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Holiday Giveaway #2: Nervous System- 11.24.12

nervous0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Ready for the NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #2? Today we have some goodies from the amazing, Nervous System, masters of generative design ~ finding inspiration in nature and helping it grow and evolve into stunning designs. Beyond their 3D printed organic designs that have turned into jewelry, cups, lamps and more… they have now branched into beautiful wooden laser cut puzzles! It’s especially fun to see the shapes they’ve worked into it, and the mind bending pieces that will challenge you to piece it all together.

THE GOODS: A Natural Series Puzzle and a pair of Cellular Earrings (in the color of your choice)

TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us about patterns that inspire you before 11/29 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

Take a peek at more details - and a holiday coupon - on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Kimberly of New York!

nervous1.jpg Cellular Earrings

nervous2.jpg Natural Series Puzzle

nervous2a.jpg Natural Series Puzzle

nervous3.jpg Natural Series Puzzle

TO WIN: Leave a comment here telling us about patterns that inspire you before 11/29 midnight PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!

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121 Notes

I’m inspired by the patterns and shapes of people everyday. Couples holding hands, the veins of the eye when you look into your loves’ eyes, the wrinkles on the sides of their mouth and eyes when they smile. The little things that seem to go unnoticed. :)

----- mark pacheco 29.11.12 23:39

the hidden faces on the plaster wall in my bathroom

----- Nick 29.11.12 23:18

I’m amazed by patterns in nature… I find the fibonacci sequence fascinating and have read much about it. It reminds me that the most beautiful things in life are natural.

----- KD 29.11.12 21:02

hokusai’s ‘the wave’

----- eliot 29.11.12 19:37

I like the pattern of bubbles in foams or the alignments of crystals in polished geode slices.

----- Kate 29.11.12 18:07

this is so so neat. i am more of a polka dot kind of girl, but the nervous system holds a special place in my heart because mine is messed up. i didn’t breathe for 13 minutes when i was born and i still have lots of lingering ‘side effects’.

----- sarah 29.11.12 16:00

I have always loved M.C. Escher, of course. Also, Ernst Haeckel had an amazing way of capturing the natural patterns and repetitive elements found in both simple and complex organisms.

----- Alexandra Turnbull 29.11.12 11:38

patterns created by spilled coffee on my pants

----- tonyF 29.11.12 10:22

As I own similar designed inspirations, I’d love a chance to win!

----- WRAH 29.11.12 08:39

I love mid-century atomic inspired patterns right now. Such a great assortment of “futuristic” geometrics. But my lifelong love has been celtic knotwork.

----- kimdog 29.11.12 06:37

The lines in sand as the waves roll in.

----- Adrian 29.11.12 05:58

All natural patterns inspire me! Nature is full of wonder and beauty. When I studied photography, I loved taking macro shots, looking at something familiar in close detail, taken away from its context, reveals very lovely patterns and unexpected beauty.

----- Kelley Elliott 29.11.12 05:25

I’m inspired by the patterns of raindrops. Predictable yet chaotic!

----- Tina 28.11.12 23:27

I’m thoroughly intrigued and inspired by the security patterns on the inside of return envelopes. It has been a fascination for years!

----- Aaron 28.11.12 22:03

Textures are everywhere, and I swear my phone is filled with them. Sometimes I’ll look through my iphoto and wonder “why in the world is there a photo of this piece of garbage in my phone?!” Then I’ll find the texture of tulle and sequins in the corner of a ratty old dress and remember how much potential that piece of garbage had. So I guess my answer would be, I am inspired by the textures in life.

----- Brittany 28.11.12 17:29

Nature patterns are always the best. Hey—don’t get me wrong I like a nice geometric pattern as much as the next guy but you can’t beat nature for the most beautiful ones!

----- Jessi 28.11.12 14:31

I’m kind of obsessed with the patterns in Kirsten McCrea’s illustrations right now. http://www.hellokirsten.com/

----- Sharon 28.11.12 14:08

Crochet patterns help inspire and guide me through actually making things, but I am a huge fan of just staring at a visual of the Mandelbrot Set.

----- Jen 28.11.12 12:21

Being a physicist, I’m required to say it’s a fractal!

----- Ian S. 28.11.12 11:57

The pattern of the seasonal markers—last night felt so much colder than last winter, just like it does at the beginning of every fall. Now I’m waiting for the first snow.

