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Holiday Giveaway #22: Kidrobot- 12.14.12

kidrobot0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Woohoo! NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #22 - lots and lots of TOYS from our friends at kidrobot! Whether you share this bundle of fun with others, consider it a huge stocking of toys for yourself, or ration them out through the year, there’s no way you wont have lots of playful amusement! From surprisng blind boxes, to the adorable love birds that fit together so adorably, to the DIY blank Munny, and adorable happy labbit…, there’s too much here not to make you smile!

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of Kid Neutron 8”, two Pop Mini Series ‘Corns, a Blue All City Breakers Mini 20-pack, Munnyworld Munny Series 4 (7” White Edition), a pair of Love Birds (purple and teal), two Fat Caps, two SPK2 Minis, and two Happy Labbit Minis.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what your favorite childhood toy is by 12/19 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more pictures of all the goods on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jessica in Fremont, CA!

kidrobot5.jpg Love Birds

kidrobot2.jpg Pop Mini Series ‘Corns

kidrobot3.jpg All City Breakers Mini 20-pack - Blue l

kidrobot8.jpg Happy Labbit Mini Series

kidrobot6.jpg Fat Cap blind boxes

kidrobot7.jpg SPK2 Mini Series

kidrobot4.jpg Munnyworld Munny Series 4 7” White Edition

kidrobot1.jpg Kid Neutron 8”

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing what your favorite childhood toy is by 12/19 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


293 Notes

My favorite toy would be a Tente set we had when we were kids

----- Daniel Herrera Marmolejo 19.12.12 22:07


----- Mark 19.12.12 16:14

My favorite childhood toy is the small bendable gumby i’ve had since i can even remember. I still have it til this day.

----- Ria 19.12.12 14:31

I had a rainbow brite stove. For reals.

----- Rabbit (@caudelac) 19.12.12 13:17

It will have to be my Tonka toy dumper truck. it was so big I could ride on it….. you weren’t meant to. :-s ….. I wore out the wheels, unfortunately it ended its days in a house fire. :(

----- Stephen 19.12.12 12:21


----- Regan 19.12.12 10:49

life size toy cooking set.

----- Mariana Chan 19.12.12 10:42

Tonka trucks!

----- Josh 19.12.12 09:25

Voltron figures!

----- greg 19.12.12 08:15

My matchbox cars!

----- Diego 19.12.12 07:17

I really loved the Might Men & Monster Maker that I had as a kid. I should really get another one on ebay…

----- Paul 19.12.12 05:17

slinkies :)

----- Joseph 19.12.12 04:33

neopets, always.

----- Christine 19.12.12 04:33

wooden sticks, stones and corners to hide. I loved to have fun outside.

----- mona (not lisa) 19.12.12 03:50

Power rangers!

----- Sophie 19.12.12 03:32

Has to be Lego, and now my son plays with it and I have to help of course!

----- Geoff 19.12.12 02:53

Game boy!

----- Thu 18.12.12 23:38

My favorite toy was a stuffed rabbit I used to have.

----- Brenda I 18.12.12 23:04


----- Jeff 18.12.12 23:02

I remember finding my Dad’s teddy bear at my grandmother’s house and adopting him and renaming him Butch. Dad would look at us and say “his name is Teddy”.

----- Suz B 18.12.12 23:02

Nothing cooler than Lego. I’m in good company here

----- Brian 18.12.12 22:28

I like pie!

----- sam 18.12.12 21:47

Tamagotchi!!!! Lego and Hula Hoop as well :D

----- Sara 18.12.12 21:45

I had this Power Rangers top spinning thing similar to Beyblade

----- Victor 18.12.12 17:34

A weird purple bear that had a Velcro stomach opening, in which resided several smaller baby bears.

----- Meghan 18.12.12 14:56

Without a doubt, I was most fascinated by Weeble Wobbles.

----- Michelle 18.12.12 14:02

Ninja Turtles!

----- cilla 18.12.12 13:44


----- Alessandra White Riot 18.12.12 13:24


----- Mary 18.12.12 11:41

Battle Beasts!!! Especially the ones that had a weapon for an arm! Pressing on the heat activated power sticker on the chest never got old!

----- Petros S 18.12.12 11:40

My Mighty Max toy set. The TV show was just as awesome!

----- Jasper 18.12.12 10:38

My favourite childhood toy used to be this little ferris wheel with random animals in all of the seats. My grandma brought it to me from Comi Russia, wish I still had it. Thanks for the chance!

----- Rossi 18.12.12 09:40

Dirt and Tupperware depending on location!

