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Holiday Giveaway #6: Design Public- 11.28.12

offichair0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

I’ve long loved the curated designer goodness at Design Public (they have everything you need for home - and fun gifts!), and i’ve also been a long time fan of Offi, so when the kind folks at Design Public wanted to giveaway an OFFI Mod Lounger (in the color of the winner’s choice!), i was ecstatic!

THE GOODS: An OFFI Mod Lounger in the color of your choosing!

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you would lounge and rock in the OFFI Mod Lounger by midnight 12/3 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details and all of the colors on the next page…

UPDATE: Congrats to Allison of Olympia, WA!

offichair1.jpg OFFI Mod Lounger

offichair2.jpg OFFI Mod Lounger

offichair3.jpg OFFI Mod Lounger

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing where you would lounge and rock in the OFFI Mod Lounger by midnight 12/3 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


241 Notes

in my new kitchen!

----- jay panelomo 04.12.12 02:11

I’d rock it on my back porch!

----- Chelsea Raine 03.12.12 21:02

I will be rocking this chair in our newly painted nursery, holding our new born baby and singing a lullaby…

----- Colorwonderful 03.12.12 20:23

I am envisioning me in this chair being crafty as this chair would be a perfect additional to my wacky and colorful new craft room.

----- Dana K 03.12.12 20:22

I would bring this with me and lounge at all the cookouts/BBQ’s/parties.

----- Andy L 03.12.12 20:06

I would rock this chair every night, under the starry sky with hot choco on hand.

----- Noryden Devora 03.12.12 19:37

I’d lounge in my backyard sipping on a cup of tea watchin the stars at night with my husband :)

----- Jennifer 03.12.12 18:49

I’d lounge by the Andes mountains in northern Patagonia… That’d be sweet

----- Marco 03.12.12 18:47

In our backyard under the trees, when it is not raining, of course.

----- Caitlin 03.12.12 18:39

On my porch and in my yard and probably in my bedroom. Looks like a wonderful chair for reading in.

----- lace 03.12.12 18:35

Would Match perfectly with my Green oasis on the roof to hear the birds singing!

----- Anne 03.12.12 17:21

On the rooftop deck of my future apartment. Am currently stuck at Mom and Dad’s, but the move to my own place is imminent and I have zero furniture.

----- Anna 03.12.12 17:02

I would move it from room to room to yard day
by day.

----- Neecole 03.12.12 16:32

on my front porch

----- lilcg 03.12.12 15:50

oh man this is awesome! it would be a constant sight at our local beach!!!

----- corgimas 03.12.12 15:25

I would rock this on the deck. In the cool night air. Sipping cocoa. With a sweater. Unless it is real cold. Then a coat. Unless of coarse it is really cold, then a hat and coat. Well, you get the idea, I would be weather-prepared.

----- Kevin 03.12.12 15:18

I would rock this thing all over my house. In my room when I’ve got friends over and we’re jamming on my guitars… in my basement near the theater setup when we’re watching movies… on the back deck when we’re grilling out…

----- Rob Wilkey 03.12.12 13:32

In my back yard in the PNW - on a not so rainy day.

----- Allison 03.12.12 12:12

I got engaged yesterday.. and I just started to look for ways to decorate my apartment at notcot… this piece could look awesome!!

----- María 03.12.12 11:51

I’d be rockin’ by the fireplace reading an awesome book!

----- Sandy 03.12.12 11:45

Backyard, under the stars

----- Thu 03.12.12 11:28

This would be a great addition to our kids room, lounge and read books.

----- Jim 03.12.12 11:24

This would be a great addition to our kids room, lounge and read books.

----- Jim 03.12.12 11:22

I would rock while watching sunrises from my rooftop.

----- Jenna 03.12.12 10:56

Rocking with my socks off at the beach house in Hahei, New Zealand when I head back after the US winter. Hmmmm I’m sure this meets hand carry criteria.

----- Ollie Moon 03.12.12 10:39

Where wouldn’t I rock this chair? Indoor of course, but why stop there? Take it to the camping, to the park, on a lark.

