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Holiday Giveaway #7: Areaware- 11.29.12

areaware0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Areaware keeps life fun and beautiful. Their designs are always simply delightful, and perfect to pass on… The surreal nature of Flat Life Light designed by Finn Magee is a great example of that - it looks like a hanging painting, but with printed PET and electronics, this light is perfect for bedside! Yes, you can really turn it on! For NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #7, you can win not only this stunning new light, but also their adorable smaller wooden bear - Ursa Minor by David Weeks, crafted out of sustainably harvested new growth beech wood, as well as Karl Zahn’s Tree Tops in green!

THE GOODS: A bundle including Flat Life Light, a Tree Top in green and Ursa Minor.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what’s on your nightstand by midnight 12/4 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details (and a holiday coupon!) on the next page…

UPDATE: Congrats to Stephanie of Burlington, VT!

areaware1.jpg Flat Life Light

areaware2.jpg Tree Top

areaware3.jpg Ursa Minor

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what’s on your nightstand by midnight 12/4 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


220 Notes

A few books and a drawing of my little brother, which he drew for me at the age of 7. Great giveaway by the way, I wanted the Ursa bear for sooooo long! Just a quick question though, I live in the UK .. Is that ok?

----- Leyla 06.12.12 15:10

clutter, lots of it. mason jar of drinking water, lotion, books, wooden box o photographs, NYRB, a small mason jar of buttons.

----- mridula 04.12.12 22:53

I usually don’t know what’s on my dresser until the morning, ifyaknowwhatimean :x

----- Mooni 04.12.12 22:10

A lamp, a copy of Jurassic Park, n half empty (or full?) glass of water, and plenty of space for these awesome things once I win them.

----- Matt G. 04.12.12 21:24

A novel by David Foster Wallace, an anthology of works by Jose Luis Borges, Yellow by Frank Wu, a stack of magazines (the Atlantic, Lucky Peach, J. Crew Catalogues), an old diary , my glasses, pens and highlighters,

----- Andrea 04.12.12 21:22

My nightstand has a water bottle, wash cloth, contacts, contact solution, and earrings.

----- Angela 04.12.12 19:26

a bottle of water, aleve my iphone charger and a house plant

----- Andrew Visconti 04.12.12 18:38

The only thing I have on my nightstand is a bottle of aspirin, cell phone, bottle of water, & a small teddy bear my daughter gave me :)

----- Ed J Moore 04.12.12 16:05

Photo of my family, photo of mom and me, lamp, lip balm.

----- Christina 04.12.12 15:45

a lamp, a coaster, and a stack of books

----- melissa flicker 04.12.12 15:41

nightstand=fingernail clippers, a phone charger, an alarm clock, and a book.

----- kevinb 04.12.12 15:29

A phone charger, a book, some pencils/postits, spare change in a mug, and nail polish bottles.

----- Kate 04.12.12 14:37

battery operated lantern and tv remote

----- Debbie 04.12.12 14:18

A lamp, a few cds, a cd alarm clock, a night light… And my wife’s childhood dragon stuffed animal, named Puff. Loved so dearly that its music box is barely held in by a few stitches and all the love a ragged dragon could ever want.

----- Ben Bates 04.12.12 12:48

When I sleep, my nighstand holds my phone and glasses. During the day, it is clear.

----- Steve 04.12.12 12:35

On my nightstand is a Laptop, small fish-tank, clock, headphones, Droid Bionic, phone charger, compressed can of duster, and a hammer.

----- Jorian 04.12.12 12:27

phone charger & a book (vintage paperback- the spy who loved me)

----- tony F 04.12.12 10:20

Some agate bookends, half a dozen books (my to-be-read pile), glasses, and my cellphone.

----- Julie 04.12.12 09:51

the book i´m reading and a beutiful lamp… made of wood by my grandfather.

----- Patricia 04.12.12 09:34

Just the usual on this girls nightstand. Some favorite perfume, a little mushroom lamp, a photo, and a lantern sits right next to it incase the power goes out….

----- Brittany 04.12.12 09:10

I currently don’t have a nightstand, but if I did it would be my iPhone, and iPad, and sketchbook with a few pens.

----- sam li 04.12.12 07:34

Blink by Malcom Gladwell, Impro by Keith Johnstone, Hand Sanitizer & Tingling Foot Cream.

----- Matt 04.12.12 07:20

A book, “Jesus loves Porn Stars”, flashlite, picture of my nephew and my Bose alarm clock.

----- Sergio 04.12.12 06:15

Spectacles! So I can see things when I wake up. A sprouting potato and lego. Also a notepad for any weird dreams I end up having full of doodles and sketches.

