass. Dream to drive there some time since saw it in The TopGear. http://goo.gl/maps/w6COK

----- Denis 26.11.12 10:54

Phoenix to Prescott AZ. Beautiful scenery and lots of cool road stands to stop at and get authentic Southwestern fare.

----- Charlie 26.11.12 10:53

My favorite (motorcycle) drive has been from Mexico City to a small town two hours out called Palmillas in Queretaro. You have to leave really early to for the road to be almost empty, say 8 am. The road is marvelous; it has some very beautiful and challenging curves and straights. And the best part is that when you get to the little town, there is a mom and pops place that sells the best Barbacoa around, with a really friendly service. When you are done eating, you hop into your bike and begin the way back which is as rewarding and challenging.

----- Samuel Valdez 26.11.12 10:53

PCH, just after the rain.

----- Jean 26.11.12 10:52

My favorite drive is I-81 through Virginia in the fall. Not much traffic, and good scenery.

----- Demario 26.11.12 10:52

My favorite drive is really part of a drive—when I’m doing the trip from Washington, D.C. back to my home in central Virginia, I prefer to switch off the main highways and onto Rt. 20 as soon as possible. It’s a beautiful, twisty, two-lane rural highway, winding through farmland, small towns, and woods. There’s hardly any traffic in the wee hours, and the curves are fun enough to keep me from getting drowsy. Particularly beautiful at night: watch out for deer and the very common patchy nighttime fog, and stop almost anywhere for wonderful stars.

----- Josephine 26.11.12 10:51

My favorite drive has to be Old La Honda road, from Skyline Blvd (CA-35) down to Pescadero. I just did it last weekend, and it’s glorious on a sunny Autumn day.

----- Adam C 26.11.12 10:51

My favorite drive is I-79N after it snows.

----- Leslie 26.11.12 10:44

My favorite drive (and motorcycle ride) is southwest of Austin, Tx starting at a little town called Henly. Traveling south I’m treated to stunning views from the hill-tops and a few twists before turning east toward Wimberly. The hills aren’t quite as steep, but the sweeping turns and Texas hill country scenery are breathtaking!

----- John 26.11.12 10:42

favorite drive was along the hudson river drive.

----- CATH 26.11.12 10:40

there is a 10 mile loop near my home in Northern NJ called Watchung Reservation. Afantastic wooded drive in the middle of a somewhat urban environment. Lots of elevation change with great turns mixed in…

----- Steven S 26.11.12 10:35

I drove the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, in partial fog. I recommend it highly.

----- Audrey Heffner 26.11.12 10:35

My favorite drive is through the mountains in Tennessee on the way into Georgia from the north on 75. It’s beautiful and languid.

----- Cianan 26.11.12 10:35

The dead of summer, the top was down, the sun was setting, the air was brisk in a good way - not unlike the girl in the passenger seat. The fully restored ‘65 Shelby Cobra took corners beautifully as we chased the setting sun through the Canadian rockies, from the Okanagan Valley back into Vancouver. We got to Kits beach just in time to see the ocean swallow the sun as our friend’s lit a fire in the pit. I will never, ever forget that drive.

----- David Brott 26.11.12 10:33

My favourite was the drive to Brighton Beach in the UK when I was a child and the anticipation of being able to play on the sea shore and build sand castles.

----- Junwoo Kahng 26.11.12 10:32

Surprisingly my favorite drive is only 5 minutes from the office. Situated in the middle of the urban sprawl of Toronto is a green, nature reserve valley. With a combination of winding hills, tight corners and narrow bridges, this is the perfect place to drop the windows and soak up some fresh air. Not bad at all for an afternoon “break” from the office.

----- Chad 26.11.12 10:28

I love Route 1 driving south through Big Sur in California. It can be tiring but if I have the time it’s my first choice for getting south!

----- Spencer 26.11.12 10:28

My favorite drive is Mulholland Dr from the Hollywood Hills all the way into Calabasas and then on through to Pacific Coast Highway via Malibu Canyon. On a clear day the views are amazing, the land is amazing and at night the San Fernando Valley below lights up like a million, twinkling, runways.

----- Tony Austin 26.11.12 10:28

my favorite drive was up and down what is known as the dragons tail, the curviest road in the southern mountains of the Appalachia.

----- Chris Martin 26.11.12 10:28

The Bronx River Parkway can be so unexpectedly beautiful and reminds me of the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens, so it is my favorite.

----- Noah 26.11.12 10:25

My favorite drive is from Portland, Oregon to the small Pacific coast town of Cannon Beach. Nothing is more breathtaking than emerging form the thick green forest to the expansive beach, salty air, and spiking rock formations.

----- Kein Z 26.11.12 10:24

Favorite memory behind the wheel:
2am, Hwy 29 outside of Atlanta. VW Corrado screaming it’s head off next to a VW GTI with the same motor. Uncontrollable laughter coming from my then girlfriend in the passenger seat, then both motors hit their governors and shut off. We silently glide for a few moments before both engines re-ignite. We take the same exit, give a waive and calmly go our separate ways. (I married the girlfriend.)

----- Justin Leach 26.11.12 10:21

My favorite drive is the californian coast from San Francisco to Big Sur, enjoying the ride on sunset.

----- DECLERCQ ERIC 26.11.12 10:20

Favorite Drive? The Road up Mr. Rainier in Washington.

----- Mikell Johnson 26.11.12 10:17

I drove from Las Vegas to LA with my friends this past month. 4 hours with open road and mountains in the distance. Very surreal since I’m from the east coast.

----- Eric 26.11.12 10:15

I love the drive from Jasper to Banff, Alberta via the Icefields Parkway. It’s one of National Geographic’s Ultimate Road Trips.

----- Ed 26.11.12 10:15

My favorite drive, is a ride up the Hudson River Valley along Route 9 from NYC to Bear Mountain. On a crisp fall day, nothing comes close.

----- Cameron Frantz 26.11.12 10:14

my favorite drive is any drive through the mountains of colorado.

----- Dave 26.11.12 10:13

I used to work second shift at an old job. Driving home late at night when the streets were quiet, there’s nothing else like it.

----- Daniel 26.11.12 10:12

Living in Colorado there are so many beautiful drives, but my favorite by far is a fall drive to Aspen by way of Independence Pass.

----- David 26.11.12 10:11

The long winding road from Glasgow to Glencoe, snow falling, mountains white, water falls frozen in time…

----- Adam P 26.11.12 10:10

Being from Montana, I relished in a drive I took across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the Marin Headlands north of San Francisco this summer. It was beautiful and refreshingly different from our equally beautiful Montana skies…

----- Steve 26.11.12 10:10

My favorite drive is up the Pacific Coast Highway north from LA… interesting architecture, natural beauty and great places to stop for food (and beer!)

----- Rachel Deen 26.11.12 10:08

My favorite drive happens when the fog settles in and I have to re-examine familiar places all over again. This last Friday, I was driving around in the middle of the night, listening to holiday music, and I was amazed at how much I drive by without noticing. The fog helped me slow down and appreciate the route at a much slower pace.

----- Gavin 26.11.12 10:07

My favorite drive is any drive home after a long hard journey.

----- Matthew Messner 26.11.12 10:05

My favorite drive is a slow cruise through Mill Creek park in Northeast Ohio. The windows open so I can smell the trees and my wife by my side. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

----- Brandon 26.11.12 09:38

Luckily enough my favorite drive is my drive to work. Back country roads, no traffic save for a slow tractor I’ll have to pass now and again, and it passes by an emu farm.

----- Brian B 26.11.12 09:38

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