----- Melanie 03.12.12 10:32

somewhere no rocking chair has ever dared to go before! grand canyon B)

----- Daniel P 03.12.12 10:15

on my deck with a good book!

----- mirabelle 03.12.12 10:13

It would be perfect in pink on my patio. It looks so comfortable.

----- Bridgette 03.12.12 09:10

Would rock it on the back patio, in the cold & sunshine, during the kiddos nap time. Ahh, to relax :)

----- Diana 03.12.12 08:39

Down by the creek in my backyard, prefect for nature watching and maybe a bit of fishing.

----- Kacey 03.12.12 08:17

On my roof, looking at downtown Detroit!

----- Spencer 03.12.12 06:37

rockin’ & readin’!

----- Andie 03.12.12 05:16

Right in DUMBO at Fulton Ferry Park!

----- Tony Everett 02.12.12 22:42

Hi!! My boyfriend is a furniture designer, and we have a room in our small house dedicated to special pieces. We love to entertain in that room, and the chair would be well loved and appreciated there.

----- Robin Hertert 02.12.12 22:30

I would lounge on the balcony high over Miami with my daughter to watch the daily sunsets

----- ushka shakhnis 02.12.12 20:52

on my balcony. i could comfortably sit & watch the drug deals go down in the alley below.

----- lisa 02.12.12 19:57

I’m old and need a fresh new chair to keep me popular with the youngsters.

----- Joseph 02.12.12 17:23

I’d be by lounging the lake at my Grandmother’s summer cottage in Finland!

----- Jenni 02.12.12 14:54

Right at my kitchen table! Definitely.

----- Simon 02.12.12 14:29

I’m not lucky enough to have my own yard yet (I’m in a city) but this would be PERFECT on my porch for evening lounging!

----- Natalie 02.12.12 12:08

I would rock on the beach under the stars. With the rolling ocean as my companion.

----- Tina 02.12.12 08:57

I would actually give this to my sister to use in my nephew’s room once he moves out of the nursery when his new baby sister arrives. I would visit and we could sit and rock, reading his favorite books.

----- Bryant Turnage 02.12.12 08:51

In my dorm room! It needs a lot of love.

----- Clementine 02.12.12 07:49

On our deck, overlooking the garden and the birds, with a cup of tea

----- Meghan 02.12.12 07:47

at the beach

----- James 02.12.12 07:05

Minnesota boundary waters: plop it in a canoe and have someone paddle me around.

----- E Edele 02.12.12 06:54

Seems like a perfect chair for kitties to not let me sit on.

----- mine 02.12.12 04:44

I’d lounge on my balcony in NOLA, where there is perpetual lounging weather.

----- Nat G 02.12.12 01:02

Totally repping this chair outside in the dead of winter in Canada!

----- Michael 02.12.12 00:39

I’ll be lounging right next to it since it will be occupied my master-lounging cats.

----- Valeria 02.12.12 00:19

outside during a rain with my lovely pit bull Nikita! :)

----- Kenny Garcia 01.12.12 23:57

I would lounge on our back deck!

----- Elisabeth 01.12.12 20:14

Porch on San Juan Island, watching the whales go by.

----- Marie 01.12.12 19:12

I would lounge next to the swimming pool, sun on my skin and with a good book in my hands (probably on a Kindle)

----- Joanna 01.12.12 19:10

That’s easy-everywhere! I would rock this OFFI Mod Lounger-at work, at home, at parties, and on the porch (weather permitting being from Seattle). I can’t think of any place I wouldn’t rock this OFFI!

----- ellie kemery 01.12.12 18:05

Wherever I find a pool of sunshine! Rocking in the sun with a book is my perfect cup of tea.

----- Kylene 01.12.12 17:32

By a shelf exploding with books in my house.

----- Katy 01.12.12 17:27

On my roof, beneath stars and power lines.

----- Carl 01.12.12 17:24

We’re putting together a nursery for our son whose due next year. We’d rock together!