----- Katie 18.12.12 09:24

My favorite were my GI Joe action figures! They were awesome. I had so many characters that my teenage brothers even got in the action. But alas, my soldiers were killed in battle and buried in the background. To this day I have only been able to dig one of them. What was I thinking?

----- Tyler 18.12.12 08:12

Legos and OG Ninja Turtles

----- Geoff 18.12.12 08:00

Ninja turtles, mini playsets… Actually any mini playset that was a closed item and opened in the center to reveal a small world inside that allowed for hours of play. They had a micro machines version as well. I’m not sure if these are made anymore. Guess I got to be part of a dying phase of toys.

----- Colin Z 18.12.12 07:59

It was ordinary rag doll but I loved her so much! I was very sad when I lost her.

----- Agata 18.12.12 06:04

Chemistry Sets, Skateboard, and Yo-Yo’s.

----- Nancy M 18.12.12 03:46

G.I. Joe. (12” inch Kung-FU grip Adventure team not the wimpy tiny figures)

----- Obie 18.12.12 03:07

jump rope, made of rubber band linked together.


simple. fun, also u have to play with someone. that’s the best part

----- erick hilmansyah 17.12.12 23:58

My favorite toy was my American Girl doll, my sister, cousins and I would take them everywhere with us. We’d all have sleepovers together and even had bunk beds for our dolls.

----- Alison 17.12.12 23:53

Ninja turtles minis

----- Levi Montez 17.12.12 23:19

Lite-Brite and Glow worm

----- Lara 17.12.12 22:22

My skateboard and a slingshot

----- Amir 17.12.12 21:02


----- Sarah 17.12.12 19:49

I loved My Little Ponies.

----- Calli 17.12.12 19:30


----- Oliver 17.12.12 19:17

Cardboard boxes. My dad and I would paint them into different things. He made me a doll fireplace, a puppet theater, a rocket ship…

----- Lea 17.12.12 18:50

My favorite toy was imagination. But I also liked Lincoln Logs quite a bit.

----- Christian S. 17.12.12 18:30

I really loved these little handmade porcelain dolls my grandmother would make for us. My sister and I didn’t really appreciate the priceless-ness of them and ended up losing most of them :(

----- Danielle 17.12.12 16:39

Tamagotchi! What can I say, I grew up in the 90’s…

----- Elizabeth 17.12.12 15:45

My small army of stuffed animals

----- Amanda 17.12.12 15:42

My favorite childhood toy has to be my tomigachi! Loved taking care of that thing!

----- Namtran Nguyen 17.12.12 14:50

legos, hands down.

----- KatieB 17.12.12 14:38

I used to love Construx, probably because lego was expensive, even back then.

----- Chris Stave 17.12.12 14:27

This STUPID marble chute game. Marbles go in one end, go back and forth and come out the other. I must have spent days feeding that thing its excrement. Aaaaand my parents still have it.

----- Mark Britton 17.12.12 14:17

Breyer horses

----- Christina 17.12.12 14:12

Speak and Spell

----- Jason 17.12.12 14:10

Magna doodle….couldn’t get detailed, but it got the job done. Couldn’t get enough of it.

----- Steve 17.12.12 13:33

Scorponok! One of the coolest Transformers when I was a kid.

----- Hadi 17.12.12 13:31

My mother used to do the 12 days of Christmas every year! We’d get an ornament in our stock and our “big” present under the tree on Christmas day (often times a group gift for me and my three brothers) and presents small enough to fit in our stocking every morning for 11 days after. We loved it!

I think the best year was when they got my 3 brothers and I each our own set of “fort bricks”. They were just empty cubes of single ply cardboard in various colors shaped into just a bit bigger than the size of a real brick, but they were the best gift ever. We each had enough we could each build a fort or combine them for a massive fortress to enact action figure wars in or a mansion for Barbie’s (who naturally dated Han Solo or Optimus Prime, cause Ken couldn’t hold a candle to such sexy heros). We even built a giant ship out of them with a 7 foot tall mast for Columbus Day one year. It was AMAZING.

It made my friends jealous and I took a childish pleasure in that since they generally got “cooler” gifts since my parents were generally tight on money around Christmas.

I only realized when I was a teenager it was in part so that they could get toys and candy and other things at a reduced price after Christmas since money was always a bit tight.

----- Marianne 17.12.12 13:29

I had the cuttest ukulele. And I thought it was a guitar till age of 9.

----- Talita Escher 17.12.12 13:05

the original april o’neil action figure from teenage mutant ninja turtles that i lost in the natural history museum a few weeks after receiving it. rest in peace, april.

