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Holiday Giveaway #19: Design Within Reach- 12.11.12

dwr0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #19 is here from our friends at Design Within Reach! With so many lustworthy design icons for every part of your home, as well as new designs perfect for gifting, there’s lots to browse! And this season i’ve been loving the Kaleido Trays by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay. “Perfect for gifting, this hand-picked set comprises three extra-small trays in red, brown and mint, two small trays in yellow and apricot, one medium tray in aubergine and one extra-large tray in grey.” These fun powder coated steel trays are modular, stackable, nestable, and ready for just about anything, from a tray to collect your bits and bobs, to serving trays, to simply decorative splashes of color and more!

THE GOODS: A set of seven Kaleido Trays by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what you would put in the trays by 12/16 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details and a video on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Miyon in Elliniko, Greece!

dwr1.jpg Kaleido Trays

dwr2.jpg Kaleido Trays

dwr3.jpg Kaleido Trays

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what you would put in the trays by 12/16 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


372 Notes

latkes! gelt! dreidels!

----- Tali 16.12.12 20:33

sushi or party hourderves

----- Linn 16.12.12 18:47

I will use it to serve tibits and snacks

----- nws 16.12.12 18:25

Right now it would be the assortment of international cookies I’m baking for the holidays!

----- Lorinda 16.12.12 17:35

scones and fixings for a modern tea

----- laura h 16.12.12 15:24

kale chips, veggie greek yogurt dip, and plenty of sweet potato fries.

----- Jillian Brooks 16.12.12 14:02

In desperate need of something to help organize keys and change and all the junk in my pockets!

----- TonyF 16.12.12 13:59

small puppies

----- Jen 16.12.12 13:34

Salted nuts

----- loren 16.12.12 12:01

I would go completely ocd and find try to every week find one new item in the color of every separate dish, and display them either on the dish in the same color for a camouflaged harmonious look or mix up the colors for a slightly more wild but still harmonious look. Have to make a schedule.

----- Ea 16.12.12 10:53


----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 16.12.12 08:51

give to my sister for her wedding shower, she would love the colors

----- steven 16.12.12 05:54

The bestest cheese board ever.

----- Rose 16.12.12 03:05

candles and more candles, for sure! this piece is truly beautiful!

----- marina 16.12.12 00:12

I’d use them for entertaining (food, goodies, etc.)!

----- DREW 15.12.12 21:14

cookies. i would make cookies just for these.

----- rich 15.12.12 19:57

My rubix polyhedra collection! Would love to juxtapose my 3D toys with the 2D isometric geometry of the trays.

----- Mary Lockwood 15.12.12 19:27

I would send these to my stepson who does a lot of entertaining. He would put canapes on them.

----- Kirsten 15.12.12 18:51

I’d put a bird on it because I’m from Portland Oregon

----- Carthagh 15.12.12 17:24

Probably my Andrew Bell Android collectibles. These would make for a great base on my display.

----- Greg 15.12.12 14:52

Round things work best in square/angular plates

----- Ian 15.12.12 14:19

Special Cookies.

----- Yoshio 15.12.12 13:17

I would put fruit, wrapped candy, and other easy to grab food in the trays.

----- Marshal 15.12.12 12:42

My keys, knife, flashlight, and diving watch.

----- Jonathan Y. 15.12.12 12:41

So many cocktails - maybe color coordinated to the tray they’re on?

----- Erin 15.12.12 11:26

So many cocktails - maybe color coordinated to the tray they’re on?

----- Erin 15.12.12 11:26

Meats and cheeses!!!!

----- Matt Burke 15.12.12 10:01

Peanut M&Ms

----- Tom V 15.12.12 09:19

I would definitely put cocktails on these trays! Thanks for the contest.

----- Elyn 15.12.12 08:49

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings.

----- kjl 15.12.12 00:24

Food for my upcoming 50th birthday party!

----- Bruce S 14.12.12 22:44

These trays would be an amazing way to serve the cookies/sweeets for family parties. Currently, we’ve got an odd mix of other trays and chargers for them during family parties. Although, the pops of color will make it that much harder to keep the little ones’ hands away.

----- Mikey 14.12.12 18:41

candles, hors d’oevres, cocktails - perfect for NYE party

----- Natalie 14.12.12 16:54

perfectly shaped, circularly snacks

----- brian 14.12.12 15:55

I’d probably fill them with my hopes and dreams of a life filled with stylish design. And also cashews. And negronis.

----- Kyle 14.12.12 15:02

I would put snacks and candies in them.

----- NiCole W 14.12.12 13:58

Fancy Jello Shots, resting in color coordinated paper cups. And I imagine all the empty cups would end up in a lovely colorful tangle across the trays by the end of the party.

like these:

----- KATE 14.12.12 13:57

chips, dips, chains, whips, candle wax on the… oh ne’ermind.

----- Ben 14.12.12 11:58

Delicious apps! Or colorful candies…

----- Mia 14.12.12 10:43

Holiday fondue party (Gruyère of course): I’d pile some of them high with the bread and fruit for the fondue, others with home made candies like ribbon candy and fudge, and the larger trays I’d use for serving cocktails. Voilà

----- Noelle Stiles 14.12.12 09:23

this is such an interesting look, the wy they fit together and make different designs. i would organize my perfume collection. what a great way to intersect some with others. citrus scents in one, vanilla scents in another, then deal with the intersection of the two in a third, perhaps by stacking one inside another.

----- mridula 14.12.12 09:22

A few pieces of heirloom jewelry, random spare change, a .50 caliber shell casing from a rifle I got to shoot, a few photos, some tabletop design books that I shouldn’t be keeping stashed away, and maybe a terrarium. OH, and my cat will probably decide to wander up there every now and then.

----- Charlotte Terry 14.12.12 08:06

Don’t worry about what I will put inside the trays, just put THEM IN MY KITCHEN!

