*notcot in gratis , 13:36

Holiday Giveaway #15: Upper Playground- 12.07.12

upperplayground0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Ooooh this is a fun one! NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #15 is from our friends at Upper Playground - i’ve loved their goods, artists, and walrus for ages, and lived a few blocks from them in lower haight years ago… it’s always fun to check out the murals, artwork, and endless variety of tshirts they have! So for the super bundle, you have a chance to win Jeremy Fish Skin & Bones Dominoes, Upper Playground: Up 10 Years Book, Jeremy Fish Wisdome Patch Hoodie, Upper Playground x Blik Sam Flores Costumes decals, and a t-shirt of your choice!

THE GOODS: A bundle including Jeremy Fish Skin & Bones Dominoes Set, Upper Playground: Up 10 Years Book, Jeremy Fish Wisdome Patch Hoodie, Upper Playground x Blik Sam Flores Costumes wall stickers, and a t-shirt of your choice!

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite piece of street art (links to pics are welcome!) by 12/12 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

More pics and details on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to David in Cincinnati, OH!

upperplayground1.jpg Jeremy Fish Skin & Bones Dominoes Set - Comes with 28 pieces all featuring artwork by Jeremy Fish, all in black with metallic gold ink. The box measures 8” x 5.25” x 3.75” and features a magnetic locking hinge to it. Made by Tools of the Trade.

upperplayground2.jpg Up 10 Years Book - More than two thousand graphics from hundreds of the most recognizable contemporary artists that have appeared on Upper Playground’s T-Shirts over the past ten years. (Granted it came out a few years ago, and there are even MORE shirts now, this book is like a peek into the history of it all!)

upperplayground3.jpg Jeremy Fish Wisdome Patch Hoodie

upperplayground4.jpg Upper Playground x Blik Sam Flores Costumes wall stickers

upperplayground5.jpg And a t-shirt of your choice from their massive amount of options!

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite piece of street art (links to pics are welcome!) by 12/12 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


215 Notes

I love CLET’s infographic manipulation of signage. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc7sytczP71r70353o1_1280.jpg

----- Terry Kuny 12.12.12 20:44

Anything Banksy is pretty great, but I’m going to go with an local artist here in Montreal, Earth Crusher. This is one of my favourites: http://www.earthcrusher.com/warmural.jpg

And you can check out the rest of his work here: http://earthcrusher.com/

----- Sharon 12.12.12 19:38

There is a bar here that used to host some great bands. It was dive-chic before that was nostalgic and grand. I saw guitar wolf there when I first turned 21. The whole outside parking lot was always host to some amazing full-blown graffiti murals. I miss them so much.

----- jess 12.12.12 19:22

would definitely have to be my own reflection as i walk to work. it’s a performance piece - VERY ironic.

----- Mooni 12.12.12 16:32

brand spankin new. art in progess.

----- Maria 12.12.12 16:20

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!! I want to buy everything

----- Eugene 12.12.12 16:14

Andre the Giant by Shepard Farey

----- melissa 12.12.12 14:42

anything Banksy….gotta go with a solid choice here.

----- kevinb 12.12.12 14:41

I love those perspective chalk-ups that look so insanely awesome in pics.

like these:


----- jen 12.12.12 12:27

I love the wall in Harlem along the FDR that has awesome graffiti on it

----- Shachar 12.12.12 11:50

Pretty much anything on the streets of Valparaiso, Chile… This one’s a recent personal favorite.

----- Lauren 12.12.12 09:26

This is my favorite that i’ve snapped in my neighborhood…

----- Joe Stoltz 12.12.12 08:58

oh i just love this piece of art by our local artist

http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/67202219410525711_gTtv6TeT_b.jpg its a beautiful culture mix

thanks for all!

----- Daniel López 12.12.12 08:36

Anything tom hanksy absolute favorite!