----- Sarah 28.11.12 11:26


----- Holly R 28.11.12 11:10

Nature! Patterns in nature are the coolest, and have some of the most brilliant design on the planet! Spiderwebs, honeycomb, mountain ranges, and flower petals are just a few to mention as it has inspired so many other designs that we use in our daily lives.

----- Tyler 28.11.12 08:46

Any pattern left in my skin after wearing something tight or leaning on something… Especially from socks and necklaces. Odd, yet appealing.

----- Lauren 28.11.12 08:10

The patterns that waves make in the sand

----- Liz B 28.11.12 07:46

I’m inspired mostly by the flower and leaves shapes. In autum i love to walk around in leaves covered forests and search for the different beauties all around us.

----- Anna Zámbó-Brózik 28.11.12 00:22

Favorite pattern is the Lichtenberg figure (essentially the paths lightning takes when it strikes Earth). Very organic.

----- Collin Banko 27.11.12 22:51

knitting patterns! hoho

----- Jonas Chau 27.11.12 22:13

The veins left in a charred log, especially when still aglow.

----- Jeff 27.11.12 22:02

the speckles on an old ceiling at night, when headlights move through the window.

----- rich 27.11.12 20:50

I’m inspired by the Fibonacci sequence.

----- Jess 27.11.12 20:17

I’m inspired when I see coffee stains inside of borrowed books.

----- Rebecca 27.11.12 14:30

I use a combination of geometric optical illusion type patterns and braid patterns in my artwork. Basically anytime I can take mechanical shapes and organic shapes and sort of married together.

----- Andy Stoltz 27.11.12 14:25

I am thoroughly inspired by the brilliant people over at marimekko.com. They help make my life more colorful. I am also obsessed with puzzles. I can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy day.

----- Jessie 27.11.12 13:55

The patterns made from ripples of water inspire me.

----- Lauren 27.11.12 10:59

I’m really liking musical patterns lately. I find myself dissecting songs frequently to figure out the pattern… and if I find something by the same artist, I begin to look for the trends in their music. Very fun (for me, anyway!)

----- Caitlin 27.11.12 10:51

Escher inspires me..

----- Jaclyn 27.11.12 10:43

I enjoy the patters formed by falling rain on windows

----- Matt Burke 27.11.12 09:49

=☓>☓==☓>☓==☓>☓==☓>☓= I S E E P A T T E R N S =☓>☓==☓>☓==☓>☓==☓>☓=

----- Maria A. Estevez 27.11.12 09:08

Patterns in the sky. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, the clouds and color the sky provide are always an inspiration.

----- Bini 27.11.12 08:08

Escher Forever!

----- Veronica 27.11.12 03:59

The pattern that inspires me lately is that of the poisonous Cone Snail, which is effectively a naturally occurring incarnation of something simulated in cellular automata. I love when nature loves math.

----- Brian 27.11.12 00:39

I’ve always loved the circles of rippling water and the veins found in leaves.

----- Jaclyn 26.11.12 21:15

always houndstooth. houndstooth forever!

----- Ashley 26.11.12 20:47

I love the fluid patterns of vines and leaves. I use them in my artwork.

----- Elaine Martinez 26.11.12 20:11

To me, the most beautiful and inspiring patterns are found in an orb-weavers’ web.

----- Cindy Aiton 26.11.12 19:53

Reading through this list of other people’s inspirations is inspiring!

----- Mia 26.11.12 18:22

I love the patterns in my family. There’s a special recurrence from my grandmother, to my father, to me.

----- AbbyGee 26.11.12 16:37

Patterns of the sand and waves, similar to topography on both accounts and to your orchid pattern, the way things are built up and wear down over time and with circumstance. ripples. the sun passing through the trees.

----- meg 26.11.12 15:54

I love the patterns of MC Escher!

----- Russ! 26.11.12 15:35

I am inspired by the bricks/cobblestones that make up old streets.

----- Christina 26.11.12 15:17

The patterns of the human body are so real and insanely amazing. The color is basically the same in all individuals but the design can vary from person to person. An example would be the spleen, which has a deep purple red color and tiny specks of white “pulp” throughout. It is incredible.

----- Christi 26.11.12 11:18

I love fractals, organic patterns, and re-purposing ancient Asian and Mediterranean patterns.

----- Mikell Johnson 26.11.12 10:15

I love the honeycomb pattern. It is amazing that bees create that on their own!

----- Sara P. 26.11.12 10:11

I love the patterns in my cat’s tabby coat- she has a section over her shoulder that looks like brains :)

----- Gwenn 26.11.12 09:51

Those in the nights sky….