----- Laura Trivilino 14.12.12 07:43

This tray is so pretty, it would be a perfect backdrop to my favorite appetizer: cheese, crackers, grapes, and pears!

----- Hanna 14.12.12 07:35

a flight of appetizers & scotch !

----- YuenMe 14.12.12 06:41

as perfect as it is to became serving trays, they happens to be lovely as a piece of art, mounted on my dark gray wall in living room

----- erick hilmansyah 14.12.12 04:14

Nothing! I’ll put the set up as artwork on my walls.

----- Siong Chan 14.12.12 03:35

I would nest tray upon tray upon tray! Seems a shame to ruin beautiful form by adding function…

----- Nelius Botha 14.12.12 01:41

All the things I keep losing on a daily basis.

----- B Louie 14.12.12 00:15

I would put trays in my trays so I could serve while I serve.

----- Daniel 13.12.12 23:55

Bought a lot of Belgian truffles and cookies from Brussels. These color trays will be perfect marriage.

----- Jason Lin 13.12.12 22:05

I think I’d actually like to put them on my ceiling. Ceilings are such a neglected part of a room.

----- Sharon 13.12.12 21:17

Christmas cookie baking party is coming up. Think I can make 7 kinds of cookies?

----- Sarah 13.12.12 20:45

love and dip, in that order.

----- greg 13.12.12 20:40

jello jigglers!

----- yc 13.12.12 20:19

These trays are so fun. I’d use them for hors d’oeuvres. They’d be awesome for a hot pot spread as well, and just decoration when not in use!

----- yp 13.12.12 20:05


----- eliot 13.12.12 19:51

Hors d’oeuvres; various olives, cheeses (no knives!), crackers and the like.

----- Jamie 13.12.12 19:04

Salted pig! Every colour of the rainbow!

----- John MacDonald 13.12.12 16:11

fruit, small trinkets and jewelry, things I’ve found

----- Andrea 13.12.12 15:39

Booze, and possibly all 49 of the listed creations (http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/49-ways-to-incorporate-peppermint-into-everything)

----- Andrea 13.12.12 14:53

I like the idea of filling each tray with something that matches in color so it is almost impossible to detect. Just because.

----- Josh Weinstein 13.12.12 14:44

Actually, I wouldn’t put too many in it. The trays make me feel happy and content. Just some flowers in the summer, a little candle in the winter.

----- Ruut 13.12.12 14:36

The perfect Display for my fried salad! All the different fun colored vegetables could have their own trays from stuffed mushrooms to artichoke hearts to latkas, and you could mix and match dips—aolis and chutneys and mustards—with dry spices in the smaller pieces. And I have the perfect lazy susan for this to work!

----- William Eng 13.12.12 12:29

It would be perfect for my housewarming party!

----- Alan B 13.12.12 10:59

I’d invite friends for some DIY food nights. Sandwiches, salads and everything.

----- STEEVEN 13.12.12 10:43


----- michael 13.12.12 10:41

I have been lusting after these for months! I would use these lovelies for a stunning charcuterie spread.

----- Leanna 13.12.12 10:26

I have so many different pieces of jewelry and small other knick-nacks that would look fabulous in these trays. They really are absolutely gorgeous!

----- Allison 13.12.12 10:15

cheese and berries

----- Daniela 13.12.12 09:22

spoon of sugar
pinch of cinnamon
two chili peppers
some Christmas tree cones
and ginger

----- mona (not lisa) 13.12.12 09:21

I would fill them with jewelry and lip gloss and display them on my vanity.

----- Isabel 13.12.12 09:17

I would put all my christmas sweets and coocies into the trays…

----- Roman 13.12.12 08:44

I would fill the trays with holiday cookies!

----- Liz 13.12.12 08:16

Ahh party trays should always be filled with craft cheeses. Everything else is bonus

----- Erastos 13.12.12 07:33

Love the colors, the design and the versatility!! I would use them to put some champagne glasses to cheer in New Years Eve!!

----- Patricia 13.12.12 07:06

These would make awesome jello molds!

----- Sung Chang 13.12.12 06:57

I would put beautiful things!

----- Sybille 13.12.12 06:40

these trays fit into my sisters style and design so well that I would give them to her.

----- Pat 13.12.12 06:10

coconut and ginger.

----- jay panelomo 13.12.12 05:57

Nothing. They’re so beautiful I would just keep rearranging them around my house. I first saw these in Copenhagen, and have been wanting them ever since.

----- Roma 13.12.12 04:38


----- Derek 13.12.12 03:34

Coffee Beans

----- Tom 13.12.12 02:26

all the slices of homemade tart and desserts im gonna make =D

----- Kai 13.12.12 00:51


seafoam, greyhound, calm tomato diamonds: cabbage, cubed-daikon, and pickled-crab kimchi
dead-peach hexagon: rice
FDC yellow No. 3: red chili paste, yamyongkanjang
robin’s-egg: butter lettuce
eggplant : braised pork belly

----- Christine 13.12.12 00:32

I would use it for change. Because in life, it is important that one can cope with change.

----- Dan 12.12.12 23:57

We are often on the look out for beautiful trays and accessories for styled food shots. These would work amazingly well!

----- Arnelle 12.12.12 23:46

The deviled truffled eggs from the tasteologie site!

----- Valeria 12.12.12 23:07

Olives in various colours.

----- Yaara 12.12.12 22:49

Korean starters!

----- Star 12.12.12 22:37

cheese and crackers,vegetables; jewelry,put it in my coffee station!

----- sindy murray 12.12.12 22:30

Hmmmm, breakfast in bed - for two?

----- The Slapster 12.12.12 22:15

Two champagne glasses, Prosecco, an ice bucket, pistachios and a deck of cards.

----- Todd 12.12.12 22:08

things to eat: nuts, olives, pickles, dips, etc

things not to eat: marbles, river stones, coins, office supplies, etc.