----- Dan Gilmore 01.12.12 14:50

under an apple tree & next to the raspberry bushes in my parents’ back yard

----- Magdalena 01.12.12 14:04

On my imaginary wraparound porch attached to my beautiful imaginary house! (In my real apartment, next to my real old sofa.)

----- Meghan 01.12.12 14:02

Outside in my garden. I love the organic shape of the chair.

----- Ana 01.12.12 12:47

I love to lounge on my porch!

----- Beth 01.12.12 12:46

Just cleared my back yard of trees and wild brush. Need to enjoy the sun in a nice rocking chair.

----- Eric 01.12.12 11:26

I would lounge on my back deck, watching the sun set over the Great Salt Lake in the summer.

----- Tom 01.12.12 10:23

Totally on our roof top in NYC, overlooking the city, lounging :-)

----- Adam Edwards 01.12.12 09:30

Perfect chair for my kids (and me) to use in front of the Xbox!

----- Eric 01.12.12 09:09

This would be the ideal backyard reading chair

----- Ryan 01.12.12 07:42

I’m moving in to a smaller flat next year with not enough room to actually lounge around, but it has a lovely terrace. Since it’s on a high floor, the view is magnificent. An orange OFFI lounger would be the perfect escape spot!

----- Ellen Bautista 01.12.12 06:05

this would be wicked for the summer outdoor cinema in the park … BYO VIP style seating!

----- Satta van Daal 01.12.12 05:04

I’d probably use that in that small extra space in my apartment, it’s technically the “dining area and movie watching space” but man, I do what I want!

----- Amanda 01.12.12 03:56

We have a beautiful back yard where I love to sit & watch our kitties play outside. This chair would make a much comfier & more beautiful place to sit.

----- Kimberly M 30.11.12 20:30

on my balcony - perfect for a good book on a sunny summer day in Brooklyn!

----- Allie 30.11.12 20:01

On a high platform in the Throne Room.

----- NYN 30.11.12 19:50

In my creative space.

----- Erin 30.11.12 19:42

I’d rock my girls to sleep in their room.

----- jamie 30.11.12 19:30

at work….gotta get away from the desk!

----- tali 30.11.12 15:19

Front porch for sure. I would listen to my neighbor play banjo in the trailer park. Awesome.

----- Daniel 30.11.12 15:15

Aha, our traditional wooden porch definitely needs a green accent of this lounge chair. Right next to the rocking chair.

----- David 30.11.12 14:46

I would rock this chair on my patio garden, with some headphones on…because I live by an airport.

----- Meredith 30.11.12 14:21

Lounging on the banks of Clear Creek with my son and assortment of plush snowmen tucked below.

----- Greg 30.11.12 13:42

My balcony overlooking the city, with something inebriating. XD

----- Albert Weeks 30.11.12 13:14

The Bates Motel

----- Terence Monaghan 30.11.12 13:12

My father just moved into a house with a beautiful backyard that looks over a creek and some woodland. It’s so fun to just sit back and watch the critters!

----- Kelsey A 30.11.12 12:45

I would love to have this chair sit in the office for now, and eventually in the nursery when the time comes :) What a great little cuddle chair!

----- Jenni 30.11.12 12:03

In my room.

----- Darrell 30.11.12 10:57

In the attic w/ my toys.

----- Peter D 30.11.12 08:56

In my room untill my socks came off!

----- Sam Foster 30.11.12 08:51

out by the barn

----- Ryan 30.11.12 08:48

I would rock it wherever I could carry it.

----- andrew 30.11.12 08:11

I’d rock it in my yard to instantly ramp the cool up by 2000%.

----- James 30.11.12 08:11

I would actually send it to my mom in DC for her space, and then have another reason to go visit her.

----- charlie Price 30.11.12 08:06

Bringing the chair with me on my trip to Machu Picchu. There’s no better way to lounge than to be overlooking an ancient city with a glass of pisco sour.

----- Christine Zhuang 30.11.12 07:40

We will rock on this in our rooftop garden surrounded by our tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants with the view of the armory towers in Bed-Stuy! It may occasionally migrate to our neighbors cactus garden for a Zen vacation, too.