----- Ollie Moon 04.12.12 05:31

My kid, trying to wake me up to play…

----- Tarun 04.12.12 03:54

my laptop loading torrent seeds.

----- jay panelomo 04.12.12 02:10

My nightstand items are an alarm clock, mini flashlight, lipbalm, and a carved/wooden angel my sister got in Mexico.

----- Kristina 03.12.12 22:40

Mason Jar with “Cuppow” Sippy Lid, Concrete Coaster from Raine Design, Cell Phone with Charger!

----- Chelsea Raine 03.12.12 21:01

I’ve got my wooden valet tray on my nightstand. It holds all my important thing, wallet, sunglasses, wedding ring, and phone. Otherwise I would lose them in a day…

----- Andy L 03.12.12 20:08

Alarm clock, cellphone, mini x-mass McFarlane spawn, lamp, 8 pennies, 1 quarter, matchbook,2 hex bolts, 1 wire nut and a rock my daughter gave me.

----- tony 03.12.12 20:03

My trusty sketchpad. Overused mechanical pencils, a couple of watercolor tubes and lotsa table stains.

----- Noryden Devora 03.12.12 19:41

my jewelry box, my clock, hand and lip moisturizer and a pile of interior design magazines :)

----- Jennifer 03.12.12 18:51

multiple glasses of water, phone, clock, chapstick.

----- lace 03.12.12 18:39

A lamp, earrings, old iphone as alarm clock, notepad and pen.

----- Caitlin 03.12.12 18:37

tissues, hand mirror, three hand lotions, a messy arrangement of earrings and necklaces, a water bottle, a comb, my phone-a.k.a alarm clock-sunscreen, and sunglasses all fitting together like a puzzle on top of my tiny black square end table.

----- Andrea 03.12.12 18:16

Pics of my loved once,candles, books and a notepad for my ideas and dreams.

----- agi 03.12.12 16:55

iphone + charger, mug of tea, journal which I write in every evening right before bed + pen, a teddy bear.

----- Ace W 03.12.12 15:50

iphone, and the book of the week. That is it.

----- Kevin 03.12.12 15:25

on my stand is a touch lamp…my alarm clock that i have have been using for 22 years and the current read (right now Terry Pratchett’s Guards Guards)

----- corgimas 03.12.12 15:18

My nightstand has my iHOME alarm clock, a standard lamp from target, 3 different reusable water bottles, Triscuit box (at the moment, usually i have some type of snack), various remote controls, and a junk bag (filled with nail polish, pens, pencils, paper, bills, receipts, usb drives, coins, and lots more)!

----- Sandy 03.12.12 12:37

The Hobbit, a leg lamp, my phone/makeshift alarm clock, and a glass for water.

----- Allison 03.12.12 12:14

I have a glass lamp, a broken clock and a stephen’s king book :D

----- María 03.12.12 11:48

Lamp, jewelry, and a stack of books!

----- Thu 03.12.12 11:28

glasses, book, lamp.

----- Janete 03.12.12 11:07

a small painted table, my glasses and a growing stack of comic books.

----- Jenna 03.12.12 10:58

I have a notebook on my nightstand, for those sparks of genius mid REM.

----- Kacey 03.12.12 08:15

Current night stand set up includes: vintage dishes for jewelry, three books that are in-progress, tchotchkes from travels that I’ve picked up, a framed quote from a Bob Dylan song that my husband proposed with, and a box of tissues (it’s cold season in Vermont!). Time to upgrade?

----- stephanie 03.12.12 08:14

a hairpin-legged table lamp, retro alarm clock, laptop, phone, and water glass. it’s a big nightstand!

----- luna 03.12.12 07:58

cute & eco-friendly!

----- Andie C 03.12.12 05:22

Ha! Funny. My alarm clock, (a little blue square one with a nice suble alarm!), glasses, watch, a little rock dish with earrings and rings in it, and a carafe of water. Oh, and a lamp. Under the nightstand are a couple dozen books.

----- Natalie 03.12.12 04:54

I have a plush Optimus Prime holding my glasses - he protects them from the Decepticons

----- Chris 03.12.12 01:32

I just rearranged things and now have multiple short dressers and nightstands stacked up all the way to the ceiling. Is that weird?

----- Robin Hertert 02.12.12 22:33

A Leatherman and a copy of World War Z

----- Sam 02.12.12 16:51

My bedside table broke…having some nice new things to put on one may be enough inspiration to make one for myself.

----- Adam S 02.12.12 15:49

An Inukshuk :)

----- Simon 02.12.12 14:36

maneki neko cat, lamp, nail polish, pens and other small scale items

----- maja 02.12.12 12:52

An old fashioned stamp and a precarious stack of books.