----- Levi Montez 12.12.12 06:31

This is my fave http://www.streetartutopia.com/?p=10214
I just think it’s so creative simple and fun.

----- Erin 12.12.12 04:42

TBH, I have a very narrow definition of what is “‘good’ street art” to me, and I don’t care how trite it is to bring up Banksy: his work is clever enough for me.
Also, my favorite piece I’ve seen on the street wasn’t even really art per se: a piece of paper stapled near a telephone pole of a particularly long light with the words “Accio Broom” on it.

----- Lis 11.12.12 23:58


----- JD 11.12.12 23:24

Too many good spots, but here is one of my favorite spots …. http://instagr.am/p/SHY7VMM0L-/

----- Amir 11.12.12 22:22

There was an artist who filled in cracks in buildings and pavement with Lego. I can’t remember who, though…

----- Ray 11.12.12 21:30

Ashley mentioned and linked to some happy mailboxes. I live a block away from them and of all of the many conversations those two have had during the elections one mailbox said “I voted”, to which the other replied, “me too”. This week they are just plain old mailboxes again (thanks to the city of Denver I am sure) but who knows what they will be talking about next.

----- Judy 11.12.12 19:56

i’d like to win.

----- victor yamaguchi 11.12.12 19:26

saber’s LA river bank MASSIVE piece

----- Travis 11.12.12 17:55

----- shannon 11.12.12 16:47

In my hometown, this Steve Powers’ Love Letter to Syracuse. http://www.unurth.com/Steve-Powers-Love-Letter-Syracuse

----- Christina 11.12.12 14:43

I think this piece by TOPO in Portugal is a great example of street art empowering and bringing life to dull walls!


----- Rostyn 11.12.12 11:09

I saw some absolutely amazing work in Reykjavik! http://www.traveledits.com/images/reykjavik-graffiti/

----- Ryan 11.12.12 10:32

I love Invader’s simple street art in San Diego:


----- Jason Encabo 11.12.12 09:58

nuff said

----- monica sok 11.12.12 09:49

The Living Walls Project work in Atlanta this year was great:

----- Hadi 11.12.12 08:23

123Klan are a childhood favourite, and are still going strong! Banditism http://www.123klan.com/post/196

----- Larry Bird 11.12.12 05:27

There are some storm drains in Tulsa, OK with three black cat faces painted on them. They are random and neat, but can also be creepy when walking in the park at night.

----- Christi 10.12.12 22:29

Not that it’s art, but I just love quarters glued to the ground. Not that I would do that; I’m too poor.

----- Daniel 10.12.12 22:12

Anything by Mist in paris france

----- Andy 10.12.12 21:58

French artist C215’s work always amazes me.. and it’s his India (represent!) work that constantly keeps me coming back for more! I think you can see what I mean in the link:
So real, so raw.

----- Moksha Carambiah 10.12.12 21:57

French artist C215’s work always amazes me.. and it’s his India (represent!) work that constantly keeps me coming back for more! I think you can see what I mean in the link:
So real, so raw.

----- Moksha Carambiah 10.12.12 21:57

Driving in Torrance, California I saw a giant Yellow Happy Face with a human skull peeking out the mouth.

----- joi 10.12.12 20:59

A squirl with a balloon in Memphis, TN. It looks like Banksy did it, and stirred up the web for a min once it went up.

----- Michael 10.12.12 20:29

These happy mailboxes make me laugh - http://unseendenver.com/theyre-back/

----- Ashley 10.12.12 20:25

This artist named MTO is putting up some AMAZING work near my home in Sarasota, FL! I just wish they would leave it up longer… http://designyoutrust.com/2012/05/berlin-hits-sarasota-florida-by-mto/

----- Jason 10.12.12 20:19

----- STEPHEN 10.12.12 17:40

there was a beautiful Banksy near UCLA: http://www.fairfaxbynight.com/Graphics/Banksy%20In%20Westood.JPG

unfortunately, it was painted over. so heartbreaking.

