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Holiday Giveaway #27: Photojojo- 12.18.12

photojojo0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #27 is from Photojojo! Perfect for all your unexpected photography needs - and lots of awesome stocking stuffers too! In this giveaway bundle we have a 4GB Eyefi that is perfect for posting/backing up your photos wirelessly from camera; an adorable the Cell Lens Pouch (pouch w/ three lenses) which are macro, wide angle, and super fish eye; the Easy Macro Lens Band is perfect for slipping over smart phones; a Seat Belt Camera Strap for your real camera; you can play on your fridge with Photoshop magnets; and a fun Light Paint Can to light write!

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of 4GB Eyefi, the Cell Lens Pouch (pouch w/ three lenses), Easy Macro Lens Band, Seat Belt Camera Strap, Photoshop magnets, and a Light Paint Can.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite photography gadget by midnight 12/23 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See more details of the goodies and a coupon on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Ethel in Portland, OR!

photojojo6.jpg Cell Lens Pouch complete with three lenses!

photojojo1.jpg 4GB Eyefi

photojojo2.jpg Easy Macro Lens Band

photojojo3.jpg Seat Belt Camera Strap

photojojo4.jpg Photoshop magnets

photojojo5.jpg Light Paint Can

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing your favorite photography gadget by midnight 12/23 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


See more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores HERE!


326 Notes

Pick me!

----- Matt 23.12.12 19:48

holga iphone case - simple, versatile and effective

----- zeke fiddler 23.12.12 18:41

One word: xyloscope

----- Marc 23.12.12 18:40

My camera strap that broke while I was on vacation & was fixed by an old Ecuadorian man in a open-air market.

----- Lauren 23.12.12 18:29

glow graffiti!

----- Zeff 23.12.12 18:01

The Nikon long lens that really is a coffee cup :)

----- Nikki Gordon 23.12.12 17:58

The GorillaPod is pretty awesome for me!

----- Alexei Locsin 23.12.12 16:02

ring flash. hands down.

----- carly 23.12.12 15:50

favourite gadget??? … either my niece or my cat…

----- Ivan Miguez 23.12.12 15:47

My “thrifty fifty” 50mm prime lens. Love it!

----- Kristian 23.12.12 15:32

GoPole for my GoPro :)

----- Augustas 23.12.12 15:16

More of an accessorie, but I love a good lens cleaner!

----- Ryan 23.12.12 14:58

Diana F+

----- Dave 23.12.12 14:48

My GoPro side mount

----- Karim 23.12.12 13:20

all i have is my cell phone :(

----- matt 23.12.12 08:49

Slave flash!

----- Lauren 23.12.12 00:05

Another vote for Gorilla Pod bendy tripod from me.

----- Val 22.12.12 21:12

macro lens

----- Carmen 22.12.12 15:56

waterproof, babyproof gopro.

----- sarah 22.12.12 15:51

I guess my favorites gadget is my dimable led light. It goes anywhere, and is easy to use!

----- Sandra Dee Burchett 22.12.12 15:03

Homemade lightbox!

----- kathryn 22.12.12 12:19

Oktomat camera by Lomography. It takes eight shots on one frame and sounds cool when you shoot.

----- esther oh 22.12.12 11:38

My Snapseed App on my iPhone

----- Alex Bryan 22.12.12 10:55

My most prized gadget would be my Nikon D3200. Captured stunning moments on that beau.

----- Vivian 22.12.12 10:06

The gorillapod is my favorite

----- Carlos Sánchez 22.12.12 10:05

My lens color filter

----- Gary 22.12.12 07:35

the “on” switch on my Nikon

----- Adam Edwards 22.12.12 07:13

Not a gadget - but my favorite accessory is a particularly ugly and beat up camera case - it is so ugly that no one would ever dare steal the camera and gadgets within.

----- SLF 22.12.12 04:52

my iphone, the simplest, quickest way, everyone can take a quick snapshot and share. yet im happy w the result, and u can always put effects to make it different. tons of cool apps. start taking a pic from simple thing.. =)

----- anyotosetiadi 21.12.12 23:56

Favorite gadget has got to be my battery grip for my Canon DSLR

----- justin 21.12.12 23:31

My iPhone, it can do everything.

----- Star 21.12.12 20:35

My fisheye!!!

----- Yoshio 21.12.12 18:36

I love my magnetic fisheye lens!

----- Kelly 21.12.12 18:22

Canon hand strap so i don’t have anything but my camera to think about.

----- Hadi 21.12.12 16:32

My favourite photography gadget is the gorillapod. I can take so many obscure angled photos with it makes pictures more interesting that’s for sure.

----- Khoa 21.12.12 15:04

fish eye acc.

----- Simon 21.12.12 14:41

I’d love to try out the macro lens band for iPhone! So cool.

----- Jess 21.12.12 14:14

One of my old lenses with the perfect amount of light leaks for fantastic photos.