----- Blue 30.11.12 07:14

Into the wild.

----- Agata 30.11.12 06:20

This rocking chair is where my little newborn baby will sleep over!

----- mario ermitikos 30.11.12 05:28

In my loft apartment in Downtown LA, reading NOTCOT. I just finished architecture school and need some furniture!

----- Chris 30.11.12 02:50

I would rock it on the roof of the 18-storey building where I live, when it snows, with a good book in one hand and a warm tea in the other…

----- federica 30.11.12 02:01

I would rock that boat!

----- Damien 30.11.12 00:18

Unbelievably clean and modern, just a beautiful design all around. Would love to give one a test drive.

----- Chris Morris 30.11.12 00:03

In my future family room (after the renovation)!

----- Hoister 29.11.12 23:46

I’d rock wherever my dog was laying.

----- Nick 29.11.12 23:28

Simply must have a lime green DP rocker for the cactus garden overlooking Hollywood sign!

----- Mark Meyerhoff 29.11.12 23:16

I would rock this chair on my terrace while deeply immersed in a lecture. Naah, who do I kid. My cat will most likely take ownership..

----- laura dragomir 29.11.12 23:03

I would rock this chair by the fireplace while sketching in my sketchbook :)

----- Rocio 29.11.12 22:49

I would rock this chair by the fireplace while sketching in my sketchbook :)

----- Rocio 29.11.12 22:48

i see myself making love on this rocker :)

----- paul sandip 29.11.12 21:58

I’d lounge in my new backyard, enjoying a fabulous view of the SW Colorado mountains!

----- KD 29.11.12 21:00

I’d sit wherever needs company and has a view that’s better shared.

----- Laura G. 29.11.12 20:54

Would lounge in the family music room while rocking out to the tunes. It’ll surely brighten up the place!

----- Sarah 29.11.12 20:48

After many hours spent contemplating where i would “rock” this exquisite chair i came to the conclusion that the more appropriate question would be where wouldn’t i rock it?… Sadly after several more hours i could not find an answer to my new revised question…

----- Jonathon 29.11.12 20:32

I would love to rock on the deck. although I will have to nudge hubby to finish it first. until then, I will keep it in the kitchen as it is where I spend most of my time.

----- tane 29.11.12 19:45

on the beach!

----- eliot 29.11.12 19:30

Is it boring to say that I would want this at work to cheer up my tiny office space and make reading work more enjoyable? Even if it is boring, it’s true.

----- Kate 29.11.12 18:00

I’d use it as my first piece of patio furniture!

----- Mariam 29.11.12 17:00

I’d rock this baby out on my back porch. 3rd floor and surrounded on three sides by tree canopy!

----- Mikey 29.11.12 16:51

I’d rock this baby out on my back porch. 3rd floor and surrounded on three sides by tree canopy!

----- Mikey 29.11.12 16:51

Just bought a little apartment. Nothing big, but i have a great terrace with a wall where i want to paint the rays of sunshine on. That and the lounger… I wouldn’t mind rainy Belgian weather anymore…

----- Monica 29.11.12 16:27

I love this rocker!!!

I’d have this in my small garden space here in San Francisco and take it with me to the park on sunny days! To show it off, of course! ;)

Such a great piece!

----- Johnny G 29.11.12 16:17

just moved into my first house with my first yard - and it overlooks lake michigan! my yard is begging for one of these.

----- sarah 29.11.12 15:53

Lounging in front of the fireplace in winter, outside on the patio in summer — and everywhere else in between! :)

----- Jaclyn 29.11.12 15:13

central park

----- jenna 29.11.12 14:17

My very own OFFI Mod Lounger:

Would live in my living room.

It would travel with me to my niece’s soccer game.

It would be allow my husband to rock on it while he drank some whiskey and watched his games.

It would let my dog to relax and chew on her raw hide treats.

It would be the perfect place to rest my butt while I watched Homeland.

I would really love my OFFI Mod Lounger.

