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Holiday Giveaway #28: Fred & Friends - 12.18.12

fred0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2013 is around the corner, and we’re finishing up this year with more of our annual coupons from our favorite stores and over 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Ooooh while i love all of the giveaways every year, there’s something about Fred & Friends that is always such a joy to shop through to create an awesome bundle for you guys! NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #28 is here from Fred & Friends, filled with more playful, cheeky, terribly useful goodies! You can clip books and chips and more with Gator Clips; check yourself (and what’s going on behind you) with the Sideview Mirror; chill drinks with adorable Abominable Ice Tray or the big octopus like Coolamari Tray; Everything… Is the new black pencils; these Sprout bookmarks are an adorable way to keep your place; who doesn’t love mustache finger sandwiches with the Crustache Crust Cutter; you can eat and play with the Drumstick Chopsticks; keep your cords in check with Great Balls of Wire; and every kitchen needs a good Whisked Off!

THE GOODS: A bundle consisting of Gator Clips, Sideview Mirror, Abominable Ice Tray, Coolamari Tray, Is the new black pencils, Sprout bookmarks, Crustache Crust Cutter, Drumstick Chopsticks, Great Balls of Wire and Whisked Off.

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing the silliest thing in your kitchen by midnight 12/23 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.

See all of the goodies up close on the next page!

UPDATE: Congrats to Cianan in Atlanta, GA!

fred1.jpg Gator Clips

fred2.jpg Sideview Mirror

fred3.jpg Abominable Ice Tray

fred4.jpg Coolamari Tray

fred5.jpg Is the new black pencils

fred6.jpg Sprout bookmarks

fred7.jpg Crustache Crust Cutter

fred8.jpg , Drumstick Chopsticks

fred9.jpg Great Balls of Wire

fred10.jpg Whisked Off

TO WIN: Leave a comment here sharing the silliest thing in your kitchen by midnight 12/23 PST for a chance to win. Winner will be contacted via email.


275 Notes

A magnet shaped like a bunny rabbit that has a hole in its head where a pair of scissors fits to look like its ears.

----- Lauren 23.12.12 18:23

a rainbow-colored feather duster.

----- jay panelomo 23.12.12 18:04

My freezer full of ice penguins using the penguin ice mold :)

----- Nikki Gordon 23.12.12 18:00

silliest thing right now is a tomato slicer that doesn’t work.

----- lace 23.12.12 15:47

Plate stuck to the wall!

----- AUGUSTAS 23.12.12 15:17

My farting yellow labrador

----- Dave 23.12.12 14:51

Multiple cook books functioning as some sort of decor or conversation starters

----- Ashley 23.12.12 08:47

The Magic Chef

----- Shane O'Brien 23.12.12 06:48

a pair of shoulder height busted PA speakers take up valuable floor space in our kitchen! some day i intend to turn them into shelves, but until then our kitten likes to sleep on top…

----- Eileen 22.12.12 18:32

A bean pot we use for a coin catcher.

----- Carmen 22.12.12 15:57

the beginning of a delightfully odd cookie jar collection.

----- sarah 22.12.12 15:50

We have a giant pair of googly eyes on our fridge!

----- kathryn 22.12.12 12:14

Stapler, it helps hold my sandwiches together.

----- Keith R 22.12.12 09:07

Probably the expnsive wine bottle opener we have but never use. We rarely drink wine, and we just use a small corkscrew.

----- sam li 22.12.12 08:19

Probably the expnsive wine bottle opener we have but never use. We rarely drink wine, and we just use a small corkscrew.

----- sam li 22.12.12 08:18

A banana slicer shaped like a banana

----- Gary 22.12.12 07:40

Silliest thing in my kitchen: an old broken door just propped against a wall because there is no where else we could store it.

----- Ann Hidayat 22.12.12 07:33

We have a huge baker’s rack in our tiny kitchen that keeps us from opening our refrigerator door all the way. Ridiculous.

----- Adam Edwards 22.12.12 07:10

Pots with no handles. Cooking is an extreme sport.

----- B Louie 22.12.12 01:17

I have An AWSOME Pirahna shaped cheese cutter!

----- Shawna 22.12.12 00:51

Cake pops…

----- Madoc 21.12.12 21:11

A cookie jar with the head of a Chocolate Lab for the lid.
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

----- Carolsue 21.12.12 20:52

The mess! It’s so silly and it’s out of control.

----- Star 21.12.12 20:33

The built in blender system from the 60’s that we have never used!

----- Kelly 21.12.12 18:21

Death Star ice cube tray!