----- Andrew Boone 21.12.12 13:51

My grandfather’s 1960’s tripod.

----- Holly 21.12.12 13:28

Definitely my intervalometer. Great for making a timelapse!

----- Mike Yamada 21.12.12 13:03

My mind.

----- NYN 21.12.12 10:47

a box. with a hole. a tiny hole. a pin hole.

----- hillary 21.12.12 09:53

I would have to say a tripod - makes any camera better!

----- Aaron 21.12.12 09:17

Vaseline!!!! I keep vaseline in my camera bag and put it on my lens for a dreamy effect. It is the cheapest and most used tool I own for photography.

----- Tam 21.12.12 08:38

I have two favorites and got both from Photojojo! The clips that can attach photos to make large wall displays, and the metal string with magnets to hang photos down a line. Love them!

----- Blue 21.12.12 07:24

My favorite photo gadget is my wireless remote.

----- Jess M 21.12.12 05:26

My diy-self-stabilising-skatewheel-camera-dolly-that-doesn’t-really-work-thing

----- SUS 21.12.12 02:28

My 50mm 1.8 lens. My favorite lens so far which is capable of capturing anything! I always take it with my when I’m on the road

----- Mickey T. 21.12.12 01:45

Rosco Strobist collection gels

----- Andrew Saliga 20.12.12 23:23

my lensbaby that i bought on a whim because i had a gift certificate. it’s really great for photographing my kids.

----- rich 20.12.12 21:03


----- Nina 20.12.12 19:56

cheap disposable cameras. the cheapest. these combined with expensive film make the most unexpected photos with beautiful toycamera/leica-like earmarks.

----- tia 20.12.12 19:03

My small (for point n shoot camera) tripod. It’s a flexible leg tripod that fits in your pocket and I had it years before those Gorilla thingies were on the market.

----- jamie 20.12.12 18:15

My Holga and all its lovely electric tape etc.

----- Noelle S. 20.12.12 17:00

My Dad’s mint-condition Polaroid camera from 1973. Thanks, Dad!

----- Ethelmanibo 20.12.12 16:56

Those speech bubble stickers from the 80’s. I put them on all my pictures when I was little. Still there.

----- Jillian 20.12.12 15:59

My favorite photo gadget has to be the GLIF. It’s so small and handy, I use it constantly.

----- Tina 20.12.12 15:20

My wide angle video lens.

----- Darin P 20.12.12 15:07

My Holga

----- Zara 20.12.12 14:00

instacube :)

----- ioana 20.12.12 13:29

My favorite photo gadget are my eyeballs. They have proven themselves over and over again as indispensable to a successful photo shoot.

----- Alexander 20.12.12 13:04

i have one that look like these (not exactly these one), but instead of compact camera it can hold on majority of phones


might give a great night short (without blur with slow synchro) also great for a group shot so that everyone is included

----- erick hilmansyah 20.12.12 11:43

Gadget> Has to be my OlloClip, always a conversation starter at parties. Everyone has so much fun with the fisheye effect.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 20.12.12 11:42

Gorilla Pod bendy tripod is my absolute favorite photo gadget. Use mine a lot!

----- Steve 20.12.12 11:32

Love reading all the comments for ideas! Total App junky, love the convenience of the IPHONE. Also can’t resist a photobooth

----- Brandy 20.12.12 11:26

Brownies, they are too cool!

----- Katy 20.12.12 11:02

My Olloclip gets a lot of use.

----- Jim C. 20.12.12 10:36

I love photobooths. I wish there were more of them.

----- Jenny B 20.12.12 10:28

has to be the pinhole camera the kids make at school. so good.

----- mridula 20.12.12 10:09

My old i-zone polaroid camera from when I was ten.

----- Sam 20.12.12 08:27

I do not have a favorite gadget, but I hope to correct the record win!

----- Sybille 20.12.12 07:59

Pentax Q10, so adorable yet powerful.

----- Arnon 20.12.12 06:23

My favorite photography gadget at the moment is actually my phone (Galaxy S2), because I am obsessed with phone-ography and Instagram. The technical imperfections are so liberating! Winning this would be very apropos, as there are so many awesome phone-ography thingamagigs in the bundle:)

----- Olga 20.12.12 05:56

My favorite gadget is my light reflector.

----- Ellie 19.12.12 23:46

A good metal developing reel…and steady hands!

----- Dana 19.12.12 23:35

My favorite photography gadget is definitely my little remote that allows me to take pictures without depressing the shutter!

----- Rachel 19.12.12 23:32

A fancy canon lens because I am a fancy girl.

----- Nat G 19.12.12 23:27

Microsoft Paint

----- Daniela 19.12.12 22:23

Peak Design Capture System

----- Erin 19.12.12 22:10

Need my tripod.

----- Jon 19.12.12 19:21

The Gorilla Pod is a fantastic gadget!

