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Holiday Giveaway #5: Hard Graft- 11.27.12

hardgraft0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

You can always rely on Hard Graft for beautifully designed, luscious leather/felt, timeless pieces to hold all of your goods (digital and otherwise) while you run around with surprising versatility - their bag designs always transform to fit your needs with the way you can change straps, etc to carry them differently. And i always imagine them aging beautifully with more and more character coming out of them as the leather gets worn down. For the 5th NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway, they are giving one lucky reader their new hand made Laptop Bag #OldFashioned.

“WHAT SETS IT APART? Über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather with contrasting tan piping, the small golden logo and our special red and white ribbon, perfectly positioned and the long thin straps which make the bag more versatile and functional. You can either use them as a shoulder strap, wrapped around to carry the bag as a clutch or cross them over for the backpack.

The Laptop bag is strong and sturdy. The leather is thick enough to feel healthy and rich. It’s finished with a satin glossiness which captures and reflects your surroundings. The leather develops a caramel tint slowly over time the more you expose it to sunlight. Measures 39cm x 28cm 6cm (15.4” x 11” x 2.4”). Fits your 13” MacBook Pro Retina and even the 15” MacBook Pro Retina (without sleeve) inside a padded pocket. Lined with black cotton.”

THE GOODS: The handmade Laptop Bag #OldFashioned

TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us how this bag would fit into your life before 12/2 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details of the beautiful Laptop Bag #OldFashioned on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Tarun of Brooklyn, NY!

hardgraft2.jpg Laptop Bag #OldFashioned

hardgraft3.jpg Laptop Bag #OldFashioned

hardgraft4.jpg Laptop Bag #OldFashioned

hardgraft5.jpg Laptop Bag #OldFashioned

hardgraft6.jpg Laptop Bag #OldFashioned

hardgraft7.jpg Laptop Bag #OldFashioned

TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us how this bag would fit into your life before 12/2 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


512 Notes

dress for the job you want, not the one you have…and if you’ve got the job already, keep doing what you love. into this bag i will place the thing that keeps me connected to all the people i want and places i need to be.

----- ANGIE 03.12.12 10:27

It fits my life in its pocket. I take it by the hand, Its got my back. Mostly, I’d like to hold it across my chest as it caresses my shoulder :)

----- Betty 03.12.12 10:19

im a 23 yr old (struggling yet still surviving) graphic designer and that only means having my entire life packed with me wherever I go (workaholic yesssss) so this bag would seriously be a perfect essential for me. Plus points for it being versatile too cause that would really make my life 10x easier. that and of course it looking so chic and alty… ahhh i need thissss! xx

----- Pauline de Leon 03.12.12 00:05

I love a great versatile leather bag. It would fit into my daily commute to work on the train! I love the many ways to wear it, it fits my style of the day or minute.

----- Tony Everett 02.12.12 22:37

I love the versatility of Hard Graft design. Their bags make most other luggage designs look dull. This bag is yet another example of their unique eye for aesthetic design, materials, versatility and function . As an aspiring designer, I hold their work in high regard. I would use this bag for my everyday needs; but, I would also use it as a reminder of the power of unique, thoughtful design.

----- Roz 02.12.12 21:57

As I read this bag’s product description, an amused smile spread across my face. I can relate easily to the Old Fashioned.Yes, it is lovely and beautifully crafted, and I could comment on that forever, but mostly it looks like a good friend. At least, that’s how I would describe it. I’m not sure how you all were able to translate that into this thoughtfully crafted little design (heavy use of magic maybe), but you have. So, thanks for that. I am 27 and have no laptop bag of own, mostly because I’m old fashioned too and have only recently made the leap from analog processes in my artwork and photography into the dizzying world of the “new modern digital age.” Anyway, I’ll still write letters, and take mostly film. (Insert snickering here) I have a Mac that I love, but every bag I’ve seen lacks character so I just keep putting off making a purchase. There was something missing I guess, and yeah I probably won’t win, but if I did have the chance to own a bag like this one it would come with me everywhere. Strapped to my shoulders on my weekly commute to SF, seated next to me at my enlarger in the darkroom hiding my music, and then transform into briefcase extraordinaire when attempting to look professional in my volunteer efforts. I love that it develops with sunlight slowly over time like the longest exposure. This bag IS from another time, yet so simultaneously current- I’d appreciate a chance to be old fashioned together.

----- Cristy 02.12.12 21:25

this bag would fit nicely into my life with its stylish looks and durability as i take in on motorcycle excursions, bicycle rides, beach picnics, or walks with my daughter and wife all the while holding everything that is most important at the moment

----- ushka shakhnis 02.12.12 20:59

I’m playing the young professional game. This lovely bag will help me maintain a sort of professionalism, style and personality as I walk, bike and often run to events and meetings. Looking the part is half the battle right?

----- hillary 02.12.12 20:50

This would be great to carry my laptop into my new unpaid internship on the train or my bike. I’d be sure to tell everyone how I got it when they complimented this sweet new bag.

----- Jason 02.12.12 20:21

I would use it on my photo shoots.

----- Barrett 02.12.12 20:19

I take my laptop everywhere,so I could switch up how it’s attached to me.

----- Roma 02.12.12 19:30

I always have my laptop with me. This beautiful, lovely bag would be a nice travel companion during my treks around my university’s campus as well as frequent flying and travelling the U.S. The bag is perfectly old fashioned yet modern.

----- Katie 02.12.12 18:47

I’m on my feet a lot. I carry my laptop all the time but I’ve been having difficulties finding the perfect laptop bag, functionally and aesthetically. I love Hard Graft products. I think this bag will suit me perfectly as I can see myself using it forever. Seeing how the bag will age is what I look forward to most.

----- Azmir Hamzah 02.12.12 18:20

This awesome bag would add to my swagger as I take papers home to grade.

----- Madoc 02.12.12 18:07

You can call me old fashioned but i believe a mans bag should be made of leather, just like his face… Joking aside, this bag is perfect for commuting to work. Finally I could carry all those essentials I need to distract myself from a hard days graft!

----- Umeet 02.12.12 16:54

I’d give it to someone who really needs it

----- Sam 02.12.12 16:50

this bag will come just in time because i just got a new laptop! prefect to help me tote it around to work and play

----- Camille 02.12.12 16:21

Consider this a marketing expense: I am one of the biggest NOTCOT advocates with the LEAST fashion sense. Get me off the streets immediately.

----- Zack 02.12.12 15:36

I promise to love and to cherish this bag. In sickness and in health, till death do us part.

----- Forrest Brooks 02.12.12 15:14

I promise to love and to cherish this bag. In sickness and in health, till death do us part.

----- Forrest Brooks 02.12.12 15:14

This bag will turn me from a travelling man with a map to one with a map & compass!

----- Karim 02.12.12 14:53

I would give this bag to a love who will undoubtedly love it dearly while hauling it through the mud and snow and rain. Poorly stitched microscopically thin leather stuff doesn’t last long on a cyclist though our winters.

----- Devin 02.12.12 14:50

As a cash strapped advertising student I currently lug my markers, sketchbook, notebook and laptop around in plastic grocery shopping bags, “bags for life” (which really aren’t), various pockets and mostly my hands. It’d be pretty awesome if every time I went to get my laptop people didn’t think I was going to pull a sandwich out instead. I also might be able to trick them into thinking I was fashionable for a bit.

----- Gabrielle 02.12.12 14:17

This bag would make my walk to work a lot more stylish!

----- Evin 02.12.12 13:32

It wouldn’t fit in to my life. It’s awful.

----- Paul 02.12.12 13:28

After so many comments I think it will be very difficult to win this amazing bag, however, Im trying because I think this bag fits me very well. Soon, I’ll be traveling around Portugal and this bag is all that I need to make my trip a success.

----- Luis 02.12.12 12:58

I need order in my life! orderrrr! hi hi

----- maja 02.12.12 12:57

because I saw the pics i thought THIS is the love of my life… I felt she must be mine…what is more important , she thought that too about me…(I think you must know that).

----- dina 02.12.12 12:47

I will be going to New York CIty in the new year to promote my partners art-jewellery. ( www.dinagm.com ) I need a bag as impressive and fantastic as the jewellery I’ll be showing!! Nothing would be better than a hard graft old fashioned laptop bag!!!!! I must win this bag!

----- joelle 02.12.12 12:38

I work as a props designer for theatre, and in addition to carrying my laptop around to keep track of my projects on the go, this bag would be perfect for my Kindle to spend long hours in tech and to carry my art supplies!

----- Natalie 02.12.12 12:10

My life consists of a sketchbook, on me at all times, and a stuffed-to-the-brim pencil case. I’ve also currently added a laptop. And it would be lovely to have something so beautiful, that could carry both comfortably.

----- Desiree S 02.12.12 12:09

I’d actually give the bag to my brother in law who is just starting school and we are all rooting for him

----- Tarun 02.12.12 10:15

I’m a software engineer, which means all laptops and no fashion. This would be an excellent remedy.

----- Clementine 02.12.12 07:48

It fits perfectly for all my daily gadgets and lifestyle.

----- James 02.12.12 07:03

I really love this bag, it has the perfect amount of detail with just the right amount of restraint. What a perfect addition to anyone’s collection of beautiful bags.

----- Jim S. 02.12.12 06:49

This would carry my rowing kit and macbook with style! I will promise to provide it with some nice patina in no time at all!

----- TIm 02.12.12 06:29

this would be perfect to bring my laptop around, replacing my old school backpack. Also, it would look classier to go drift around Manhattan than said backpack.

----- steven 02.12.12 05:30

I carry my laptop with me every day, with this bag I could do so fashionably.

----- mine 02.12.12 04:43

I work at a university - this bag would absolutely make me look more intelligent so that I can compete with the professors in the genius stakes. Who needs a PhD?

----- Rose 02.12.12 02:28

This bag and I belong together! Please don’t come between us and choose me as a lucky recipient!

----- Christy 02.12.12 01:32

This bag would be my go-to for commuting and light carrying around the city.

----- Michael 02.12.12 00:42

I teach so this could hold all my papers while rushing to my classes

----- Kayleigh 02.12.12 00:00

Wow, I have literally been looking for something just like this now for months. It is simply a great bag, and so unique. Perfect for city life.

----- Cameron Shore 01.12.12 21:07

This bag would make life as a student, soon to be teacher, so much more enjoyable. Having a nice bag for my everyday things would put a smile on my face.

----- Alison 01.12.12 21:02

I’ve been looking for a bag for my new laptop for a while. It needs to be functional, look good, and last forever. Hard Graft’s Laptop Bag actually looks like it’s made the way products used to be made, with an artisan touch and quality materials. I don’t want to buy another laptop bag again, and this one looks like it would age well with time and outlive me and my grandchildren.

----- Beau 01.12.12 20:44

Help me tote around my books to Grad School.

----- Marie 01.12.12 19:14

I would love give this to my girlfriend for Christmas. I’ve spent the past week searching for that perfect gift that is both special and unique, and something she can get daily use out of. This laptop bag could be it!

As a grad student working on a PhD in English, her laptop is the single most valuable thing she owns— in both the monetary and emotional senses. She currently totes it around from class, to office, to coffee shop, and back home again in a beat up old backpack that does little to protect her precious computer, or highlight what a sharp dresser she is. She loves simple, classic designs and I know she’d love this bag!

----- Fiona Anne 01.12.12 18:35

This bag would accompany me on my daily commute. It would take the subway with me, be in on my daily meetings. It would share in my fortunes and misfortunes as I travel through my day.

----- Zach 01.12.12 18:24

I would slide this into the part of my life that loves books, fireplaces, and westerns & mysteries.

----- Kylene 01.12.12 17:37

This bag would assist me in grad school, toting around manuscripts and what not.

----- Katy 01.12.12 17:29

This bag would get constant use from me - as a student seeking my M.D., my laptop is basically an extension of my body. The tattered old LLBean bag just doesn’t cut it anymore, and this one fits the bill

----- Carl 01.12.12 17:22

This bag would fit my life like this: 1. When I commute to school I’ll wear it as a backpack, 2. When I go to work I’ll be professional and use it as a hand carry/ messenger bag, 3. At the end of the day and I’m walking home from work/school late at night I’ll fit my arm through those straps and use it as a self-defense mechanism. 4. And when I’m lost, all answers will be found inside this bag.

----- Jenny L. 01.12.12 17:04

I’m a teacher. All said.

----- ANA SEBO 01.12.12 16:47

In addition to my work-study-play things I have the tendency to carry around several objects for unlikely but imaginable situations..just in case. And this bag looks like it’s made for someone who is ready for everything and anything!

----- Laura 01.12.12 16:31

I live in a bad neighborhood, I often forgo taking my laptop to work because I dont trust slinging it over my shoulders. I love the look, its sexy!

----- Karen 01.12.12 15:59

Perfect for navigating the packed Tube at rush hour whilst fighting for my little bit of space with 9 million other londoners.

----- Liz 01.12.12 15:19

As a graphic designer who loves to carry everything with her in Toronto I’d use this to hop around in my busy day to day life.

----- Jane 01.12.12 15:02

I’ve wanted this bag for such a long time! I transport a bunch of papers, pens, iPad an more to work every day - this’d be perfect!

----- Dan Gilmore 01.12.12 14:53

My current go-to bag is great, but it is very casual in nature. This bag would take it’s place in a more professional setting.