----- ashley 17.12.12 12:27

Purple lightsaber I found in my mothers drawer!
It even vibrated emulating the lightsaber turning on when switching a button.

Good times!

----- Mati 17.12.12 12:26

A metal Superman figure with one leg and a torn cape. I don’t know where he came from or how he lost his leg, He just never had one. Now he sits on my bookshelf.

----- P. Lee 17.12.12 12:17

My thunderbird 2 diecast model!

----- Adrian 17.12.12 12:14

Legos! My older brother and I would always build a mega Lego city…then my little brother and G.I. Joe would invade.

----- Kristin 17.12.12 12:06

Fisher Price Adventure People Safari set. I also loved my Shogun Warrior!

----- Roland Jones 17.12.12 11:48

I loved teddy bears

----- Katy 17.12.12 11:45

easy bake oven.

----- monica sok 17.12.12 11:00

LITE-BRITE and Twirlopaint!

----- N. Stiles 17.12.12 10:40

Super Bumble Bee ball-bearing yo yo

----- Gabe G 17.12.12 10:35

Modeling clay, absolutely the best!

----- scott 17.12.12 10:21

A tree in the back of my house!!! Best games ever!!!

----- María 17.12.12 10:11

Favorite? StarWars all the way

----- Armando Benitez 17.12.12 09:12


----- Ryan 17.12.12 09:08

A pajama-bag in the shape of a blue and white fox. I slept with him for years, and still havehim - now eyeless, noseless, bereft of stuffing and held together by safety pins.

----- Robyn 17.12.12 08:31

I remember playing with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vans for hours in the 80’s.

----- Robert 17.12.12 08:28

favorite of all time is my stuffed animal, “PUPPY”.

----- Sandy 17.12.12 08:03

My favorite toy was my GI Joe.

----- Bob Schwartz 17.12.12 07:37

Legos, of course.

----- Kimberly M 17.12.12 07:22


----- Law Helie 17.12.12 06:44

Rex from Toy Story!

----- Kathlyn 17.12.12 06:16

My favorite toys growing up were my Nintendo (which is what eventually led me into the games industry) and Lego. I’ve since bought my nieces and nephews video games and Legos for Christmas and birthdays so that they may be so inspired.

----- Patrick 17.12.12 05:16

creepy crawlers

----- Andie C 17.12.12 04:47

A Linus doll from Peanuts

----- Hoister 17.12.12 04:17

My favourite toy was Lego. We had a small trunk up in the attic at my parents place. There I could sit for hours, building to the light from a flashlight.

----- Jenny 17.12.12 04:02

a pluto puppet

----- martamask 17.12.12 03:49

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer!

----- Dan 17.12.12 00:03

I had a plush bunny rabbit who whore a yellow sleeping cap and had a blanket. I’m pretty sure i called him sleepy bunny. Was never able to find out where he disappeared to…

----- Tyler 16.12.12 23:16


----- B Louie 16.12.12 23:09

Favorite childhood toys were LEGO bricks and Star Wars figurines.

----- range 16.12.12 21:57

My favourite toy would the the Polly Pocket! It looks something like this:

----- Juliana 16.12.12 20:47


----- Tali 16.12.12 20:36

X-Men toys after the Fox animated series aired!

----- Greg Weaver 16.12.12 20:12

My brother and I have some pretty awesome TMNT toys…but I always loved playing with my stuffed animals too.

----- Jen D 16.12.12 20:10

My Fisher Price barn set.

----- Carmen 16.12.12 19:04

My Big Wheel with the flat tire. Bumpty, bump, bump…

----- Madoc 16.12.12 18:33

Lego Sets!!

----- Linn 16.12.12 18:30

My favourite childhood toy is the green army soldiers. I used to imagine a battle scenario between 2 different ‘army forces’ lol

----- nws 16.12.12 18:30

cardboard box

----- Kelly Rae 16.12.12 17:18

Had to be my Legos

----- Tom 16.12.12 16:29

I loved my Playmobils!!

----- Marco 16.12.12 16:04

My favourite childhood toy was little clay cows that my grandmother use to sit and make for us.

----- Nguyen 16.12.12 14:50

favorite toy was def legos. funny thing, i still play with them.

----- victor sanchez 16.12.12 14:26

Our garden. Making clay pots, building huts, getting totally soaked because my sister insisted i was allowed to jump into the canal with my clothes on (:

----- Ea 16.12.12 14:07

I was a huge collector of Legos and He-Man!