----- Clementine 02.12.12 07:50

A stack of books that is as tall as my lamp, including a book on poisons, and my notebook and a pen for sudden inspirations

----- Meghan 02.12.12 07:34

My bible

----- J 02.12.12 07:06

I have a pile of Economists next to my bed. On top is an alarm clock, so I could guess that is what I call my nightstand…

----- TIm 02.12.12 06:31

my alarm clock and a book a friend lend to me, that i havent opened in weeks

----- steven 02.12.12 05:22

I have an iPhone dock, a pretty lamp, two pairs of glasses and my kobo glo ereader, which is a must for someone with a small baby.

----- Kim D 02.12.12 05:17

A big mess! Everything that I’ve been carrying around that day gets dumped there, alongside the lamp and whatever I’m currently reading.

----- Rose 02.12.12 02:25

One Kindle, one reading lamp, one mobile phone dock and a half empty box of condoms

----- Stuart 02.12.12 01:18

I have way, way, way too much stuff on my nightstand which is actually a small desk. Jewelry, sunglasses, hand lotion, a half mannequin with necklaces and some folded clothes. (you should see what underneath it)

----- Lish Rebman 02.12.12 01:07

My nightstand contains: my kindle, hand lotion, a jar of melatonin, a box of tissues and a hair tie

----- Kayleigh 01.12.12 23:58

I hope to get that lamp for my boyfriend…my nightstand has my glasses case, a beeswax candle, some adorable rings, and a cheesy romance novel.

My boyfriend’s nightstand has the Donald Judd complete writings book…yeah…he needs that lamp.

----- Miranda M. 01.12.12 21:59

That bear must be one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while! And in combination with the tree tops and the amazing light painting, what a find! Perfect for any parent who might want to have their kid surrounded by beautiful things, or an adult who appreciates good design.

----- Cameron Shore 01.12.12 21:04

A lamp, two books and a pine scented candle.

----- Elisabeth 01.12.12 20:15

Retro Lamp, coasters, Dwell magazine.

----- Marie 01.12.12 19:10

On my nightstand: a framed photo of my family, a framed postcard from Japan, six books, an alarm clock, a graduation gift, makeup, a glass cup painted with designs and my keys.

----- Charis 01.12.12 18:56

I’ve got a reading lamp, my projector alarm clock, my wallet, glasses, and cell phone on my night side stand. All of the essentials!

----- Zach 01.12.12 18:20

my nightstand currently has a copy of William Cheselden’s Osteographia, a sketch of a tattoo I’m working on for my back, a bottle of water, a bottle of Ambien, and ancient alarm clock

----- Carl 01.12.12 17:37

A student in the middle of several children, it was all I could do to pile a couple of mattresses, with a stool next to the bed. Ah but on this stool is a copy of American Gods, a mini lamp, a sock, and a cactus.

----- Kylene 01.12.12 17:30

A gazillion stuffed animals.

----- Tiffany 01.12.12 16:45

An old cigar box with “Laurie with love from Velda 25-4-75” engraved on it (I don’t know who Laurie or Velda are but it’s a nice box), a pic of me and my boyfriend in Jodphur, a hair band, a condom, some Ikea instructions for Gosa Pinje (pillow maybe?!), a gin & tonic, the remote control for the ceiling blinds and some moisturiser.

----- Emma 01.12.12 16:01

My nightstand is covered in junk :( - although maybe not if I win!

----- Dan Gilmore 01.12.12 14:57

A stack of library books and several scarves I don’t have room for anywhere else.

----- Meghan 01.12.12 13:59

Bedside lamp, alarm clock (from the 70’s) and a glass of water.

----- Beth 01.12.12 12:45

On my nightstand is a lamp, an alarm clock, my laptop and a collection of short stories by Haruki Murakami.

----- Eric 01.12.12 12:01

I have a dock for my phone, which doubles as a clock/alarm and a lamp which needs an upgrade.

----- Eric 01.12.12 11:27

My nightstand stays pretty minimal. Just my remote, iPhone, and earplugs.

----- Tom 01.12.12 10:24

My nightstand has a ventolin inhaler, a cup of tea with milk that has been there for a week and is now too daunting to wash, The book Ulysses that is half read and has been there mocking me for six months and has become too daunting to read, the book “Role Models” which I read in three days and haven’t returned to my best friend because I spilled tea on it. Also a substantial amount of dust and cat hair.

----- Joanie 01.12.12 10:12

My window ledge has my phone charger, “Under the Banner of Heaven” (book), and my book light (so my wife can sleep).