----- Mark 01.12.12 14:45

I am a textile designer in the heart of New York City. This city breathes ‘on the go’. And nothing would compliment my new remote work laptop better than a beautifully crafted versatile bag. Who says you can’t pop from to office to work from your favorite local coffee shop.

----- Kendra Beitzel 01.12.12 14:31

Judging by the quality of the bag, wherever in my life it will fit, it will fit with a buttery smoothness. Inside it will be paper, arranged in a variety of ways.

----- Meghan 01.12.12 14:06

I’m a journalist who is always toting around my laptop and camera, among many other things. I think owning this bag would make the load look and feel less cumbersome.

----- Dee Wallace 01.12.12 13:02

Wow this is a gorgeous bag! Im a law student so Im always on the lookout for large bags that look good while still being able to hold all the things I need to carry with me throughout the day!

----- Nadia A 01.12.12 12:13

I can’t imagine how it wouldn’t fit into my life. I have a laptop that needs carrying around.

----- Eric 01.12.12 11:25

This would make an excellent briefcase!

----- Tom 01.12.12 10:22

Opening this bag will always feel a bit like Christmas, so it will help me to stay enthusiastic when I need to bring piles of student papers home to be graded.

----- Laura 01.12.12 10:04

Oh, man. When I’m long boarding - Backpack; when I’m walking - Satchel; when I’m battling enemy forces - Arm weapon.

----- Adam Edwards 01.12.12 09:34

i would like to win this bag, because it’s beautiful and i think it’s perfectly fits to a girl too!

----- rebekaluca 01.12.12 08:27

I currently do not have a bag for my laptop, so this bag would be just the thing I need to show up to client meetings with.

----- Scott B 01.12.12 07:56

I’m going on my honeymoon next summer and this would be the BEST traveling bag

----- Ryan 01.12.12 07:40

so elegant bag!!!!and quality!!
I’m working in a famous manifatury of porcelain for one years. I’m working as 3d modeler and i still look like a student; this bag will be perfect to my new life of worker!!!

----- Lingenheld Marie 01.12.12 07:35

This bag will be apart of my style reinvention as an “adult.” I’d use it to hold my new 15” retina macbook pro as all I have right now is a backpack.

----- Lisa T. 01.12.12 07:15

I’m not a girlie girl, though I’d like to think that I’m just as feminine. All my bags are roomy, comfy, all-weather leather. And I’m getting a new MacBook Pro which will definitely feel right at home inside this Hard Graft. I can see how easy it is to carry it which will be a big help since I never get a chance to grab a seat on the bus to work.

----- Ellen Bautista 01.12.12 06:01

I tried to grow a beard this year and it’s going really badly. Everyone told me it would fill out, but here we are on month ten and I look like someone flicked an ink brush at my face. I suppose in my mind I’ve always pictrued a kind of stubbled, debonair urbanite look. That’s what I’m aiming for. A long tweed jacket also seems necessary, but the old one I found in my parents’ closet has these weird shoulders. I think it might be a woman’s coat (my friend Roger pointed out that the buttons were on the wrong side—he said it means it’s for girls). Brown leather accessories are important, it looks like. I can’t afford leather shoes so I coloured my white canvas runners with brown polish. They look okay at night, but not in the daytime. Not okay at all. Still it feels like, despite these setbacks, I’m pretty close to achieving the stubbled, debonair urbanite look. The bag might fix it. The bag might pull this whole thing together.

----- Pierce 01.12.12 03:31

i currently transport my laptop in a plastic grocery bag inside of my over-filled purse. this would definitely be a step up, and probably would prevent me from getting any more dimes stuck in the cd drive.

----- emily 30.11.12 23:31

I have no briefcase.

----- Kristin 30.11.12 21:21

I would gift it to my fiance, who is still a student, & could get lots of use from it.

----- Kimberly M 30.11.12 20:29

I wish my own briefcase would allow me to do all three things: To wrap it around my arms like a laptop and stationary sleeve when I head off to meetings, to sling it elegantly across my shoulder like a messenger and to lug it on my back when I ride my bike back from work.

----- Evan 30.11.12 20:11

My life would fit this bag vs. this bag fitting into my life. Within the simplicity yet versatility of the Laptop Bag #OldFashioned, it could not be honored in any other way.

----- Noelle St. Germain 30.11.12 20:05

I take the subway to work every morning with my laptop in a backpack on my back. not only is it probably not the safest mode of transportation for my laptop, it’s definitely annoying for everyone on the train with me, especially during rush hour, so this would fit into my life AND the lives of millions of other New Yorkers :)

----- Allie 30.11.12 20:03

How this bag would fit into my life?

-Very well.

----- NYN 30.11.12 19:32

it would be super awesome to win this super awesome bag. i recently started grad school, went all renegade and quit a job that was making me sad so i could go do good in my world. with this awesome bag, i could take my laptop anywhere and everywhere to work on my schoolwork. it would look super awesome travelling for school, to work with nonprofits, help my best friend move cross-country…or just party rock it at my neighborhood coffee shop. the term “party rocking” came from some 4th grade art students in Singapore and i really just wanted to work into my day. much like this bag. beautiful,simple, functional- i love it.

----- Shannon 30.11.12 19:31

Well considering that I am lacking a bag for my macbook air, that’s what it will be used for! I currently stuff it in whatever bag is roomy enough to hold it and wrap it with some cushy sweater or engulf it in my now-obolete old macbook pro 17” neoprene sleeve. I’d love to be able to have a lovely and handsome bag (who can say those both words about most gear?) that I can tote with me to art functions, business events, and the local coffeehouse while knowing that my air is kept safe and stylish at the same time.

----- Charlotte Terry 30.11.12 19:00

As a claims adjuster, I would be able to carry my laptop and digital recorders to mediations and arbitrations in style.

----- Aaron R. 30.11.12 18:53

Love this bag, I would use it for work and traveling

----- Tom V 30.11.12 17:53

Just know that if I do happen to win this bag it would be in good hands. Loving hands at that. Hands that would fill it with thoughtful items from my daily curiosities and travels. Would this bag see the inside of some of the better coffee houses to grace the planet? You better your bottom dollar it would. Will it make it to a brewery or two? Likely within hours of it’s arrival. Will it be tossed aside for the dog to drool on? Most certainly NOT! Would not stand for it. Would it be tossed half-hazardly into the truck of vehicle? Why, no. Who would do such a horrid act? So, in conclusion, if i did win this marvelous, sweet nectar of a bag I would cherish it and incorporate into every aspect of my life.

----- Dillon 30.11.12 15:19

I’ve been wanting a leather bag to carry my architecture sketchbook, notes, pencils, and watercolors with me. This would be perfect. It looks like I might even be able to fit tabloid paper in there!

----- Daniel 30.11.12 15:14

I absolutely love this bag! I have been looking for a medium travel bag, to take with me and my baby. This one is perfect! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

----- Leyla 30.11.12 14:50

Now finally I can name my security blanket. I definitely need this. The perfect analog partner to my few minimal digital things. I have always needed a bag to hug me. Ever since my first backpack in grade school.

----- David 30.11.12 14:49

I just moved to Paris from Mexico City this August to study the fourth year of my Architecture Bachelor Degree and I have imposed myself the restriction of only moving around the city with the amazing bike sharing system, in order to be in form and know the street and the city structure a lot better. However, it is really complicated to be carrying the suitcase with my laptop on the bike, but I really prefer it to a backpack when I’m in school. This is the perfect-and-absolutley-gorgeous solution! It would be tremendously useful for me, specially because leather goods are not exactly the cheapest around here… I really wish I am lucky enough to win one!

----- Bruno 30.11.12 14:38

I don’t often carry a purse, especially if I have the laptop with me, so it’s a big bag or no bag at all. This looks like it would suit me just fine!

----- Lorinda 30.11.12 14:28

This is a perfect new daily bag for my laptop toting needs! Would fit in everywhere.

----- Devin Vermeulen 30.11.12 14:19

Life is about pleasures, and this would be the best way to carry them.

----- Ana 30.11.12 13:22

It would not fit into my life the way my life would fit in it.

----- Adrian 30.11.12 13:14

I just recently got my first real post-grad design job, and that bag would make me look VERY snazzy and professional coming into work. :)

----- Kelsey A 30.11.12 12:41

I am imagining that bag accompanying me on my walks to work in my temporary desert home, keeping my research notes, a small flat bottle of water, and maybe some knitting. Once I leave the desert, it will come with me wherever I got next in the world!

----- Terri 30.11.12 12:20

I am getting ready to start my very last class of my Masters degree program and I work full time. Being the last class I will be doing a project that is a culmination of everything I have learned. This means that anytime i’m not at work I will be meeting my group, going on interviews, making trips to the library and generally doing a LOT of studying. It sounds just terrible, doesn’t it? But with this beautiful bag I would be organized and ready at any given moment! And it doesn’t hurt that its stunning and chic!

----- Jenni 30.11.12 12:14

I will put all my life in this bag. So I could start und get somewhere, Everytime!

----- Marie 30.11.12 11:47

My life is device centric. I’m sitting here with two laptops, a tablet and a smartphone. What my life lacks is a stylish transport for these various devices. I lug a utilitarian backpack. This handcrafted beauty would bring some handmade love to my factory made necessities.

----- Tina 30.11.12 10:17

What a perfect bag. This would fit into my life because it would fit all my stuff AND allow me to fit onto the New York subway during rush hour. My backpack slams into people, and this has so many nice ways to hold it and feel secure, without all of the inconvenience.

----- Chloe 30.11.12 09:18

I plan on volunteering abroad for a year starting this summer, and the Hard Graft Laptop Bag bag would be durable enough to protect my laptop through cramped cross-country bus rides and runs through monsoon rains. I am a writer, and I intend to write stories based on my own experiences and on the lives of those I interact with. I will need to work on my laptop on impromptu occasions, lugging it from a café on one side of town to a primary school on the other. This bag would be an essential tool in helping me to write these stories and disseminate them to a global audience, allowing me to carry my laptop and notebooks around so I can observe and take notes on the scenes of humanity that occur all around me.

----- Annie 30.11.12 08:47

I’d actually give this to my wife, for her lappy. It’s probably one of the colours she hasn’t yet got.

----- James 30.11.12 08:14

Two words: comic books.
They fit in my life + they fit in this bag, perfectly.

----- Scott 30.11.12 07:18

It’s innovative, versatile, and gives a designer like me a chance to showcase a small business’ product. It matches my classic style while conveying that this company makes quality products. Great job!

----- Adam Wellsfry 30.11.12 07:12

I thought my German specs and shiny brown brogues made me look cool enough, but clearly without this bag I can’t climb the über ranks. I would fill it with crayons, my macbook, a trusty Moleskine… Oh, and not to forget a little hip-flask (which I’d store in the inner pocket). It would be loved and cherished.

----- James Parker 30.11.12 06:46

My cat Coco would easy find the way to fit in this bag. She likes everything that is warm and cozy.

----- Agata 30.11.12 06:33

My wife is currently toting a laptop bag that that I got for winning a contest at work. It isn’t pretty but it does the job. I would love to upgrade her this gorgeous bag.

----- Justin 30.11.12 06:17

This bag is beautifully designed and crafted. I love more that I could gift this to my wonderfully talented boyfriend who has been having a hard time getting a job in this economy. This bag would be a great piece to have in an interview, timeless and well made. I know it would put the biggest smile on his face.

----- Holly 30.11.12 04:44

because there is no point in doing something if youo can’t do it with some class. Since I’m immigrating to South America next year, this bag as a carry-on would totally make me the most classy person on the whole trip!

----- Grace 30.11.12 04:41

It would be fun to go to work wearing this cute bag!

----- veronica Sh 30.11.12 01:30

Use it for travel on the train, day in day out. The look and feel of the bag would give me the feeling that today is a day like no other!!

----- Jos 30.11.12 01:08

Other than how cool and stylish I would feel carrying this around it’s hyper-functionally cool! I’m a designer and an illustrator who bikes to her clients, I cannot tell you how perfect this would be for me. Plus we need to see more hardgraft product here in Vancouver, I would proudly tell all the future complimentors where to “get theirs”! It would make me a better person:)

----- Lish Rebman 30.11.12 00:46

Perfect for my travels - be it for work or for pleasure. Up next, Tokyo!

----- Hoister 29.11.12 23:48

guess I’d need to throw away my 20 year old backpack to fit this beautiful bag in my life

----- Nick 29.11.12 23:26

This bag would be perfect because I am a college student and I have so many supplies to carry and it would be wonderful to have a separate laptop bag!!!

----- Rocio 29.11.12 22:59

I’m tired of people making fun of my tote bag. And it’s not even practical.
But this bag..I could rule the world with it!

----- laura dragomir 29.11.12 22:58

that is big enough for a weekender for me. want!!

----- rena 29.11.12 22:28

It would be the perfect accessory to compliment my new lifestyle as a modern day technological Indiana Jones. The belt straps on the side are the perfect place to attach my whip.

----- Jonathon 29.11.12 20:35

perfect replacement for my nylon commuter bag - will look great in front of the bobs!

----- eliot 29.11.12 19:31

After working for 49 years with ugly bags, I could march into retirement in style!

----- Pearl 29.11.12 19:25

A beautiful leather bag like this deserves an adventure so it can acquire the patina that the best leather goods have.