----- Tam 29.11.12 14:12

Where wouldn’t I use it? Well, in bed and in the shower I guess…
In my studio, in the garden, in my lounge, maybe take it out for a nice picnic, camping, to the cinema, dinner at a restaurant. Yes sir, everywhere.

----- Mat Moore 29.11.12 14:00

My suburban townhouse backyard listening to records, that’s where I would lounge and rock.

----- Joanie 29.11.12 13:52

Ill take it to the Florida Everglades and Rock it.

----- Cristhian Vallejo 29.11.12 13:36

I’d lounge on my patio downtown Minneapolis with a cool cocktail!

----- Abigail 29.11.12 13:12

On my balcony smoking a cigar

----- Randy 29.11.12 12:51

The lounger would be great on my balcony or make for a really nice reading spot next to all of my books in my bedroom.

----- Christi 29.11.12 12:46

i would take it upstate and sit by the pond and watch the stream while listening to the Pixies

----- kenny 29.11.12 12:09

I would put it in my truckbed and let my friends sit in it and drive them around all of America (North & South).

----- Melissa 29.11.12 11:48

On the deck for the summer; inside near the windows and yarn cubbies in the winter.

----- Susanna 29.11.12 11:29

That would look amazing in my game room.

----- sam li 29.11.12 11:13

I recently bought a house and am woefully short on chairs and seating. I can see this a the coveted seat in any of the rooms.

----- tonyF 29.11.12 10:33

I’d rock it by the pool.

----- Yoshio 29.11.12 10:03

This delightful chair would be the perfect addition to my now chair-less balcony. I would love to be able to sit and read while occasionally looking out over the hills of Manoa.

----- Michael 29.11.12 10:00

there’s plenty room for magazines & books, which rocks!

----- martina 29.11.12 09:49

In the middle of a dandelion field.

----- Agata 29.11.12 09:35

I would like to have this chair in my art studio space as a place to work and sit and design.

----- Eric 29.11.12 09:33

I’d love to see my two little boys rocking in this on the deck. It would look so much more stylish than the collapsible lounge chairs we have there now….

----- KatieB 29.11.12 09:30

I would place it right in the middle of my vegetable garden, next to the windmill.

----- Namtran Nguyen 29.11.12 09:20

I would definitely use this to read in my backyard in the summer! So neat!

----- Michelle Warnke 29.11.12 08:56

Eating rapidly was a force of habit for the man. He suffered from a nervous condition which kept him jumpy and spying over his shoulder in crowded spaces. His doctor had given him pills but they only managed to take the edge off, he thought, as he checked his watch. He popped his next dose of color coded pills a quarter hour early with a large swill of his drink and anxiously whiped the drops of sweat from his brow with the back of his shaking hand. His mind had been back in that crowded theater; they have rocking chairs at the movies now he mused. The chair had in fact calmed his nerves slightly in the midst of such a terribly crowd, but still just the thought put him on edge still now and he tried his hardest to push it out of his mind. He was, in fact, now sitting within the secluded confines of a beautiful garden scape on the north side of his turn of the century brown stone. This was the only place he could truly relax his mind, and as he sat in his favorite chair and slowly rocked, the stresses of the day began to melt away from his mind…eased, of course, by pharmaceutical magic and blended scotch.

----- Hugo 29.11.12 07:37

I would place it under the oak tree in the yard, kick back with a cold drink, a good book, and a snack, and just let time pass by in the best way possible.

----- MATT JAMES 29.11.12 07:12

Nice seating design! I recently had to sell my Eames Lounge replica that I restored and am still getting over the breakup. This lounger would help soften that blow haha.

----- garet 29.11.12 07:07

I’d have to put it in our nursery. Our baby LOVES rocking.

----- Geoff 29.11.12 07:02

I would love to rock this lime green OFFI with my son Marius during summer nights under our oak !

----- Fred Capouillez 29.11.12 06:57

I think this would be best to take to my sister’s place, she has a lovely terrace with a view of the Tennessee hills. Although I think it could probably work well in our mid-century living room!