----- Adam Edwards 01.12.12 09:25

On my nightstand I have: Lamp (Target), Alarm Clock/ iPhone dock (Sony) and a place to lay my phone while it charges since said dock doesn’t work with my phone anymore. I have had my eye on Ursa Minor for about a year now. I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

----- justin 01.12.12 07:53

my nightstand is so boring….and mess. It’s an old nighstand from my “mamie Nilla”. On it there is a lamp, which is too big, my cellular which is also my alarm, somes earring pairs, a book “sous le soleil des scorta” and comics.(sorry for my bad english langage)

----- Lingenheld Marie 01.12.12 07:16

a stack of books
but no lamp to read them (hint hint hint hint)

----- Liz 01.12.12 06:45

A space heater and my cat, Mittens. That is where he sleeps.

----- Lara Richard 01.12.12 06:39

A lamp, glass of water, contact solution, rings, empty glass, alarm clock, necklace, aromoa theropy for sheets, my mouth guard, and the third Game of Thrones book…this list makes me want to clean up today.

----- Liz B 01.12.12 06:38

My weathered Moleskine notebook is a permanent fixture on my nightstand. Despite having an iPad and laptop, nothing beats the joy of putting ink on paper to immortalize my doodles and thoughts of the day.

----- Ellen Bautista 01.12.12 06:09

Plenty Room for the flat life light, tree tops, and super cute ursa minor.

----- Briana 01.12.12 05:24

I don’t have a nightstand at home, but at my 2nd home (apartment) I have piles of textbooks, a lamp, alarm clock, laptop, candies, water bottles, notebooks, etc. You know, college stuff.

----- Amanda 01.12.12 04:03

The day sits on my nightstand.

----- NYN 01.12.12 02:33

My alarm clock, iPhone 4, and a copy of Farm Anatomy by Julia Rothman.

----- Scott 30.11.12 23:03

a couple hundred+ cds and a lamp

----- kelly 30.11.12 22:05

pick me

----- Matt 30.11.12 21:08

a small lamp, books, magazines, & my childhood teddy bear.

----- Kimberly M 30.11.12 20:25

a book or two, a candle in a wine bottle, and usually a few bottles of nail polish.

----- Allie 30.11.12 19:59

a lamp, water bottle, kleenex and an unplugged alarm clock.

----- jamie 30.11.12 19:36

What isn’t on my nightstand? More like, what isn’t stacked under and around my nightstand. Hah. My nightstand is a wrought-iron table-side lamp inherited from my grandparents that has an attached tile table about 9”x9”, perfect for a few items. I usually keep my mouthguard, iPhone, glasses, and whatever I’m currently reading or my sketchbook on there. And Rose’s lip balm. Can never have enough of that stuff.

----- Charlotte Terry 30.11.12 19:14

Well lets see, there is a David Sedaris book and Garrison Keillor’s selection of poetry.

Also an alarm clock from the sixties and a small lamp.

Plus a few pencils.

----- Aaron R. 30.11.12 18:57

On my nightstand is a stack of books, a pen and some picture frames

----- Ashley K 30.11.12 18:30

I have an alarm clock, 1960s lamp, and small pottery rabbit.

----- Cindy Aiton 30.11.12 17:46

Currently on my nightstand:

- One piece coral, washed ashore

- One shard igneous rock, inexplicably discovered in a jacket pocket

- Three miniature paintings supported by three miniature easels. Each painted by my girlfriend’s little sister, they depict 1) a hand 2) a man’s face 3) a shock of disheveled hair.

- A lamp that I hate

----- Michael 30.11.12 17:41

IPhone charging doc and trulite natural sunlight lamp.

----- Ian 30.11.12 16:03

My room is small, so I don’t have room for an official night stand. Instead I use my desk chair to keep my phone, a book, and glasses when I go to bed.

----- Megan 30.11.12 15:28

A few books and a drawing of my little brother, which he drew for me at the age of 7. Great giveaway by the way, I wanted the Ursa bear for sooooo long! Just a quick question though, I live in the UK .. Is that ok?

----- Leyla 30.11.12 15:22

Only my phone. Nothing else.

----- Daniel 30.11.12 15:16

my glasses and my phone are regulars but occasionally there might be a book, but only if there’s the chance of a quiet morning!

----- Ian 30.11.12 14:44

I have a lovely antique lamp that is ill suited for reading and a couple of books that I’m not currently reading but not because of poor lighting. Sadly there is also a snake plant, a curbside rescue, that I nursed back to health only to watch it wither all over again. Probably also not from poor lighting.

----- Lorinda 30.11.12 14:39

the regulars: a book(sometimes two), my glasses, bendy lamp, mobile and a small utility knife.
irregulars: waterbottle, hanky.

----- David 30.11.12 14:32

A great ipad/iphone charging lamp that was a gift from FLOS!