----- Hadi 21.12.12 16:30

a high heel bottle opener. why??

----- Simon 21.12.12 14:40

Automatic wine bottle opener. How ridiculously lazy can I be?

----- Andrew Boone 21.12.12 13:50

Ants and flying roach, wouldn’t it be silly?

----- NYN 21.12.12 10:54

Silliest thing in my kitchen would be my daughter. That girl is cray cray.

----- Aaron 21.12.12 09:16

I think the silliest thing I own must be an avocado slicer! It is a contraption who’s sole use is to slice avocados! I never thought I would be the sort of person to own a tool like this, yet I even bought it myself! It wasn’t even a gift!!

----- Tam 21.12.12 08:37

magnetic pipetman holders (Those hand-held devices scientists use in the lab to manipulate minute amounts [microliters] of solutions and DNA and RNA, etc are called pipetmen. The magnetic holders are used to hang them up so they are not in the way when not in use. the holders also hold large kitchen utensils, like ladles and tongs, really nicely, especially if you have one of those IKEA kicthens with the metal backing. Who knew?!)

----- Blue 21.12.12 07:17

A potato scrubber that looks like a potato

----- Laura 21.12.12 06:33

I think the silliest thing in my kitchen is an old metal bell in the shape of a cow’s head. I think it is supposed to be parody on the cow bell and certainly gets conversations started.

----- Jenny 21.12.12 05:54

I’ve got a device from screwpull (le creuset) with 20+ parts designed to cut of the plastic on the top of a wine bottle

----- SUS 21.12.12 02:12

A bamboo plant that has been 90% dead for a year.

----- Tiffany 21.12.12 00:52

Zombie Survival Guide

----- Andrew Saliga 20.12.12 23:21

russian nesting doll measuring cups and a butter dish shaped like a fat buddha.

----- rich 20.12.12 21:01

The silliest thing in my kitchen is a gator grater!

----- Amanda 20.12.12 19:46

Well, currently it’s my husband. But it used to be the small sculpture of Prince my sister made to sit on the window sill. Yes, Prince. As in Purple Rain.

----- Lorinda 20.12.12 19:03

A toy carton of milk.

----- jamie 20.12.12 18:21

A family of mice (cat toys) that my cats like to hide all over the kitchen. I open the fridge and a mouse falls down on me.

----- Jillian 20.12.12 15:54

A picture on my fridge of all of my cousins dressed in costumes. Brings a smile to my face.

----- Jessie 20.12.12 14:54

A knife shaped like a shark. I go all JAWS theme whenever I’m slicing something.

----- Liz Klein 20.12.12 14:23

Silliest thing in my kitchen is my pug Milo. He doesn’t even like salmon, but he’ll sit there… Staring, licking those big lips, drool rolling down the side of his mouth. He’ll follow me as I carry the food to the dining table with huge saucer like eyes. I give him a chance to sniff the food and he turns away in disgust and trots off to take a nap.

----- Sonny 20.12.12 14:20

A Voodoo knife block!

----- Zara 20.12.12 14:00

a bowl that imitates a fried egg

----- ioana 20.12.12 13:27

Hmm silliest thing in our kitchen - think it would have to be this basket of plastic vegetables and fruit sitting on top of our fridge (think they come way back from the 70’s!)

----- Robyn 20.12.12 12:41


----- Vivian 20.12.12 11:53

I’ve got giant googley eyes on my fridge.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 20.12.12 11:43

THAT beat it! chopsticks hahaha! yes i have one of those. well, but i still illegible to win right?

----- erick hilmansyah 20.12.12 11:39

I have a pile of pink vinyl Japanese monsters in my kitchen. They help me cook, honest.

----- Steve 20.12.12 11:30


----- Katy 20.12.12 11:07

It probably would be my spoonrest that says “Nothing Beats Spooning”. Love that thing!

----- Miranda M. 20.12.12 07:33

my vast collection of beer steins.

----- Sam 20.12.12 07:20

Music producing Japanese water boiler!!

----- Arnon 20.12.12 06:24

Craziest thing in the kitchen has to be the counter top garbage shoot, that only works with bio degradable items, which leads to a closed compost bin outside.

----- Colin Z 20.12.12 01:06

Me & my girlfriend

----- Joonas A 20.12.12 00:05

Mini-Sushi rolling mats. If you’re going to make sushi, you might as well make a big roll….

----- Ellie 19.12.12 23:48

Chopstick holders… I don’t even own chopsticks!(?)