----- kimdog 29.11.12 06:41

oh, this would get rocked hard at the farm in rich hill, mo (inside and out). I’d get the blue one to match the blue cabinets we put in the log cabin. my kids would fight over it.

----- andy 29.11.12 06:40

I’d have my two nieces and our HUGE Totoro from Shanghai share it. I’d all rock the hell out of it.

----- Jordan Ho 29.11.12 06:11

I would perch in my backyard for summer, and finally finish reading - The Book of Dave - by Will Self.

----- Adrian 29.11.12 06:05

I’d rock it as a sled this winter.

----- Joe k 29.11.12 05:43

In my secret underground lair.

----- Robert W. 29.11.12 05:35

In the summer, spring, and fall, I’d use it in the yard next to my chickens, sitting outside watching the wind in the trees. And in the winter on my porch drinking coffee outside in the morning.

----- Kelley Elliott 29.11.12 05:17

…in my mediterranean garden, in the living room, in the patio, I would even take it to the beach!

----- Miyon 29.11.12 05:02

in the new garden of my new home with my only and real love.

----- martamask 29.11.12 03:42

on my porch!

----- Natalina 29.11.12 03:12

I’d rock it next to my new Java crafted fishing boat wood/steal combo table while reading a booking watching winter pass in front of my window!

----- Arnoud 29.11.12 00:39

Somewhere in New Orleans, right when it hits dusk.

----- BL 28.11.12 23:56

i’d somehow take it to the highline park in NY, where there are people lounging on the grass

----- steven 28.11.12 23:54

Under the stars, around the chimenea, with good cheer and good company.

----- Steve W 28.11.12 23:40

a perfect thing to lounge in my blooming garden under the cherry tree

----- martins 28.11.12 23:36

On my balcony, cocktail in hand!

----- Monica 28.11.12 23:25

We just moved into an older bi-level house with more room. My living room, with a beautiful view of those great Pacific Northwest firs, is lacking in furniture, so I would rock that Offi to a steady beat up there.

----- Sandra 28.11.12 22:29

I would lounge next to my window in my bedroom with a book, but i also agree with one of the other commenters that my 3 yr old would steal it from me along with her 1yr old sister.

----- Spencer Nelson 28.11.12 22:17

backyard at night, looking up at the stars and down into the valley at the freeway.

----- rich 28.11.12 22:16

I need a new chair at my new office. I’ve just switched jobs and it’s such a transition to get everything to my liking. This would be the icing on the cake for my cubicle!

----- Aaron 28.11.12 22:00

I’d rock it out on my campus lawn

----- Jeff 28.11.12 21:30

i’ll bring this to work!! everyone will be envious!! hahahha!

----- libys 28.11.12 20:56

My office

----- Will R 28.11.12 20:33

Ideal lounging location, The Farnworth house!

----- Tyson 28.11.12 20:15

I would put it on my balcony facing the harbour

----- Brian Yip 28.11.12 19:56

in my office looking out at the snow.

----- Laurita 28.11.12 19:56

In front of my tv playing video games.

----- Alice 28.11.12 19:42

As much as I would love to enjoy this on my patio in the sun, let’s be real. My dog would overpower me and sleep on it all day like it was his job.

----- Stephanie 28.11.12 19:06

On my balcony with a good book and an ice cold glass of sweet tea.

----- Cindy Aiton 28.11.12 18:56

I would rock it while playing Xbox or watching movies. Then in the summer I’ll take it out on my deck

----- Bryan Skene 28.11.12 18:50

I like working in low chairs, so I’d rock this in front of my low desk! (in blue if anyone’s asking)

----- Andy Stoltz 28.11.12 18:39

I would rock next to the Wapsipinicon River, which runs through my backyard. Currently the old metal chairs that have always found their way there have been dubbed ‘River Chairs.’ It is time for a new River Chair to show up on the scene.

----- Terry R. 28.11.12 18:38

on the beach downstair of where I live. under the colorful lights of the Tsing Ma bridge of Hong Kong.