----- Devin Vermeulen 30.11.12 14:18

RedShirts, by john Scalzi

----- PattyCakes 30.11.12 13:35

Contents of nightstand, from left to right: The Lonely Doll, by Dare Wright; aN unopened pouch of Borkum Riff; a moleskin journal; and a Lego pirate.

----- Greg 30.11.12 13:33


----- Terence Monaghan 30.11.12 13:12

I have a book I am reading at nights on my nightstand!

----- Blessie Nelson 30.11.12 12:54

On my nightstand:
alarm clock, jewelry, drink coaster (for bedtime cocktails), ipad (for bed tv), and cat brush (for bedtime brush sessions)!

----- Sallyann 30.11.12 12:50

I have a small lamp and porcelain bird figurines and my Kindle. Depending on the time of day, sometimes there is a large sleeping cat on top of the Kindle, hah!

----- Kelsey A 30.11.12 12:33

I always have a glass of water, my cell phone, alarm clock, lamp and aromatherpy spray for sleepless nights, a regularly rotating selection of books (right now i’m reading Wildwood) and it’s all dusted in a light coating of dog hair. I swear my papillon sheds her fur and re-grows new every single day!

----- jenni 30.11.12 12:07

NOTHING! Which is why I need to win this contest!

----- Darrell 30.11.12 10:58

My phone (otherwise known as my alarm clock), my glasses, a book, and some random guitar music.

----- Micah H 30.11.12 10:14

Contents are as follows:
Digital alarm clock
Glass of water
Small fan
Head lamp
Controller for a heated blanket

----- Kennan Archer 30.11.12 09:58

A glass of water and a creepy, vintage Raggedy Andy lamp.

----- Grace 30.11.12 09:54

On my nightstand, besides my phone, is a turtle coin bank my cousin painted for me from color me mine that I keep laundry quarters in. Sentimental and practical.

----- vu nguyen 30.11.12 09:42

On my nightstand is a tall glass of water, chapstick, a hair clip, my kindle, it’s case, and a button that fell off of a coat the other day. That lamp art thing is so neat!

----- Michelle Warnke 30.11.12 09:10

A book of Roald Dahl bedtime stories and whatever else I’m reading, an old coaster with a glass of water and a yellow reading lamp.

----- Lauren 30.11.12 09:09

I don’t have a nightstand. I need a night stand. For now, my nightstand is my iPad.

----- Darrel 30.11.12 09:09

I have a fairly de-cluttered nightstand. All that is currently resting on my nightstand is an old Braun alarm clock and a baby monitor. It would be awesome to add these additions to it. I so hope I win.

----- tom Freeland 30.11.12 09:01

A collection of Absolut limited edition bottles. Including Absolut Watkins, The red sequin one, The leather one and the new pearlescent one!

----- Sam Foster 30.11.12 08:54

Lets see I have a octagonal ceramic bowl that a friend made for me back in school that I keep my wallet keys and change in. Then I have my iVee clock, color changing LED lamp, a 3 form sample that I use as a coaster, a whine porcelain cup and a book. Currently its the second volume of the Calvin and Hobbes anthology.

----- Lawrence Michel 30.11.12 08:48

My nightstand currently hosts my Loomi light, a sound machine, and my iPad.

----- Daniel 30.11.12 08:46

Whatever I can fit between all the toys etc my kids like to plant there.

----- Mikell Johnson 30.11.12 08:45

Oh man my nightstand is a mess. It’s littered with everything. Books, receipts, a lamp who’s bulb burned out over a month ago, a couple remotes, my phone when I’m asleep, an alarm clock I don’t use, headphones, cables… and odds and ends. wow I really need to clean up this weekend. It’s sort of like my desk.

----- Erastos 30.11.12 08:42

Lamp, candle, mints, book, kindle, bluelounge charger, lip balm, reading glasses, old pants as cat pillow.

----- margaret schedel 30.11.12 08:14

I don’t have a nightstand.
But on the floor beside my bed while I’m sleeping is my phone connected to its charger.

----- Jacques Bassili 30.11.12 08:10

My nightstand is very minimial a candle and my jedi training manual book

----- charlie Price 30.11.12 07:58

Since I sleep on a mattress on the floor (yay?!), the floor is my nightstand. My nightstandy objects would be: iphone (plugged in) and a camping light.

----- KauKau 30.11.12 07:46

Seven books (all read except the top one), glass of water, glasses in pink case, silver tray with earplugs and kleenex, and wooden box with extra keys in it.

----- Susanna 30.11.12 07:46

Nothing on my nightstand.. need some goods

----- John 30.11.12 07:34

On my night stand is a glass of water, chapstick, and my phone. My night stand is a large stack of American Heritage hardcover magazines.