----- Kaitlyn 10.12.12 17:25

http://i.imgur.com/aRcZ7.jpg I love this piece of art/

----- NICHOLAS 10.12.12 16:18

I walked by this one when wandering Kensington Market in Toronto! http://instagram.com/p/SW6zJ0CF6y/

I don’t know who the artist of this particular piece is, but it’s certainly influenced by the works of Alphonse Mucha.

----- Kelly 10.12.12 15:57

Best street art is Jeremy Fish’s work around SF. The giant pink bunny head on Octavia is my favorite!

----- john 10.12.12 14:08

The google ghosts (street view), people reinserted where they were captured. http://www.fastcodesign.com/1670858/street-art-that-steals-back-from-google-maps

----- KatieB 10.12.12 13:50

This piece between Souly Vegan and Bear Revolution in Oakland.
“The only time is NOW. Right NOW”

----- Toni 10.12.12 13:46

I’m going to rep a buddy of mine who does some hot street art - check this out:


As you can see he’s also a pretty legit makeup-fx photog as well, and works with a lot of alternate processes.

----- Michael 10.12.12 13:34

Raccoons are the new puggles! Seattle street art done right.


----- Cody 10.12.12 13:33

Invader’s work! I love the tiles.

----- Adam 10.12.12 13:25

----- Heng An Wang 10.12.12 11:31

I love great chalk art, the beauty and the temperal.

----- Ben 10.12.12 10:28

A friend of mine who was a history major showed me this chariot piece a few years ago and it was just amazing (http://www.brooklynstreetart.com/theblog/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Brooklyn-street-art-Nomade-cullin-tobin-web-1.jpg).

----- Matt Z 10.12.12 10:06

JR’s “In Kibera Slum”
Bought his woman are heroes book recently and can;t help but love everything this guy does.


----- Roberto De Los Rios 10.12.12 10:03

Ji Lee’s bubble project! http://www.thebubbleproject.com/

----- María 10.12.12 10:00

This one is insane. http://imgur.com/gallery/qTDaZ
Smeagol street art.

----- Bryan 10.12.12 09:55

all, and any!

----- Andie C 10.12.12 08:46

Os Gêmeos’s The Giant of Boston. Such fantastic use of the space it just blew me away.

----- Brandon 10.12.12 08:37

Shout out to my boy Jake! He kills me. http://bit.ly/TR2del

----- Tyler 10.12.12 08:29

Banksy’s girl with a balloon

----- Kate 10.12.12 08:11

Anything by Banksy is great but this one is particularly a good reminder for me throughout my day:


----- Erastos 10.12.12 07:58

Traveling from the upper sticks of New Hampshire and seeing this mural by Os Gemeos in Boston is thrilling every time…


----- Pete Pelletier 10.12.12 07:41

Os Gemenos

----- John 10.12.12 06:44

In my city, the You Are Beautiful campaign has been terrific. Not necessarily great street art, but a great message.

----- Jake Jones 10.12.12 06:31

The mural under the bridge down the road from me. Makes me proud to live where I do.


----- Rob Wilkey 10.12.12 06:29

one that is right in my town of richmond virginia : http://www.flickr.com/photos/travisbharris/7324367970/

the turtles are so wonderful and i love the grey :)

----- Natalie Kay 10.12.12 06:18


old pixel art on street signs in TLV Israel, including one on my street that was recently smashed :( Yochai Matos.

----- osnat perelshtein 10.12.12 05:45

My current favorite is “On the brain”, by UNGA from Israel’s BROKEN FINGAZ CREW: http://www.insaland.com/blog/on-the-brain/

----- Kimberly M 10.12.12 05:22

Banksy hitting the West Bank Wall in Israel

----- Paul 10.12.12 02:00


I dont get to see much street art in auckland as the council is pretty quick at taking it down (even stuff where the artist has gotten permission from the wall owner or has actually been comissioned to do some work) but it was really nice to see some well done letterform graf up on the side of an inner city cafe one day.