----- wolfie 26.11.12 09:17

Leaf skeletons! They are so beautiful and fragile…

----- Anja 26.11.12 09:16

I love repeating patterns, especially from vintage wallpaper. Can’t get enough of them!

----- Michelle Warnke 26.11.12 09:12

trees and their leafy branches or clouds in the sky

----- Lina 26.11.12 09:05

The cracks in peeling paint, the way tiny beads of grapefruit flesh fit together, Little flecks of black in a slightly over toasted marshmallow, and the variations in frost on glass (I’ve called “snowflowers” since I was 4)… All common beautiful and mysterious.

----- Alex P 26.11.12 09:01

I love the patterns that develop in natural textures, particularly grains of sand.

----- Daniel 26.11.12 08:27

Paisley Pattern!

----- Michelle 26.11.12 08:14

I’ve always been inspired by diatoms. They are tiny marine plants made of glass! Their shapes show so much diversity and geometry its amazing. PS - Love Nervous System!

----- Sara 26.11.12 07:49

i love fractals.. so intricate, but also found all over nature!

----- Namtran Nguyen 26.11.12 07:41

fractal geometry

----- martamask 26.11.12 07:27

I love the way galaxies cluster in the universe- reminds me of the cluster pendant by NS. So pretty. Also, I love the spiral arms of galaxies. Astronerd alert.

----- Meredith 26.11.12 07:17

Scottish tartans.

----- Robert W. 26.11.12 06:58

I work with metals, and love the pattern of sanded or hammered metal.

----- Katherine 26.11.12 06:53

I’m inspired by the simplicity and symmetry of polyhedra and the writings of D’arcy Wentworth Thompson. His work sought to develop an evolutionary model based on structure and patterns as drivers for growth and development.

----- Matthew Wettergreen 26.11.12 06:25

I’m always mesmerized by kaleidoscope patterns.

----- Eloisa 26.11.12 06:01

i love the speckled freckle pattern on my corgis nose!!!! that inspires me!

----- corgimas 26.11.12 04:33

I always lean towards geometrical and symetrical patterns. Stripes are a design tha is timeless for me and I never get tired of it!

----- Iva 26.11.12 04:00

I love how the sea water models the sand below it. Beautiful to see how the send gets wavy too and to feel it under my feet!

----- Silvia 26.11.12 00:14

the patterns of black birds flying over pale gold fields.

----- cilla 26.11.12 00:05

I like patterns in messiers. The colors and formations are amazing.

----- laura 25.11.12 22:42

the patterns of spots on my beautiful Bengal cats

----- somerset 25.11.12 21:04

anything stripey!

----- jay panelomo 25.11.12 20:41

I love root/vascular/nervous systems, and how they intertwine.

----- BL 25.11.12 20:14

i love the pattern of overlapping petals!

----- thu 25.11.12 19:23

Highlights and Shadows.

----- Yoshio 25.11.12 19:06

The cellular structure of a leaf…it’s just amazing.

----- Andrew 25.11.12 18:16

I have always been fascinated and inspired by fractals: romanesco, nautilus shells and lightning!

----- Ethel 25.11.12 18:07

While not so much related to design, I find myself constantly fascinated by the patterns in language and writing.

----- Laura Gaddy 25.11.12 18:02

The patterns wind makes on sand dunes is pretty mesmerizing.

----- Ryan J 25.11.12 17:57

Snow flake patterns. reminds me the beauty of the individual can be magnified by the group. What I mean is, while a single or a few flakes are unique and beautiful in singularity a world covered by thousands of these is also tranquil and unified.

----- calee 25.11.12 16:51

I love sea life—fish, jellyfish, whales. Maybe I’m just projecting but I just finished watching Life of Pi :)

----- Cathy 25.11.12 16:43

honeycomb. root/vascular/nervous systems. antique lace patterns. and, remember the toy, spirographs? pretty much anything that you could make with one of those.

----- emily 25.11.12 16:36

I love the pattern on the skin of my boyfriend’s palms.

----- Joanie 25.11.12 16:22

The thousands upon thousands of different patterns that can be found in one handful of snow… How can you not be inspired by the beauty of the science and nature of it.

----- Lindsay! 25.11.12 16:14

the fibonacci sequence. i have a graph of it tattooed on my left wrist.

----- siena 25.11.12 15:30

celestial patterns, like constellations and asteroids!

----- Kathryn 25.11.12 15:21

OOO…!! I get inspired by the patterns of knitting, basket weaving, knots and stuff like that when it’s printed on flat surfaces.

