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Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios- 12.01.12

cockpit-arts-9234.jpg Here’s the latest from our resident zoologist and London based editor, Justine Aw.

Today I made my way to Holborn for the Cockpit Arts Christmas Open Studios. The open studios were my first introduction to Cockpit Arts, a creative-business incubator for designer-makers that supports craftspeople. The event lasts throughout the weekend at their Holborn site, Cockpit Yard and continues next weekend South of the river in Deptford (more details here). A great place to pick up beautiful, unique, last-minute Christmas gifts.

It was a bustling environment, filled with studios turned into shops, packed with goodies and the droolworthy scent of mulled wine, mince pies and other seasonal delights. As for the goods on offer, all sorts of crafted wonders, from jewellery to ceramics, knitwear to illustrations. Among our favorites were the always lovely Thornback & Peel and the beautiful works of Abigail Brown, whose work we also loved in Ghosts of Gone Birds last year. More photos on the next page!


cockpit-arts-9231.jpg The tiny, bustling store of Thornback & Peel.

cockpit-arts-9233.jpg Love these boxes of handkerchiefs. They’re almost too pretty to use!

cockpit-arts-9234.jpg Gorgeous tea towels, aprons and more!



cockpit-arts-9238.jpg Postcarden from Another Studio, including seasonal ranges!



cockpit-arts-9241.jpg What makes the atmosphere of the open studios so fun is the fact that these are actual studio spaces and you have designers and craftspeople actually creating! You can browse scarves while watching the loom!

cockpit-arts-9242.jpg One of my favorite stores was that of Abigail Brown whose birds are just adorable.





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I’m trying to get my friends to get together with me on an endeavor like this so that my city (Manchester, NH) can start to grow more of an artists community. All the ingredients are here, even the history. I really believe every community needs a strong creative heartbeat for it to flourish.

----- Andy Stoltz 06.12.12 13:49

Those handkerchiefs look amazing.

----- Mat Moore 06.12.12 05:24

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