----- Rachel 19.12.12 23:34

A banana hook thing

----- Nat G 19.12.12 23:24

a mirror

----- Daniela 19.12.12 22:22

My dog lol

----- Matt Burke 19.12.12 21:29


----- dan 19.12.12 21:26

silliest thing in my kitchen: a sign on my mixer that says “hobart will kill you”

----- jason 19.12.12 21:10

me. i can’t cook!

----- Tali Even-Kesef 19.12.12 20:49

The silliest thing in my kitchen would be a sign that reads:
Dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off :)

----- Holly 19.12.12 19:20

What passes for groceries in my apartment. Seriously I need to start eating like a grown up.

----- Dominique 19.12.12 18:50

A collaborative adult story written on the side of my fridge with scrabble letter magnets.

----- Kimberley 19.12.12 18:06

witch toad. it’s a round ceramic toad. with a witch hat. with a star hanging off the tip. one Halloween he was put in the kitchen and he has lived there for years and years. he just sorta belongs in the kitchen. cauldron boil and cauldron bubble perhaps?

----- Shannon 19.12.12 18:02

My light saber chopsticks.

----- Jasper 19.12.12 16:39

Animal shaped chopsticks

----- Nick 19.12.12 16:21

My dog “Professor”. 2-year old mutt who won’t grow up. love him.

----- Mark 19.12.12 16:12

A cherry pitter — have absolutely never used it.

----- Liaramir 19.12.12 15:10

a pie bird. and, a large fake tarantula crawling over the convection oven.

----- emily 19.12.12 15:01

I have this tiny vacuum shaped like a cow for crumbs.

----- Cianan 19.12.12 14:49

A new, unopened, in the box, complete with gift receipt, fondu pot from my wedding 9 years ago. What the heck is fondu?

----- Josh 19.12.12 14:31

Hugging salt and pepper shakers

----- Mia 19.12.12 14:21

My Hello Kitty toaster oven…

----- Ashley 19.12.12 14:08

virgin mary toast press

----- siena 19.12.12 13:40

I have a bomb-shaped kitchen timer…bought at Urban Outfitters..

----- Jenny Wong 19.12.12 13:18

two KISSING mexican salt and peper shakers. They are held by magnets

----- Shaena 19.12.12 13:10

An electric car polisher. I like my surfaces clean. :-s

----- stephen burgess 19.12.12 12:17

My fiance’s bottle opener that plays the Univ. of Miami’s fight song when you open a bottle. Yuck.

----- Kimberly M 19.12.12 11:22

a stove.

----- Jenn 19.12.12 11:01

The silliest thing in my kitchen would have to be me. I’m pretty useless in there, thank God for take out!

----- Joanie 19.12.12 10:51

Me :-)

----- Almin 19.12.12 10:26

LEGO salt and pepper shakers!!

----- Tom 19.12.12 10:23

bread machine

----- Anna Perez-Pelaez 19.12.12 10:16

Russian nesting dolls that are measuring cups, so cute and useful! :)

----- Lauren Tenery 19.12.12 10:03

Silliest? a whisk with a 1/2 inch head. what could you possibly whip with that? Also, I believe there’s a scoopula in there somewhere.

----- Carl 19.12.12 09:59

A Star Wars lightsaber spoon

----- Ryan C. 19.12.12 09:46

the silliest thing is wooden plate in shape of pig.

----- Taras 19.12.12 09:44

We have a rubber dog head for an oven mit.

----- John 19.12.12 09:38

I have a few of these “Play with your Food” postcards framed — love ‘em!

----- Hilary 19.12.12 09:28

A shakeweight taped to my cocktail shaker….

----- Josh 19.12.12 09:20

A gigantic cupcake that doubles as a cookie jar!

----- Tyler 19.12.12 09:10

wow nothing much silly in the kitchen, I guess maybe the magnets on the fridge. Those are silly.

----- Erastos 19.12.12 08:58

I have a bubble blowing dish brush. It’s super rad.

----- Beth 19.12.12 08:43

Probably me considering I can’t cook at all.

----- Geoff 19.12.12 08:30

I have a phallic shaped bottle opener that was hand carved from my vacation in Punta Cana

----- Chris 19.12.12 08:27

A jellyfish tank.

----- demure 19.12.12 08:17

Lots of BOOZE! Well, it makes me the silliest thing in the kitchen, then.

----- greg 19.12.12 08:11

Drink stirrers shaped like Easter Island heads. I’ve had them for 15 years!

----- Hanna 19.12.12 08:07

The silliest thing in my kitchen are my Star Wars pancake molds…cool, but silly.