----- Jamee 25.11.12 14:36

White water, the surface of water where a rip is heading back out to the ocean, clusters of berries and other plants fighting for space. The ist is endless really

----- Caroline Cronin 25.11.12 14:25

Love the “slice” of the brain! It’s so intricate, and reminds me of holiday snowflakes! So much beautiful detail, and no one is the same! Genius, literally!

----- Mel Taylor 25.11.12 13:41


----- Jenna 25.11.12 12:42

The patterns a child draws when they draw use a continuous line to make random shapes and colour in the spaces between the lines in block colours!

----- Laura 25.11.12 12:39

Tumeric and other spice stains left on the pages of recipes.

----- Laurita 25.11.12 12:24

Fractal patterns, to me they represent the details of science within nature.

----- scott 25.11.12 12:15

I’m inspired by the veins of leaves and the branches of trees. thanks for this chance to win!

----- hollin 25.11.12 12:06

Maybe cause my work is based on it but one of my favourite pattern is what come out of brownian motion. First of all is a random process,so every time is different. Is also a fractal, since you can “zoom in” as much as you want and still looking at the same pattern, but most of all is a the very basis of movement in biology. From proteins to simple forms of life like bacteria, everything is moving according to brownian motion. Now, how cool is that?!

----- Frida 25.11.12 11:59

Fractals are mesmerizing. You always want to find the next repeat.

----- Valerie 25.11.12 11:54

i don’t know if this counts as a pattern per se, but when you see big flocks of birds swarming together in the air, the shapes and undulations as they fly around always hypnotizes me.

----- taryn 25.11.12 11:38

From the connection of atoms into molecules, and molecules into structures, so that you can break down a block of sugar or a piece of salt and every particle has the shape of the larger entity. I love the Carl Sagan musings that we are star stuff, and that everything has parts of everything else.

----- Colette 25.11.12 10:42

I love the patterns of leaf veins.

----- Julie 25.11.12 10:24

I love the patterns of clouds in the sky. :)

----- Andrea a 25.11.12 10:01

I like the pattern created when you make a small stl and then enlarge it. The large triangles approximating curvature are really interesting to me.

----- Claire Barr 25.11.12 09:32

I absolutely love herringbone

----- Sydney 25.11.12 08:15

Nothing original here yet still inspiring - snowflakes

----- martins 25.11.12 07:49

I am a fan of any design creates an intricate simplicity using natural repetitive shapes and forms. My favorite example of this is hyphae, because it has a versatility in looking both marine-like, leaf-like and frost-like depending on what form it comes in.

----- Jenny 25.11.12 06:41

I’m always inspired by oil slicks in a puddle after the rain, root systems, and rain drops down glass.

----- Lia B 25.11.12 06:34

My favorite patterns from nature are all about scales and snakeskin, feathers and fur, corals, fungi and moss! Also there is something about plain stripes that I cannot resist :)

----- Liisa 25.11.12 06:18

snowflakes!! definitely my favorite pattern. There is nothing more mesmerizing than the delicate structure of something soo small …

----- Christa 25.11.12 05:49

I am fascinated by cuttlefish chromatophores.

----- Elizabeth 25.11.12 04:55

This morning, it’s snowing for the first time this year. Snow flakes have always mesmerized me. They are tiny packages formed the same way but each is different

----- Gabby N 25.11.12 04:29

I love the patterns on Issey Miyake’s Bao Bao bags and am intrigued by the different forms that are generated when the bags are used to hold different things and are held in different ways.

----- Hoister 25.11.12 02:37

not an exact pattern but seismographs inspire me. unpredictable and unique. indications of danger yet still oddly beautiful.

----- Camille 25.11.12 00:57

I find crystalline patterns mesmerizing.

----- matt 25.11.12 00:53

I really love the growth patterns of fungi. Have you seen the study that involved fungi and its ability to plan out the most efficient subway routes? Amazing.

----- Victor 25.11.12 00:41

Lately I’ve been inspired by toroidal shapes

----- Nat G 24.11.12 23:38

The patterns that inspire me have always been the smallest in the world: diatoms under a microscope, veins in a leaf, the pink banding of a fish’s gills. There is something about minute intricacy that makes all our technological advancements somehow seem inadequate compared to our natural world-and that is what drives us forward.

----- MattJames 24.11.12 23:25

geometric patterns inspire me

----- basscricket 24.11.12 22:41

I’ve always loved the rings of a tree. While not an exactly symmetrical pattern, they are amazing.

----- Yenn 24.11.12 22:19

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