----- kelsey 30.11.12 07:28

On my nightstand, I’ve got a new alarm clock from Bedol, it runs on water and vinegar! Also, my kindle, a boring white lamp and a box of tissues.

----- Jessie 30.11.12 07:25

My nightstand contains an iPhone dock and a lamp. Exciting stuff.

----- Geoff 30.11.12 07:22

Sherlock Holmes, of course! And some Turkish jewelry in a Bulgarian ornate box.

----- Blue 30.11.12 07:12

No nightstand just a black Casio W59 watch push pinned to the wall

----- P. Lee 30.11.12 07:09

Tissues, Alarm clock, and two Octopus stuffed animals.

----- kimdog 30.11.12 07:02

lamp, jar of miscellaneous objects (coins, ear plugs, safety pins, bobby pins), bin of makeup, bin of hair things, tissues, phone charger.

----- siena 30.11.12 06:47

A muji clock and a good book.

----- Jessi 30.11.12 06:46

I try to keep my nightstand as uncluttered as possible, a curated little collection of my necessities. I usually keep my wallet/keys, a white Lexon Thyko radio, a couple watches and a custom-made wallet iPhone stand made by a friend of mine.

----- Will Wetherilt 30.11.12 06:46

A roll of tp because I just blew my way through two boxes of Kleenex, my two year old’s Berenstain Bears book, two rocks from her rock collection and a microbiology text book.

----- Mia 30.11.12 06:45

Books. “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet” tops the stack at the moment. (I just looked, actually there’s also a not so decorative box of tissues.)

----- uli 30.11.12 06:44

Awesome bird alarm clock from A+R

----- wolfie 30.11.12 06:31

A natural wake up light and my kindle.

----- Leslie 30.11.12 05:42

A large stack of books, a lamp I made, a phone and more books!

----- Robert W. 30.11.12 05:33

My nightstand has my night cap (yes, I wear a hat to bed to keep me warm), a glass of water, my cell phone as my alarm clock, and occasional magazines or books.

----- Kelley Elliott 30.11.12 05:04

Lamp, tisues, some aroma spray, cell phone, masage oil

----- Iva 30.11.12 05:00

Books, my glasses and a lamp.

----- Jing 30.11.12 04:51

Hi , I have an old lamp for nostalgia , current book Im reading,some interior mags , candle , lucky horseshoe ,my phone and headphones .

----- Rich Martin 30.11.12 04:17

Don’t laugh, but I have a very old red Ball and Chain AM radio from the early 70’s on my night stand.
It comes in very handy during power outages.
But the best thing of all is, Every time I turn on that noisy, annoying sounding radio, it takes me back to my early teenage years and me telling my mom I just had to receive it for Christmas because it was just so “COOL” : )

----- Kat Church 30.11.12 01:39

actually just my I-phone and several magazines/

----- Max 30.11.12 01:34

- my grandma & grandpa photo
- my mother’s letters
- a little silver box
- a white gold skull ring
- a ring made of little silver bones
- a beer cap
- 2 safety pins
- 3 pilot g-tech 500 pens
- 1 pencil
- 1 muji pen
- the finkler question
- i milanesi ammazzano al sabato
- 2 tiny white angels
- a bottle of water
- a red book light

----- martamask 30.11.12 00:24

some books and my phone. sometimes chewing gum that i could not get my self to throw after getting in bed.

----- yariv goldfarb 30.11.12 00:01

Off the top of my head, on my nightstand, I have a nondescript lamp, a coaster, a half drunk glass of water, lip balm, a Kobo touch on a plate stand, and 5 or 6 books. I think I need to go to bed!

----- Sharon 29.11.12 23:48

I don’t exactly have a nightstand, it’s more of a clip on basket I made out of cardboard. Anyway, I keep medicine, my cell phone, and chapstick in it. That’s all I really need.

----- Lara 29.11.12 23:48

An iPad, an old desk lamp, a huge stack of travel books, and an iphone charger.

----- Hoister 29.11.12 23:45

an overdue library book

----- Nick 29.11.12 23:16

I dont have a nightstand, but I might have to get one…

----- Yoshio 29.11.12 23:13

My sketchbook, a pen, and a diary oh and my phone of course :)

----- Rocio 29.11.12 23:08

Too many library books

----- Jason 29.11.12 23:02

oh i am ashamed… don’t have a nightstand. yet i have a piece of djembe next to my bed. sometimes my phone sleeps on it, sometimes just a few fellow dusts.

----- martins 29.11.12 22:55

Just a Kindle. And occasionally my cat, Ninja.