----- Diane 28.11.12 18:15

I would use it to lounge… Well actually my three year old would steal it and tell me it is her lounge chair, so I guess I would give it to her and watch her lounge in her bright sun yellow room!

----- Justin 28.11.12 18:03

Ahhhh I’d definitely rock beneath the oak trees in my yard!

----- Ani Michelle 28.11.12 17:51

In my bedroom next to the radiator, probably playing Freecell on my tablet for hours.

----- luna 28.11.12 17:44

In my new apartment next to the fireplace!

----- Megan 28.11.12 17:40

I’d lounge in our loft, daydreaming listening to my favorite tunes.

----- Brittany 28.11.12 17:18

If I could I’d take the lounger to Zabriskie Point and watch the sunrise there. :) Being more real, I’d use it as my reading seat, both inside and in the garden, provided the cats don’t get there first.

----- Matilde 28.11.12 16:34

The holiday period is flippin’ hot in Australia, so I’d like to say I’d rock this chair while sipping a festive brewski on a beach or on a boat or … but realistically I’d probably rock it in the suitably sauve surrounds of my studio while thinking awesome designy thoughts and hiding from the sun.

----- Matthew Stuckey 28.11.12 16:28

I’d rock it at my apartment/loft in front of my windows wall 16 foot high!

----- Renaud Jobin Robitaille 28.11.12 16:05

In my small studio apartment with my “exchange student” cat Nikko

----- jonathan 28.11.12 15:19

Please. I’m Belgian. Don’ you think is in af. I’need some good thing in my live…

----- Stéphane Olivier 28.11.12 15:08

Please. I’m Belgian. Don’ you think is in af. I’need some good thing in my live…

----- Stéphane Olivier 28.11.12 15:08

The Offi mod lounger would be perfect for our brand new deck, which overlooks our first ever new garden. No more apartment living!

----- Aaron 28.11.12 14:56

On the porch. In the shade. With my plants

----- Jessi 28.11.12 14:36

I would take my supercool 1yo gingerhaired godchild in my arms and we could both sleep softly swinging away in an ginger/orange rocker… I can’t wait!

----- Ben Joossen 28.11.12 14:20

Oh my gosh, this is totally going in my new studio/atelier! It’d be perfect for sewing my handbound journals perched on that lovely piece of furniture!

----- Sharon 28.11.12 14:10

I’d lounge in my sun room with a cold beer in hand

----- Mike 28.11.12 14:05

that lounger rocks! ;)

----- evita 28.11.12 14:03

in central park, yah!

----- wolfie 28.11.12 13:32

I’d lounge in my man-cave and play sweet video games all night long!

----- Tyler 28.11.12 13:32

I would lounge in front of the fire and enjoy some hot cocoa and holiday tunes!

----- Lucas lund 28.11.12 13:26

This would be So Perfect for the sad tiny patch of concrete we call our ‘porch’ or ‘roof’. Right now there’s a sofa that’s been through more than one rainy season (and in Israel, when it rains it pours), and is falling apart. We could create an entire new layout for that space if we had a handsome item like this to build off of.

----- olga 28.11.12 13:17

I’d lounge in my kitchen near my glass door with a mug of tea and something yummy in the oven!

----- Liz 28.11.12 12:53

What a great lounger! I’d love to rock it on a beach:)

----- Agnieszka 28.11.12 12:45

I’d crawl from my bed to this lounger nearby looking out the window :) Looks perfect to rock in with a good book!

----- Jen D 28.11.12 12:45

For starters, our back yard would be a great place to relax. But we don’t have any outdoor furniture yet!

----- Bruce 28.11.12 12:42

I would rock my new baby to sleep in our backyard under the stars.

----- D'Arcy O'Neill 28.11.12 12:39

On the dock all summer…and in front of my tv while i hybernate once the snow arrives…

----- Maisan Caines 28.11.12 12:31

I would rock this in my new city appartment courtyard with a gin in my hand. Bring on summer.

----- Christina 28.11.12 12:31

I’ve got an empty corner in my apartment, save for a couple of book shelves. I’d place the lounger there, get the lighting just right, brew a pot of tea, and read the afternoon away.