----- TonyF 16.12.12 14:02

My favorite would have to by my stuffed horse, Buttercup. I still love her today.

----- Hanna Faris 16.12.12 13:18

My snoopy, with all the clothes, best friend in the world, my daughters have them now! Still look for the clothes on line, garage sales etc… Best outfit, flying ace with goggles and silk scarf, doctor a close second! Thank you for the memory….

----- Jill Faris 16.12.12 13:14

My stuffed horse, Buttercup. I still love her today.

----- Hanna Faris 16.12.12 13:10

VOLTRON! The metal one. Was awesome.

----- Mikell Johnson 16.12.12 12:50

A Commodore 64.

----- Brian 16.12.12 12:38

NINJA throwing stars!

----- loren 16.12.12 12:00

I think I was about 3 years old. A plush toy teckel, life-size. I used to drag him around like a real dog. Whenever I see one today it reminds me of my those days…

----- Miyon 16.12.12 11:09

Space lego, hands down, no contest.

----- Jamie 16.12.12 10:49


----- Seth 16.12.12 10:16

I always adored Barbie. Still do. While I am far past the days of playing with them, my collection rests on the shelves in my study and continues to grow. Cheers!

----- Joel 16.12.12 08:41

Legos FTW !!

----- Kai 16.12.12 08:16

Teddy Ruxpin. Hands down. But now, he scared the buhjeesus out of me.

----- Rae 16.12.12 08:04

Absolutely Legos!

----- Karl 16.12.12 07:56

I was happy with an empty cardboard box

----- Richard 16.12.12 06:57


----- Katy 16.12.12 06:03

Charlie, my stuffed grey bear who wears black suspenders

----- steven 16.12.12 05:51

My invisible friend! :D

----- Deniz 16.12.12 05:15


----- nushechka 16.12.12 03:39

A Hulk Hogan figurine………minus the CCTV, bed and lady friend….

----- Paddy 16.12.12 03:04

You know it was a tally a rock. The neighborhood kids would come to my house and we would just jump off the rock and grind plants in the holes.

----- Angela 16.12.12 02:12

My favorite toy when I was a kid was my stuffed duck; “Mucky” He had real feelings like the velveteen rabbit ! I took him everywhere with me :) I never wanted him to get lonely.

----- Shawna 16.12.12 00:37

I had a beanie baby that I still own today - it’s a bit ragged around the edges, but that just shows it was well loved!

----- Em 15.12.12 23:48

Star Wars action figures

----- Nick 15.12.12 21:34

My favorite toy growing up was a Wolverine action figure. But now, I love Kid Robot figures!

----- DREW 15.12.12 21:17

cheburashka doll

----- Daniela 15.12.12 21:13

Socker Boppers

----- Nina 15.12.12 21:11

TMNT action figures

----- Raelena P. 15.12.12 20:00

although not my favorite at the time, i really wish i still had my tonka trucks, even as beat up as they were.

----- rich 15.12.12 19:50

My sketchbook!

----- Mary Lockwood 15.12.12 19:31


----- Kirsten 15.12.12 18:39

Lego bricks!

----- Dominique 15.12.12 18:29

Medieval Legos. That nerdy fantasy lover could act out all his childhood dreams.

----- Anthony 15.12.12 18:18

Skip it! I loved skipping.

----- Moe 15.12.12 17:59

G.I. Joe and He-man. Who doesn’t have one?

----- jay panelomo 15.12.12 17:04

I had a ninja turtle and a batman figurine that I would always have fight against each other.

----- Eric 15.12.12 16:49

Legos! With transformers as a close second.

----- Edgar 15.12.12 16:29

My favorite toy is a doll I got from my parents when I was 1. 19 years later, she’s still my most treasured possession!

----- Angie 15.12.12 16:17

my favorite as a kid had to be legos!

----- Devin Vermeulen 15.12.12 15:49

Legos. Couldn’t have enough…we had boxes of them. Spent many afternoons with my mother and brother building everything we could imagine. When my mother passed away last year I found most of them still packed away in her storage. Now the nieces and nephew get to enjoy them.

----- Scott B 15.12.12 15:14

My favorite toy was a Cabbage Patch Cat, a brown one. I can’t remember the name he came with but I was told I named him Kiki in an attempt to say “Cat”. He went everywhere with me and I’d have him still if he hadn’t been lost when we moved. Sometimes, when I’m feeling very nostalgic, I miss him…

----- Michelle 15.12.12 14:57

It’s probably a cheat, but my favorite was my Super Nintendo. Opened up untold worlds to me.