----- Mark rous 09.12.12 23:40

Street art in Atlanta is quite amazing … there are so many great pieces to see. Artists come from around the world to paint our walls, but this is one of my favorite. ROA came to Atlanta to paint this as part of the Living Walls conference: http://goo.gl/8l0DW

----- Neil 09.12.12 23:17

Space Invader’s tile mosiacs.

----- vu 09.12.12 23:13

The giant LEGO trees and flowers that were around Sydney a while back were awesome.

----- Kristian 09.12.12 22:05

Blue Sky’s Tunnel Vision

----- Liz B 09.12.12 20:45

In Fremantle Western Australia


----- Tristan 09.12.12 19:22

/Users/rstrittmatter/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary/Previews/2012/11/01/20121101-161527/NL5D1O8+SF6vwwUW6EgZng/5X8A0245.jpg

----- ryan strittmatter 09.12.12 19:22

/Users/rstrittmatter/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary/Previews/2012/11/01/20121101-161527/NL5D1O8+SF6vwwUW6EgZng/5X8A0245.jpg

----- ryan strittmatter 09.12.12 19:21

Go Fish!

----- MoCosmo 09.12.12 15:25


The Detroit Beautification Project featuring REVOK!

----- Eric S 09.12.12 14:47

Earth shaking stuff, like banksy, giving people something that matters

----- bojan 09.12.12 14:45

Check out Biafra Inc.- his work is all around Minneapolis

----- Laura 09.12.12 13:40

All time favorite, I saw this in Florence, Italy. It is a painting on the front and back of the canvas of the Dwarf Morgante, showing his front and back. Hilarious. http://news.discovery.com/history/naked-dwarf-revealed-again-in-painting.html

----- Eric 09.12.12 12:52

The legalised graffiti tunnel near Waterloo station in London has a constant stream of amazing new pieces and artists. My favourite is by a guy from Hackney called Stax http://londoniscool.com/graffiti-tunnel-revisited-%E2%80%93-londons-spray-paint-ghetto

----- James Perry 09.12.12 12:26

the best street art comes from The Giant Storybook Project,hopefully win the package.


----- Erich 09.12.12 11:55

One of the walls near where I live is painted neon pink with shadows on it. Very cool at night.

----- Iris 09.12.12 11:52

Best place for viewing street art was WYNWOOD, MIAMI. This LaPandilla piece is one of my favorites: http://i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l587/cityof14/IMG_1069.jpg

----- Ryan 09.12.12 11:07

The Belgian artist Roa
He makes beautiful black and white portraits of animals.

----- Monica 09.12.12 09:26

one of my favorites

----- antahn smith 09.12.12 09:02

My favorite street art pieces are mostly done by Ernest Zacharevic in my hometown of Penang. These interactive street art engages the audience to be part of something artistically amazing. Check out the pictures here: http://www.amusingplanet.com/2012/10/ernest-zacharevics-playful-street-art.html

----- Gary 09.12.12 08:05

This is a pretty sweet kit!

----- Brian K 09.12.12 07:01

Oh cool!

----- evita 09.12.12 04:47

βασανίζομαι (i am being tortured by myself) tag for the win!

----- Polymenidis Michael 09.12.12 02:58

I love both JR and Swoon.

----- Alison 09.12.12 01:22

Kurt Wenner

----- NYN 08.12.12 23:28

I love Jeff Soto’s works. His piece done using the Chevy Sonic Robotic Arm is pretty cool.

----- Casey 08.12.12 21:47

Because It’s adorable and beautiful. It’s something that if even done without permission you couldn’t get mad at or want to paint over.

----- Ryan Jenkins 08.12.12 20:45

There are so many. I could start a tumbler page. This is a recent piece of an Owl in Toronto that caught my eye.

