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Music Video Inspiration- 12.18.12

gilli.jpg This post is presented by MasterCard. When they reached out to us about sharing some fun Grammy inspired posts, naturally, i turned to our NOTlabs director and music lover, Shawn Sims. First he shared a bit of what we’ve been listening to around the lab in our Winter Inspiration Mix. Now he’s got a bunch of inspiring music videos for us! Advertisement

Whether its the toy octopus from Wax Tailor’s Time To Go, the never ending panorama shot in The Peach King’s Lonely, OK GO playing music with a car, or the cast of Fraggle Rock making a cameo for Ben Folds Five, there are plenty of surprises in these videos to keep you inspired. Some are simple animations and others highly detailed computer graphics. There are some videos that are shot beautifully and others are packed with high-tech wonders. Bell’s video for Chase No Face is an entire video of projection mapping onto the singers face using the Microsoft Kinect to sense movements and custom software that controls the graphics on her face. Take a look on the next page for all that and more, including dancing ghillie suit people!

Time To Go by Wax Tailor feat. Aloe Blacc Directed and Animated by Darcy Prendergast and Seamus Spilsbury of Oh Yea Wow

Lonely by The Peach Kings Directed by Paul Trillo

Needing/Getting by OK GO Directed by Brian L. Perkins and Damian Kulash Jr.

Do It Anyway by Ben Folds Five Directed by Phil Hodges

Chase No Face by Bell Visuals by Zach Lieberman, Francisco Zamorano, Andy Wallace, and Michelle Calabro

Stalker Humanoid by Renaissance Man Directed by Renaissance Man

Østersøen by Ödland Directed by Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace

Careless by Jack Beats feat. Takura Directed by Rob+Rob

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You mentioned face projections, and I got excited that NOTCOT also listened to Lindsey Sterling. Then I realized how you phrased it as “projection mapping on singers faces” so it wasn’t talking about her video Transcendence. But here it is anyway. “DO IT ANYWAY”

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