----- lace 12.12.12 21:52

my coffee cup and french press, pens, spare change, and any other trinkets that end up on the coffee table

----- Alex 12.12.12 21:34

These are great! I’m currently obsessed with homemade candy, so they would be filled with all kinds of traditional candy. The ultra-modern design would set off fluffy divinity and candied orange peel…

----- Laura 12.12.12 21:26

Beyond the fancy cheeses, various tapas, sweet treats, and delectable cocktails, these would be lovely showcases for my more delicate tools and art supplies, useful for trinkets and keys, or fun just to play with. Brilliant.

----- sylvia 12.12.12 21:16

I would put cheese and crackers. and maybe wine if I feel fancy.

----- Mary 12.12.12 21:11

I would set it on my front entrance table and display all my miniature furniture models and colourful wooden toys.

----- Terry 12.12.12 20:31

This is perfect for Skittles

----- justin 12.12.12 20:13

I would put a wine and cheese spread over the holidays!!

----- Alec 12.12.12 20:03

Rings!!! Looks perfect

----- Arina 12.12.12 19:38

Various precious stones and small bones.

----- jess 12.12.12 19:27

Cheese and nuts because I eat like a mouse.

----- Lauren Cudney 12.12.12 19:05

Olives! Lots of different kinds of olives!

----- Manny 12.12.12 17:24

hor d’oeuvres for parties!

also great for my food blog

----- Mariana Chan 12.12.12 17:08

I’ll be servin’ some straight up fierceness, m’okay? But honestly? Hummus. :(

----- Mooni 12.12.12 16:46

I’ll be servin’ some straight up fierceness, m’okay? But honestly? Hummus. :(

----- Mooni 12.12.12 16:44

Finn Crisps, various cheeses, salami and aspic

----- Oliver 12.12.12 16:38


----- Jonathan 12.12.12 16:35

these things are awesome

----- Nadiya 12.12.12 16:01

Gorgeous! I’d scatter them out and mount them on the wall above my bead instead of a headboard :)

----- Elizabeth 12.12.12 15:55

My girlfriends cooking of course

----- Chris Martin 12.12.12 15:51

Mine would be loaded with nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolates, and whatever Mongolian snacks my wife adds in.

----- Mikell Johnson 12.12.12 15:49

Everything! Tho snacks or decorative pieces seem most appropriate :P

----- Greg 12.12.12 15:09

Wotsits, what-nots & thing-a-me-jigs !

----- THOM CH 12.12.12 14:35

I love to entertain so I would use these to display treats n such goodness. They’re so pretty I would just leave them out with nothing on them too.
(I’ve been eyeing these beautiful trays for months! They’re just soooo perfect in every way.)

----- Lish Rebman 12.12.12 14:24

Some whiskey an ashtray for my cigars a couple of playboys and a pack of condoms!

----- randy 12.12.12 14:16

I would put in my favorite finger foods like Marconi almonds, cheese cubes, cornichons and crackers. I would also put in my earrings for overnight storage, as well as shells from pistachios!

----- Merle 12.12.12 14:06

I have an ottoman that I’ve been trying to find trays to set on for a multi-functional coffee table. These trays would be perfect for that!

----- Adam 12.12.12 14:05

Matches, mixed nuts, and my hopes for the future. I’m putting all of my hopes into these things.

----- Chris Stave 12.12.12 14:04

candy of the sour patch variety

----- Michelle 12.12.12 13:59

Found objects of beauty

----- Seth 12.12.12 13:29

I would put appetizers with some glasses of bubbly. Perfect hosting items for the New Year celebration!

----- Sandy 12.12.12 13:09


----- Katy 12.12.12 13:04

Nuts, nuts, peanuts, wallnuts, brazil nuts, cashews and dried crannberies!

----- Iva 12.12.12 13:01

pounds and pounds of nuts!

----- Daniel P 12.12.12 12:58

I would put all kinds of colorful candy in them! It wouldn’t last long, but would look great for a moment.

----- Kim Horgan 12.12.12 12:43

Yummy yummy desert goodness and chocolate candies for nibblets.

----- jen 12.12.12 12:31

Every year we have waffles for Christmas. Waffles, and sugared strawberries, whip cream along with chorizo and tamales would be exponentially more festive in these dishes.

----- Vivi 12.12.12 12:19

Ribbon candy!

----- Ryan 12.12.12 11:57

Paper, Scissor, Stick and Stone. Sugar, spice and everything nice.

----- NYN 12.12.12 11:57

I would sort out a ton of M&Ms to match to color of the plates!

----- Shachar 12.12.12 11:54


----- Aaron 12.12.12 11:45

I’d use them to set the table for my Christmas dinner/party!

I saw these in the catalog and absolutely fell in love. They’re so great.

----- isthiswitty 12.12.12 11:32

These dishes are clearly perfect hexagonal fighting rings for spiders, or even praying mantis.

----- Chad 12.12.12 11:17


----- Chris M 12.12.12 11:14

We will lay down those sweet jolly trays on the table in the shape of pine and decorate them by some shiny, glittering and colourful foiled wrapped candies so, it will become the our most vibrant Xmas tree ever..!!!

And when the party goes on, we can play ‘guess-the-picture’ game by recompose these trays into endless shapes as well (-;

----- Yota + Jira 12.12.12 11:12

I would put collections and treasures on display: vintage keys, sea turned stoned from many coast I picked up on my travels, evergreen springs for the holidays and homemade goodies (recipes via tasteologie, of course).

----- Wesley 12.12.12 11:06

These remind me of playing with tangrams in school! I’d put out snacks for when friends visit! They’d be perfect to use for my New Year’s party!

----- Natalie 12.12.12 11:05

I would place my plastic coloured horses on the trays.

----- Paula 12.12.12 11:01

Oh, these are great! Love the shapes!!!