----- Yenn 19.12.12 18:55

My 50mm! Love 50mm lense!

----- Manuel García 19.12.12 18:44

I love my Eye-Fi and also Lightscoop for shooting around the house. Too cool.

----- The Slapster 19.12.12 17:15

Having an iPhone with me all the time has changed everything

----- Tarun 19.12.12 16:31

Fish-eye attachment.

----- Mark 19.12.12 16:13

Gorilla pod!

----- Cianan 19.12.12 16:05

I’d have to say my favorite gadgets are my Yongnuo radio triggers and the yn560 speedlights (one can’t go without the other… pretty much…)

----- Marco 19.12.12 15:34

I love my camera remote. Endless self portraits and long exposures!

----- Michelle H 19.12.12 14:36

Total love my fisheye lens. I love “seeing” things just a little bit differently…

----- Kate McF 19.12.12 14:12

Detachable iPhone lens are the best.

----- Ashley 19.12.12 14:09

Joby Gorillapod. I love this bendy little tripod.

----- Jenny Wong 19.12.12 13:19

Definitely my SanDisk Ducati Edition SD cards…the built in USB adapter means no cables, ever!

----- Les 19.12.12 12:45

A pocket mirror. Take point and click camera with a flash, hold said pocket mirror beneath the flash to bounce it off the ceiling, and voila! Instant diffused light. Trust me, it is genius.

----- Rabbit (@caudelac) 19.12.12 12:44

got to be photoshop.

----- Stephen 19.12.12 12:42

I wonder if the expomat would count as one, but I usually take two when I go out shooting and end up giving them away, :D it’s an exposure meter on paper! old favorite, always tucked in my film holder, even if they don’t see much action. and end up usually given away to the curious.
here’s a link. btw, if you’re curious. http://expomat.tripod.com/ oh, it’s for film, btw.

----- David 19.12.12 12:28

purple polaroid

----- Kelly Rae 19.12.12 11:21

My favorite gadget is my Canon electronic remote trigger. My shots are much sharper since I no longer touch the shutter button.

----- Bruce 19.12.12 10:47

the app cinemagram turns pics into moving photo… amazing and cost next to nothing

----- les brunskill 19.12.12 10:42

My Benbo tripod

----- Almin 19.12.12 10:33

adventure time 10 inch figure of finn used as my tripod…

----- Mariana Chan 19.12.12 10:19

Mini adjustable tripod

----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 19.12.12 10:18

Has to be my bag - not designed as a camera bag but for a backpack it’s great for carrying everything for a day shoot.

----- Tom 19.12.12 10:10

My wife… since she’s the only gadgets I have that can take a decent picture with an actual camera. :)

----- Ryan 19.12.12 09:46

Instax Mini 20

----- Taras 19.12.12 09:45

a tube of burt’s bees, for demonstrating scale. ^_^

----- Christine 19.12.12 09:45

My eye

----- Gianluca 19.12.12 09:43

I like my jag35 follow focus and rail system.

----- John 19.12.12 09:38

the iPhone!

----- Darrel 19.12.12 09:00

It’s lame but I love my homemade flash filters. Spare acetate sheets and some markers can do wonders!

----- Beth 19.12.12 08:45

Canon Digital Rebel Xti…I realize, it’s old.

----- greg 19.12.12 08:13

My favorite photography gadget is the only photography gadget I currently have—my iPhone.

----- Lindsey 19.12.12 08:01

That glow graffiti looks neat!

----- Randi Lynne 19.12.12 07:35

My color filters for my holga camera

----- Diego 19.12.12 07:29

The fisheye lens never gets old.

----- Shannon 19.12.12 07:26

It’s gotta be my Gorillapod.

----- Nancy M 19.12.12 07:13

The Autographer, If you haven’t seen it Go now! Its amazing

----- Levi Montez 19.12.12 07:10

Fave phone camera gadget so far is the ‘case’ that lets me take it underwater! Fave actual camera gadget is tougher, but maybe the beanbag ‘chair’ I made that I use to keep the camera steady on uneven surfaces when I don’t want to carry a tripod…

----- Jen K. 19.12.12 06:45

My point and shoot digital camera w/ a broken screen. With no viewfinder its a real point and shoot. You never know what your going to get.

----- P. Lee 19.12.12 06:31

I just found an old flashlight on a fleamarket for my ever so old canon. All metal so I can take it along anywhere!

----- Tim 19.12.12 05:53


----- brian 19.12.12 05:52

colour filters/gels

----- nws 19.12.12 05:46

my graduated filter :D

----- Joseph 19.12.12 04:30

my tripod of course!

----- Christine 19.12.12 04:29

Would have to be the software on my iPhone - hipstamatic for those times when I want to shoot in one style, Camera+ for others!

----- Adrian 19.12.12 03:50

A large ball of soft Prestik - perfect for settling a camera on a rail.