----- laura dragomir 29.11.12 22:45

3 mugs, a cast-iron flying pig, a vintage clock, a notepad, my phone, and a lamp sitting on an old brass plant stand my Mamaw gave me :)

----- Cameron 29.11.12 22:22

Oh jeez. So… Splint for my TMJ, contact case and solution for my poor eyesight, St. Ives facial cream for my dry face, giant tub of petroleum jelly for my chapped hands and eczema-prone elbows (yes, petroleum is bad, but it is SO DRY in CO), naproxen to hand off to my hungover boyfriend, and a coupon for a free 2 oz bottle of hand-blended seasoning from the Savory Spice Shop in Boulder.

Weird, yes. Sad, yes. True, yes.

----- Erin 29.11.12 22:12

My nightstand is stacked with my favorite books and my kindle.

----- Christi 29.11.12 21:31

I have a goofy-looking antique lamp that looks like something from a Laurel and Hardy comedy, some cough drops, an LED flashlight and my bathrobe on my nightstand. Oh, and some dust.

----- jspreitz 29.11.12 21:25

Alarm Clock, Settlers of Catan, Tokyo Demons Paperback, Glasses, Retainer :P

----- Jane 29.11.12 20:59

My nightstand is currently a barstool. It has a Nexus 7 tablet & an old timex alarm clock on it. One lone colorful sock hangs off the edge.

----- KD 29.11.12 20:58

Alarm Clock, Settlers of Catan, Tokyo Demons Paperback, Glasses, Retainer :P

----- Jane 29.11.12 20:58

A couple of pairs of glasses, necklace, flashlight shaped like an alligator (just in case), patterned ceramic tile I use as a coaster, alarm clock, and a bottle of green tea

----- Laura 29.11.12 20:43

Currently there’s a broken clock that I can’t part ways with since I won it during a game of BINGO, a lamp,a couple of scattered. earrings , and a thin blanket of dust

----- Sarah 29.11.12 20:35

I currently do not have the luxury of a nightstand but the day i receive a wooden bear of that caliber in the mail i will drop everything and head straight to ikea to purchase one to be home to that magnificent miniature forest dweller.

----- Jonathon 29.11.12 20:25

A notebook, a pen, and a wooden hedgehog.

----- Laura 29.11.12 20:23

A pottery bowl my daughter made in 8th grade, a rose decoupage bowl I made and tons of reading material.

----- Abbe@This is How I Cook 29.11.12 20:16

My nightstand doesn’t have much more than a bunch of change, a kindle and a different one of my daughters toys each night.

----- Spencer Nelson 29.11.12 20:10

A pile of books. My journal and a favorite pen.

----- Sarah 29.11.12 20:09

On my nightstand? You’ll find my little Paris stamp jewelry tray with yesterday’s morning coffee mug, my iPod alarm clock radio, my favorite lamp, and a scattering of bobby pins and loose change.

----- Natalie 29.11.12 20:05

One chewed up squeaky toy that I rolled over on in the night, a bottle of water, my glasses, sketch book and assorted pencils/pens. Every couple nights I find a sticky chewed tennis ball in my bed. Silly dog.

----- Elizabeth 29.11.12 20:04

water glass with pitcher, corncob pipe, pocket knife,a coppy of “the Convalescent” and a candle.

----- will 29.11.12 19:46

On my nightstand is my iPhone, some paint chips, a wooden lamp, some books and a glass of water (sometimes empty, sometimes full).

----- Aaron 29.11.12 19:45

Redbreast, Democracy in America, and a lamp with a cracked shade.

----- Will R 29.11.12 19:41

my nightstand is a stack of craft books. on top of them, I have a serious book for falling asleep, and a hand cream tube.

----- tane 29.11.12 19:33

Currently on my nightstand there are seven items:

1) Two neon pink ear plugs with yellow stripes and one purple ear plug.

2) A kindle.

3) A mug with half-drunken tea with milk and honey from last night.

4) A mug with what-once-was-half-drunken-tea-with-milk-and-honey-and-is-now-furry-mold-that-resembles-a-chia-pet.

5) An iPhone dock

6) My super secret but not so secret anymore nightly stash of chocolate

7) Stick-it notes….Lots and lots of stick-it notes….

----- Elizabeth 29.11.12 19:31

chester mox wallet and ear plugs

----- eliot 29.11.12 19:29

I don’t have a nightstand

----- Nguyen 29.11.12 19:18

Currently: iPod speaker dock, tea mug, a copy of “The Little Prince”.

----- Jaclyn 29.11.12 19:01

i actually dont have a real nightstand, just a cardboard box. but on that is some loose change, phone charger, old credit cards, and a railroad spike i once found

----- Chris Martin 29.11.12 18:56

A reading lamp, whatever book I’m reading at the time (Grapes of Wrath right now), a cellphone charger, and an eyeglass holder.