Id use them for displaying homemade cookies at my Christmas party or on NYE,

then use them for Sunday brunches, they’re perfect for lil bites!

----- john 12.12.12 10:51

I would use the trays for appetizers.

----- Frances Lenz 12.12.12 10:40

I love these colorful trays! I’m going to serve my baked good on them. It’s going to be a wonderful and cheerful party!

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- Amy Tong 12.12.12 10:24

Food and drinks and baubles, oh my!

----- Lelia 12.12.12 10:14

Nuts and kumquats in contrasting colors.

----- Laura 12.12.12 10:05

From reading all the above comments, I see how endless the possibilities are with these trays. I love the fun mix of colors and thoughtful design. Theses would work on almost any coffee table, of course especially mine! I would use these trays for parties by putting things like: macrona almonds, pistachios, cheese, crackers, green apple slices (in the smaller trays). In the larger trays, I would put a bottle of St Germain, fresh squeezed lime juice, and Henricks gin. For everyday use, I would place a candle, my bust of John F. Kennedy, and my vintage compass in the trays. They are so fun because these trays can be dressed up or down.

----- Monica 12.12.12 09:58

Cheeses, apple slices, crackers, olives, hard salami, and glasses of wine.

----- Erin P. 12.12.12 09:55

finger foods for my kids’ parties!!!!!

----- antigone acconci 12.12.12 09:38

Burritos, XMas burritos for everyone.

----- Daniel 12.12.12 09:21

These make me extremely happy. They will be placed in my new apartment and used to INSPIRE the entire color palette, theme and decor!!! There are many creative ways to use these listed above by all the additional comments. Just as you can’t limit the endless possibilities of patterns to create from the colors and shapes, you can’t possibly limit the uses (I wouldn’t even dare try)!

----- Erica 12.12.12 09:14

Our Christmas Eve buffet!

----- Tom 12.12.12 09:12

I use the small ones to keep our keys and odds and ends in!

----- Elisabeth 12.12.12 09:00

Peat moss. Lego pieces. Habanero salsa. Thumb tacks. Nanobots.

----- Seth B 12.12.12 08:43

Condoms for a key party. Just kidding, it would be appetizers for my wife’s over planned dinner parties.

----- William 12.12.12 08:33

I’d probably end up using these as dinnerware! So gorgeous!

----- Devin Vermeulen 12.12.12 08:30

My office has been needing a pop of color, so I would use them to organize pins, bands, clips, and various office accessories. But the big blue tray would definitely make it’s home in the kitchen. These are so fabulous!

----- Anna B 12.12.12 08:25

marbles! colored transparent marbles!
the trays are so joyful that could be a nice object and toy..
a game with color, forms and light.

----- maria beckmann 12.12.12 08:21

The big ones i would overflow with christmas cookies and party appetizers. the little ones i would make people use as their party plates.. so fun!

----- Namtran Nguyen 12.12.12 08:07

I’d love to use them for foods/dips… but I’m almost certain my girlfriend will find a way to utilize them for her jewelry making :)

----- Stacy B. 12.12.12 08:00

My pipes and pipe tobacco.

----- Nick 12.12.12 07:56

Food, food and more food!

----- Angela 12.12.12 07:53

Those are a tapas party waiting to happen. I would fill them with snacks (faro croquettes, grilled vegetables, dates, roasted nuts, all kinds of stuff) and invite my friends over for wine-drinking and finger food.

----- Josephine 12.12.12 07:49


----- John 12.12.12 07:44

vase with flowers and books

----- Kelly Rae 12.12.12 07:40

Chocolates, sweets, mints, chocolates, peanuts, crackers, Bombay mix, chocolates and probably leave one for chocolates perhaps.

----- James 12.12.12 07:39

Fancy cheese and crackers!

----- Morgan 12.12.12 07:15

caviar. deviled eggs. cereal.

----- jack 12.12.12 07:11

The small trays would be great to store my earrings in!

----- Chelsea W 12.12.12 07:10

I would tape anonymous love notes about my friends to the underside of each one and see how long it takes my dinner guests to discover them.

----- TEMAN 12.12.12 06:55


----- Rachel 12.12.12 06:45

I would put candies, trinkets, keys and coins. i also think it will be great without anything on it since it stands as a decor on its own. thanks for the chance.

----- Kimberly R. 12.12.12 06:29

I would put appetizers for the wife’s black elephant party!

----- Levi Montez 12.12.12 06:27

Oh my goodness I would have the rockingist nacho party ever! 3 kinds of quacamole, salsa, queso and maybe a few special surprises! Oh man, my mouth is watering now!! Must…eat…GUAC!

----- Jenni 12.12.12 06:24

Peanuts! Of course.

----- Simon P 12.12.12 06:17

sexy, inspired, pleasurable to touch.. i would have them in my workspace on my desk as a design tool, within reach of my hands, paper and computer. they would contain clips, pens, snaps, twine, tape, scissors. a beautiful display of instruments to support creative craft.

----- shannon 12.12.12 06:10

Colourful Kaleido trays deserve suitably colourful (and undoubtedly delicious) foods. I’d fill mine with plump summer fruits - pomegranate jewels atop juicy watermelon squares alongside West Australian cherries drowned in passionfruit, all with some cheeky cream on the side.

----- Emma 12.12.12 05:54

some nice scandinavian dishes like delicious fish and swedish meatballs to honor them for their beautiful design!

----- ties 12.12.12 05:34

Ih my god, these trays are the absolute number one on my christmas-wishlist this year ;)
I’d have them on our dinnertable with a mix of candles and little personal treasures from our trips…

----- johanna 12.12.12 04:54


----- Sarah 12.12.12 04:28

I would use each tray for holding a different type of lego brick, for when I’m building a large model

----- Craig 12.12.12 03:43

I’d be too busy moving them into different patterns to put anything in them!