----- Tim 19.12.12 03:47


----- mona (not lisa) 19.12.12 03:35

My underwater case for my Lumix GX1

----- Sophie 19.12.12 03:34

My gorillapod and an array of colored LED lights to make awesome light graffiti.

----- Eric 19.12.12 00:47

Gorillapod for sure.

----- Rose 19.12.12 00:38

I couldn’t live without my gorillapod.

----- Christina 19.12.12 00:12

my imaginary lytro

----- jason 18.12.12 23:49

My GorillaPod tripod is the one

----- martins 18.12.12 23:40

All my filters

----- Thu 18.12.12 23:34

Old rolleiflex given to me by my grandpa, but its a pain

----- William 18.12.12 23:24

my canon d20!

----- HN 18.12.12 22:58

my canon d20!

----- HN 18.12.12 22:47

My favorite gadget? My Lensloop camera strap ( http://www.lensloop.com/ ). I cannot believe for a second that anyone who tries it won’t immediately find it a better way to secure their camera

----- Brian 18.12.12 22:35

favourite photography gadget definitely FISH EYE LENS!!!!! :D

----- Sara 18.12.12 21:59

an sx-70, stuffed with real film (really) from photojojo

----- sam 18.12.12 21:46

The macro band is a nifty gadget. I love shooting macro, but macro lens for my DLSR are super expensive so it’s a great affordable alternative.

----- Ben 18.12.12 21:27

Tripod for sure. I can’t hold anything steady to save me life lol!

----- Debbie 18.12.12 21:25

A darkroom

----- Liz B 18.12.12 21:08

my favorite photography gadget has always been my pinhole camera that i made with my dad when i was 7

----- Mooni 18.12.12 21:04

A Gakkenflex plastic toy camera that I had to put together myself.

----- Casey 18.12.12 20:34

I don’t know if it’s considered a gadget, but I like the Echo Niner camera strap.

----- Andy L 18.12.12 20:07

my go pro on a hand held extendable monopod stick.

----- Rosanna 18.12.12 20:03

Probably the star shape piece of paper i put over my lens sometimes.

----- Cameron Shore 18.12.12 19:55


----- Matt 18.12.12 19:35

A really old Nikon FG-20 my dad gave me, feels nice to take pictures knowing that you have to be really careful and though-through for every shot you take.
The inconvenience creates the beauty

----- CCH 18.12.12 19:13

the manual 35-70mm lens on my Nikon FM10

----- Ryan B 18.12.12 19:11

GorillaPod is my favorite fidget toy.

----- Sarah 18.12.12 19:00

Dolly skates for my gorilla pod. The gorilla pod was already versatile enough to attach to a moving Jeep.

----- Blake 18.12.12 18:46

I’m camera-challenged since ever but when iPhone came with a camera that delivers nice shots, photo-taking became more friendly to me so I no longer fear taking snaps even when I’m handed a fancy camera.

----- Ellen Bautista 18.12.12 18:17

My favorite photography gadget is a lens converter, which allows me to use my old 35mm film camera lenses on my digital SLR!

----- Jimmy Arcade 18.12.12 18:11

my favourite photography gadget has to be my myopic eye. really. i’ve come to appreciate the out of focus photography much more and photograph the world in a completely new perspective.

----- alex 18.12.12 18:06

My GorillaPod tripod.

----- Dwayne 18.12.12 17:52

Do glowsticks count? I like how they look in slow shutter

----- Victor 18.12.12 17:44

It’s not really a gadget in the traditional sense, but my Dakine compartmentalized photo backpack is awesome.

----- Derek 18.12.12 17:38

Tiny tripod

----- Sarah 18.12.12 17:30

Still using my Nikon D70s :)

----- Juliana 18.12.12 17:29

My new Nikon V1!

----- shannon 18.12.12 17:13

waterproof Olympus digital point & shoot. Great when you have small kids

----- John MacDonald 18.12.12 17:12

As a proud new owner of an iPhone, as well as a proud owner of my grandfather’s amazing old SLR camera, it’s hard to decide which “gadget” I prefer more (if you can even call the camera itself a “gadget.”)
I’m an old fashioned guy, but the smartphone is also amazingly handy!
I would love this bundle of goodies!

----- Tyler 18.12.12 16:51

My favorite photo gadget is my gorilla pod tripod. It’s come in handy so many times when I am out and about shooting.

----- Adam 18.12.12 16:43

my iPhone shutter remote

----- joey 18.12.12 16:42


----- Clea V 18.12.12 16:40

My most needed photography gadget is my noggin. Without it, I wouldn’t have the ideas to compose a great shot. I wouldn’t have the knowledge of light and colors to capture a spectacular picture. Without it, all these physical external gadgets (in the giveaway) are just an extra bonus.