----- Susan 19.12.12 08:04

The silliest thing in my kitchen is my dog standing underfoot waiting for crumbs.

----- Lindsey 19.12.12 08:00

I have a walnut cracker that uses a crank to slowly crack the nutshell. It’s pretty archaic.

----- Stacy B. 19.12.12 07:54


----- Sandy 19.12.12 07:52

A small Elvis doll

----- Diego 19.12.12 07:27

silliest thing in our kitchen… the giant mutachioed mug that i drink iced coffee in during the summer months..

----- gray 19.12.12 07:20

My cat Coco on the sink is the silliest thing in my kitchen. She just loves to drink water from the water faucet.

----- Agata 19.12.12 07:10

Star Wars cookie cutters!

----- JB 19.12.12 07:09


----- Randi Lynne 19.12.12 06:58

A shark head steel sharpener

----- Tom 19.12.12 06:48

A pink State of Florida Tourist Map hot mat. A ode to my birthplace.

----- P. Lee 19.12.12 06:27

I have a popsicle/ice cream cone drip catcher!

----- Liza 19.12.12 06:26

My Zoku ! I absolutely love making ice pops super fast!

----- Natalie Kay 19.12.12 06:18

The silliest thing in my kitchen is a boob mug.

----- Paul 19.12.12 05:14

A small beer-bottle-mould-farm?!

----- Tim 19.12.12 03:45

a cook book in Dutch - I don’t have a clue about Dutch language.

----- mona (not lisa) 19.12.12 03:28

I still drink from plastic cups .. i’m 28.

----- Colin 19.12.12 02:18

Probably a Window Vacuum

----- John Norman 19.12.12 00:53

Those 22 year old Disney on Ice plastic mugs from my childhood, saved and used exclusively for chocolate milk on those days when I am hungover and need some extra comfort.

----- Anne S 19.12.12 00:44

Me! (and some space invaders ice-cube trays)

----- Rose 19.12.12 00:41

I got measuring cups that form a robot when assembled together as a gift for Christmas last year.

----- Eric 19.12.12 00:37

I’ve got a business card on the wall from a shaman who lives in a London bus depot. He can cure anything.

----- Richard 19.12.12 00:19

The silliest thing in my kitchen would be a mini pink color rolling pin and some plastic tea cups from my daughter’s play-kitchen. I use the pin for small jobs…and I have no idea how the plastic tea cups got into my kitchen!

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- Amy Tong 19.12.12 00:11

more sad than silly I suppose, global warming iceberg ice cube trays :( or anchovies, hilariously delicious.

----- Andrea 18.12.12 23:53

the paper bag penguin I made in the 1st grade.

----- jason 18.12.12 23:48

We have a hello kitty water boiler. Makes me happy.

----- Tiffany 18.12.12 23:44

Dinosaur cutters

----- Thu 18.12.12 23:33

rubber yellow duck on the sink

----- HN 18.12.12 23:00

yellow rubber duck on the sink

----- HN 18.12.12 22:54

yellow rubber duck on the sink

----- HN 18.12.12 22:50

I have a weakness for Fred products and have several items like the Cakewich, Cool Shooters, Dead Fred, and many more, but probably the silliest one in the kitchen is me when I am concocting new desserts to take to my favorite taste testers at work!

----- Suz B 18.12.12 22:49

Five pepper mills. Just until I pick the best one, promise!

----- Brian 18.12.12 22:32

a ladle the size of a baseball cap

----- eug 18.12.12 22:27

a pool noodle! i don’t know why its there. we haven’t gone swimming in years…

----- Sara 18.12.12 22:02

I have a potato masher that is shaped like a chick, the wire masher part is the feet :-)

----- Shannon Martinez 18.12.12 21:52

there’s a plastic santa with a cord coming out of it’s but

----- sam 18.12.12 21:44

My monkey head scrubbing brush, next to the monkey head sponge container alongside the monkey pint glasses.

----- Moe 18.12.12 21:37

a massive conglomeration of bread ties… started tossing them in a drawer a long time ago and now they are impressive in number…. I eat a lot of toast

----- melissa 18.12.12 21:30

A dog bowl that my roommates and I use as a real bowl. It’s totally clean and only used by us. We just all agree that the shape and size of the bowl makes it really convenient to work with. XD

----- Debbie 18.12.12 21:27

Unfortunately, it’s a pair of pliers. A knob on our (dated) gas burner broke and until we find a replacement knob, the pliers would have to do to light up the fire. Silly useful but rather pathetic.

