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Parker 5th Technology Pens- 01.11.13

parker0.jpg It’s been a while since i’ve fallen for a new pen (my go to has been the G2 05 since high school) ~ but these new Parker 5th Technology pen refills are a fascinating evolution of the classic fountain pen nibs and modern technology pen refills feel incredible when put to paper!

Celebrating their 125th, Parker just sent over one of their Parker Ingenuity Pens with the new Parker 5th Technology. Coming in fine and medium with color options of Black, Blue, Peacock Blue, Olive Green, Burgundy, and Purple and quite a range pens they fit in to. So far i’ve only tried the black medium ink ~ and it flows so smoothly, it feels great. the most interesting aspect of the new design is the flexible tip, and the “design eliminates pressure, impact and temperature-induced ink leaks.” Can’t wait to try out the fine as well… take a peek at the details on the next page.









Here are all the different options! parker9.jpg

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I am a long term (32 years) user of a fountain pen, and my companion for the last ten years has been a lovely Platinum Cross.
However, I do also recognise the inherent disadvantages of a fountain pen, not least it running out at the most inconvenient times, and as I travel a lot, carrying a bottle of ink is a no no.
This pen is lovely. It is not a fountain pen, but it is close, and with non of the disadvantages. It is a great looker, and when you reduce the writing angle normally associated with a fountain pen, writes even better.

----- Carl 25.08.13 02:39

A “fake fountain-pen”? I’d be embarrassed using one of those. I use real fountain-pens for writing (with an oblique nib), the 5th does not even come close. “Looks like fountain pen” is not cool at all.

----- Lars 12.01.13 06:48

It looks like a fineliner disguised as a fountainpen

----- Namony 11.01.13 18:52

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