----- Justin 29.11.12 18:46

One book: The Golden Spruce.

----- Ed 29.11.12 18:44

I have a pile of books that I am trying to read (but often get 2 pages of slow progress before I fall asleep), a clock shaped like a lego brick that doesn’t keep time :( , and a drawing of me and my boyfriend going on a date by a 4 year old girl I used to babysit.

----- Steph 29.11.12 18:39

A copy of ‘Be Prepared : A Practical Handbook for New Dads,’ a copy of James and the Giant Peach (was reading it to my now 6-month-old son), and my phone charging cord.

----- Brian B. 29.11.12 18:22

my four year old daughter uses my nightstand as her desk. so there’s a laptop three timers her age for her to play an educational, but annoying dora game. there also a lot of random my little pony and disney princess accessories on my nightstand and precisely located on the floor where i take my first step every morning.

----- rich 29.11.12 18:09

kindle, phone charger, nebulizer, carmex, all the extra hairbands i forget to take off before bed

----- Kate 29.11.12 17:54

On my nightstand, which is actually an old Kays solid state amp, currently resides: One Kodak autographic 1-A camera, One clock shaped as the word clock, One green and silver lava lamp my watch and a spare pair of spectacles.

----- Humble Mike 29.11.12 17:37

A red rubber clock from IKEA, a pair of V-Moda earphones, my media center remote, a lamp, a Vornado fan, and a “Shit Bitch You is Fine” bear.

----- Maurice C 29.11.12 17:21

My night stand has a lamp, tissue box, ring holder and coaster at all times.

----- Mariam 29.11.12 16:58

currently it has a novel, ear plugs, a copper and green glass lamp, a small jewellery box and a carved wooden elephant from india.

----- Christina 29.11.12 16:54

right now on my nightstand are four books - A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin, You Shall Know Our Velocity by David Eggers, Rumor of War by Philip Caputo, and Rolls-Royce The Living Legend. Also a Zeo, to monitor my sleep patters.

----- Namtran Nguyen 29.11.12 16:42

Black vintage Luxo LC combo light. Alarm clock. Random earrings..

----- Jen b 29.11.12 16:36

Your basic adjustable desk lamp (dimmable—key!), a few half-completed crossword puzzles, a book I’m not reading, a book I am reading, and a love note from my 6-year-old.

----- KatieB 29.11.12 16:27

It’s sparse but I have a pair of tandem bicycle cufflinks from my late grandfather and my phone charger and if I am being totally honest the is probably a scattering of cat hair in both grey and orange.

----- Brandon 29.11.12 16:25

I have about 7 books I rotate through for reading and my iPod dock. I could sure use a nice lamp to help me see when I read!

----- Tyler 29.11.12 16:14

on the nightstand currently is. A ghost lamp from Ikea, a batman comic, earplugs (i have roommates) phone charger and a pencil topper.

OMG, I didnt realize it but I’m 36 and my nightstand sounds like a 10 year old’s.

----- John G 29.11.12 16:13

My antique junk lamp! :)

----- Ian S. 29.11.12 16:11

I learnt a valuable lesson as a kid to never leave a glass of water on the night stand. Think finger in the water trick! Now days the essentials, a lamp and good book. If you’d asked what was inside the night stand I’d blush! Some secrets are best kept secret!

----- Simon 29.11.12 15:58

i have a big orange elephant on my nightstand & he could use a friend.

----- sarah 29.11.12 15:52

My nightstand consists of a wind-up aluminum robot duck, a clip on ikea led light, a piece of palo santo wood and a red glassybaby from http://www.glassybaby.com/ [proceeds go towards goodwill charities]. Jrsa minor would be a good addition to my nightstand collection of “doo-dads”


----- Johnny Lind 29.11.12 15:48

Just a clock and a lamp on my nightstand. I guess I’m keeping it simple. My watch and my iPhone set themselves down there too at bedtime.

----- Ryan J 29.11.12 15:45

Wireless router, Philips wakeup light, iPhone, speaker dock remote

----- William 29.11.12 15:39

I’ve just got a cheesy Ikea lamp on my nightstand next to my Kindle.

----- Pete 29.11.12 15:23

On my nightstand I have a potted plant (think green and yellow), a stainless steel waterbottle, a Chinese ceramic tray containing my watch, small change, and my passport, as well as two Chinese tea tins from the 1960s that contain various odds and ends.

----- Matt James 29.11.12 15:17

Just the essentials, empty mug of tea, angle poise lamp and a iphone dock alarm clock.

----- Goody 29.11.12 15:08

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