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NOTlabs: Virgin Atlantic EWR Infinity Cube- 01.07.13

updateimage1.jpg Director of NOTlabs, Shawn Sims, is taking us behind-the-scenes of our latest piece, the mirrored, Instagram Infinity Cube that just got installed in Virgin Atlantic’s new EWR Clubhouse!

The Instagram Infinity Cube was designed and built for Virgin Atlantic’s new Newark Clubhouse at EWR to complement the #howIclubhouse campaign. When visitors arrive at the lounge, they can’t miss the mirrored cube as they approach the Liquid Lounge Bar and Passion Pit… with the exterior reflecting the dazzling space around, the opening inviting them to peek inside for an even more mesmerizing look at how people clubhouse around the globe, and then encouraging them to add their own!

All sides of the inner and outer cube are mirrored, and the far interior face of the cube has a screen that displays a rotating gallery of photographs. The interior mirrors especially, create a kaleidoscopic effect by reflecting the Instagram photos from the hashtag #howIclubhouse. Since the entire cube is made of mirrors, it generates an endless symmetry in 3D space of the Instagram photo. The outer cube reflects the lounge and people moving through it. The entire cube swivels 360 degrees allowing people to view it from multiple vantage points as they move through the space.

Take a look on the next page to see how this quick project came together at NOTlabs

First, a peek at the finalized piece at NOTlabsupdateimage.jpg


Now ~ the making of! Bouncing between designing and modeling, laser cutting, and putting it all together, you can get a feel for what’s inside the final piece below.

Here the inside cube is getting attached to the wooden skeleton. mirrorcube4.jpg

Since the cube spins 360 degrees, the power cord had to run through the swivel base so that it would not pinch. mirrorcube5.jpg

The first mirror panel of the inner cube gets attached here with the hole for the screen. mirrorcube6.jpg

The lazy-susan base was a tricky detail and needed to have a stop built in so that the cube could not spin endlessly. That would have caused the problems with the power cord twisting. mirrorcube7.jpg

The iPad holder had to be the perfect size so that it fit snuggly and still had room for the power cord on the bottom. mirrorcube8.jpg

Here are the guts of the entire installation. The wood base and the skeleton hold the inner mirror cube in place. Now it’s ready for the outside mirror faces and the black covering on the stand. mirrorcube9.jpg


As for where it has finally found its home… a look at it installed in the new Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse at EWR!

It matches the mirror bar so well! mirrorcube14.jpg





Huge thanks to Josh Rubin for sharing pics (and installing!) the project at the Clubhouse!

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