----- Kaeo 29.11.12 19:00

This would be a great fit for a laptop and sketchbook for architecture school and the odd prop for the theatre!

----- Henry 29.11.12 17:58

I currently carry bags that are functional, but less fashionable than my clothes and coats. I would wear this bag happily on my daily bike commute!

----- Kate 29.11.12 17:49

I’d love to use this unique bag to carry my work laptop to and fro. Currently I’m stuck with the same bag everyone else has that the company issues.

----- Mariam 29.11.12 17:02

This is the perfect everyday bag! It looks beautiful and would fill the role for everything from backpack to briefcase/laptop bag and even looks like it would make a handy carryon or weekend bag.

----- Mikey 29.11.12 16:53

This would be my perfect every day bag! So easy to use like your average backpack, but it looks like it would dress up so well for travel or meetings.

----- Mikey 29.11.12 16:52

This would fit PERFECTLY into my average day running around as a property manager!

Constantly jumping in and out of the car at various spots, I like the strap and great interior!

----- John G 29.11.12 16:18

so versatile! so lovely! this would be the best christmas present ever for my husband.

----- sarah 29.11.12 15:57

The love that went into the designing of this bag can be seem even through a computer monitor. My Macbook would be nicely complemented inside this beautiful bag.

----- Joel 29.11.12 15:52

this is just about the most versatile perfect for all occasion murse/lady bag. It would be perfect for running around Manhattan to and from my studio with a change of night heels for an art opening later in the evening!

----- Kat 29.11.12 14:45

This is the most versatile and beautiful multi purpose satchel I have ever seen.

I commute with my laptop everyday and the bag I currently use is WAY to big and WAY to sporty for all of my pretty coats! Instead of looking like a crazy woman lugging around too much stuff, I would be able to minimize my things and look much more sleek and sophisticated!

----- Use a thimble. 29.11.12 14:36

My new exquisite Laptop Bag #OldFashioned would fit into my life in so many perfect ways:

I would wear it with one single shoulder strap when I need to walk into a very important meeting, and pitch an idea to my very important potential clients. If they were to judge my work based solely on my beautiful bag, I would win the job in a heartbeat!

I would carry the bag as a clutch when I go out with my girl friends to go shopping. I can carry so much in it and still feel so stylish! I would be the talk of the town!

I would wear my fabulous bag as a backpack when I am running around, from meetings, to coffee with friends, to the gym, and back home. It is so versatile and I would be the happiest bag owner EVER!

----- Tam 29.11.12 14:23

This is truly classical elegance.

----- Mark 29.11.12 14:01

I need it! searched long for a leather one since some time but never found the right ton!

----- ester 29.11.12 13:19

This bag is perfect for my daily walk to work. Fitting all the essentials, it’s functional and beautiful.

----- Abigail 29.11.12 13:11

I am a designer and writer and am constantly toting my laptop, sketch pad and array of utensils to each job meeting. This Hard Graft laptop bag would be an awesome new way to cart my stuff around while providing protection and looking timeless.

----- Alexandra 29.11.12 12:02

Beautiful bag, would love to incorporate it as my travel companion

----- Jeremy 29.11.12 11:15

At 25 I just got my first office job with a dress code. I don’t own a bag that is not a backpack because I haven’t needed one. So now I come to work wearing my button up, bow-tie, and the free company canvas tote I was given at orientation. This is an impeccably made bag that could take to work and never have to replace and it would be a huge improvement over the tote I have to use out of necessity

----- DavidAndrew 29.11.12 11:00

I’ve been using my hard graft wallet for 3 years. This would add nicely to a set. Plus I can be socially accepted at work with the cool people!

----- Dominic 29.11.12 10:34

Seeing as how my current school bag is falling to pieces, this would be a welcome replacement, loved and used every day.

----- tony F 29.11.12 10:31

It would hang on the rack with the rest of my bags, awaiting, to be the bag of choice for the day.

----- Yoshio 29.11.12 10:06

I’ve been wanting a nice leather laptop bag for years but I haven’t brought myself to spend the money. This would be awesome to win! ::fingers crossed::

----- Renee 29.11.12 09:59

This would really launch my legal career.

----- Andrew 29.11.12 09:47

This would help look sharp while I’m traveling for work (lord knows I need all the help I can get).

----- Michael 29.11.12 09:40

This bag wouldn’t fit into my life.
My life WOULD fit into this bag.

----- Agata 29.11.12 09:18

An true architects dream! I love this bag!

----- WRAH 29.11.12 08:41

Whoa, do you have to actually read all these comments? This is an amazing giveaway,Hard Graft is a highly respected company in my book. Congrats to the licky winner!

----- Garet 29.11.12 06:56

I am a community development student and I live in an urban city. I am constantly on the go, biking from work to school to home and running to classes franticly trying to keep it all together in one day. The versatility of the straps on this lovely hand crafted bag would serve its true purpose in my on-the-go life. Please pick me!

----- Ashley Sanchez 29.11.12 06:55

This bag is the perfect NYC companion. I could be prepared for all city possibilities- laptop, a book, a scarf, an umbrella… and look fabulous at the same time.

----- kimdog 29.11.12 06:44

Gorgeous. I’ve been looking for something a little classier to use on my commute now that my office is in midtown. I think this bag would do the trick.

----- AJ Cook 29.11.12 06:23

My boyfriend’s birthday is getting near and I’m already obsessed with getting him a beautiful birthday present. I know he’s been looking for a stylish leather bag (that could fit his laptop as well), so when I saw this giveaway I immediately thought of him. I just know this would be the PERFECT bag for him. If I win this giveaway, this beautiful bag goes to my beautiful boyfriend. :)

----- Ana 29.11.12 06:09

This is possibly the first bag that slots between purely functional laptop and man bag - and the first one i would use, thus saving many frustrating hours each week that I spend looking for my keys, wallet, ipad, iphone, earphones, keys again cause I put them down when I picked up the iphone, ipad, watch, work keys, and lunch.

----- Adrian 29.11.12 06:07

This bag is so beautiful! I love bags that make a statement, and this one says a lot. I would carry it to work, to trade shows, etc.

----- Jeannette 29.11.12 05:35

So lovely! I carry my laptop to work and home everyday in a really inefficient bag. In all honesty, this bag would make coming to work more bearable, and make me more excited to bring my work home everyday.

----- Kelley Elliott 29.11.12 05:20

It’s just enough to fit my ego inside whenever my girlfriend kicks me and leaves me homeless… besides, it makes me look like a serious-homeless-architect.

----- Francisco Garrido 29.11.12 04:06

I just moved to Japan and would love to carry a nice bag that isn’t covered in Hello Kitty.

----- Ltaylor 29.11.12 03:38

This would fit into my life by making my better half more organised. I’ve been telling him he needs a man bag for ages- at the moment he just carries everything loose, drives me bonkers!

----- Ali Slater 29.11.12 02:19

This bag fits perfectly in the 15.4” x 11” x 2.4” void that my worn out, dilapidated and non-stylish current bag is soon to be leaving me with!

----- Victor 29.11.12 02:18

I have a big butt. This bag would accentuate my positives a little better than my current duffel.

----- Cody 29.11.12 00:44

It would help me move back and forth between work (urban/govt) and school (industrial design) seamlessly. Both professional and with design cred.

----- BL 29.11.12 00:12

This bag would be a great add on for my hardgraft collections.

----- Roger Luo 29.11.12 00:09

This bag can be added to my hardgraft collections.

----- Roger Luo 29.11.12 00:06

This would be the perfect bag for our “fancy fridays” in our otherwise-casual office. :)

----- Monica 28.11.12 23:30

Out and around town with my iProducts.

----- Martin 28.11.12 22:15

This bag would match my many leather bound books, and would look great against the mahogany of my office…

----- Josh w 28.11.12 22:13

This bag would fit over a Macbook Pro in my life!!!

----- Aaron 28.11.12 22:00

It would be the perfect bag to throw on my shoulders and bike to work. I’ve been using a ragged old tote for far to long!

----- isla 28.11.12 21:47

Salt and Pepper, black and white, peanut butter and jelly, Patrick and Sponge bob, all nothing without the other. The bag and I is another perfect example of a two items predestined to exist together…

----- Julian 28.11.12 21:32

I could run to college with the laptop on my back and my hands are free to carry all my prototype models for critique without worrying that my laptop will fall off from my shoulder(as in a normal case to a sling bag)!

----- Febe Chong 28.11.12 21:09

Oh my, this will be perfect for my trips down to cafes, with my notebook and iPad packed nicely inside.

----- Scotty 28.11.12 21:09

Fingers crossed that I’ll be sporting this beautiful bag as I go through airport security in 2013!

----- Yenn 28.11.12 20:58

This bag would perfectly secure my belongings for a New Yorker’s commute.

----- Jeff 28.11.12 20:53

I would use it as intended(for my laptop). Which would allow me to have my computer safe everywhere. That in turn would change my twice a day visit to a permanent status when it came to reading NOTCOT.ORG.

----- Hud Rogers 28.11.12 20:26

I carry MY LAPTOP AND MY LEATHER HANDBAG for EVERYDAY|THIS LEATHER LAPTOP BAG would definitely REPLACE my laptop bag+leather handbag INTO SINGLE LEATHER LAPTOP BAG without REPLACING MY PERSONAL IDENTITY|because IT’S NOT JUST a laptop bag, it SOUNDS personal character :).

----- Riz 28.11.12 20:16

Beautiful design is classic, functional, passionate and inspirational. The bag will remind me to stay true to do things properly. It’s been a shit of year - this’ll make me happy!

----- Franco 28.11.12 19:43

This would finally give me a shot at this one co-worker that I’ve had my eye on!

----- Christopher 28.11.12 19:10

people would finally take my manifesto’s seriously.

p.s. love your simple captcha

----- kelly w 28.11.12 18:59

I’ve worked hard this year and come to the realization that I should be going back to school to chase after my dream. This bag would be the perfect gift for going back to school! (And I would be one of the older kids but with a FANCY bag!)

----- nik 28.11.12 18:33

Leather is the new black.

----- Diane 28.11.12 18:13

It’s Me + This Bag Against The World.

----- Iris 28.11.12 18:07

That bag is absolutely amazing! It would certainly be the perfect accessory to get me through my last year of law school. Thank you for doing these giveaways! Your site is always appreciated!

----- Ami Song 28.11.12 17:59

I just got my first design job at an architecture firm. This bag would help me transition from retail associate to young professional perfectly :)

----- Summer 28.11.12 17:54

Can I win please?

----- Chris B 28.11.12 17:51

I would replace my backpack with this bag, and then feel less like a student and more like a real, working adult. :)

----- Megan 28.11.12 17:42

That is one of the most beautiful bags I have seen. That bag would fit into my life seamlessly. We would go everywhere together, because I’m pretty sure that bag was made for me, and me for it. I will love it, and it will love me….forever.

----- Brittany 28.11.12 17:22

I’m moving up in the world now. I graduated college and now have a design job outside the city. My old bag doesn’t reflect my new transition into adulthood, and I feel this bag would be a great replacement for my college backpack.

----- Lara 28.11.12 17:15

I think my sister would love this bag.

----- jason 28.11.12 16:56

This bag would make me look way wealthier than I am.

----- Jason 28.11.12 16:47

This bag would fit perfectly into my everyday life by being my everyday bag. I am constantly toting my laptop and various quarterly magazines that I hate having jostled and banged up in my other bags. I love this color it matches my favorite pair of boots (also worn everyday, saving up for a new pair). I work an 8 hour day and 3 or 4 days out of the week after work I have interviews lined up with local artists in their studios. This bag would fit my lifestyle to the T.

----- Kelsey 28.11.12 16:27

This would fit in my life like it’s going to fit on my shoulder(s)… Awesomely.

----- Meredith 28.11.12 16:27

I need this bag. I run my own company and rolling to business meeting with this bag would be so professional

----- Matt Burke 28.11.12 16:21

The overwhelming majority of my trips out of town are one to two nights. In, out, done. This would be perfect for those “light weight” trips where I don’t need big, bulky bags.

----- Stacy B. 28.11.12 15:57

This bag would be great for my bike commute to work!

----- joeskado 28.11.12 15:17

This bag would fit comfortably under the seat in front of me on the hundreds of flights my job requires I make each year.

----- Cole 28.11.12 15:12

…like a glove

----- John Norman 28.11.12 14:53

would be great to have for my upcoming Morocco trip. It’d be awesome to see it acquire a patine and a lasting imprint of the scents of that country!

And then I’d wear the heck out of it in my day-to-day life—perfect as a briefcase and a backpack, what more could I want?

----- tasa 28.11.12 14:51

I can’t carry a purse on the motorcycle and a nylon backpack is so tacky! I think this kind of thing might be the solution. Great idea.

----- Jessi 28.11.12 14:35

I’ve loved HG from way back when they weren’t even called Hard Graft (I actually miss their old name. I kinda like it better, but that might just be the sentimental in me..!) I’ve always coveted their goods and this little beauty would be great for carrying around my macbook + my handbound journals when I go around to boutiques to solicit them to carry my products. ;) It’s the epitome of design and functionality all rolled into one.

----- Sharon 28.11.12 14:16

This would be my everyday bag. I would stuff anything and everything in it I could. The size is perfect, the straps make it universal, the style is awesomely classic.