----- Madoc 08.12.12 20:23

----- matt 08.12.12 19:42

One of my favorite artists is Jeremy Fish, the complex simplicity and elegance of telling stories with animals and lines, pure beauty.
My fav piece:

----- Alan millan 08.12.12 19:10

Yarn Bombing!

----- Dominique 08.12.12 18:47

Definitely digging ARYZ lately. Amazing stuff.

----- MATT 08.12.12 18:05

The best is yet to come. Don’t look back, be excited for what the future artists will showcase.

----- Bella 08.12.12 16:39

Banksy is one of my favorite too!

----- Rali 08.12.12 16:34

I saw this huge piece in Montreal circa 2008 and fell in love with the precision

----- Casey Dure 08.12.12 15:20

Give me any Montmartre wall. I can walk those streets for days.

----- Meghan F. 08.12.12 13:17

I love the miniature-medium work that Slinkachu does. So small and so beautiful.

----- Greg 08.12.12 12:47

The Toynbee tiles.

----- Robert Weiss 08.12.12 12:44

I think MTO’s stuff in France is pretty interesting.

----- Ryan J 08.12.12 12:09

----- Emily 08.12.12 11:34

I love this piece for some reason: http://tinyurl.com/aauorcc

----- Clementine 08.12.12 11:04

a piece in Venice on Abbot Kinney - love the uniqueness of this subtractive approach to street art, and that the anonymous Portuguese artist leaves a recognizably Portuguese portrait (at least to those of us who recognize the family traits)- http://in.5thvillage.com/p/306471133782710226_53035484/

----- derek 08.12.12 10:36

I loved spotting Monsieur Chat when I was in Paris years ago… so I was even more thrilled when he visited NYC. http://www.fatcap.com/graffiti/43514-monsieur-chat-new-york-city.html

----- Nick 08.12.12 10:35

Lots of good ones in LA’s Arts District, love this one for some reason:


----- Will R 08.12.12 10:34

those miniatures that people leave around.

----- dylan 08.12.12 10:24

those miniatures that people leave around.

----- dylan 08.12.12 10:24

even though it’s pretty mainstream i always loved banksy’s ‘church’ piece


----- Chris D 08.12.12 10:23

3D street art! They are simply mind-blowing!

----- Ellen S. Bautista 08.12.12 10:04

I love the 3d chalk art.. i’ve never seen it in person, but the pictures i see online are amazing

----- Namtran Nguyen 08.12.12 09:32

The Fun Factory in Long Island City, Queens, New York. It’s right next to PS1 so you can walk through and see some of the best street art, graffiti and stencil work in the world and then go to one of my favorite contemporary art museums. Just take the 7 train.

----- Seth 08.12.12 08:56

I adore the graffiti art of Scribe. It covers streets and buildings all over the KC area and I feel amazed and inspired to believe just by looking at it. With a fun childlike imagination he quickly became a KC favorite and was recently choosen as the official artist for Children’s Mercy Hospital. Now you not only see his work on the sides of buildings and in alleyways, but in ambulances blasting down I-70 and in childrens rooms, bringing a smile to everyone. http://www.flickr.com/photos/23891878@N05/3900109671/in/photostream/

----- Jenni 08.12.12 08:38

banksy’s dream.

----- alanna 08.12.12 08:32

Anything by Keith Haring or Basquiat.

----- Joanie 08.12.12 08:07

While I love the detail of the top 3, it is the photos of the woman on the tiger and the man on the safe that catch you…just because of the photo op. http://kenwu.hubpages.com/hub/15-awesome-3D-street-arts

----- Kirsten 08.12.12 08:02

I’ve always thought the Tiki Jay street art of the Easter Island heads around LA were cool. He even did some cement castings and placed those in various places - pretty sweet!

----- Stacy B. 08.12.12 08:01

I love it when people crochet around park benches and trees.

----- Tom 08.12.12 07:46

Banksy for “follow your dreams” in Boston.