----- Greg 15.12.12 14:56

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles any/everything

----- Jericho Diaz 15.12.12 14:43

A stuffed bunny my grandma made me!

----- Iris 15.12.12 14:41

Lego Love Lego!!

----- Patricia 15.12.12 14:40


----- Ian 15.12.12 14:18

snowball, my teddy bear, of course- 25+ years later, i still have her!

----- Shannon 15.12.12 14:16

oh please help me whinn my boys from the Ninja Turtles…

----- Hadar 15.12.12 14:03

giant keroppi plush

----- jess 15.12.12 13:22

Tinker Toys

----- Yoshio 15.12.12 13:19

I remeber my childhood days of doing anything to satisfy my parents to buy my favourite toys that I wanted. Now that feeling has just come back seeing these!

----- DEL 15.12.12 13:10

Gundam Model Kits fosho!

----- Jonathan Y. 15.12.12 12:22

Mine were def Legos and anything mechanical that you assembled yourself!

----- Marshal 15.12.12 12:21

My favorite childhood toy was a plastic boat..green chimney, orange cabin, yellow body. Thing cruised through my imagined oceans like a hot knife through butter. I was also fond of the box it came in.

----- Robin 15.12.12 11:26

For me it’s not a really well known toy- but I got this as a gift one christmas when visiting the states from London- it blew my mind.

----- Alex 15.12.12 10:47

My favorite toys were my books. Besides reading them, I would make towers with them, roads for toy cars, houses for my stuffed animals….

----- Jessica L. 15.12.12 10:05

I had two toys (besides paper and crayon and carboard boxes, and the living room coffee table I used to turn upside down to make a canoe): legos and picture cubes. The legos were small blocks in blue and red. The only specialized pieces were a one green large rectangular board, and four tiles for the tire axels. I never built a car, I always build towers and labyrinths… The picture cubes were some soft of disney rip-off (prob made in China, sold in Turkey…) I remember the dwarves. I never made the pictures on the six sides, I always built towers and/or labyrinths… So in the end, I think, my favorite toys were those let me build towers and/or labyrinths.

Will I stack kidrobots tomake towers? You bet!

----- Blue 15.12.12 09:50

My favorite childhood toys were my He-Man and She-Ra action figures! :)

----- Diana 15.12.12 09:46

Play-doh were my favorite toys.

----- Casey 15.12.12 09:12

LEGO…need more be said?

----- Tom 15.12.12 08:52

a little stuffed zebra

----- Clea V 15.12.12 08:26

No question about it: Legos. Had a blast with them through my own childhood and now they have been a joy for my little brother for years.

----- Joonas A 15.12.12 08:25

micro machines FTW!!!!!

----- Ryan 15.12.12 08:22

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Heroes in a half-shell,
Turtle power!

----- Shane O'Brien 15.12.12 08:17

My favorite childhood toy was a wooden gun my dad made for me. My brother had one too and we played all sorts of games; cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, indiana jones, etc… It was the perfect little boy imagination toy.

----- Eric W 15.12.12 07:02

It’s gonna be a repeat of a lot of people here - but Lego, hands down. It grew up with me; through basic blocks at a young age to the technic - and then the technic with moters, and pneumatics! Good times.

----- Martin 15.12.12 06:34

Yo-yo and Slinky.

----- NYN 15.12.12 05:58

King Kong

----- James 15.12.12 05:26

When I was 8 I got a set of giant Tinker Toys. That set was so amazing, some of the pieces were bigger than I was. My favorite things to build were a car and a fort. Those toys started me off building, creating, and thinking around corners. Man do I wish I still had them

----- Skott 15.12.12 02:59

Daisy doll.

----- Sarah 15.12.12 01:36

Remember M.U.S.C.L.E. Men? They were little colored vinyl monsters meant to fight each other from the 80’s. I used to spend hours bent over these little figurines, battling with my brother, collecting the different colors, and hiding my favorites in secret spots around my room.

----- Matt James 15.12.12 01:10

My mighty max volcano, still have it here in my room 15 years later

----- Dean Smith 15.12.12 00:49

Best toy ever was a stuffed elephant that mirrors and crinkle ears. But then again I really liked cardboard boxes.

----- Christi 14.12.12 23:11

Has to be building blocks. Wooden architecture at its best.

----- Chris 14.12.12 22:13


and wow this is such a fun prize! :)

----- shafina 14.12.12 21:56

doesn’t matter what toy i wont win :(

----- Brian Yip 14.12.12 21:55

Big Wheel!

----- Cindy Aiton 14.12.12 21:25

Pogs ehre the greatest thing ever when i was a young one. I still have my collection buried deep in my parents house somewhere.