----- Young 28.11.12 14:13

This bag makes the average human 7% more efficient.

----- Joe k 28.11.12 13:58

Would be a great addition to my collection of “things I can pass on to my grandchildren one day”. Such a beautiful item!

----- Ben Joossen 28.11.12 13:57

wow! old-fashioned! chic!

----- evita 28.11.12 13:55

Most of last year, I’ve been in a huge move and lots of life changes, and the repeating motif of everything has become: ‘Why Can’t I Afford Stuff (that fits my style and aesthetic sensibilities)??’ The question stands, but while I find the answer, perhaps I could at least get some Stuff (tfmsaas) as a gift?

----- olga 28.11.12 13:53

I’m 33yo. I should not be walking to work with a nylon bag with graffiti print on it!

----- John 28.11.12 13:50

Poor grad school student who could definitely use something as stylish as this! :)

----- Kristie 28.11.12 13:38

Ahh, I could carry around the many items needed to accompany my 5 month old twin baby girls!

----- wolfie 28.11.12 13:35

This is a gorgeous bag in which I would carry my laptop from temporary office to home and back while the main office is being renovated. The commute would much more fun and stylish if I were sporting this bag!

----- Margaret A 28.11.12 12:58

This bag would fit into my life in many ways but if it didn’t I would make my life fit into this bag. I still sport a backpack to transfer my laptop to and from work. It would definitely up my cred toting it in this.

----- Erastos 28.11.12 12:21

This laptop bag would be super helpful in helping me tote my laptop and other electronic essentials with me everywhere I go.

----- Jen 28.11.12 12:18

I am constantly in motion going from vehicle to cramped space to outdoors to upscale office environment. I would love something as handsome and versatile as this bag to get me through the transitions.

----- Anthony 28.11.12 12:13

This bag would fit right into everyone’s life. It such a classic and quality piece it is suitable for elegance, sports or casual. I love such great and timeless design. This bag is probabily the last bag you ever own.

----- Iva 28.11.12 12:08

This would be a wonderful bag to carry along when I do field work!

----- Ian S. 28.11.12 12:00

This would be an amazing addition to my collection - just wow, simply wow! Frankly, I haven’t been able to shop for the past year! So this would be a wonderful Birthday and Christmas gift rolled into one! :)

----- Marguerite 28.11.12 12:00

I could tell you guys a 1000 reasons why or how this bag would fit into my life before 12/2 midnight PST. But I won’t! Instead of those 1000 reasons, trying to convince you guys I would be the one that deserves this bag the most, I’d rather like to tell you about my problem. … Approximately 15 years ago, I got an Eastpack backpack from my parents to go to school. You know those backpacks that has a life time guarantee on them and that just won’t break. … Well that is actually my problem, they actually really lasts forever !!! And I can tell you guys, one thing. When you are 15 years old going to school, this backpack might be a girls-magnet, a cool-guy-statement, a blank canvas for your creativity. Well at 30 it’s none of that all !!! Therefore the hard graft bag looks like a perfect alternative, replacement for my Eastpack backpack. It looks likes it has it all and could help me out to get my street credibility back up and running. :) It’s stylish, fine leather that seems to have the same lasting power of an eastpack backpack. There for, NOTCOT and Hard Graft, please help me out so I stop looking 15 years old while going to class … auh sorry work for the next 15 years. Thank you very much for your will to hear my problem.

----- olivier verbeke 28.11.12 11:56

This bag would fit into my life just as lovely at it will fit on my shoulder…or shoulders.

----- Meredith 28.11.12 11:52

I’m a poor art museum educator who is also in school working on a doctorate… and I’m making puppy dog eyes. Please.

----- Andrew 28.11.12 11:46

For my amazing wife and her (shh) new MacBook.

----- Will R 28.11.12 11:41

To look professional and stylish when I go on the job market next fall and become a professor.

----- Sarah 28.11.12 11:41


----- darrell 28.11.12 11:39

Just let my 16” Dell put this Mac loving bag to the test! :)

----- Hans 28.11.12 11:39

A screenplay writer I am, while paper and old fashion volcan loaf are my muse.
Select my thought like selecting my clothes everyday.
Always running in the city.
This little exquisite seems a new answer to my old prayer.

----- CWC vincci 28.11.12 11:18

This bag would be a great transition bag for me from a day at the office to a pretty perfect weekender. Mainly…I need this bag.

----- Scott Pierce 28.11.12 11:13

Looks perfect for bringing a laptop along on a weekend trip

----- sance 28.11.12 11:09

both me and my girlfriend would use this bag for our tech and cool swag!

----- Mikey C 28.11.12 11:06

I would give the bag to my friend who really needs a new bag. Plus the bag would look nice and professional when he attends any interviews.

----- Emily 28.11.12 10:49

This bag would turn my mundane work life into a glorious trip to the office! It’s beautiful design leaves so many options for use and carry! I am already visualizing!!

----- Kara D 28.11.12 10:22

I would used this bag to hold all my dear essentials. Did I mention that my cat would fit in this bag as well?

----- Amanda 28.11.12 10:14

The better question would be, how would it NOT fit into my life? So versatile and so classy!

----- Beth 28.11.12 10:00

How would this bag fit into my life? It would mean I walk and cycle more of my journeys, as after all it would be a shame to hide such an awesome bag on the back seat of a car!

----- Andy Whittome 28.11.12 09:46

How this bag would fit in my life? Just nicely…

----- Miyon 28.11.12 09:45

Now that I don’t go to school anymore I need a real bag to bring to work. This would be perfect!

----- Sydney 28.11.12 09:41

This bag would be the perfect gift for my Indiana-Jones wannabe husband. Since we just married in October, I think it would be an excellent “first-Christmas-as-a-married-couple” gift that suits his style perfectly. We’ve been told we’re quite ‘adorkable’ as a couple, complete with semi-matching glasses and shy smirks. I think this would really brighten his (and my!) holiday.

----- Evie Adair 28.11.12 09:23

This bag would bring so much aesthetic points into my life! The leather… the vintage look… the multiple functionalities, all of this would bring new meaning to my life! I would be able to carry my laptop in an actual bag then a backpack, which is not properly designed for a laptop. The versatility of it just makes it perfect & stunning. Holding it like bag for short trips or switching it into a backpack for my long travels out of the country.

I desire this much very much so =P

----- Khoa 28.11.12 09:18

I would love to win this for my boyfriend. He carries a laptop around all the time for work and the bag he currently uses is not the best looking! This one is so nice and he would love it.

----- Michelle Warnke 28.11.12 09:07

I would like to say that I would use it everyday at work and on business trips. But let’s be honest, my wife will confiscate it and use it to carry her new iPad mini as she paints the town with her unique fashion while spending all of our money!

----- Tyler 28.11.12 09:00

Got some feedback from my boss and the word among the shirt and tie crowd I work with is that I need to bump it up a notch. This bag may just be that bump, and with just the right amount of cool to subtly stick it to the man in the process.

----- KingDad 28.11.12 08:58

I tried to grow a beard this year and it’s going really badly. Everyone told me it would fill out, but here we are on month ten and I look like someone flicked an ink brush at my face. I suppose in my mind I’ve always pictured a kind of stubbled, debonair urbanite look. That’s what I’m aiming for. A long tweed jacket also seems necessary, but the old one I found in my parents’ closet has these weird shoulders. I think it might be a woman’s coat (my friend Roger pointed out that the buttons were on the wrong side—he said it means it’s for girls). Brown leather accessories are important, it looks like. I can’t afford leather shoes so I coloured my white canvas runners with brown polish. They look okay at night, but not at daytime. Not okay at all. Still it feels like, despite these setbacks, I’m pretty close to achieving the stubbled, debonair urbanite look. The bag might fix it. The bag might pull this whole thing together.

----- Pierce 28.11.12 08:57

This bag would be perfect for my bike commute to work!

----- Sara P. 28.11.12 08:57

This bag and I would go together like peas and carrots, so extremely well.

----- Joanie 28.11.12 08:52

I’ve been lusting after hard graft bags for years — this would be the perfect way to fulfill all my dreams. I’d use the bag to transport my trusty laptop back and forth to various coffee shops (who’s to say how much I’d be working vs. how much I’d be showing off the bag) and creative adventures.

----- Luke 28.11.12 08:47

Oh how lovely! This would be the perfect carry on for those flights back home and for my husbands trips. Thank you for the opportunity!

----- Amber 28.11.12 08:40

Wow, I’d love this to replace my just-barely-working canvas tote.

----- John 28.11.12 08:26

This bag would class up my daily adventures and allow me to finally ditch my cordoroy laptop bag I’ve had since college.

----- Christina 28.11.12 08:21

This bag would not change my life… I would reinvent its life!

----- Randy 28.11.12 08:14

I’d give this to a friend who’s still lugging his faithful but beat-up Northface backpack to work. As a guy in his mid-20s and as a hardworking structural engineer, I think he deserves something that fits into the rugged aesthetic that his line-of-work implies, don’t you? :) How does this fit into MY life? Why, he’s the kindest person who does all my heavy lifting. With a bag that can swop out from being carried by the handles into a backpack, it’d fit just right for those days when he’s carrying both his and MY stuff as well :D
- From a freeloading but style-conscious friend :)

----- Li-Lin 28.11.12 08:11

I would use it to teach my son the power of creativity, self reliance, diligence, virtue, and the determination that can change the lives around us.

----- Benjamin K 28.11.12 08:07

This bag would be a ray of sunshine in my world devoid of craftsmanship. This wonderfully crafted bag may counteract the 1997 Ford Ranger termed “The Garbage Truck” that I use to commute. My Microsoft Kin cell phone, doled out to me by Verizon’s free phone service, which I can only describe as a skipping stone like object with a smiley face button can’t be helping either. This bag may very well be my opportunity to rejoin the ranks of consumers of craftsmanship and leave the world of design as an afterthought behind.

----- Dan 28.11.12 08:04

I am about to graduate with my master’s degree. For the first time in my life, I will not be in school and will finally be entering the workforce. This laptop bag would be a great accessory to my new career, helping me establish a professional image while looking stylish. Plus, it will be the perfect home for the new laptop I plan to buy after I graduate, laying to rest my decrepit laptop who accompanied me through both my undergraduate and graduate studies.

----- Kelcie Sharp 28.11.12 08:02

I would use it to smuggle kittens and puppies out of kill houses.

----- David Barry 28.11.12 07:56

this bag would be perfect for my impending move to the UK!!! I’ll be way more stylish than those Brits!

----- Namtran Nguyen 28.11.12 07:55

To carry all my gear on fun and exciting adventures

----- Liz B 28.11.12 07:50

I am not cool or stylish or even good looking. That’s ok, because this bag would make up for all of that by being a surrogate, on my shoulder.

----- Jason 28.11.12 07:49

I would use it when I needed to dress up my look for business meetings and getting around

----- Jeremiah Andrick 28.11.12 07:28

As an artist and freelance designer living and working in Hong Kong where I have to walk a lot, I often have to lug around my faithful 5 y.o. MacBook Pro which is heavy. This particular Hard Graft bag with its versatile ways of carrying will be a much appreciated blessing: I would be able to vary my way of carrying it to safe me from back-ache, shoulder-ache and arm-ache! Not to mention it would fit my other necessities neatly and make me look oh so cool as an artist cum designer should ;)

In any case, I have been a big fan of Hard Graft since their Working Class Heroes days :)

----- Fhung 28.11.12 07:26

This would be perfect for my mister, who is currently toting his gadgets in a busted backpack.

----- Cindy Aiton 28.11.12 07:14

Looks like it would the perfect for holding and transporting the laptop to the workshop/forge.

----- MTJenkins 28.11.12 07:12

I could finally walk to work without carrying everything in my arms!

----- Shawn parry 28.11.12 07:03

As a manager of a farmers market I am always schlepping things around in various baskets and canvas sacks. Nothing in the local food movement is glamorous, nor should it be, it’s hard work. However, I think this bag communicates style, grace, and has just enough natural charm to impress farmers and funders alike!

----- Fiona 28.11.12 07:01

There are laptop bags, and then there are laptop bags. This is the latter. I cannot honestly say that this bag will make my life more streamlined or productive. It is in the end…a laptop bag. Where it truly earns its keep, perhaps, is the attention and care in the design and craft. It is a functional bag even more than a beautiful bag. It takes hints from the ever-changing world around us; the contemporary individual can no longer rely solely on antiquated and static accessories. Much more often we need things that can readily adapt to ourselves and our environment.

----- Hugo 28.11.12 06:58

Swoon! I would use it for my laptop to and from meetings. I think the bag would communicate something positive before I even opened my mouth.

----- Kaylia 28.11.12 06:50

The question is not how this bag would fit into my life, the question is how it wouldn’t fit. Hard Graft and #OldFashioned are pure emotion and inspiration. Hard Graft and #OldFashioned ARE life :).

----- Benjamin van Rooij 28.11.12 06:50

It would replace my old work bag. This one would be great for traveling internationally and still having style.

----- Almin 28.11.12 06:38

Ever since moving to New York I’ve been trying to “step my game up”. Blazers, pocket squares(!), brogues. The only thing missing is a great functional bag. This bag is the final piece to the 1000 piece spezzatura puzzle I’ve been constructing. Let’s go!