----- Christian Gomez 18.12.12 16:19

My Hipstamatic App for iPhone is in heavy rotation, however I just got my Lomography Belair x6-12 in the mail and can’t wait to start shooting with it.

----- Edley 18.12.12 16:06

My polaroid landcamera

----- Seth 18.12.12 15:57

Carryspeed’s MagFilter. Already love the results on my RX100!

----- Brandon 18.12.12 15:29

I like my Digital Elph. It makes it so easy to take everywhere.

----- Ian 18.12.12 15:15


----- Kirsten 18.12.12 14:45

My old 50 years-old tripod. Convenient and stylish.

----- Carine 18.12.12 14:37

My favorite gadget just happens to be my imagination!

----- Michelle 18.12.12 14:23

Gorillapod, for sure!

----- Ani 18.12.12 14:16

light graffiti!!

----- Amanda proudfit 18.12.12 14:03

Lately it’s been my macro lens, enjoying taking pictures of my watches with it.

----- Michael W. 18.12.12 14:03

I don’t have one yet, but I love the wide angle lenses and the macro lenses.

----- Erin 18.12.12 13:57

MINOX Classic Digital Mini Camera :3

----- cilla 18.12.12 13:50

my modded Holga

----- TJ 18.12.12 13:45


----- Alessandra White Riot 18.12.12 13:31


----- aubrey 18.12.12 13:29

The gorilla tripod stand ! So flexible so helpful ,

----- Andrew de la Pena 18.12.12 13:29

my dad’s old slr — the Canon Kiss 2002 japan edition!

----- Shin San 18.12.12 13:21

canon mark III 5D

----- Seth B 18.12.12 13:21

Sounds really old-school, but I still really like disposable cameras. I’ve just had a lot of good memories and nostalgia attached to them. However, I recently upgraded from a basic phone (with no camera) to an iPhone (finally!), so who knows?

----- Lis 18.12.12 13:16

My super basic, really old, polaroid camera.

----- Manny 18.12.12 13:10

My cheap junky Holga film camera.

----- Charles 18.12.12 13:07

My cellphone since it’s so convenient and I always have it with me.

----- Iris 18.12.12 12:54

I love the lens band! Best thing I’ve ever bought..

----- Cameron 18.12.12 12:47

my favorite is my viewfinder, no more squinting while attempting to take outdoor video!!

----- Emily 18.12.12 12:44

The Clik wrist strap! So much better than a neck strap.

----- Jake Jones 18.12.12 12:40

Right now my favorite gadget it my speed light

----- Savannah E 18.12.12 12:31

My favorite gadget has to be my Recesky TLR toy camera. It’s so cute and so simple to use!

----- Mel 18.12.12 12:30

I love playing with the Canon 8-15 fisheye

----- Matt Paulson 18.12.12 12:26

I definitely love the fisheye and macro lenses for the iphone. Makes it awesome to capture cool images from ur smartphone and show off to ur friends when you don’t own a DSLR :(

----- ryandigweed 18.12.12 12:25

my favorite is my macro lens

----- baxter 18.12.12 12:24

My polaroid POGO printer is wonderful. I stocked up on paper once when amazon was having a sale so it’ll last me a while (unlike all my other various polaroid products…)

----- Jeremy 18.12.12 12:23

My grandmother had an old toy mini camera that took 16mm cartridges. It’s not really a gadget, because I have to load it with negs I cut from 35mm rolls, and then I develop them in trays..it used to be a gadget, though. Spy camera style. It is about 2” wide, and a little less in height.

----- Brandy 18.12.12 12:12

My fisheye lens :D

----- Elena Vo 18.12.12 11:54

My favourite gadget is definetely my underwater camera!

----- Steeven 18.12.12 11:46

My favorite photo gadget is an attachable lens my friend got me from Europe. It has a couple of color change lens and a fish eye lens.

Endless possibilities!

----- johng 18.12.12 11:39

my 1.4 50mm!

----- Mary 18.12.12 11:37

GoPro on modified dog chestie!

----- Kristin 18.12.12 11:32

macro distance rings!

----- Agnieszka 18.12.12 11:26

I’ve always wanted to make a two-camera mount to take 3D pictures. That would be so fun!

----- John 18.12.12 11:25

My favourite photography gadget is mundane: a second battery, charged at all times. It’s saved me on many occasions.

----- Brian 18.12.12 11:23

my old polaroid camera. it’s big, bulky, and the film is dying out, but there’s just something satisfying about the big KACHUNK-BUZZZZZZ of a picture being captured and spat out.

----- Sheila 18.12.12 11:23

My GorillaPod tripod! It can grip to anything and I use it in theatre to get shot of my work in a show by wrapping at around the nearest seat back.

----- Natalie 18.12.12 11:18

I love the easy macro band. I named mine Bandito!

----- Andria 18.12.12 11:17

My GorillaPod tripod! It can grip to anything and I use it in theatre to get shot of my work in a show by wrapping at around the nearest seat back.