----- Garry Hannah 14.12.12 21:09

A small 4 inch plastic glow in the dark shark i got out of a cereal box… I loved that thing til the day it disappeared from my nightstand…

----- Jonathon 14.12.12 20:50

Barbies! I had over 25 dolls, many handed down from my older sister who was 9 years older. Some of them were really awesome ones from the early 70’s and late 80’s with great makeup.

----- Tiffany 14.12.12 20:46

got to be my lego and my cookie monster puppet!

----- baxter 14.12.12 20:46

fisher price tape recorder. i would hide it all over the house trying to be a spy!

----- jenn b 14.12.12 20:30

Kirby Bear - he had a night shirt, a safari suit, dresses and baseball gear. Plus his limbs were the perfect shape for masking tape casts.

----- Sarah 14.12.12 20:15

My favorite childhood toy was (and probably still is) Pokemon ;)

----- Jamie 14.12.12 20:10

An original Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He’s missing a forearm and his daggers but he still faithfully guards my bookshelf.

Runners up: Legos and Batman (sporting a clip-on fabric cape)

----- Ryan 14.12.12 20:06

When I was about 9 years old, my godfather who was then living in the US sent me a boxful of Sanrio stuff for my birthday! It was filled to the brim with all sorts of Hello Kitty toys and accessories. I felt so special especially since those particular items were not available in my country! I just had to share some with close friends. To this day, I can still remember the joy I felt back then.

----- Ellen S. Bautista 14.12.12 19:51


----- Maria Cristina 14.12.12 19:49

My favorite toy was minnie mouse doll that giggled when you squeezed her tummy… I also slept with her. I am a sound sleeper… my sister who I shared a room with is not… I LOVEd that toy :)

----- Jenni 14.12.12 19:42

Oh man, now you’re talkin’!

My favorite toy may have been this electronic toy that played various games on a 9 LED grid. Lasted long enough to give to give to my daughter’s brother when he reached my age. Sadly, he destroyed it.

----- tudza 14.12.12 19:36

My light up glow worm plushie. :D

----- Jane 14.12.12 19:21

legos and hot wheels!

----- Travis 14.12.12 18:58

legos and hot wheels!

----- Travis 14.12.12 18:57

Legos and hot wheels!

----- Travis 14.12.12 18:56

I loved building plastic models… planes and cars.

----- Nick 14.12.12 18:08

Cabbage Patch Kid…

----- Paula 14.12.12 18:02

I was a Legos, erector set, building blocks kid. And became an architect.

----- William 14.12.12 17:26

I was a child of the 80’s and it’s a toss up between the PogoBall and Poppels!!

----- Lara 14.12.12 17:05

Mine would have to be MONSTER PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now my favorite toys are Kidrobot figurines ;)

----- Eleanor Hamilton 14.12.12 17:00

Legos, hands down.

----- Phillip Anderson 14.12.12 16:53

Not technically a toy but as a kid my mom made me a cape out of leftover fabric. Loved running around pretending to be a superhero.

----- Vu 14.12.12 16:40

Monsters in my pocket. Wish I still had them.

----- Zach 14.12.12 16:25

My favorites were, and still are, Legos.

----- Derek 14.12.12 15:59

Sit & spin

----- Jenna 14.12.12 15:51


----- dylan 14.12.12 15:40

This is quite a difficult question, probably either Monsters in my Pocket or Captain Bucky O’Hare action figures.

----- Mat Moore 14.12.12 15:35

My favorite toy ever was the Rambo Rocket Launcher! That thing was so freaking bad ass! I used to hide in bushes and pretend my dog was anyone I was sent to blow up.

----- Todd B 14.12.12 15:31

Barbie hair dresser!

----- Hazel 14.12.12 15:26

a large wooden toy car, which served as a wagon of sorts. I pulled it with a rope tied to its bumper. It went with me almost everywhere its wheels could. Hah, I miss that one.

----- bonks 14.12.12 15:20

Silly putty. That stuff is amazing. SO many uses

----- Aaron 14.12.12 15:19

My favorite toy as a child was a stuffed animal/ charachter. She bought it for me while i was recovering from a car accident in the hospital. I called him Sparky he was by far my favorite toy he helped me get through a rough time.

----- Brandy Demler 14.12.12 15:17

My favorite toy as a child was Transformers. I loved cars and robots, and a toy that was both… amazing.

----- Andy L 14.12.12 15:16

My favorite toy as a child was a stuffed animal/ charachter. She bought it for me while i was recovering from a car accident in the hospital. I called him Sparky he was by far my favorite toy he helped me get through a rough time.