----- gabe 28.11.12 06:23

It would fit into my life by allowing me to walk into any coffee shop and sit for hours on end sucking up free WiFi.

----- Bryan 28.11.12 06:22

There are a lot of thieves looking to snatch your bag on the streets of Port-au-Prince. I need a bag to protect my new mbp and keep it securely attached to me.

----- Adam S 28.11.12 06:19

This bag would be perfect for me. Whether it be commuting to work on my motorcycle or going from meeting to meeting. It has such a classic and stylish look and so much functionality.

----- William Anderson 28.11.12 06:09

As a person who likes bags and collects bags, this would fit in just fine. To be honest, I just want it because it’s a beautiful bag.

----- Junwoo Kahng 28.11.12 05:51

This would be perfect for the rugged weathers of Reykjavík, protecting my laptop and documents.

----- Magnús Freyr Gíslason 28.11.12 05:47

mine is for my friend who’s computer died and has been forced to get a new one so she can continue working. She can use it however it suits her lifestyle.

----- Aidan 28.11.12 05:43

I could carry things around with a glance like my silver mustache care kit, Marc Johns drawings, Mulholland Drive printed script and of course my old crappy laptop and look as hip as hip one can look.

----- martins 28.11.12 05:43

I think this bag would be perfect to gift to my bf! He would take it almost everywhere!

----- Thu 28.11.12 05:36

Would fit like a tetris piece.

----- Talita 28.11.12 04:57

I’m starting my own business next year and this bag will work perfectly when moving around carrying all my documents laptop etc. Whilst looking ever so stylish!

----- Mareli 28.11.12 04:50

This would be the ultimate bag for commuting in NYC. As a daily subway rider, I’d be able to show my style with a bag that’s not only functional, but extremely beautiful.

----- maggie 28.11.12 04:38

It would fit, believe me it would…

----- Przemek 28.11.12 04:25

I’m an indecisive woman by nature, and this bag gives me all the possibilities, it’s perfect for me! Or for my boyfriend! No, better for my mother!

----- Veronica 28.11.12 04:14

This stylish and useful bag would be very inspiring to wake up to every morning and get ready to make some wonderful design and blast out the multitude of ideas ready for production. Happy holidays!

----- claudia 28.11.12 03:59

That bag is friggen gorgeous. I’d definitely use it in replace of my own ripping Jansport backpack. I need something other than a ratty backpack to carry my laptop! Oh college why you so expensive ):

----- Amanda 28.11.12 03:43

That bag was made for me, and I for it. I have always felt like something was missing from my life and now I know why. I feel as if we were torn apart from each other in a past life and have been searching for each other ever since. I have been wandering through life like an empty bag. Others may try to fill this bag with material things but I know it will still feel empty inside. No one will make it as happy as I will.

Please give me a chance to finally reunite with my love so that we may blissfully spend eternity together.

----- I NEED THIS BAG! 28.11.12 03:37

Having no arms I find it extremely difficult carrying my laptop to and from work. Please help me out here

----- Per Holsteen Larsen 28.11.12 03:31

I’d love this as my approach of wrapping my laptop in a scarf or hoody and placing said laptop in a disused plastic shopping bag isn’t quite cutting it in meetings with clients any more. I’d also promise to love it and oil it and treat the bag like a precious heirloom.

----- Nicole 28.11.12 03:28

As an architect I have been travelling from meeting to meeting with a Burton backpack that fits my mbp, it is time to grow up and carry a real man pack!
many thanks for the giveaway.

----- Manuel 28.11.12 03:20

As a NYC subway rider I undergo various contortions as I step in before the closing doors. In such a situation, my bag ends up at my feet, or shoulder, or lap, or head, or on someone else’s head, often enough. With this amazing bag, it could stay attached to me in these various arrangements, and actually look fetching at the same time!

----- Julie Edmonds 28.11.12 03:15

You don’t need a complicated story to appreciate and want a Hard Graft bag. I been a strong admirer of their company since the first time they where posted on NOTCOT. I would simply wear, use it, adore it and enjoy it.

----- kim 28.11.12 02:43

This little beauty of a sac would fit into my life so well that it would in fact steal all my friends off me. It would replace me in my work by getting me fired without anyone knowing and It might generally take over my life in a way I wouldn’t see coming. I’d still be friends with it though.

----- frankenstallion 28.11.12 02:35

class, work, pretty much anywhere- this bag is perfect

----- Michelle 28.11.12 02:00

I have been through so many bags trying to find something that will carry my laptop and my essentials easily, and looks beautiful. This is the one!

----- Conor Dorsett 28.11.12 01:59

It would fit in every part of my life - from work to daily run around,to the occasional travel.
Walking everywhere, this bag would be an incredibly comfortable and beautiful way to have all my things with me. I reeeeeeeeally love it!

----- Ana 28.11.12 01:54

get outta my dreams and into my car… or onto my back as a backpack/messenger/all purpose bag at least

----- Nick C 28.11.12 01:53

I would give this gorgeous bag to my boyfriend to celebrate the first anniversary of his own agency; all the hard work he has put into it, and the amazing success it achieved. He walks to work every day through the fashionable centre of Berlin and this bag would make sure he is always the one setting the style.

----- Vesna Koselj 28.11.12 01:30

hi im a graphic designer i just finish my studies. i wasted all my monye on a new mac book so idont have mony to buy a respectable bag for my new mac

----- achva cahana 28.11.12 01:02

With this bag it’s easy for me to transport my laptop everywhere in a stylish and old fashioned way. And this is really cool

----- allesistgut 28.11.12 00:54

If I were Santa Claus I would use this incredible bag to deliver gifts…Can you imagine a stylish Santa? Yes, I can. One thing, I hope it’s not reindeer leather!

----- Federica 28.11.12 00:51

how do i love thee, beautiful bag. let me count the ways.
i’d take you on long walks with me, in warm or wintry days;
you’ll guard for me my computations (and thus, my dream and aspirations),
to one day be a better me, to better show how i love thee.

sincerely, me.

----- greg 28.11.12 00:48

as an mechanical engineering student and bedroom dj, i would love a beautiful leather laptop bag to haul my laptop, calipers, tools, etc to class and my dj equipment to gigs. currently, to fit both needs, i’m using a rather obnoxious dj bag. just because i’m part of the scene doesn’t mean like the aesthetics of it! give me something timeless. plus, my AiAiAi’s would look excellent against this bag.

Good luck all!

----- Mark 28.11.12 00:46

It will fit perfectly in my 15” closet.

----- Yariv goldfarb 28.11.12 00:45

I live in a ski resort in the French Alps and when not digging my car out of a snow drift i’m slogging up a number of hills just to reach the office. This beautiful bag would ensure I needn’t worry about my prized mac on my way in and out of work and would leave me fully focused on avoiding the black ice that lines my walk home. So far this winter - black ice 3 : Polly 0.

----- Polly 28.11.12 00:37

I’m trying to develop my business casual style, this bag would be a great addition to my outfits.

----- Anna Zámbó-Brózik 28.11.12 00:24

As a senior design consultant, travelling to Fortune 200 clients worldwide and addicted to leather products and good craftsmanship, I’d be happy to share with inquiring minds where I got the awesome bag from! As a fan of both of you: Nice work, hard graft & notcot. Keep it up!

----- Roel U. 27.11.12 23:36

I have been looking for a perfect laptop bag for a long time, and this would be excellent. It’s stylish , and you can use it with business style clothing and casual clithing. This would be the best birthday and christmas present ever!

----- Suvi L. 27.11.12 23:33

Well, although I’m working for a fashion/denim giant,still using my jan sport bag pack- it’s history way back to college :/. The reason why I desperately want this bag is I’m moving to NYC in a couple of months to begin a new journey in my career so want to leave all of my old stuff behind me.

Like moving to NYC, I know this laptop bag will be a fresh start for my creativity. Even if I couldn’t afford a good place to stay I knew that my macbook air will be in a comfy and cozy place :)



----- Cihan Ergur 27.11.12 23:18

On any given day I either head, on my bike, to classes at SCAD or to Starbucks mid-morning to “study-it-up” with my laptop, pads of dot-graph paper, and writing utensils. I’m in need of a new carrying device.

----- Collin Banko 27.11.12 22:58

My MacBook hasn’t had a proper home since I bought it in 2008, constantly waiting for me to finally save up and buy a 2Unfold. Alas, no such luck. Perhaps now is the time, and I can finally stop being that girl with the army surplus purse.

----- Jillian P. 27.11.12 22:36

Because one can never have too many bags. I have already starting to look for a bag to put this bag in.

----- Jonas Chau 27.11.12 22:07

I will use this bag to go from morning work time with my laptop stored safely and then changing the strap and carry it to go shopping. After that, it’ll change to be my weekend bag as I have it strap on my back roaming through the flea markets for awsome goods.

----- Joy 27.11.12 21:59

This would let me actually look like a professional designer with taste and class, vs some kid in a hoodie and a ratty backpack.

----- Jeff 27.11.12 21:57

If this lovely bag deems me worthy of having it, I would dedicate the remainder of life to guarding it from envious beings with incredibly good taste.

----- Tara 27.11.12 21:54

I’m always getting outclassed by the curators at the art museum, this would be a way to prove to them historians can be stylish too.

----- Nik 27.11.12 21:53

Accompanied by this elegant bag, success would always be near.

----- Sharon 27.11.12 21:49

A leather bag worthy of passing from generation to generations. Not only will it serve all the routines of my life,work and play; it will serves those of my kids and grand-kids as they come of age. Linking us together.

----- Tiw 27.11.12 21:48

A perfect bag for me! I’d be the envy of the coffeeshop and make a statement at every client meeting!

----- Ani 27.11.12 21:28

How would this bag fit into my life? Let’s see. I would start by smelling the bag. For an hour, maybe two. After that I would probably put some stuff in it. Like a magazine or a book. I would definitely put my 15” MacBook Pro Retina (without sleeve) in it too. And probably a folded up denim shirt, grey wool scarf, and my new iPhone 5. I might put my new iPad mini in it, but I’m not sure yet. It’s already got a ton of Apple products in there. I could probably get some crap from Microsoft to balance things out a bit. After I stuff it with goods I would try wearing it several different ways. I would wrap the uber premium vegetable tanned Italian leather straps around my arms, back, shoulders, and legs. It will probably fit best in my right hand, which is how I hold most objects, but I won’t know for sure until I finish contorting my body and modeling in front of the mirror. At this point I’m fairly confident my girlfriend would show up and ask to “see” my new bag. I’ll resist at first. It will be weeks until I see my beautiful laptop bag again. I’ll probably find it on a Sunday. It will be under the bed or jammed awkwardly into the closet. It will be filled with nail polish containers, loose change and an old issue of Elle Decor. I’ll hug my bag and tell it how sorry I am. We’ll probably share a drink.

----- Joe 27.11.12 21:23

This bag would go with me everywhere. I’d use it as my new stylish diaper bag, as my laptop holder, and for in-person interviews. :D

----- kim 27.11.12 21:11

Because useful things are good but beautiful things are better

----- Jesus Duran 27.11.12 21:07

I would fill it with toys and drinks and snacks and be the coolest dad at playgroup. Until the kids go off to school, then it’s all mine!

----- jamie 27.11.12 21:07

As a soon-to-be senior student, this (incredibly classy) bag will hopefully save me from accidentally flinging all of my things down that stairs as I sprint between classes.

----- Maddy 27.11.12 20:41

It is time for me to grow up and get a real bag. This would replace my Target satchels and help me take myself more seriously. This bag will help me take on the world with style.

----- Erin 27.11.12 20:41

This bag will keep me from buying the Louis Vuitton men’s handbag that every guy in Tokyo has.

----- Nick Sugihara 27.11.12 20:34

Thanks to the fact that I’m a freelancer and the work never stops, having a portable studio is essential..but unfortunately I don’t really have a good bag to tote my studio around in. This would be soooo niceee~ *dreams*

----- cilla 27.11.12 20:31

i will probably have to go buy a macbook pro to fit in the bag. i’m okay with that prospect.

----- rich 27.11.12 20:26

I would use this bag to carry my books and laptop on the subway every day, instead of squishing them all into my backpack.

----- Jess 27.11.12 20:26

I go from carrying boxes of product prototypes to just a laptop and sketchbook. Being able to carry my everyday necessities and occasional odd items in ways they’re meant to be carried or ways that I’m able to carry them is essential. With this bag’s functionality, I could do that!

----- Cynthia Young 27.11.12 20:26

This nice leather laptop bag will let me snuggle in my precious new mac book pro perfectly!
Protecting my macbook while i ferrying it from home to cafes to work to home again!

Happy Hoildays!
MC the onion boy :D

----- MC the Onion Boy 27.11.12 20:25

I would look so awesome going to grad school next year with that!

----- Matt 27.11.12 20:20

I have admired the hardgraft bags since you firs showcased them and this bag is just the tops. The oragami nature of the straps is a real design feature that makes me covet it even more. If I don’t win the Powerball lottery so I can buy my own, I hope I win it here.

----- SHANDERSON 27.11.12 20:17

I’ve been searching for the perfect laptop bag for months, and this absolutely fits the bill. My last bag finally gave up the ghost, and I’ve been using a reusable grocery bag since. Although I would love it now, I’d really be looking forward to seeing how it ages over time and with handling, love the look of aged leather.