----- Ben 12.12.12 03:42

- guacamole
- tortilla chips
- hot black frijoles
- camarones
- spicy tomato sauce
- green jalapenos tabasco
- tabasco
- spicy cheese cream
- little fajitas
- mini-glasses with corona beer

----- martamask 12.12.12 03:29

lll oooo vv vv eee
lll oo oo vv vv ee e
lll oo oo vvv eeeee
lll oooo v eeeee

----- Kristin Olafsdotitr 12.12.12 03:24

I would used them for the first cocktail party in the atomic ranch we just bought. I’d fill them with a mix of finger foods from Trader Joe’s and Wegmans.

----- Jennifer 12.12.12 03:17

Probably nothing, because they are beautiful just like this. Of course I wouldnt mind getting served some breakfast in bed on these either ;)

----- Deniz 12.12.12 02:31

Since I’m on a diet, but in LOVE with food: healthy snacks! Dried figs, raw veggies, a good pile of unsalted nuts (pecans, macademia nuts, pistachios and cashews are my favorites). Some really good cheeses: a soft goats chees w/ honey and some nice old Manchego… And some really good olive oil with a few drops of Balsamic vinegar and Maldon Salt, home made pesto and sour cream with cilantro, lime juice and garlic for dips. Great… Now I’m hungry

----- Mieke 12.12.12 02:13

This is such a great assortment of colors and shapes, a very playful and yet classy object to share and interact with!

----- Morgane de klerk 12.12.12 02:04

The head of John the Baptist.

----- Chris K 12.12.12 01:52

This is going to be in 10 years a classic, because after a few days you can still arrange them in a different setting and it is never the same configuration. The more plates you have the more chances to have a rich pattern. What I like is the negative space that the shapes on top make. The shapes that you don’t have but are leftover from combining 2 shapes together. It’s endless!
It is a pity that you cannot serve food in it, but there are tons of other options for them. Just empty on the table is beautiful enough!

----- I. Clason 12.12.12 01:31

A big range of delicious Spanish tapas!

----- Victor 12.12.12 01:30

perfect set of trays for italian family dinner @ christmas time!!! and you know we can fill well those plates!

----- fabio 12.12.12 01:12

It would be perfect for an assortment of candy, nuts and Christmas cookies!

----- shruti 12.12.12 01:12

Wine, wine and more wine (glasses)

----- Jonas Chau 12.12.12 01:01

I’d use these for a variety of Hostess snack cakes…oh, wait.

----- Lewis 12.12.12 00:55

These would be perfect for fresh fruit & other treats.

----- Claire 12.12.12 00:34

Why put anything in them… They are beautiful just as they are.

----- Mark 12.12.12 00:28

Candy!! Or lots of different truffles. :3

----- Debbie 11.12.12 23:51


----- Corinne 11.12.12 23:50

More cheese!!!!

----- Guillermo 11.12.12 23:45

Magic beans, golden eggs, enchanted apples and my car keys.

----- james 11.12.12 23:40

I’ve been wanting these for a while. They’d be great for food!

----- Kate Freeland 11.12.12 23:31

An assortment of fine hamburgers

----- JD 11.12.12 23:17

Whoops. Kid snacks.

----- Cody 11.12.12 23:14


----- jacob 11.12.12 23:14

Colourful macarons and geometricaly cut finger sandwiches!

----- Miyon 11.12.12 23:09

Candles, candles and more candles! It is rather dark most of the time now after all and this would make my dining table just about the coziest place in my apartment.

----- tasa 11.12.12 23:04

I would use the trays for my seven course dinner of desserts.

----- Christina 11.12.12 22:50

Either color-coordinated Jelly Bellys or M&Ms. That would be so neat…

----- Ken Stevens 11.12.12 22:34

I’d probably display some bones rocks and sticks. Weird?

----- Angela 11.12.12 22:29

This is perfect for appetizers or having a tapas party.

----- Christi 11.12.12 22:25

I would use the trays to put all my home-grown plants, and to use it as saucers.

----- J.L. 11.12.12 21:55

I’d probably set them out whether or not they had anything in them, but they’d be great for appetizers or indulging my OCD by organizing the clutter on our kitchen table.

----- Holly B 11.12.12 21:17

I think this is a great idea for a workable tray on a coffee table or center piece! Perfect for holiday parties!!

----- Franny Walker 11.12.12 21:13

Food. Cookies, brownies, a slice of cake, maybe a nice glass of dessert wine.

----- Dominique 11.12.12 21:09


----- Luis B. 11.12.12 20:58


----- jason 11.12.12 20:56

These trays would be perfect for serving Hors d’œuvre during parties.

----- Casey 11.12.12 20:54

I would display our hand-painted holiday pine cones!

----- Frank B 11.12.12 20:45

This’d be perfect for entertaining, perhaps some bacon-wrapped jalapenos…

----- Alexei Locsin 11.12.12 20:16

from small to large:
3 small (respectively): uncut diamonds, uncut cocaine, unsalted almonds
2 medium (respectively): cocktail onions, apple tv remote
large: one mini bottle each of the following: vodka (goats head), gin (farmers botanical small batch), whiskey (hudson baby bourbon), cachaça (boca loca), moonshine (from kentucky only), homemade vanilla extract, lemon juice, burberry brit eau de parfum, dragon tears
extra large: pile of hamburgers with glazed donuts as the buns

----- Judy 11.12.12 20:13

These would be perfect for corralling my vintage modern jewelry collection!

----- christina@pmv 11.12.12 20:12

one word: breakfast

----- Brian Yip 11.12.12 20:07

On one hand, jelly beans and other colorful things sound perfect. However, the other side of me wants to contrast their awesomeness with that slop from National Lampoons Vegas Vacation… hmmm..

----- Ryan 11.12.12 19:54

I will fill them with some of the thousands of cookies I make at the holiday season!