----- Helder Ricardo 08.12.12 06:56

None other than the legendary ‘Space Invader’: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tofz4u/8252816776/in/photostream

----- Karim 08.12.12 06:47

----- James 08.12.12 04:58

Jeremy Fish Skin & Bones Dominoes Set - awesome! With artwork

----- Maret 08.12.12 04:03

david choe whale

----- jason 08.12.12 02:34

This piece by Fark FK:


----- Joonas A 08.12.12 02:12

Lango has some incredible collabs in frisco


----- Alex 08.12.12 01:43

This piece is done by my good friend Carl Oxley. It’s my favorite because he’s not only an amazing person and artist, but this is the neighborhood in Detroit that I grew up in. And every little bit of sunshine helps in the city :)

----- Rae 08.12.12 01:21

C215, the illustrative quality in the artwork is amazing.


----- scott 08.12.12 00:20

That building with all the bubble gum stuck to it in Philly.

----- Tiffany 07.12.12 23:59

The street art in the Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta — it’s every changing and always dope.


----- Maurice C 07.12.12 23:41

So much to choose from but one of my favorite artists are Sten & Lex.
This one is an amazing piece in Rome (and a cool video to go with it) https://vimeo.com/11608049

----- Miyon 07.12.12 23:40

Just a taste of the SD streets Romali has fresh style, its his own style and he demands a lot of respect from writers all over. Shout out to writerzblock, wildstyletechnicians, and tHE aRMORY.


----- Garrick 07.12.12 23:09

I love random yarn bombings. They always give me a good laugh.

----- Mary 07.12.12 22:44

My favorite was subway art. In one of the passages leading between different subway lines in the NY subway, there used to be the most cynical text. Everyone who walked by it must have damned and blessed the artist for capturing the daily grind so well.

----- noah 07.12.12 22:41

The Green Carpet in Jaujac, France.


----- B Louie 07.12.12 22:15

I like these “Compassion Wizards” Ryan Henry Ward puts up around Seattle.

----- Vincent 07.12.12 22:09

----- Nick 07.12.12 20:39

When I was in Spain, specifically in and around Madrid, the walls along the freeways were practically covered in colorful art and I thought it looked so much nicer than just the usual drab gray concrete.

----- Derek 07.12.12 20:35

I know it’s been mention already, but ROA is hands down one of my favorites. Impossible just to choose one piece, though.


----- Andrea 07.12.12 19:40

I know it’s been mention already, but ROA is hands down one of my favorites. Impossible just to choose one piece, though.


----- Andrea 07.12.12 19:39

I’ve loved miniatures since childhood, so Little People just tickles me to no end. http://www.streetartutopia.com/?attachment_id=1144

----- Erin 07.12.12 19:30

How to tie a tie. Seen in Reykjavik.
Or tie a tye? Maybe tye a tie? Possibly tye a tye.

----- Anders 07.12.12 19:05

wall stickers! what a genius idea.

----- Tyler 07.12.12 19:03

3D printers have opened up a whole new range of possibilities. http://vimeo.com/43442146

----- Brian B. 07.12.12 18:41

A wall that used to get covered in gang tags. Hasn’t been touched since this MASSIVE ROA piece was put up. Love the view of Chicago over the shoulder!


----- Matthew Messner 07.12.12 18:34

I really love this piece of street art I saw while walking around in San Francisco a few years back. The just make an ugly part of the sidewalk that much awesomer! http://web.stagram.com/p/81715341_3010885

----- Drew 07.12.12 18:21

I hope to bump into a Red Ball Project someday.

----- tane 07.12.12 17:56

I can’t say I have a favorite, but there are a lot of great pieces around San Francisco.