----- Brandy Demler 14.12.12 15:15

The BIG TRACK, a programmable sci-fi Tank ohh the memories.

----- Keno Leon 14.12.12 15:06

Star Wars action figs for sure.

----- Erin 14.12.12 15:05

Still love my wind-up Fraggle Rock Doozer from 1983.

----- James 14.12.12 14:59

I really loved my Popple. I took it everywhere!

----- Christina 14.12.12 14:59

When I was a child I had a Beauty and the Beast mirror that was electronic - I would push the button and it would give me images and sound clips. Best toy ever!

----- Allison 14.12.12 14:41

The little loom I had; I made belts, little mats and longer runner-type pieces.

----- Susanna 14.12.12 14:31

Legos! Ive finished college and my parents still give me the architectural series legos at nearly every holiday.

----- Alex Blugerman 14.12.12 14:29

battle beasts, sectaurs, M.U.S.C.L.E.S.


----- seth b 14.12.12 14:28

Marble Run was by far my favorite childhood toy!

----- Michael 14.12.12 14:18


----- Abbey 14.12.12 13:56

I had a teddy bear named red ted.

----- Jessi 14.12.12 13:42

My stuffed bunny!! Pretty much all stuffed animals!

----- Holly 14.12.12 13:39

Play-Doh. Have had fun with it since I was eight years old. It still remains the most addicting thing ever.

----- Kevin 14.12.12 13:39

this is so fun! my favorite toy as a kid was my fisher price record player, i would just dance around like the kids in a charlie brown christmas!

----- emily 14.12.12 13:26


----- Brian B 14.12.12 13:21

Legos. Also I had a pink power ranger toy with a switchable head/helmet

----- David 14.12.12 13:17

I had a full collection of He-man toys and Castle Greyskull!! Hiding them in couch fortresses and finding them days later was always the best :)

----- Matt Jackson 14.12.12 13:16

I loved AirFix plastic models. I love the process of carefully painting the parts, cutting them carefully from the plastic trees and carefully gluing them together. Did I mention that I did all this carefully? I had dozens of airplanes, military vehicles and the scale soldiers to go with them. All painted… carefully! Oh.. and LEGO… I LOVED LEGO!

----- Tim Driscoll 14.12.12 13:13


----- Pete 14.12.12 13:13

OH, well that has to be fischer technik in my Case. (now you know my age, right ;))

----- Barry 14.12.12 13:08

my basketball. it was the only thing I could play without my older sister bossing me around!

----- Melissa 14.12.12 13:08

my tmnt toys

----- jacob 14.12.12 13:07

Crazy Bones!

----- Brenna Haragan 14.12.12 13:06

I was really into She-Ra, and all the associated toys. I remember telling my mom if she bought this pink cat that was some bad guy’s companion, I’d never ask for anything again.

----- Kim J 14.12.12 13:05


----- Robyn 14.12.12 13:05

Bop It. As demanding as that toy was, I listened to the directions it gave me more than I listened to my parents.

----- Jeff 14.12.12 13:01

Crazy Bones!

----- Brenna Haragan 14.12.12 12:58


----- demure 14.12.12 12:56

giant world map puzzles - I spend hours assembling them again and again

----- Agnieszka 14.12.12 12:51

When I was really little my parents got me a stuffed dog for Christmas. He was waiting under the tree for me. I was so excited, he had the longest most fluffy fur. Several years later my mother took it upon herself to was this now fluffy but dirty dog while I was at school one day. She tossed him in the dryer. I came home to find my dog had a perm. I didn’t speak to her for days. I still have that dog somewhere.

----- Elizabeth 14.12.12 12:51

I used to have Flat Ernie, which was two pieces of fabric with the Sesame Street character sewn together like a pancake.

I also had a stuffed Walrus from Sea World that was lost temporarily. My mother had to buy me a new one and then the original was found, so now I have a shabby one and a new one :)

----- Brad F 14.12.12 12:51

My very first favorite toy was simple colored wooden blocks and matchbox cars. I would build a little garage, and a house, or “cities” and drive through them. Then He-man, legos and color changing Zartan came along…

----- Matt 14.12.12 12:40

My sister’s Barbie that had all its hair ripped out by the dog

----- Stuart 14.12.12 12:38

I loved my Deluxe Spirograph set.

----- Lisa 14.12.12 12:30

The shovel and a hose: mud forts!