----- Daniel 28.11.12 12:26

Is it wrong that I would haul this into work for a proper relaxing chair during my lunch break?

----- Jen 28.11.12 12:22

I’d rock it at my front door with a good magazine.

----- edgar 28.11.12 12:22

On my new apartment’s 10th story balcony to rock away my fear of heights.

----- Ana Branea 28.11.12 12:13

I would rock this in the back yard with the kids!

----- Erastos 28.11.12 12:11

By my dream cabin in the mountains!

----- Ian S. 28.11.12 12:02

I would rock the offi in “Gorca” - I don’t know the propper english word, but this is a building at the vineyard, where you keep tools, have a place to eat and relax, and there is of course a wine cellar ;)

----- Iva 28.11.12 11:59

Would be such a wonderful lounger for me and my fellow students to relax and do some work in the courtyard of the UofM School of Art and Design.

----- David B 28.11.12 11:59

I love this simple yet fun rotomolded design. If I won, I would buy 3 more and place them on my roof in Hollywood with a fire pit for lounging with friends after a long week !

----- Chase 28.11.12 11:50

I would love to rock one of these while playing video games in my living room - FINALLY A CHAIR MY DOG CAN’T STEAL FROM ME!

----- kiki kane 28.11.12 11:50

I would lounge and rock in my sunroom with a good book!

----- Laura 28.11.12 11:49

Lime green or orange out on the deck.

----- Paul 28.11.12 11:48

I’d take it into the office to use for when I’m reading (and need a break from the computer screen).

----- Sarah 28.11.12 11:44

just got a new house, and it needs serious help. with this and a new deck we’d be all set!

----- jack 28.11.12 11:41

I’d lounge in my new patio/garden

----- Will R 28.11.12 11:39

Under a maple next to our herb garden

----- Neil K. 28.11.12 11:34

I would definitely sneak this thing up to my roof for some early evening reading and lounging!

----- Pete 28.11.12 11:33

On our porch with a good book and a cup of coffee.

----- Ed 28.11.12 11:30

I’d use this in my bedroom until I finish putting in my patio. Then you’d never get me off that patio.

----- Eric W 28.11.12 11:25

I would lounge in the middle of Thompson Square Park, East Village…in the snow!

----- Jake 28.11.12 11:25

I would give this to one of my nieces so she could read in style.

----- Jeremiah Andrick 28.11.12 11:23

Team Awesomepants, my themecamp, desperately needs to rock these at Burning Flipside, the Burning Man regional event just outside of ATX.

----- Ryan Romero 28.11.12 11:22

What an awesome lounger! I invision myself strapping this to a backpacking frame along with a packed lunch and finding a secluded alpine lake to picknick by. If its snowing, I’ll use the chair as a sled- the thing looks fast and comfy to boot. - The blue Lounger is my favorite, but for my purposes of ambling around the woods with it, orange may be the best option, gotta watch out for hunters.

----- Will 28.11.12 11:20

I would -rock out- with my cat Bella beneath me in the hole area. She and I would chillax on the deck overlooking the lake reading a good modern design mag!

----- Jo C 28.11.12 11:15

I’d lounge under the window in my living room. Read some and enjoy the sunlight.

----- Jeremy 28.11.12 11:10

City life means no back yard but I’ve got a balcony that would be prime real estate for lounging with that chair!`

----- Ryan J 28.11.12 11:07

This will be great on my backyard with my hubby.

----- Norma 28.11.12 11:04

Would rock this sucker in the TV room in winter… front porch in summer!

----- Mikell Johnson 28.11.12 10:58

I would love to rock the lime green OFFI lounger in my yard with my puppies!

----- jessica 28.11.12 10:56

Lounging while sliding down a snowy hill. Oh!Canada.

----- Holly Richter 28.11.12 10:56

I would rock this chair at every tailgate I could get my butt to.

----- Scott Pierce 28.11.12 10:55

In my back yard with my boys!

----- greg 28.11.12 10:50

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