----- Ellen Bautista 18.12.12 21:26

A little pig mini egg beater

----- Liz B 18.12.12 21:07

my leftover thanksgiving pinata (yes, thanksgiving pinata) that’s in the shape of princess leia

----- Mooni 18.12.12 21:06

A massive amount of Raspberry zingers that someone sent me because, well, you know…Hostess is gone. Sweet thing to do..

----- Kirsten 18.12.12 21:03

My daughters play kitchen. She loves it and so do i haha.

----- Garry Hannah 18.12.12 20:42

An ice cream bowl shaped like the Andy Warhol Banana.

----- Casey 18.12.12 20:35

Pee Wee Herman lunchbox and thermos from my elementary school days! It’s a classic!

----- Gina F 18.12.12 20:08

Naked lady swizzle sticks from the 1960s.

----- Cindy Aiton 18.12.12 20:05

Ceramic measuring cups shaped like vegetables.

----- Julie 18.12.12 19:59

a table so small that you can barely fit a plate on it, along with stools so tall you can’t get your legs under the table

----- Cameron Shore 18.12.12 19:51

walrus magnet

----- Matt 18.12.12 19:33

my spiderman crazy straw that i used to drink margaritas at my spiderman themed 21st birthday party. silly sentimental.

----- alexia 18.12.12 19:16

a Death Star shaped ice maker (for cocktails) :)

----- Ryan B 18.12.12 19:05

I have a 1/3 teaspoon measuring spoon that was my grandmother’s. She’s long lost the others in the set. I have no use for it either. So it will sleep in the drawer till someone find it and shows excitement.

----- tane 18.12.12 19:04

Elephant shaped christmas cookies

----- Sarah 18.12.12 18:59

My Kool-aid man long-handled plastic spoon (whatever the technical term is…). OH YEAH!

----- Greg Weaver 18.12.12 18:46


----- AGURI 18.12.12 18:23

I have a cheese grater that is shaped like and angel

----- Chris Martin 18.12.12 18:23

A castle shaped cake tin. Its good for defending against gingerbread men attacks.

----- Devin 18.12.12 18:21

A floral plate featuring a portrait of Chunks from Goonies with antlers.

----- Andrew 18.12.12 18:07

Our pet frog, Frank. He sings to us while we cook.

----- Lea 18.12.12 18:03

the fred and friends gin and titonic ice cube tray. everybody laughs and then they feel guilty and laugh even harder for feeling guilty over an ice cube.

----- Alex 18.12.12 18:00

I use an eraser to hold down the water cooler button

----- Victor 18.12.12 17:49

Ninjabread men cookie cutters!

----- Jen D 18.12.12 17:48

I have one of those “garlic smell remover soaps”—which is really just a block of stainless steel. Have I ever used it? Nope, I generally just rub my hands on the sink to get rid of the smell.

----- Matt James 18.12.12 17:40

Somehow I begun collecting aprons. Not sure how or why, but there are probably close to 15 unusual aprons in the kitchen now.

----- Derek 18.12.12 17:36

I don’t have anything silly… Maybe my cute rabbit floormat could be considered as one? Haha…

----- Juliana 18.12.12 17:34

my hand-painted octopus wine glass. best gift ever!

----- Allie 18.12.12 17:34

Cat mugs. Also dog mugs. It might look crazy but they are so darn cute!

----- Angela 18.12.12 17:29

A monkey puppet

----- Sarah 18.12.12 17:29

Three broken french presses.

----- Yoshio 18.12.12 17:26

silliest thing i have in my kitchen is a bowl i made for my boyfriend that reads “olive you” on the bottom. he’s lebonese and loves olives.

----- lynh 18.12.12 17:26

My bedroom? (I live in a studio apartment)

----- Lara 18.12.12 17:21

gluten-, wheat-, soy-, dairy- and egg-free everything. BOOOO!

----- John MacDonald 18.12.12 17:11

A yellow rubber Mickey Mouse oven mitt.

----- Ralitsa 18.12.12 17:02

Aside from the fact that I don’t have a whisk in my kitchen… the silliest thing is probably the bartender’s jigger which I use just as much in my cooking as I do behind the bar. Also, the freezer which is stocked only with ice and glassware!

----- Tyler 18.12.12 16:42

My wife’s roommate had a cocoa-motion, a very silly and dumb device that did nothing more than heat and stir hot cocoa powder and water together. What a waste of money and space.

We now have in our kitchen salt and pepper shakers shaped like grain elevators. I love the form of grain elevators and their unnatural height in rural locations.