----- Rogelio 14.12.12 12:28

My all time favorite toy in the whole wide world was from the anime series Super Dimensional Fortress Macross… a variable (transformer) robot toy called the VF-1S made in a combination of Plastic and Diecast metal… it was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship

----- Patrick Wong 14.12.12 12:24

MY favorite childhood toy was a pencil pens and printer paper

----- Casey Dure 14.12.12 12:23

My favorite toy would have to be my stuffed Papa Smurf.

----- kim 14.12.12 12:17

Stretch Armstrong!

----- Adam 14.12.12 12:09

like most designer types, Legos were the most formative and enduring, but the most improbable ($50 firmly crossed into “Santa” territory at the time)and therefore the most memorable toy i ever had was the Ewok Village action playset.

----- derek 14.12.12 12:05

I am not ashamed to admit I loved playing with my barbies and TY beanie babies.

----- Charis 14.12.12 12:03

LEGO!..wait no…G.I. Joe figures, jet, and base!…wait no…Tonka Trucks?? hmmm…tough question

----- Maisan 14.12.12 12:03

My favorite toy was the Light Bright!

----- Gretchen 14.12.12 12:01

polly pockets!

----- Jenny 14.12.12 12:01

Favorite toy: Playground Kids. Toys which no one else seems to remember.

----- Cassie 14.12.12 12:01

I loved my Ultraman figure…and my Barbie.

----- flavia fiorillo 14.12.12 11:58

Another one for Legos. They’re still my favorite!

----- Chris 14.12.12 11:57

This isn’t really a toy but I loved the scented magic markers!

----- sonia 14.12.12 11:55

Easy bake oven! Chocolate chip cookies baked under a hot light bulb, whats not to love. I even had a whole easy baked birthday party.

----- Lauren Cudney 14.12.12 11:55

My Eureka’s Castle puppets! I had Eureka and Magellan the Dragon. Memorieeeees!

----- Sheila 14.12.12 11:52

My favorite toy when I was a kid was my Mrs. Beasley doll from the TV show Family Affair.

----- Pamela 14.12.12 11:51

My favorite toy was a plushie killer whale that I got from sea world.

----- Megan 14.12.12 11:45

Lego, Lincoln Logs, Erector Set… I had them all, but I always went back to my plastic green army men.

----- Steve 14.12.12 11:41

We couldn’t afford legos, so I had lincoln logs, erector set, constructs, lock blocks. They all were either hand me downs, or from garage sales. I loved ‘em all though. I would spend days with my lock blocks building structures from marbles to cascade through. I would continuously build and rebuild until the marbles would take random paths through the maze. I have no idea why I was so driven to make this, but it was almost compulsive…

----- Benjamin 14.12.12 11:36

Mr Mouth… all time favorite

----- Neil K. 14.12.12 11:34

I’m all for LEGO. I kept playing and buying more sets even through high school.

----- Daniel 14.12.12 11:34

A stuffed white and light teal bird. :)

----- Julie 14.12.12 11:31

Star Wars action figures and landspeeder, Evel Knievel’s stunt cycle, my Snoopy sno-cone maker, and LEGO space sets.

----- Nick 14.12.12 11:27


----- Daimian 14.12.12 11:26

My medieval castle and knights!

----- Robert W. 14.12.12 11:20

My favorite toy as a kid was my Skeletor with the water squirting dragon on his back. It SQUIRTED WATER!

----- Bryan Dunn 14.12.12 11:17

…Anything Hello Kitty, I’ve been collecting since I was a weee behbeh!

----- Cassandra 14.12.12 11:16

Evil Knievel stunt bike .

----- rich 14.12.12 11:15

Any stick that was taller than I was.

----- Laura 14.12.12 11:14

My favorite childhood toy would have to be an old handheld tron game back before the time of nintendo.

----- nicholas 14.12.12 11:10

My favorite toys were probably the she-ra figurines.

----- shauna s. 14.12.12 11:08

My favorite childhood toys were definitely BATMAN action figures!

----- Lanny 14.12.12 11:08

A Paddington Bear

----- lauren 14.12.12 11:06

My Lego Technics sets- I still break them out now and then :)

----- Ryan C. 14.12.12 11:04

Favourite toy would have to be Lego.

----- Ed 14.12.12 11:02

My favorite childhood toy was Muscle men! Been collecting ever since!

----- Kort 14.12.12 10:59

I really loved legos and k’nex, anything to do with building, really.

----- Julie 14.12.12 10:59

Legos, Legos, and more Legos. I still play with them and I am in my 30’s. I also buy them for my nieces and nephews for every holiday.

----- Brandon 14.12.12 10:51

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