----- Christina Ward 11.12.12 19:54

Jell-o Molds.

----- Shane O'Brien 11.12.12 19:51


----- Ani 11.12.12 19:44

Jordan almonds

----- Nick 11.12.12 19:41

I’d love to put the trays in my bedroom so I can use it to display my favorite jewelry. It’s absolutely perfect for it!

----- Thanh P. 11.12.12 19:37

Smaller trays.

----- Jason 11.12.12 19:29

i guess in this case it doesn’t really matter what thing you put in them, they’re still perfect, i guess i would put any item that suis my mood for that day

----- eugenio rebolleda 11.12.12 19:20

Always food. Cookies and candies, cheese and crackers. At the moment homemade candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate.

----- Valerie 11.12.12 18:54

I love these! I’d put cookies in them.

----- Amanda 11.12.12 18:50


----- Tara 11.12.12 18:46

Avid photographer…would take photographs and lay them out on the tray.

----- Nina G 11.12.12 18:37

Definitely baked goods - cookies, scones, truffles, cake… all homemade of course!

----- Jen D 11.12.12 18:35

My drinks cart looks very lonely, and so does that shiny new bottle of chartreuse. This, a couple of single glaases and things will start looking up.

----- Anthony 11.12.12 18:33

olives and nuts

----- Robyn 11.12.12 18:30

cups for tea. they look really neat, so maybe I could use them to organize my art supplies

----- David 11.12.12 18:18

lots of dark chocolate

----- Adam S 11.12.12 18:15

I think these trays are beautiful as-is with nothing cluttering up the design. I may use them to hold treats during get-togethers, but they would mostly sit empty on my coffee table.

----- Cindy Aiton 11.12.12 18:10

Cheese, but anything would look good really…

----- Eric 11.12.12 18:05

I would use them as a decorative addition to my side table!

----- Lindsey 11.12.12 18:00

Snacky stuff for friends! But first I’d have to make some fancy doggie treats, the ones that look like peanut butter spritz cookies, and fake out the boyfriend!! Lol

----- Holly 11.12.12 17:55

Three Deviled Eggs, Two Turtle Doves, and a Bottle of Champagne

----- David 11.12.12 17:55

Jewelry or beads, clasp, chain and etc. when making my own accessories

----- Juliana 11.12.12 17:51

cookies, obvi

----- dylan 11.12.12 17:36

A 7-course snack attack; from nuts to fortune cookies!

----- Ellen Bautista 11.12.12 17:23

My sister’s home-made chocolates and pretzels.

----- Brian 11.12.12 17:13

It would be perfect to have little snacks for a movie night :)

----- Yoo Jin 11.12.12 17:13

I would find a way to display some of them stacked together, maybe on a coffee table. The rest would be going to the bar!

----- Kathlyn 11.12.12 17:12

I would put anything or nothing in those trays, they are awesome!

----- Sara Grambusch 11.12.12 16:56

These would be great for entertaining. Love the colors!

----- Renee P 11.12.12 16:55

These trays would go perfectly on our sailboat, helping keep all of the various odds, ends, and gadgets in easy to find places about the cabin!

----- Michael 11.12.12 16:55


----- Lauren 11.12.12 16:48


----- shannon 11.12.12 16:39

chips and assorted dips!

----- Megan 11.12.12 16:34


----- Barrett 11.12.12 16:22

Deconstructed trail mix. Very avant garde.

----- Brandon 11.12.12 16:18

I would put something new in them every day, maybe something found on our travels—a foreign coin, a marble, a fallen leaf, a perfectly shaped stone…

----- KatieB 11.12.12 16:16

I’d use these cool trays for serving snacks!

----- Janna 11.12.12 16:07

In one I would put Christmas ornaments in contrasting colors, all the others will be to collect the corks from these holiday parties

----- Gretel 11.12.12 16:03


----- Julia 11.12.12 15:50

I believe I would keep these on the side with all my essentials in that I always lose, keys, lipbalm, rings etc :)

----- Victoria Birrell 11.12.12 15:45

Their shape and colours are beautiful and so they need to hold all my beautiful things. How can anything look unattractive in them.

----- Jenna Oldham 11.12.12 15:42

I would make my own Chex mix with bacon fat on these.

----- kim 11.12.12 15:39


----- Karim 11.12.12 15:38

I don’t think I can improve on the champagne in the pic. Maybe add some snacks to go with tho.

----- Ryan J 11.12.12 15:36

Cookies! Mountains of cookies…and salami!

----- Rali 11.12.12 15:34

A tray of holiday cocktails, a tray of h’orderves and Christmas crackers to celebrate with a pop!

----- kim 11.12.12 15:32

These are pretty! I think these would make the prettiest cheese platters with cheese/fruit/crackers/nuts!

----- Michelle Warnke 11.12.12 15:31

i would probably put…anything!

----- Soledad 11.12.12 15:31

I will have pastries and cheeses galore in it!

----- Gerhson 11.12.12 15:26

In my new apartment in Mexico City! I recently moved to this city, I dont have a lot of furniture, but they will be perfect for my living room / TV room. They would be absolutly the perfect accent and very usufull to organize many things I have around, also a great conversation piece

----- Gretel 11.12.12 15:19

sooooo many delicious party snacks and of course one would be dedicated to holding the champagne corks as the night goes on…

----- kristen 11.12.12 15:18

snacky things in the big ones and nifty little trinkets in the small ones.

----- Leila 11.12.12 15:18

Kumamoto oysters and Moet!!!

----- Andrew 11.12.12 15:18

I LOVE this set & have been wanting it for my coffee table! I would set a few decorative things in them, but mostly just let them be the centerpiece.

----- Heather Williams 11.12.12 15:15

Bourbon + maple roasted pistachios ;)

----- Greg 11.12.12 15:07

Bourbon + maple roasted pistachios ;)

----- Greg 11.12.12 15:07

I’d uses them for Christmas cookies and candies. Serve lots of stylish treats.