----- Lara 07.12.12 17:52

I used to pass by this one a lot in SF, located at 6th and Market. It was done by identical Brazilian twins and has a sense of sorrow and whimsy to it at the same time:


----- Matt James 07.12.12 17:47

oh dear, dont know much about street art, entering here so I get a shot at handing this giveaway to my twelve year old. So here’s someone everyone knows: Banksy. But I remember in the 90s this great poster campaign around LA, very political, one poster was ‘Contra Diction’ a reference to the Iran Contra affair. These were very clever, graphic, slapped on overnight and next day all over the city. No memory of who it was but it was wonderful

----- mridula 07.12.12 17:24

----- becky evans 07.12.12 17:19

There is a new mural that went up over the last week in Miami during Art Basel, At 99 NW 25th Street, by Greg Simkins, Dabs Myla, and others. Wonderful piece. I’ve been following the progress at @craola on Instagram but can find no other reference to it on the net as of tonight.

----- Scott B 07.12.12 17:00


this shades of gray artwork is just amazing. love me some gray

----- Chris Martin 07.12.12 16:56

I’m partial to the Toynbee tiles, just because of the bizarre conspiracy theory narrative behind it all.

----- Brian 07.12.12 16:25

Not sure if this counts, but the Fremont Troll in Seattle! http://fremont.com/about/fremonttroll-html/

----- edgar 07.12.12 16:01

Love the whimsical, fun & unexpected - anything to brighten up people’s days & catch them a little off guard! http://designtegration.blogspot.com/2010/02/playmobil-urban-garden.html http://www.unurth.com/Aakash-Nihalani-Stop-Pop-Roll-NYC http://acommonname.com/street-art-project/

----- Christina 07.12.12 15:39

Just because it’s in my hometown, I’d have to say I like Banksy’s Scrushy best :p

----- Ian S. 07.12.12 15:37

Augustine Kofie. Pushing the concepts of street art. Beautiful.


----- Dan 07.12.12 15:35

Just looks good.

----- Cody 07.12.12 15:20

One of my favorite pieces of street art must be made by Aryz in Poland.


Three reasons why it’s a great piece of art:

1) The style is mind blowing and unique. (I just can’t wrap my head around how detailed it is.)
2) It has turned a giant, hideous, grey wall into something beautiful.
3) It’s made in my homeland, from which i moved at a young age and miss very much.

----- Mati 07.12.12 15:07

Both this structure and piece by Shida are so inspiring to me!


----- Michael 07.12.12 15:04

Anything by Connor Herring! He had a piece down in Chelsea and then they painted an ad over it :(


Tasteful use of gold foil is always a good idea…

----- Jessi 07.12.12 14:59

Bowery/Houston Street Graffiti Mural Wall In NYC - http://bit.ly/xNnqe3 - After finding out Keith Harring was the catalyst to this ever changing wall on Houston, I love it even more!

----- Jayson 07.12.12 14:43

I enjoy any street art that happens on signs, so imagine my delight when I saw this one:

----- Eric 07.12.12 14:42

He’s simple. blunt. and honest. enough said.


----- Paige 07.12.12 14:39

Bansky’s street art always fascinates me. I’m particularly fond of the girl in the diving helmet with the bird…

----- Allison 07.12.12 14:31

My daughter (factsarenothing.com) spent a year in Halifax, NS
NoonGun is her photo tumblr. One for each day. This is one of my favourites.


----- Tim Driscoll 07.12.12 14:24

The work of David Brunning (aka The Kid Belo), a local artist here in Calgary, including his piece entitled “Rise Above” http://instagram.com/p/Kaz1rbGJ4M/

----- Jaclyn 07.12.12 14:22

I love love love “is this shade of grey acceptable?” http://blog.vandalog.com/2010/11/mobstr-acceptable-shade-grey/

----- monica 07.12.12 14:21

Mona Caron’s murals are all over San Francisco. This one is one of my favorites: http://monacaron.com/galleries/MSR-unv-gallery/welcome.html

----- Julie 07.12.12 13:54

Not exactly rogue street art, but I love anything by Alexandros Vasmoulakis and would love to see vibrant art like his on the walls of my streets.


----- Pete 07.12.12 13:45

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