----- Natalie 18.12.12 11:11

Pocket wizards! and for random fun go pro hero with underwater case.

----- Marisa 18.12.12 11:09

My kid’s camera has a setting where you can insert funny hats and things on top of your photos. Why this is not on my adult camera I do not know.

----- Ryan 18.12.12 11:09

I still love my nikon d40 with my tokina wide angle lens

----- Nicholas 18.12.12 11:05

A tub of Vaseline for ‘soft focus’ shots (smeared on an old filter of course!)

----- Jane Carvell 18.12.12 11:01

Definitely the iPhone rangefinder case! It’s perfect for when I’m traveling and don’t want to carry around a heavy camera.

----- Marissa 18.12.12 10:53

The iPhone Lens Dial is so steampunk good looking.

----- Agata 18.12.12 10:47

One of my favorite photography gadgets isn’t a gadget. It’s a prop. A simple black frame that I occasionally use it to “frame” things with. Like this—-> http://www.flickr.com/photos/talkingmonkey/3791905965/

----- Christian S. 18.12.12 10:46

my canon 600d w a tamron 17-50 is my workhorse =)

----- Kai 18.12.12 10:45

Fave gadget on my current wishlist? The Cam Caddie Video Stabilizer from Photojojo. (PS Photojojo is kind of the best—they had a popup shop recently in SF that was utterly delightful.)

----- Olga Nunes 18.12.12 10:40

My favorite photography gadget is my 50mm f/1.4 lens. This thing is amazing.

----- jay 18.12.12 10:39

One of my favorite photo gadgets was the Polaroid i-zone camera—instant mini polaroids that are perfect for get-togethers of all sizes.

----- Szu Ann Chen 18.12.12 10:37

macro lens! It’s pretty special to me since I’m a huge fan of taking pictures of insects :)

----- Allison 18.12.12 10:36

My favorite would be my fisheye lens on my Droid Razr Maxx.

----- Jasper 18.12.12 10:34

I love all things macro!
low tech and simple . .

----- Ricky Rubio 18.12.12 10:27

I miss polaroids. :)

----- monica 18.12.12 10:27

My Holga rotary filter case for the iPhone. It’s just so ridiculous and fun.

----- Sylvia 18.12.12 10:24

Favorite would be the Kogeto Dot. 360 fun…

----- Patrick Wong 18.12.12 10:20

my favorite photography “gadget” is the wireless remote. my husband and i have so many awesome pictures in remote places because of it.

----- Namtran Nguyen 18.12.12 10:20

my 28mm 1.8 :)

----- anton. 18.12.12 10:18

tripod. so incredibly helpful

----- dylan 18.12.12 10:06

Polarizing filter, for sure.

----- Erin P. 18.12.12 09:54

I heart the seat belt strap!! RAD giveaway ya’ll!! xx


----- Melanie 18.12.12 09:53

i love my GoPro!!!

----- Matt Burke 18.12.12 09:49

My favorite gadgets of the list are the lens sets, but overall I love my GorrilaPod!

----- Nicole 18.12.12 09:43

A spycam!

----- Rali 18.12.12 09:41

My favorite photography gadget is actually the macro / wide angle iPhone lens I bought from Photojojo last year. Its been beaten around a lot since then, but it still works!

----- Alex Blugerman 18.12.12 09:40

fisheye lens

----- David 18.12.12 09:39

I really love my flash ring for my Holga. Thanks for the chance!

----- Rossi 18.12.12 09:37

Gotta love the simplicity of the Glif+. Sets up you iPhone for any tri/monopod and doubles as a stand too. Attaches to your key ring, so it’s with you always.

----- Tim Driscoll 18.12.12 09:37

I love my Fuji Instax camera, and it’s Hello Kitty!

----- joanie 18.12.12 09:29

I’m not a photographer and I’m just getting to know my new camera. I do love a good tripod though.

----- lisa 18.12.12 09:29

50mm and my holga!

----- Jennifer 18.12.12 09:28

I got a good-sized laugh and smile out of the Photoshop magnets. Not gigantic, but big enough to win my vote.

----- Fabulous Phil 18.12.12 09:18

My favorite gadget, by far, is my old-school polaroid camera.

----- Kyle 18.12.12 09:07

It’s simplicity is outweighed only by its usefulness: my iPhone stand for taking pictures.

----- Stacy B. 18.12.12 09:05

My vivitar flash and cactus remote triggers!!…off camera flash makes all the difference in my photography

----- Maisan 18.12.12 09:04

Bubbles!!! through them everything looks spectacular!!

----- María 18.12.12 09:03

favorite is also my least favorite - the camera phone. 70% of photography is opportunity, and our phones are (somewhat unfortunately) now what we always have on us.

----- derek 18.12.12 09:02

I love Photojojo! Eyefi is pretty neat. My favorite camera gadget is simply my camera! Kind of in love with it.