----- Chris MacAloney 27.11.12 20:14

I have admired the hardgraft bags since you firs showcased them and this bag is just the tops. The oragami nature of the straps is a real design feature that makes me covet it even more. If I don’t win the Powerball lottery so I can buy my own, I hope I win it here.

----- SHANDERSON 27.11.12 19:58

With this laptop bag, I’d carry my purple speedo, blue towel, small yellow fins and black goggles and go swimminn.

----- Marc 27.11.12 19:47

This bag is a work of art, I think I will just hang it up on my wall next to my paintings.

----- costa karras 27.11.12 19:46

It would be the other way around: I’d fit my life into this bag.

----- Luke 27.11.12 19:44

This bag is so nice… If I were to win it I would march into my boss’s office and demand a raise and promotion. Upon seeing me with this bag in hand, he would be unable to refuse.

----- Gerard L 27.11.12 19:42

This plush bag would make an awesome pillow while I’m traveling and waiting for my flight.

----- Sung Chang 27.11.12 19:35

I’ve always wanted a good leather bag. This would replace my YakPak small messenger bag.

----- tudza 27.11.12 19:27

This bag would accompany me to university and keep my laptop safe.

----- Rachel 27.11.12 19:24

Oh wow, such a beauty! I’d gift this to my classy manfriend who probably wouldn’t ever remove it from his body because he’d love it so much.

----- Ashley 27.11.12 19:22

This bag would be perfect for me. I could see using it about town and epically during client meetings.

----- Tom Freeland 27.11.12 19:13

i work in a non profit music library, i’d love to look stylish while being nerdy.

----- andrea 27.11.12 19:13

Omg, the bag is so gorgeous! I can see myself carrying my Macbook to work like a designer with the shoulder strap, going on a date like a little girl with the backpack! This is like every girl “little black dress”.

----- Mei Zhen 27.11.12 19:12

it’d be less of it ‘fitting into’ my life, more of a ‘bag marriage’. I tend to satchel for life - I’ll keep a purse until things fall out the bottom from the holes and i’m forced (tearfully) to retire it. I try to buy nice purses and bags because of that, but if I had a Hard Graft bag I have a feeling it’d be death do us part.

----- taryn 27.11.12 19:09

I’ll be able to throw in my MacBook Pro, Monocle magazine, my camera with my favourite 50mm lens, journal, my plusminuszero namecard case, my Letraset markers, TAMA drum sticks, guitar picks,… well basically what I need to bring with me everyday and to do that in style!

----- Jaymz Yong 27.11.12 19:05

I’m a product designer and I love the strap design of this bag!

----- Angela Chao 27.11.12 19:04

My husband needs a grownup bag. Please….

----- Mia 27.11.12 19:02

It’d carry my laptop around with me on campus. And match my leather kicks too :)

----- rxsiu 27.11.12 18:54

it would replace every bag ive ever bought !!!!

----- Kai 27.11.12 18:53

This bag would be the perfect accessory that would make my look everyday going to work. =)

----- Bijal 27.11.12 18:50

I work online, love the Hard Graft barnd and this bag would be appreciated daily. And mainly I just really want to feel that supple-looking leather in my hands, touching the screen just ain’t doing it for me.

----- Simon 27.11.12 18:49

I don’t actually own a laptop, but sure would help me carry my things when I walk to work! This is such a simple yet beautiful bag!

----- Jen D 27.11.12 18:47

As I approach 30 years very soon, this bag would be a stylish piece to commemorate the occasion and age along with me.

----- Sean 27.11.12 18:40

Chippy chippy here fella, dont be silly, gonna com’n on er dags n negotiate the books.

----- Amanda Castro 27.11.12 18:37

Best thing about this bag is the more you beat the hell out of it, the better it’ll get.

----- Sam 27.11.12 18:35

I have a new born son and a baby bjorn seems a little too bougie. This bag seems just the right size for my laptop and a healthy new born baby boy.

----- Michael Young 27.11.12 18:33

Rather than fitting it into my life, I could fit all of my life into it - the digital, the analogue, the cool, the clean, the ups, the downs - yes, all of my life.

----- lucas ho 27.11.12 18:26

Back up, flip it and reverse it: My life would fit into this bag!

----- Sarah 27.11.12 18:20

The bag will FIT right around my shoulder.

----- Kayla 27.11.12 18:17

I teach at a small private University in Nashville and sometimes I walk and sometimes I ride my bike. What an amazing way to transport my work and to be rocking a very sweet bag!

----- April 27.11.12 18:10

Since coming to Japan(1 month ago), im facing all these uber styled people. I am a moneyless student and cannot afford buying all these stylish japanese items. But this bag would make the playing field even once more. Riding my bike to the uni, with my leather laptop bag.

----- Arnon 27.11.12 18:08

This bag is the missing puzzle piece to the puzzle that is my second year of studying Graphic Design.
I adore the fact this bag has the ability to strap over both shoulders, as someone who knows that lugging a laptop in satchel can leave your shoulders aching for days. This stylish and practical bag is exactly what I need.

----- Annabelle 27.11.12 18:06

This bag is beautiful and would fit in anyone’s life who has a laptop. Personally, I love the simple, no-fuss design that still gives you plenty of options and interesting details. It’s awesome and I would love to have and use it!

----- Bekah 27.11.12 18:03

My kid sister just moved to New York to study design. What better way to contribute to her education than to give her a bag that exemplifies great design? She loves leather bags, and will probably use it forever.

----- Nour M 27.11.12 18:03

I’m a freelance illustrator, having to keep up with my day job that pays the majority of my bills and going back to school to get a masters I think having a bag like this would finally make me feel like an adult. I’ll be able to say goodbye to my worn out messenger bags and move into the professional league.

----- Elizabeth 27.11.12 18:00

I’m a female art director who has an obsession with minimalist design. I’ve been searching for a bag like this for my 15 inch Macbook pro for forever. This bag would be perfect for when I go to photoshoots and travel for work. I literally could pack everything I need in it and then fold it up for my laptop for the shoots.

----- Kim 27.11.12 17:51

This bag would make an amazing weekend bag, or I could use it as my day to day to transport everything I need for the office!

----- Andrew 27.11.12 17:49

There are a lot of comments on here already so this might be tough. While I really love Hard Graft and wish to have a bag by them one day, I would love to give this to my girlfriend for Christmas. I cannot afford this kind of quality normally, so it would make her really happy to get something like this—and that would make my year for sure.

----- Balazs 27.11.12 17:49

What an amazing bag, and perfect for my life as a nonprofit worker who works from home…meaning that I’m constantly lugging my laptop and paraphernalia around with me. Obviously I need something stylish, rugged, and durable to ease the pain of a small salary. This bag would make my life!

----- Jordan 27.11.12 17:46

Ooo, this is a good idea. Okay, so first…this bag is gorgeous. Just having it on my person would be an instant self confidence boost (and we all need some of that). Also, like a few of the other lovely people that wrote in, I’m on the move most of the day. I live in Jersey City and I commute into NYC daily. I’m working my butt off to become a well known, consistently working and PAID actor. To support myself in this daring (some may say crazy) pursuit I have a bunch of other survival jobs during the day. Once I leave in the morning, I’m not back until late evening so I need to have everything with me. Everything includes my computer, pictures, changes of clothes, notebooks, books, sides to memorize for auditions, etc. I think this bag would be up to the task of carrying them all and it would look good while doing it (something I’m also striving for).

----- Nina 27.11.12 17:33

I am a hoarder of all things baggage related. Relationships included :(

----- Derek 27.11.12 17:30

This bag will fit right into my daily life… Walking to graduate school everyday where I am spending my life savings to be smarter and can’t afford nice nice things like laptop bags or groceries. Please and thank you.

----- Lauren 27.11.12 17:25

It is so difficult to find a good looking, well designed laptop backpack. I cringe when I see the ones they sell in store - it’s black, nylon, totally screams high school….

Love this laptop bag that is versatile and gender neutral!!

I would have no problem bringing my work laptop with me in this bag when I squeeze in a bit of shopping after work!!

----- Kitty 27.11.12 17:23

i think this would be perfect for my travelling. it’s been hard for me to lug around my laptop when i went to san diego at nyc last year. i think this would be a great companion! :D


----- libys 27.11.12 17:18

this bag will match everything in my life - love it!

----- shafina 27.11.12 17:16

I’m perfect, the bag is perfect, we just fit together!

----- Anne-Marie L 27.11.12 17:13

This bag would be absolutely perfect to carry around campus with me — I have been looking for a perfect laptop bag and this could be it.

----- Julie 27.11.12 17:11

I would finally have as much style as my husband (bought him a hardgraft bag last year for his birthday/our anniversary/ and christmas)

----- gem 27.11.12 17:07

This is sooo cool!
I’m an architect and I carry my laptop with me almost on a daily basis. I would wear it proudly and it so fits my style! I simply love it! I would dine and wine it, clean it, polish it, sleep with it, give it half of my closed space! We would be so happy together :)

----- Daniela 27.11.12 16:54

I would really appreciate this bag because I’m the first & only person saying “please & thank you”.

----- chris 27.11.12 16:44

I would give it to my dad for Christmas. Every person deserves a professional bag that embodies and reflects the person they are, even if they would never splurge on themselves.

----- Devin 27.11.12 16:35

I cycle the mean streets of Melbourne every day, and sporting this bag would make me feel less intimidated by the cool kids on fixies that gather at red lights and sneer at my 8 gears and sensible footwear

----- Paul 27.11.12 16:33

i’m a one purse woman and it’s a small one at that. i am about to purchase a macbook air after 6 years with my MBP. it’s a sad day since it was a workhorse but this bag would give me a stylish and comfy new home for my new machine to tote to the laboratory at work.

----- melissa b 27.11.12 16:31

I need a new laptop bag very badly, it’d fit super snug in there.

----- Daniel 27.11.12 16:30

BEAUTIFUL! I’ve loved Hard Graft’s goods since I first laid eyes on their supple leather and great design. I just landed a new job in a new city, and I think it’d be amazing to carry my laptop (my life) in this gorgeous bag. My move to San Francisco is exciting and a bit scary, and since it’s such an expensive city, this bag would be a lifesaver.

----- Benjamin Will VanderVeen 27.11.12 16:27

I’ve been a huge fan of these craftspeople for years. I carry my laptop and Wacom tablet wherever I go. If I win, I’d cherish this bag as much as I cherish the things I’ll put in it.

----- Kristine 27.11.12 16:27

I’ll be graduating this year and going out into the real world soon. Gotta get a grown up bag for a grown up person (at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself)

----- Jeff 27.11.12 16:23

As a designer I have an eye for all things beautiful and an appreciation for the way things look. This bag would be the perfect accessory to my life and to inspire me on my way to work some magic.

----- Christina 27.11.12 16:22

I am studying architecture and i always have to carry my macbook around, to the studio, to the coffee shop, to the library, and i have always wanted a nice bag to carry my laptop with, without worrying that the bag will suddenly break or dropping my laptop in any way.
The elegant design of the laptop bag also allows me to enter any important occasion being formal, lets say an interview or a presentation. I wont need to carry a cheap bag if i have this laptop bag that will hold everything i need along with my laptop.
And it is really a really nice bag!

----- CCH 27.11.12 16:15

This bag would be perfect for my freelance work! It’d be the perfect grab-and-go bag with my laptop, papers, small tools, and chargers. Whether I’m traveling on the plane or biking/longboarding or driving to work, I can use it in all commutes!

----- Jenny 27.11.12 16:09

I’m a writer, currently sitting in a coffee shop procrastinating on my laptop instead of working. I’d use this amazing Hardgraft piece to haul my monster 2007 macbook to the coffee shop with some style!

----- Cassie 27.11.12 16:06

It would fit perfectly on my back while biking to the U, snow, rain or shine.

----- Neal 27.11.12 16:05

It would get all my stuff to and from work

----- Julia 27.11.12 15:57

I work as a visiting lecturer in China teaching college kids. A bag like this would make the hour long commute to work easy and stylish, and set me apart from the hordes of briefcases and backpacks that teachers have to carry. I would put my laptop, graded papers, and anything I need to broaden these kids minds inside.

----- Matt James 27.11.12 15:48

The bag is simple, beautiful, and practical. No excess, but versatile. This is what I want to put in the bag and build my life as in the new year.

----- Joseph 27.11.12 15:45

I would use this Laptop bag for work. I am a Case Manager for Abilities Network. My job details paperwork, going to meeting, and job coaching individuals with disabilities. This bag would allow me to carry everything I need in one bag. I can keep my iPad, my work binder, and files that I need with me all the time. Instead of frantically trying to make it to the office to pick up something I forgot, or carry way too much stuff around. Thanks Notcot. This is a great opportunity. :)

----- Jaimie 27.11.12 15:45

My Laptop is very lonely, needs a companion, and I would love to take it to school, work and to Turkey.

----- David C Lee 27.11.12 15:39

I found a lost puppy it’s owners and stayed with a woman till the ambulance came at a car accident this year. I try to be a very good kid and help others when in need. I wash behind my ears everyday during my showers. I think it’s time good karma showed itself! Or notcota clause. I believe in both.

----- Jlam 27.11.12 15:34

i would use it to bring work things to work and school things to school—i go to class after working a full day. it’s a stylish alternative to my tired old northface backpack.