----- Daniel 18.12.12 16:42

I have a bottle opener that is in the shape of the top of a bottle. You place it on top and slam down and it pops the top off the bottle.

----- Adam 18.12.12 16:40

the silliest thing in my kitchen has to be “the lament of Icharus” noodle/couscous motif.

----- Clea V 18.12.12 16:37

silliest thing in my kitchen: egg cuber-it makes square hard boiled eggs. except that they usually look more like parallelograms.

----- Kelly 18.12.12 16:37

Silliest thing in my kitchen is my ability to cook, but the fork/knife/spoon cupboard handles are a close second.

----- Nick 18.12.12 15:58

A do-rag. It’s great for straining homemade cheese.

----- lauren 18.12.12 15:57

I’ve got a bust of Elvis converted to a cookbook holder.

----- Seth 18.12.12 15:54

My new snow globe salt & pepper shakers. Love my matryoshka measuring too.

----- Janna M 18.12.12 15:53

I don’t have anything silly in my kitchen it’s a very serious place. I guess the handheld blender thing I got from an infomercial 10+ years ago? It’s not really all that silly in itself but it was from an infomercial.

----- Chris 18.12.12 15:30

My ibis garlic press

----- Lisa 18.12.12 15:22

Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Mold!

----- Ian 18.12.12 15:19

The silliest thing today is my husband’s depressingly empty Twinkie the Kid twinkie holder. Just can’t give up hope they might return.

----- Rachel 18.12.12 15:12

Probably the “Recipe for the Perfect Day” assignment on the fridge that I did in second grade.

----- Lis 18.12.12 15:02

A vinyl doll of Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba, ensconced in a Budweiser blender-shaped drink dispenser I got from a bar.

----- Meghan 18.12.12 14:58

The silliest thing in my kitchen is my unicorn chop sticks!

----- Shannon 18.12.12 14:57

I have a rubber rat (the squeaky kind) signed by Anne Rice (author of Interview with a Vamptire) that lives in the cupboard. I felt he was lonely, so later he got a sibling: a plastic lobster (also squeaky) signed by Alton Brown (writer/director/producer of Good Eats). The lobster isn’t of much practical use other than keeping the rat company, but the rat is a great twist-top beer bottle opener.

----- Bitsy 18.12.12 14:41

We have Fred’s diamond ice cube trays. Hee hee.

----- lisa 18.12.12 14:41

Definitely is the bamboo stick ornated with coloured strings that I use to keep the cat away from the food.

----- Carine Tran 18.12.12 14:35

My salt and pepper batteries :D

----- María 18.12.12 14:30

My penguin cookies jar I got for my birthday! 11 months out of the year he’s unseasonally festive, but that’s ok.

----- Megan 18.12.12 14:29

The silliest thing in my kitchen is not a single object, but rather a curious lineup of plants that I am sprouting in a myriad of jars that I have re-purposed - avocados, pineapples, etc…

----- Michelle 18.12.12 14:21

My companion cube cookie cutter set. Love it!

----- Mimi 18.12.12 14:13

A miner’s helmet! :)

----- Ian S. 18.12.12 14:12

Has to be the swim fins my kids keep there (don’t ask).

----- Michael W. 18.12.12 14:05

I believe that would be one of my dogs, I don’t know which one. They’re both pretty silly

----- Wehaf 18.12.12 13:58

The silliest thing in my kitchen is my “Holy Toast” Virgin Mary toast imprinter. I love that crazy lady; you never know when she’s gonna show up!

----- Darlene C. 18.12.12 13:57

Many years ago, my dad brought home an egg cuber… it’s a mold that makes a hard boiled egg square instead of round! Holy smokes… looks like you can still buy them!

----- Nick 18.12.12 13:48

its a 70s themed kitchen so macrame owls, black velvet paintings and burnt orange shag……

----- robyne 18.12.12 13:46

My plastic salt & pepper shakers with a pull string to make them shake so you don’t wear out your wrist shaking on your seasonings !

----- Ruth 18.12.12 13:45

My twin 3 year old boys who find joy and amusement in everything (and mess) in the kitchen!

----- Cortney Delgado 18.12.12 13:45

The silliest thing in my kitchen is the kitchen table — it’s barely being held together by about 2 screws at this point, and is VERY likely to say hahahaahahrhrhahahahahlaughaulghalgu, there goes your soup to the ground, sorry ‘bout my legs! Insanity.