----- Mark 11.12.12 15:02

I’d use them to hold the garnishes for the “Make your own Bloody Mary bar” and while guests are drinking away, I’d wash them and use them to serve up the Holiday Cookie Buffet:)

----- Jenn 11.12.12 14:57

As a draftsman I love the geometric lines of these. And I’d fill them with chocolates! All sort of chocolates. All the really good Christmas chocolates! Purdy’s, Ghiradelli, Quality Street, Lindt, whatever goes well with a dark brew beer!. Isn’t Chocolate what Christmas is all about?!

----- Tim Driscoll 11.12.12 14:57

Anthing that I’m enjoying with my champagne. They would look wonderful on my Nelson Bench!

----- Seva Flicstein 11.12.12 14:52

I would fill them with cocktail garnishes. so. many. colors.

----- Jenna 11.12.12 14:48

definitely candy. all shapes and sizes.

----- yariv goldfarb 11.12.12 14:46

They dont need stuff in it to look wonderful !!!! Although some fruits might look nice

----- laura 11.12.12 14:44

Definitely my favorite goat cheese with pine nuts and some rosemary wafer crisps!!

----- vanny 11.12.12 14:44

These are so beautiful! I love appetizers: from empanadas to samosas to satay, these trays will be perfect for all my appetizers.

----- Aimee Monahan 11.12.12 14:43

I’d put all the admiration of my friends in there as they’d be mounted on my wall as design art

----- Casey Dure 11.12.12 14:43

Lots and losts of smoked meat

----- Mike Kuhl 11.12.12 14:35

Mostly nothing. They are stunning just the way they are. But on those occasions when I have guests over I would use them to serve unique and interesting finger foods. The more variety the better!

----- Gary 11.12.12 14:33

Beautiful food and drink, and jewelry!

----- Christina 11.12.12 14:31

For Christmas I would put cookies, candy, fudge in the trays. For New Year’s Eve I would do olives, smoked salmon, cheese and crackers, etc.

----- Kelli 11.12.12 14:31

For my jewelry! & make ‘em part of my dresser :)

----- Yoli Gonzalez 11.12.12 14:31

Ok, so if I had these beautiful design pieces; I would put a contrasting colourful fruit on each and every one! On the yellow tray I would place deep plum coloured cherries; on the orange dark grapes; pale blue with gorgeous slices of that colour that only watermelon has; on the purple, beautiful yellow physalis flowers of fruit and serve it all up in great style!

----- Daniela 11.12.12 14:30

I would use these amazing trays for tiny things- like small pebbles, pieces of moss, or tiny humans for my terrariums.

----- K80 11.12.12 14:30

I’m obsessed with these trays and would love them! On their own the colors are beautiful but at night filled with bubbly drinks and yummy treats they would be the perfect centerpiece for my holiday party!

----- Brittney Couch 11.12.12 14:29

These would look so cool on a nightstand or something- trays for me to sort all my day-to-day odds n ends (keys, wallet, etc.)

----- Laura 11.12.12 14:29


----- geri 11.12.12 14:29

my favorite read (awesome book that is)…my sharper image radio or ihome ipad stand..my BEATS by DRE..my healthy fruit and fiber filled DEElicious oatMEAL and VEUVE CHAMPAGNE (Amaze)..^-^ These trays rock..colors are a beauty and so ESSENTIAL..in fact..i have a few at my home on The East Coast but it’d be GREAT to have a few on the WESTSIDE..! ^* :))

----- Monica 11.12.12 14:28

I would use the trays for my Jonathan Alder ceramics - displaying them on the coffee table.

----- Cory 11.12.12 14:26

handmade decor.

----- Shari B 11.12.12 14:26

I love these trays. They’d go great on my coffee table. I’d put fun coasters with great cocktails on them plus handmade decorations.

----- Shari B. 11.12.12 14:25

This is the best platter combo EVER!! I would get all MasterChef / Jamie Oliver and whip up some delectable goodness - also would use it as a sexy bed side platter ;) then after that would stick them on my wall and instagram them 😄

----- Teddy 11.12.12 14:25

I would load these trays up with all my holiday baking!

----- Andrea Findley 11.12.12 14:24

i would love to do a fabulous antipasto selection… gorgeous olives and cheeses and roasted peppers and breads… each in their own special tray.

----- jennifer h. 11.12.12 14:24

I would serve cocktails with them!

----- Ron Bowen 11.12.12 14:24

Holiday treats for my family

----- Christine 11.12.12 14:23

Cheese and crackers!

----- Farah Lozano 11.12.12 14:21

My all time favorite…Cheese! and wine, of course.

----- Becky 11.12.12 14:19

I would put my world famous taco dip and chips in them! Yes all of them - it is that good!

----- Jenn 11.12.12 14:19

I would use the smaller ones on my nightstand to hold jewelry, my watch, and cellphone. The larger ones I would like to use as trays for cheese, crackers and other snacks. :)

----- Julie Liang 11.12.12 14:16

They seem to be quite useful for separating different flavors. So a they’d be great for a food tasting and finger food

----- Matt Z 11.12.12 14:15

What a colorful splash these trays would provide to make special occasions so

----- Maureen G 11.12.12 14:13

Serving trays for cheese, crackers, and holiday cookies!

----- Pierce 11.12.12 14:10

I would simply use these for wall art. Graphically pretty, Hay (Ciara) knows how to do it!

----- Linn 11.12.12 14:05

they ask for nothing, giving place to the great geometrical game.

----- martin 11.12.12 14:05

Cookies and caramels

----- Randi Lynne 11.12.12 14:03

m&m’s, because nothing but good came come of chocolate with a candy shell.

----- kevinb 11.12.12 14:02

This is awesome, they would go with the design on my new kitchen we just got done renovating!