----- siena 27.11.12 15:32

I’ll pet it like a kitten while on the train to work.

----- Laura 27.11.12 15:23

i have been searching for a versatile bag for my new city adventures!!! i would use this 24/7!

----- carly 27.11.12 15:08

This pristine bag would be a gift for my dear spouse. As a mother of three (chief human potential officer), tireless volunteer in our community, and co-partner in a startup, she could use a new bag to sport her wares. Plus I’m certain it will get me a smooch under the mistletoe… Thanks!

----- Corey D 27.11.12 15:02

Its was just love at first sight.
My heart and soul belongs to her.
I cried her a river.
Please let me have her in my arms again,
and tenderly contain my laptop!

----- Felipe 27.11.12 14:56

I will use this laptop bag as my inspiration to revamp my wardrobe for this upcoming Cruise/Spring/Summer season.
Really, I will.

----- Ellis 27.11.12 14:49

Because I can’t keep up style with my eastpack
I think a bag like that would get me some looks from the girls+ make me look a little bit more prof on my work ;)
That plus i alwas loved handcrafted, ever since i saw it here on the blog ablout two years ago, but as a design student, I just cant put up the money… - GREAT BAGS; FANTASTIC DESIGN!

----- Tau Bjørn Rosenberg 27.11.12 14:44

I love love love Hard Graft, firstly, so it’d be a privilege to take this bag everywhere with me. I’m a knitter and a reader and I work across town, so I’m always carrying lots. It’d be great to be able to change how I carried my bag as my body/mood/load dictated. I plan to see more of my city and the world and I’d love to have this fantastic bag with me while I do!

----- Liz 27.11.12 14:35

It’s great with a laptop bag that can hold more than just the laptop, a good read, an extra pair of knitted socks and christmas presents for my dad. If I had that bag the journey to my dad’s house over the holidays would be a treat!

----- Rebecca 27.11.12 14:33

This gorgeous bag wouldn’t fit into my life. My life would fit into this gorgeous bag.

----- Andrew Webb 27.11.12 14:27

It’ll fit into my life comfortably as I introduce it to all kinds of people and places—all while hugging it everyday and everywehre I go.

----- Angela 27.11.12 14:27

i would no longer drop my laptop, therefore not getting fired. So this bag would save jobs.

----- jack 27.11.12 14:19

I am an aspiring (yet older) writer and having this great bag would add to my visualization of being a successful writer with great personal style.

----- Marci 27.11.12 14:17

I’ve been looking for something that’ll last. Not just through years of use, but something that’ll look as good as the day I got it! A timeless piece. I think this would be it. I can always dream right?

----- Kaylene 27.11.12 14:15

This bag and I would go a lot of places together. And i would put what I need in it and carry it with a smile.

----- Silje 27.11.12 14:15

I think this bag would help me fit the professional image I want to portray after I quit my job in pursuit of a new freelance career in 2013! Also I’m a bike commuter so anything I can put on my back…

----- Andy Stoltz 27.11.12 14:15

I’m a freelance print designer running around Toronto… with the laptop and paper samples in hand, I often feel like a clumsy baglady bumping into people on the subway and the streetcar. My laptop bag right now isn’t the easiest to carry, and my red backpack, albeit comfortable, isn’t working with most of my client-approved outfits. This bag will give me comfort, style, and glances of approval on public transports (sigh, no more cut-eyes.)

----- Angela Wong 27.11.12 14:13

It would be my travelling companion as I travel around the world!

----- Jo 27.11.12 14:13

This bag would totally get me all the ladies. But on a series note, I would love to be toting this thing while i go into an interview at this ad firm im going for. Gotta look dapper

----- Jake Hayes 27.11.12 14:12

Classing up an otherwise drab Seattle workplace: “I say. Are you all still using that free backpack you got at orientation? You know it says ‘fūl’ Right? Right. Ho-ho. I see. You know how that’s pronounced, right?”

Don’t look the fūl.

----- Brandon 27.11.12 14:10

How will this fit into my life? Well, I wonder how am I even living my life without this bag.

----- Brian 27.11.12 14:09

over worked, under paid, and having to do all the run a rounds. It would be nice for those to appreciate I endless hours I do! This will make them stop and notice! even if it is for a gorgeous bag!

----- Mike 27.11.12 14:07

This swanky swag bag would help me look good while going on sales runs!

----- Min K 27.11.12 14:02

This bag is gorgeous. As I metal smith and designer I have a huge appreciation (and weakness) for beautiful craft. My favorite way to get my own work out there is by sharing it with other designers( wanna trade?). They interact with the right people and have a knack for talking up beautiful pieces. I would have endless opportunities to talk up this bag while interacting with clients and shops in San Francisco.

----- Gina Rios 27.11.12 13:58

I think it would be great for carrying my notebook, tablet, and random papers. I’ve got a black briefcase I use right now but it’s a little formal and a casual brown bag would be great!

----- Ryan J 27.11.12 13:53

I grew up in Berlin and live and work as an architect in NYC - I have longed for a leather bag from Hard Graft since I discovered them - they remind me of a modern take on traditional german leather Schulranzen. I commute by bike in the summer and by subway in the winter - and the laptop bag #oldfashioned has the ingenious ability to be clutched onto for dear life in the subway or strapped onto my back during summer rides to work. Not only that, I’d proudly bring it to work or carry it in the streets of NYC. This bag is everything I could’ve dreamed up myself! Oh won’t you please consider me?!

----- Andre P 27.11.12 13:53

I have been looking for a good leather laptop bag for a 15” mbp. These look amazing.

----- Jay 27.11.12 13:52

This bag would fit snugly alongside myself packed into the crowded C train, on my way from Brooklyn into Manhattan, for work every day. It would be great to have a bag that I could carry so easily. Stylish and functional! This is the bag that my commute has been asking for. Thank you!

----- Jessie 27.11.12 13:48

How would this bag fit into my life, you ask? It would fit snugly across my front with its shoulder strap, or perhaps wrapped around my forearm as a clutch, or maybe even tucked away at the small of my back as a backpack if I need both hands free. The point is that a bag this strong and versatile will mold itself to you, so the proper question is not “How will the bag fit into your life?” but “How could this bag not fit whatever life throws at the two of you?”

----- Cassie 27.11.12 13:37

I’ve been looking for a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing laptop bag for the past few months. I finally got a new laptop that didn’t look like a metal brick and I’ve been wanting a bag to match it. Plus, the utility value of the bag would make life much easier on my hilly campus.

----- Christine 27.11.12 13:35

My bag was just stolen yesterday, so a new bag like this would be amazing for Christmas!

----- Maurice C 27.11.12 13:32

What a coincidence! I was looking around the internet earlier today for some print collateral inspiration and found Studio on Fire’s collateral designs for Hard Graft. Now I find this great giveaway for the Hard Graft laptop bag! Living in the motor city, this bag would inspire me to ride my vintage Raleigh bike more, not worrying about carrying around my tech gear. My bike is cream color, off-white with a well worn vintage Brooks leather seat. This bag would match beautifully!

----- Jess 27.11.12 13:32

Bike; Flights; Work and School. Dear Bag, be my companion in life.

----- Angie 27.11.12 13:27

I am only 22, but I have pretty bad back problems already. Carrying a regular purse or shoulder bag that’s big enough for my laptop is far too painful, and backpacks are either too childish or too bulky. I would love a beautiful bag like this that allows me to wear it like a backpack, or to use it like a purse when it isn’t packed full. It would be amazing to have this bag for the commute to and from work, especially for the times when I ride my bike.

----- Haley Cavanaugh 27.11.12 13:25

As a current engineering student and entrepreneur, this bag would be an awesome way to organize my otherwise messy life when I talk to possible investors. It lets them know that I am serious but also stylish, organized and flexible. I always talk about how important it is to be a multifunctional individual, and it would be great to show that in my bag!

----- David C. 27.11.12 13:22

As a freelance graphic designer who travels frequently, this is the bag of my dreams. It’s exactly what I need for client meetings, flights, train rides, and coffee shop work sessions. It would be the finest mobile office I can imagine.

----- Steve L 27.11.12 13:19

If I should be the lucky one, this prize will not benefit me, I will give it to my boyfriend.
It will fit perfect in his life, since he’s a graphic designer and need a stylish and beautiful bag to carry a laptop and his portfolio.
( the URL is his website )

----- Helle 27.11.12 13:19

I do a lot of biking, and carrying my naked macbook in my backpack has given it many bruises. This is a gorgeous bag that fits my aesthetic, and I’m sure my laptop would thank you as much as I would! :)

----- Kaylee K 27.11.12 13:17

This laptop bag is super chic, and it would definitely help me on my college campus since I use my PC so much for e-books and class presentations. I wouldn’t have to lug my backpack around all day, and I’d look much cooler!

----- Angel Dye 27.11.12 13:15

This is the perfect “grown up” bag I’ve been looking for!

----- Nancy 27.11.12 13:14

My last laptop bag couldn’t guarantee the indestructibility of my last laptop. When I get a new cmputer, it would be great to have a bag that helps keep it in one piece.

----- irena 27.11.12 13:09

Here’s the deal. If I had a bag (and I don’t yet) that I could strap to a single arm, I would strap it to my arm everysingleday. Who needs a PS1 when you can have this wonder complete with latches and straps that are actually useful! Talk about form meets function! This is the bag I’ll be using for my morning subway commute. Jk I have to land to job first- but you can bet I’ll be acing every interview I head to with this beauty! #soontobecollegegrad

----- Samantha 27.11.12 13:06

I think this bag should be mine. My laptop needs a stylish bag to cover all its dents!

----- Paul 27.11.12 13:05

I’ve always wanted a Hardgraft in my life.

----- Jonathan 27.11.12 13:03

I have been looking for a new bag to use as I travel through the city. This would be a perfect accessory for carrying all my items.

----- James 27.11.12 12:59

I got my laptop stolen about a month and a half ago. I’m convinced, it was the universe telling me that my mac deserved better than to be hidden away in an ugly synthetic black thing. Help me keep my new computer…and the work inside it!

----- RainyDreams 27.11.12 12:59

this bag is going to make my life

----- Allison 27.11.12 12:56

I recently bought the hardgraft iphone wallet and cannot stop checking this site for what to buy next. I have started travelling more often for my design company and am looking for a new bag to hold my laptop, iphone and design tooks. I plan on going back to school in a couple months and this bag would change my look and upgrade my style. Who wouldn’t want a bag that would upgrade their image and help resolve so many problems at the same time. Thank you Hardgraft for the wonderful wallet, hope I get a chance to win this bag!

----- Filip Milovanovic 27.11.12 12:46

Currently on my gap year and I’ve decided to study art as an extra (A-Level) curriculum. I think it would be perfect for me to fit a A4 sketchbook or perhaps a moleskin, carry along my brushes, pencils and pens! I’m studying in central London where I’m surrounded by new things which I can sketch and annotate in my books.
With this stylish bag I’m sure I will come across a fashion blogger who would be delighted to review it! Maybe it will get the success similar to The Cambridge Satchel in the future :)

----- Vivian Chiu 27.11.12 12:46

Said bag would be filled to the brim with condoms. Because if i were to have that soft leather draped over my shoulder, wrapped around my arm or on my back like a jet pack, you know what’d be going down. Classic “HG effect”…. Cody Chestnut once said, “i can do anything i want, because i look good in leather”…. Irresistible.

----- Jake 27.11.12 12:40

Rather than the beautiful bag fitting into my life I think my life would fit into this beautiful bag.

----- Dave C 27.11.12 12:38

It doesn’t matter how it will fit into my life. A better question is ‘How am I going to fit into ITS LIFE?’ This bag is going to look amazing in about 35 years. I’d love to be the one that gets to travel along with it into the future.

----- Jason 27.11.12 12:37

I’d put stuff in it.

----- BKO 27.11.12 12:13

For work, I do a mix of web-world content handling and good, #OldFashioned words-on-paper stuff (semantic tagging and taxonomy maintenance on the one hand, and copy editing/proofreading on the other). This bag would suit that blend perfectly. I could use it to carry my laptop or to carry a proof job, and it would do each in a style that wouldn’t offend my old-world material sensibilities. Just right. An alternate title: #Goldilocks?

----- Josephine 27.11.12 12:10

This bag would fit into my life by actually becoming a computer case I would use! No normal neoprene sleeves or lugging around my gear without a travel case - I would actually use this bag unlike the majority of the other flimsy cases in the world!

----- Natalie Kay 27.11.12 12:07

This is the laptop bag of my dreams. If it were part of my life I would nurture it with love and care, I would take it around with me everywhere I go and show it the world. Of course, I would never call it “it”. It would have a name and a personality and it would be best friends with my laptop, my ipad, my phone and my dogs.

----- Lex 27.11.12 11:59

I am on the road every week for work. This bag would be great for navigating airport security as well as stylish to bring to the client site.

----- Mike 27.11.12 11:58

I’ve lost my laptop bag, and I’m hopefully starting a new job and will need to tote my computer. What better way to bring in the year?