----- Chris Stave 18.12.12 13:44

my silliest thing in my kitchen are my monkey potholders and my dead gingerbread man cookie cutters and so many other things love silly things

----- Mary 18.12.12 13:40

The boys in our house think my purple cake pop maker is silly until they eat one…

----- Lisa Oswald 18.12.12 13:36

a small can labeled “canned opossum” (I keep it next to a jar labeled “slug jelly.)

----- Ann 18.12.12 13:36

I don’t have anything really silly in my kitchen, but I’m loving that Coolamari you have up there!

----- Wendy T. 18.12.12 13:36

No word of a lie, kangaroo testicle bottle opener. I purchase quite the collection of these to bring back from the land down under for friends and family. Obviously had to keep one to myself. Unfortunately my fiance has other plans, so the openers days in the kitchen are most likely limited.. garbage day is quickly approaching.

----- Chad 18.12.12 13:32

My dog butt towel holders, one green, one orange

----- Amie 18.12.12 13:29

Some gnome bowls

----- Amy Christensen 18.12.12 13:29

a collage of hopelessly hipster instagram food photos

----- aubrey 18.12.12 13:29

I’m sure I have something sillier and can’t think of it, but I do have Fred’s Matryoshka measuring cups!

----- Abigail 18.12.12 13:28

Anything in my kitchen that has a face…products, photos on the fridge, etc. has googly eyes on it. And sometimes faceless items become alive with googly eyes too. The silliest is probably the family of unicorns with googly eyes that adorn my kitchen table. Seriously, if you want to brighten your day get some googly eyes up in there.

----- Megan 18.12.12 13:27

a voodoo doll toothpick holder

----- Karen Thomas 18.12.12 13:26

90% of the devices that are parked on my counter are silly… because they don’t get used.

----- Ryan 18.12.12 13:24

The silliest thing in my kitchen is either my ninja bread men cookie cutters or the full size chicken holding a small chalkboard. Also have a chicken whose tail is made of measuring spoons. My MIL has a great sense of humor when it comes to giving me Christmas gifts!

----- Nancy 18.12.12 13:23

my husband’s experimental dishes

----- y 18.12.12 13:23

The silliest thing in my kitchen is a apron that looks like i’m wearing a bikini that i use when i’m coooking or grilling.

----- cory 18.12.12 13:23

Crustache for everybody!!! =)

----- Alessandra White Riot 18.12.12 13:22

The silliest thing in my kitchen is a pepper mill filled with coriander seeds. CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT A WILD MAN I AM?!? Coriander seeds in a pepper mill?!?

----- Tony 18.12.12 13:21

a concrete mushroom.

----- Seth B 18.12.12 13:20

Silliest thing in my kitchen is me. I really have no business being there.

----- Daimian 18.12.12 13:18

I have a Boobie Collection

----- France Garcia 18.12.12 13:18

Ginger dead man and ninja cookie cutters! I have tons of weird and silly things in there.

----- Chrissy Smith 18.12.12 13:18

We have a chain of Turkey Wishbones tied from one cabinet to another!

----- landon 18.12.12 13:16

I have a spoon rest that i bought while in germany….. he’s a gondolier, the spoon rest is his boat…… his oar the spoon.

----- mindy D 18.12.12 13:09

2 toasters - to eliminate contamination for my gluten sensitive mrs.

----- derek 18.12.12 13:09

An awesome gorilla shaped vegetable peeler.

----- Manny 18.12.12 13:04

Vases made from empty yogurt containers.

----- Iris 18.12.12 12:56

I guess I would have to say a monkey peeler, or the slap chop, that thing is pretty ridiculous.

----- Brent Keane 18.12.12 12:55

A bundle of kitchen twine wrapped around a cardboard pig.

----- Julie 18.12.12 12:55

I don’t know if this counts, but my pet hedgehog likes to hang out with me in the kitchen while I’m cooking. He loves food just as much as I do!

----- Allison 18.12.12 12:54

Apparently I don’t have enough silly stuff in my kitchen to think of anything past my Fallout 3 metal lunch box.

----- Brian B 18.12.12 12:40

My daughter’s little 1 egg sized frypan and egg flipper. Both with a big plastic egg face on the handle. Did I mention my daughter is over 29! She loves her eggs!

----- Tim Driscoll 18.12.12 12:37

It’s not utensils, but I made Turkey Sushi after Thanksgiving. tried and failed with mashed potatoes instead of rice… so rice, turkey, relish, greenbeans, sweet potato. It was a break from the turkey soup and mush bowl I was used to.

----- Matt Peckham 18.12.12 12:36

I’d have to say my rice cooker. Silly only in its very Japanese sensibilities.