----- Michelle Warnke 18.12.12 08:55

The macro lens band is something I have coveted for some time now…

----- gretchen 18.12.12 08:41

the jooby so I can hang my camera in interesting places for creative shots.

----- lace 18.12.12 08:39


----- Christina 18.12.12 08:39

My favorite photo gadget is the underwater bag/thing that goes around my digital camera — makes it way less scary to take it out when it is raining, too!

----- Chris Stave 18.12.12 08:34

my tripod. simple and super useful!

----- Natalie Kay 18.12.12 08:34

I’ve been eyeing the macro lens band…

----- Mia 18.12.12 08:25

Extra lenses are always cool for iPhones

----- range 18.12.12 08:21

My favorite photo gadget is a simple Polarizing filter! Its simple, common place and easy to find but what it helps do to your photos is extraordinary! Blues are bluer and water is crystal clear. Gorgeous.

----- Jenni 18.12.12 08:18

Photojojo always has the coolest stuff. One of my favorite photo gadgets from them is my Diana+ adapter for my DSLR. Lo-fi meets digital. It’s fun.

----- Dee Wallace 18.12.12 08:15

my favorite is my gorillapod! Neverl eave home without it.

----- Devin Vermeulen 18.12.12 08:15

The coolest gadget is by far the canon 6D’s ability to utilize a smartphone as a remote shutter and live photo viewer… The ever changing times that we live in. The future is now::)

----- Colin Z 18.12.12 08:10

Gadget or not, the micro four thirds format has me really excited for the direction cameras are heading.

----- Mark 18.12.12 08:10

My favorite accessory is my photojojo fisheye lens. Or my lensbaby.

----- Bob Schwartz 18.12.12 08:07

My mono-pod is my favorite camera mod.

----- TonyF 18.12.12 08:05

Favorite photo gadget, aside from my index finger? Would have to be my 28-105mm Nikkor lens, sure it is heavy, but I still cannot find a macro lens I like better.

----- Michael 18.12.12 08:05

Best gadget is the gorilla tripod! Helps take any photo anywhere in any position!

----- Sandy 18.12.12 08:00

Remote shutter press.

----- Heather 18.12.12 07:57

Remote shutter attachment. The ability to use multiple flash bursts makes for some interesting results

----- Michael Straub 18.12.12 07:53

Love my fisheye lens.

----- Geoff 18.12.12 07:50

My favourite photo gadget is my Canon fit Holga lens. I love film and nothing will replace it, but this lens must have saved me hundreds in developing fees!

----- Adam Richardson 18.12.12 07:39

disposable, quicksnap cameras definitely!

----- daile 18.12.12 07:38

Does a 50mm f/1.4 count? I never take the thing off my A550.

----- Tom 18.12.12 07:37

That macro lens band is great

----- jack 18.12.12 07:32

Do cases count? haha

----- John 18.12.12 07:28

My pocketwizards… partially because the name is awesome, partially because they are awesome.

----- Mikell Johnson 18.12.12 07:25

My favorite photo gadget is a fish eye lens.

----- Megan 18.12.12 07:18

My old studio lamps!

----- Ian S. 18.12.12 07:15

I’m a huge fan of the Lensbaby stuff. The Spark is so much fun — it’s like an organic Instagram without the horribly abusive terms of use agreement!

----- Neil 18.12.12 07:13

my favorite gadget is the flexible tripod, it’s great for setting up shots whereever you are

----- Aaron 18.12.12 07:12

the handy dandy hand strap i have and love! and the burrito lens wrap is great when you just want to toss a spare lens in your bag!

----- rachel m 18.12.12 07:10

I love all the lomo cameras. The Diana is a particular favorite

----- Erastos 18.12.12 07:01

My Dad’s Polaroid Camera!

----- Cameron Frantz 18.12.12 06:59

The “gadget” I always have the most fun with is a cheap point-and-shoot!

----- Kate Speidel 18.12.12 06:57

My husbands awesome new lens!

----- wolfie 18.12.12 06:55

my assortment of pinhole cameras. love them!

----- melissa 18.12.12 06:54

My self-leveling tripod.

----- Daniel 18.12.12 06:48

My DIY panoramic tripod head.

----- Ed 18.12.12 06:46

I love using my iphone to take photos, and my favorite in-phone photography app is Snapseed.

----- Kristine T. 18.12.12 06:42

My family’s oldschool 1978 Polaroid camera. We have one box of film left and we’re too afraid to use it. Maybe it will still be around to hand down to my kids.

----- Rob Wilkey 18.12.12 06:38

Does lomo count? Not really a specific gadget but a group of cool stuff. Also I love photo booths, but who doesn’t?

----- Jessi 18.12.12 06:34

this is an awesome bundle. my favourite has got to be the eye-fi!