----- Cameron Christopher 27.11.12 11:57

This bag would pull together the beautiful chaos I lug around to work mentally and physically, back & forth M-F. And to all the coffee shops and late night warehouses to carry all my Nabokov, Murakami, Doodle pad, giant MacBookPro between the hours of 7pm-2am M-F and 8am-3am on the weekends. I’ve got 4 different sets of notebooks because I’ve got a thing for them, different uses. SOMETIMES I break the rules and just pick up whichever of the 4 and start writing (: Mmm what else. It would be great if I can fit in a 16-keyboard to take with me to the laundromat when I do my laundry - it’s sort of like an airport in there. I usually take my big ol’ SONY headphones, macbook, a shitton of colorful markers, notebooks, and my keys to doodle, song write, thought barf, and make music all at the same time while I move one bundle of dirty to the next machine and then the clean to get dried. Otherwise you can see me stuff all of this, the markers, the books into a crappy totebag where I only can hang it off one shoulder. I might have shoulder problems from tote-ting too often. would love for a small life change since the small things really help a lot. WHY I don’t have a proper bag? Well… they’re really expensive! I only have totebags I get from non-profits and they’re never made with utility in mind. I promise to keep it warm on my back w/ all the straps and always fill it with creativity & stories. It might weather a bit in the sun because I love the sun so much (since im in a glass box 9-7 m-f…) but it’ll be good. ok thank you byeeeeeeeeee

----- Rebecca Park 27.11.12 11:56

Perfect for toting around school books on the bike!

----- Eleanor 27.11.12 11:53

My design eye is always drawn to good shapes and color, but the stand-out pieces, I feel, are those that are subtly dynamic. They evolve with the wearer - leather moulding to the shape of one’s hip, brass worn smooth from fingers undoing buckles. They adapt to their surroundings - darkening from a rainy morning commute or bleaching from a sunny weekend bicycle trek. They become the ultimate utilitarian fashion object - made one of a kind by daily life. I would love this bag if it were mine - it would be my functional masterpiece.

----- Linda J 27.11.12 11:53

Such a nice one. I’d love to have a more stylish bag; every day I ride on my bike to work, carrying a very comfortable and useful Tibukt2, but for more style it be nice to have something non-plastic.

----- Chris 27.11.12 11:46

I’m currently carrying my stuff in a free Quicksilver backpack I got years ago because it’s the only thing that has a pocket for my laptop and I’m too cheap to buy something more substantial. It’s fine, but I work at a creative agency and it’s pretty embarrassing to show up to meetings with clients carrying a camouflage 90s surfer backpack. HANG 10 BRAH, THIS WEBSITE IS GONNA RIP!!!!

----- Spencer Donald 27.11.12 11:45

Oh my gosh I could fit nearly my entire life INTO this bag. Candy, wallet, hard drive, lunch, makeup & still room for misc.

----- Laura 27.11.12 11:44

I would take it to sewing school, it would inspire me and make my classmates jealous!

----- Lenin 27.11.12 11:43

A gorgeous bag with versatility! It looks ‘correct’ either as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. Really a nice streamlined design. I am sure if I had one I would always be punctual, tidy and brilliant.

----- holly 27.11.12 11:43

Somehow I feel like this bag will not only carry my laptop but also be company with me to travel around the world and be a part of my memory.

----- gn Chan 27.11.12 11:42

I would wear this in place of a shirt. Who needs clothes when you have a killer bag?

----- Elise 27.11.12 11:42

Im a stylish geek. I want to be even more stylish and Im missing this playful bag as part of my outfits! I always drag my laptop with me everywhere, especially now when im hunting for a new job. The leather looks very soft, the color seem to match with pretty much all of the outfits in my wardrobe.

----- ksymena 27.11.12 11:36

it would literally fit into my life!! Recently gone freelance and am travelling a bit fair bit from the office, home and studio. The bag would be a great home for my new macbook with its multiple configurations. I remember Hard Graft back when it was Working Class Heroes, endlessly oggling at the screen everytime I see their product photos.
Still saving up for one of their products!

----- elaineyeung 27.11.12 11:28

I wanna wear it on my first date, because she like a vintage stuff so much, I’m pretty sure this bag gonna help me to get her attention!

----- F Habibi 27.11.12 11:26

I prefer my leather to be well aged, this bag would look great on my back after a few years of daily abuse and would hold many memories in its patina.

----- cvgl 27.11.12 11:25


----- Joon 27.11.12 11:22

I have been in search of a mini brown backpack to ride with and to carry my laptop in while looking stylish. I love how this design allows it to be so versatile, functional and fashionable all at the same time, perfect to fit my everyday needs and travels.

----- yoon 27.11.12 11:17

This would be a great addition to my walks to work.

----- Spencer 27.11.12 11:16

This would be the perfect bag for a poor young aspiring design professional (read “me”)

----- Matthew Messner 27.11.12 11:11

I see the sturdy straps keeping my tablet or laptop safe and secure, an interior compartment for keeping my phone handy,and also saving my business cards from being smashed at the bottom of the bag – and i love how it can be carried differently (It can easily be transformed into a backpack when I am site visiting, traveling etc.) I also imagine it will wear extremely well over time. Simple, stylish and wish-listed!!

----- sarah tamala 27.11.12 11:11

Oh, wow. Is this giveaway open for Asia? I manage a fast growing Sydney-based digital stock site from a tidy office in Manila. I also live in part in Hong Kong.

My daily transit to and from work is 1.5 hours and I’ve been on the lookout for a laptop bag that is beautiful as it is inconspicuous. Travelling often, I need a bag that is sturdy for travel, wonky weather and xray machines. I’d love a bag that would go well with my style and with straps that aren’t cumbersome. Hard Graft Laptop Bag #OldFashioned is perfect for my wants and needs!

----- Noelle 27.11.12 11:08

The laptop bag would save our MacBook from the snow and slush.

----- Ed 27.11.12 11:07

Design student… Inspired by life and everything that surrounds me. Obviously including this amazing multi usable bag! It would be perfect for a walk, bike or ever tram ride to school.

----- ANDREA M 27.11.12 11:06

I was just recently laid off from my job, and as such have decided to pursue my dream of being an independent fashion designer. This bag would be great for bringing my all of my things to various meetings and coffee shops. I’ve loved their designs ever since I found a post about them here on Notcot last year! I’m always discovering so many great designers thanks to you!

----- JanyNicole 27.11.12 11:06

Finally replace my tattered old laptop bag that I’m currently using!

----- Jaclyn 27.11.12 11:06

I am totally in love with all Hard Graft products. I definitely need this bag in my life - it has style, class and function - everything I want in a good laptop bag! Plus my 15” MacBook Pro would love a new buddy ;)

----- Nathan Walker 27.11.12 11:06

I am a student, I am poor and my current backpack has no laptop protection and very little style. I commute by bike, so I am always hauling my nececited for the day around with me, with this bag I could do that in style.

----- Will 27.11.12 11:01

Not only would this fit into my life but it would improve it. It will make me the talk of the town and ensure me free valet parking and comped entertainment at all times. This bag holds the key to success and just the right dose of fame. We must become acquainted.

----- Anders 27.11.12 10:57

It will replace the current laptop bag I use for work, AND I will be able to carry it with me on my bike as a backpack. Score.

----- Lauren 27.11.12 10:57

Stunningly beautiful! This bag would make my year. I can only imagine all the adventures we would take!

----- Travis 27.11.12 10:56

“That’s all the motorcycle is, a system of concepts worked out in steel. There’s no part in it, no shape in it, that is not out of someone’s mind.” I would be honored to carry this beautiful thought of someone’s with me and appreciate its Quality.

----- Fp 27.11.12 10:54

This would be a great bag to carry to/from work.

----- Alex 27.11.12 10:54

As a creative consultant this bag would be the great protector of all my precious Apple and Moleskine goods. More importantly however, it’d replace my seven-year-old messenger bag which is currently duct-taped together. It’s slipped from being a cool DIY project to homeless-chic, which isn’t necessarily cool.

----- Blake 27.11.12 10:53

I’m just starting to progress my career in the consulting industry, and this would be an excellent addition to the image I need to project onto my clients.


----- Ben Wong 27.11.12 10:52

Wow, what a fantastic laptop bag: classy but clean, rich but practical, a bit of the old world and a bit of the new… in other words, the perfect bag! I could really use such a bag at my new job! Thanks for the chance to win it, Notcot!

----- Lelia 27.11.12 10:52

My mom is prone to accidents and just started using a macbook for work. Hopefully…maybe, this could keep it safe for her daily commute.

----- Derek 27.11.12 10:52

Lately, my life has been all about 1st impressions. Going anywhere with a strong, sturdy, & smooth leather Laptop #OldFashioned bag would definitely create the kind of first impression I am working to achieve. It takes a strong bag to represent a strong and determined young woman like myself. Brand consistency at its finest, it would be perfect!

Whether it be the constant traveling I do nationwide working for Toby Keith, or my study travels that take me around the world, this universal bag would definitely scream the beauty of leather and being a successful woman in this dog eat dog world!

Thank you for your time, truly love your work.

----- Michelle 27.11.12 10:51

I would give this to my mom as a christmas present for her to hold her things in!

----- james b 27.11.12 10:50

My laptop is an extension of me and as I like to look sharp, this bag would be perfect! I would love it!

----- David 27.11.12 10:50

Would love a smaller laptop bag to use with my all-around messenger! Thanks.

----- Ben Waldorf 27.11.12 10:50

Living in a walkable city, a good bag means everything. And with the various options that this Hard Graft offers to hold and strap on one’s body, it would sure make life easier.

----- Ces 27.11.12 10:50

This bag is beautiful! As a college student about to graduate, this would be a perfect upgrade from my current backpack!

----- Katie 27.11.12 10:49

I think my fiance could use a bag like this… he’s using a beat-up canvas bag to transport all his work things currently. Since he’s in the professional design field, it seems more fitting that he should have a professional bag. Very creative strap system!

----- Caitlin 27.11.12 10:45

So smart, in every sense of the word! This would make an amazing Christmas gift for my neice, who is also so smart!

----- Chen Lin 27.11.12 10:44

it would be perfect for me, because i could wear it with casual and elegant clothes too!!

----- David 27.11.12 10:42

Would be great for when I am working abroad. Also would look great with my Filson Mackinaw wool jacket! Vintage class!

----- Mikell Johnson 27.11.12 10:41

i would use it to hold all travel necessities. :)

----- Julie 27.11.12 10:40

My life is full of “hits and runs”. As a freelancer I’m always on the run and need a comfortable and secure way to cary essentials (read MacBook, camera and notepad). So, “Hard Graft” bag is perfect for my daily bicycle commute in spring and summer, incredibly freezing winter (North Europe, baby) and black ice (no more falling laptops from sudden slips). To sum up - I need this bag now :)

----- Mantas 27.11.12 10:36

I would definitely use it to tote around my MacBook Air and backup hard drive. Need a proper bag.

----- Ray 27.11.12 10:30


----- Jean 27.11.12 10:29

i work with laptop and most days i need to carry it a long way to work. it would be nice to put it on both shoulders

----- Rihards 27.11.12 10:28

This bag is beautiful. Functional. Clean design with an old fashioned feel. For those of us with work, classes, and designing our own pieces in the spare time, this looks like a great additional to the team. The ability to change up the straps is key when going from different functions.
I would love to win this bag!

----- georgia edell 27.11.12 10:27

This bag would allow me to go from office to party to park to coffee shop to mall and then back to the office again!

----- Lucas lund 27.11.12 10:27

I would love to use this beautiful bag to tote around my 13” macbook. I’d perhaps even add some camera & lens padding to help it carry my essential photography equipment! Love the leather & how multi-functional the straps are - this bag would definitely come in handy while shooting around Detroit and running to meet clients!

----- Laur 27.11.12 10:26

I am a Graphic Designer in Des Moines, IA and would LOVE to take this bag to work with me everyday with my laptop. I am a lover of vintage items and this old fashioned bag would fit in perfectly with my style.

Happy Holidays!

----- Laura Smith 27.11.12 10:26

I recently started a new job and this would be perfect to take to the office every day.

----- Robert W. 27.11.12 10:25

This beautiful bag will be cherished on a daily basis as it ages and grows with me. It will be my go to carry all as I prepare to move my life back to Asia.

----- Heng An Wang 27.11.12 10:23

This bag would jet set me around the world. As I work as an undercover lover, artist, and dreamer. Where I can stick my moleskin, mb air, iphone, half of my life in a bag and get in touch with cultures and people foreign to my comfort zone.

----- Glo 27.11.12 10:21

After 3 years of being uprooted away to a different state for a job, I am finally moving back to Los Angeles to begin the next phase of my career. This laptop bag would elevate my style by replacing the timbuk2 that I’ve been hauling around for the last 5 years. Not that I have anything bad to say about timbuk2, but seeings as I have a grey felt laptop sleeve from back when they were still Working Class Heroes on etsy, I would love to reunite with Hard Graft’s newer products. Here’s to hoping!

----- winnie 27.11.12 10:19

Oh, I lovelovelovelove everything these guys do! I could take my laptop to Spain, OuterSpace, other dimensions, stroll down to the park to walk my dog, ect., ect. YAM!

----- Michael Slocumb 27.11.12 10:18

I could finally wear a nice brown leather laptop bag comfortably on my bike.

----- Chris Martin 27.11.12 10:16

i plan on doing some traveling next year and this bag would be a great way to take my laptop with me and be stylish at the same time. thank you for the giveaway!

----- fishgirl182 27.11.12 10:12

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