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Ultimate Dog Gift Guide- 11.30.12

DogToyGuide0.jpg This year we’re doing gift guides as we feel inspired to round up products we either have or would be extremely tempted to buy or gift. Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping online this year ended up being all about the NOTpuppy, Bucky, and i’ve been learning a ton as we shop through the world and internet to catch up on what awesome dog goodies are out there. While the roundup of rugged toys/brands have been growing here, this Dog Gift Guide is all about fun products we’re loving and wanting for Bucky! And while he is only a 10 week old Lab pup, he’s already getting pretty strong - so for this gift guide, we’re really shopping for the rugged, fun, BIG dog toys that will last… not so much cutesiness, clothes, or things that accessorize your dog like they are an accessory. Ready to dive in to the goodness? Head to the next page!

Click on the images to be taken to more info about each product! DogToyGuide.jpg

kurgo.jpg Best black friday buy yet - the Kurgo Wander Bed - Rolls up like a sleeping bag with a handle for easy transport, Waterproof non-slip bottom, Recycled Polygo fleece top for comfort and padding, Hidden pocket for items that smell like home, Machine washable with intended use: Car, SUV or Mini-van (backseat or cargo area), Camping, Office, Hotels, Traveling, Doghouse, Crates, and On furniture.

dogbiscuits.jpg Bubba Rose Dog Biscuit Kits - for those feel adventures in the canine culinary arts.

DogToyGuide1.jpg K9 Storm Intruder

DogToyGuide2.jpg Triple Aught Design Dogpatch velcro patch

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Hi Notcot!

I’ve got another great dog gift to add to your ultimate dog gift guide: The Movie For Dogs!

The world’s first and only film created specifically for stay at home dogs, The Movie For Dogs DVD features all kinds of dogs, and makes a fun and engaging activity for cherished pets. No more lonely dogs. EVER! http://themoviefordogs.com/

Happy holidays!

----- Mia Benenate 05.12.12 09:10

LOVE THIS! I am currently on dog gadget and gear obsessing overload! :)

----- Charlotte Terry 30.11.12 19:05

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