----- shafina 18.12.12 06:33


----- daye 18.12.12 06:25

The Joby 3-way strap is a wonderful little addition to have with a camera.

----- Brian B 18.12.12 06:21

iphone + macro band!

----- jacob 18.12.12 06:12

Call me old fashioned, but I love my Gossen Luna-Pro light meter.

----- Nick 18.12.12 06:09

favorite photo accessory?????
i use my Alite Deisgns Twigpod quite a bit….nice easy monopod/arm extender……

----- Rob/thief/corgimas 18.12.12 06:06

For years I had a clip-on magnifying lens that I used to cheat my way into doing macro photography (when I just had a superzoom and not a DSLR) - great times blowing people’s minds with the pictures I could get out of it.

----- Michael 18.12.12 05:54

Does Instagram count? I love that thing!!!!

----- JB 18.12.12 05:52

My favorite photo gadget used to be my mini-Polaroid camera - but I don’t know where it went. I guess my replacement is my Samsung Infuse.

----- kim 18.12.12 05:49

My favorite gadget is my new lens - it takes such wonderful portraits!

----- Deliamo 18.12.12 05:33

reflector. gives you great light.

----- yariv goldfarb 18.12.12 05:31

My Galaxy Nexus is since it gets used more than my DSLR at this point which is why I’m going to need you to quit messing around and pick me.;)

----- Micah 18.12.12 05:30

For me it’s a GoPro mounted to my mountain bike.

----- Patrick 18.12.12 05:22

LOVE my Camalapse rotating stand, getting some incredible time lapse videos

----- John 18.12.12 05:21

iPhone Shutter Remote

----- Robert W. 18.12.12 05:16

My iphone, since I always have it.

----- demure 18.12.12 05:03

I’d say the HD You Vision Video Glasses if it was Photojojo related or The Lytro Light Field Camera if I could pick anything.

----- John Norman 18.12.12 04:47

It’s not exactly a “gadget,” but my favorite piece of my photography kit is my DIY lightbox. Easy and economical to make (so I don’t have to worry too much if something happens to it), and it helps me take some great macro shots.

----- Molly S. 18.12.12 04:35

My favorite photo gadget it would be the Polaroid Pogo printer, if only it could work with the iphone …

----- Federico 18.12.12 04:10

Just got a pop-up photo studio as a gift. Perfect for food photos!

----- Ashley 18.12.12 03:47

My Konica A3 (AKA “The Brick”) which I recently gave my stepson as an early Christmas present. Hopefully his results will be more stunning than the C+ I got in photography class in college.

----- John 18.12.12 03:35

still looking for a gadget :-(

----- Helder Ricardo 18.12.12 03:17

OH GOSH YES. Ahem. My apologies.

My favourite camera gadget is a cheap insect-eye lens that I discovered a while ago… it makes for some wonderfully interesting abstract photos!

----- Em 18.12.12 03:13

I love my headlamp. I use it all the time to create light graffiti!

----- Angela 18.12.12 03:10

an old zeiss macro lens

----- martamask 18.12.12 02:32

Just an old tripod. (But I can see lots of potential for new favorites in today’s bundle…)

----- Uli 18.12.12 02:19

It’s got to be gorillapod, less tech but and arguably elegant solution to a common problem! Low-tech solutions are always better!

----- Tom 18.12.12 01:43

Call me a luddite, but I still love those old black and white photo booths that spit out a strip of 4 pics. If someone could invent a mobile version, that would be my fav “accessory”.

----- B Louie 18.12.12 01:29

It seems crap and basic, but it’s the Cannon 50mm macro lens.

----- Mat Moore 18.12.12 01:28

Favorite photo gadg… right now my mafer clamp with baby pin and tripod mount for my new GoPro Hero3! Clamp it anywhere and am good to go.

----- Jenny 18.12.12 01:18

The instant back on my Diana F+ is probably my favourite gadget right now, so much fun!!

----- Michael 18.12.12 01:15

I’d definitely go for a Glide Track HD Hybrid slider, for supersmooth sliding video shots.

----- Victor 18.12.12 01:13

My favorite photo gadget is my gorillapod!

----- Jason Encabo 18.12.12 00:48

I’ve been really interested in the AirTracks inflatable dolly tracks for taking better video when hiking. These other goodies would be awesome as well for my iPhone and Canon G10.

----- Daniel 18.12.12 00:45

definitely my Lomo LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing - swoosh!

----- jay panelomo 18.12.12 00:39

Picture this: a depressing stroll down the Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk, filled with the ghosts of boardwalks past. A quick dip into a 99c store and on the wall nestled in with bootleg barbies and questionable floaties is a chubby yellow 35mm camera with a clear plastic “underwater” case. It doesn’t zoom or compensate for exposure, it’s pretty much a shoot from the hip yellow and blue plastic box. And I love every photo that comes out of it.

----- Numi 18.12.12 00:35

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