----- Jake Jones 18.12.12 12:36

My last roommate left what is essentially a human-sized cat toy he made out of yarn hanging in the kitchen. While you’re waiting for something to finish cooking, or water to boil, or just talking to a friend, you can just absent-mindedly bat at it. I took it down when he moved out, but I realized how much I missed it and put it back up a week later.

----- Jeremy 18.12.12 12:34

The silliest thing I have is this old TIVO (the mascot character) cookie cutter. You wouldn’t even think that they would have created a thing like that, but it exists… and creates gigantic cookies!

----- Mel 18.12.12 12:33

I have a kitchen wall painted with blackboard paint with a gaudy gold frame hanging on it. I draw lousy chalk masterpieces in it.

----- Ken 18.12.12 12:26

My Alessi Cocodandy egg basket!

----- monica 18.12.12 12:20

Headlamp! Makes searching into deep cabinets much more efficient.

----- Misch 18.12.12 12:05

A spongebob sandwich maker! :D

----- Diana 18.12.12 12:00

The silliest thing in my kitchen is one of the refrigerator magnets which is a piece of toast with jam, making a =| face. I call it “neutral toast”.

I’m probably more proud of the menu holder I have stuck to the side of my fridge, though - I made it using a pair of repurposed magnets and an old NES cartridge sleeve.

----- Michael 18.12.12 11:58

Official chopsticks from the contemporary cult classic Serenity.

----- Erin P. 18.12.12 11:58

sadly I have none :(
hopefully I win this and start my silliest thing in my kitchen ‘journey/collection’ :)


----- nws 18.12.12 11:58

A meat tenderizer that has a pair of brass knuckles instead of a handle.

----- Kate 18.12.12 11:55

A beat up old aluminum tea kettle for camping trips.

----- Eric W 18.12.12 11:52

The little ceramic bird that’s supposed to be for pies but never goes inside them.

----- Susanna 18.12.12 11:51

A toothpick holder/voodoo man from Fred (of course). I got it to vent my frustration while cheating on one boyfriend with another. I think the chants I used to do with the toothpicks helped me get that cheater thing out of my system.

(Kidding about the chants. Did get the sowing of oats out of my system though)

My lovely un-cheated-on live-in boyfriend just likes toothpicks being handy.

----- Erin 18.12.12 11:45

An Alessi mandarin juicer

----- Robert W. 18.12.12 11:43

The silliest thing in my kitchen is an oil lamp shaped like a hippopotamus. :)

----- Grace 18.12.12 11:43

There’s a shrunken head in my kitchen. The landlord says the previous tenant left it there, neither of us dare remove it.

----- Daniel 18.12.12 11:40

The silliest thing? My apron with the statue of David printed on the front.

I think you get the idea. lol

----- john g 18.12.12 11:37

silly puddy

----- Eric 18.12.12 11:35

little rubber monsters for glass markers

----- Mary 18.12.12 11:35

we have “the ex” knife set

----- jacob 18.12.12 11:34

The silliest thing in my kitchen is the Hello Kitty Toaster that burns the image of Hello Kitty into the toast.

----- Brian 18.12.12 11:30

A banana tree!

----- Mikell Johnson 18.12.12 11:22

silliest thing in my kitchen is my short legged cardigan welsh corgi rolling around on his back like a dork…….

----- Rob/thief/corgimas 18.12.12 11:19

Small enamel tea pot in apple green colour with big white polka dots with slightly too big lid so it pops up on one side a bit.

----- Agnieszka 18.12.12 11:19

a pac man potholder

----- Leslie 18.12.12 11:19

A bedazzled matchbook collection of mexican luchadors.

----- Tobias 18.12.12 11:16

My mini cleaver, for all my mini butchering… of fruit.

----- Andria 18.12.12 11:16

The silliest thing in my kitchen is a talking bottle opener with homer simpson’s voice

----- Aaron 18.12.12 11:15

Faux vintage radio (that totally works) which is also a toaster

----- Sheila 18.12.12 11:12

The silliest thing in my kitchen is the ceramic container that holds all my spatulas/wood spoons/ladles/etc. It’s made to look like a paint can with dripping yellow paint at the top.

----- Natalie 18.12.12 11:10

My wife. seriously, she is awesome and silly, and i can’t cook.

----- NICHOLAS 18.12.12 11:07

a framed drawing of a hot dog with a moustache

----- Ryan 18.12.12 11:06

a jar of crushed nacho cheesier doritos for topping on things. i’ve been putting doritos on real food since I was about 13, turkey + dorito sandwich is my favorite

----- Gabe G 18.12.12 10:49

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