----- Brian K 11.12.12 14:02

love these! i would use them on the coffee table for snacks.

----- Michele 11.12.12 13:56

my famous “cajun” grilled cheese sandwiches

----- melissa 11.12.12 13:53

I’d put a delicious variety of cheesecakes on those trays!

----- Numra 11.12.12 13:50

Cheeses… lots of cheeses. Can’t live without eating/serving cheese!

----- Ho Song 11.12.12 13:38

Love these trays. I would put my jewelry and my found beach treasures in them (sharks-teeth!!).

----- Gitta 11.12.12 13:37

Some sort of themed food stuff — Asian (sushi, stuffed rice balls, edamame pods, sauces, etc), Mediterranean (hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki, falafel balls, olives, pita), Cheese (a veritable smorgasbord of cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, and tasty crackers)… the possibilities are endless.

----- yethica 11.12.12 13:37

They are almost too cool to cover up but I would probably use them to organize my nail art supplies.

----- April Brooks 11.12.12 13:36

Reese’s Pieces. ONLY REESE’S PIECES.

----- Brian B 11.12.12 13:35

Wine, cheese, bread, fruit and nuts. All together.

----- Eric 11.12.12 13:34

I would fill them with milk and different cereals. Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch, Golean…

----- Alex 11.12.12 13:32

bits of the day - i’d put them on the table in my office and rearrange them when i need to reset my eyes/mind.

----- derek 11.12.12 13:30

Cookies, drinks, ornaments…

----- Eric 11.12.12 13:30

Happiness condensed into edible bites. And maybe jewelry. Not -of course- at the same time. :D

----- ellen 11.12.12 13:29

Tasty yummi things that I have learned to do with NOTCOT Tasteologie!!

----- María 11.12.12 13:28

I would find a way to put these on the wall and use them as art.

----- Jaime 11.12.12 13:27

Gouda cheese all kinds of crackers and bread.

----- Alex Blugerman 11.12.12 13:27

It would be interesting to place photo negatives or transparencies cut to the shape of each tray and allow the background color create new and interesting pieces of art.

----- Cesar 11.12.12 13:25

I would love to use these display homemade cookies and snacks!

----- Linda W 11.12.12 13:24

Hexagonal cakes!

----- Thomas 11.12.12 13:22

very cool!!!!!yeah

----- Rob/thief/corgimas 11.12.12 13:21

Cheese and crackers

----- lauren 11.12.12 13:21

I would use them to hold homemade toffee and caramels along with hot chocolate bar toppings during the holidays. yummm

----- hayley 11.12.12 13:19

Munchies, definitely. A small tray of craisins, another of almonds, a bigger plate of cheese… Would look so much better than my Tupperware party tray.

----- Erin 11.12.12 13:09

Holiday gift bags of course!

----- edgar 11.12.12 13:08

Colorful nesting cookies of course!

----- MICHAEL H 11.12.12 13:06

food, lots of food. probably a build-it-yourself meal with all the fixings, like fresh spring rolls or tacos.

----- Gabe G 11.12.12 13:06

I would put a mixture of dips, chips and dice in the trays because my family loves snacking, dice games and drinking during the holiday season.

----- Kate 11.12.12 12:56

peppermint bark, fudge, chocolate chip cookies…

----- jessica 11.12.12 12:56

These would make for the coolest cheese tray(s)!

----- Jeremy 11.12.12 12:54

Tapas, tapas, tapas!

----- Tony 11.12.12 12:52

I’d used this innovative beautiful trays for candles, soaps, books, hors-d’oeuvres, or double them up as dinner or dessert plates to showcase the food or display them empty as objects of art.

----- Paula Goodman 11.12.12 12:52

Various cheeses, probably an assortment of different cheddars and crackers

----- Kate 11.12.12 12:50

I would load them with travel trinkets, curios, and candy (of course!)

----- Sallyann Corn 11.12.12 12:49

cute little appetizers!

----- Thu 11.12.12 12:49

I would put my jewellery on them. I’ll never lose an earring again if I had these colourful beauties to help me organise my bling!

----- Jane Carvell 11.12.12 12:46

I would use these for parties, and place chocolates or appetizers on them. :)

----- Lauren Tenery 11.12.12 12:44

I love these, and would use them as a decorative centerpiece on my coffee table. I wouldn’t actually put anything in them, I would leave them as is to show them off!

----- Ricky 11.12.12 12:39

These would be a beautiful conversation piece for parties. I’s match the 24 pack of Martha Stewart glitter to create fun decorations and some tone on tone bling. Then, I’d fill it with ribbon candies and vintage cocktail glasses!

----- Elyse R 11.12.12 12:36

Colourful cupcakes would look so cute on this.

----- Iris 11.12.12 12:36

ice cream sundae toppings!

----- Lisa 11.12.12 12:34

Finger sandwiches, fine cheeses, and figs

----- Justin 11.12.12 12:32

i adore these trays so much i actually want to mount/glue them to the wall as art… please let me have them.

----- amanda mcadoo 11.12.12 12:30

A piece of cherry tart!

----- Ian S. 11.12.12 12:29

Stuff that comes out of my pockets at the end of the day and cocktails.

----- Robert W. 11.12.12 12:26

My sisters & I throw a NYE party every year at our mom’s house. This would make for a fabulous hors d’oeuvre presentation!

----- Kimberly M 11.12.12 12:25

Cocktails of all varieties!

----- Heidi 11.12.12 12:24

Christmas cookies for Santa!!!

----- Mike H 11.12.12 12:23

I would use these trays for cheesy cherry cookies and a tofu turkey roast.

----- Aja Woods 11.12.12 12:21

Homemade pecan brittle!

----- Jessi 11.12.12 12:18

I love the timeless design of these. Extremely versatile, elegant yet simple. Remeind me of being a kid again… I would place my life treasures in them :)

----- Garet 11.12.12 12:17

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