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Inside Parabellum, Hollywood, CA- 01.14.13

parabellum0.jpg Parabellum. Wow. I’ve been thinking about how to write this post and streamline the wealth of photos, since i showed you the breath logos on the Oliver Peoples for Parabellum collaboration end of last week… and i’ve finally realized, there’s too much good stuff. So get ready for a visual adventure through the amazing workshop of Parabellum on the next page!

Tucked away in a prefab super-workshop behind a house in Hollywood, you will find a buffalo head looking down upon piles of luscious colorful buffalo leather, ceramic buckles and buttons, ball and claw feet in the making, racks of bags, wallets, and belts, a beautifully fluffy chow, sewing machine with dexter on it, a peek into their adventures with buffalo out on the plains, inspiration walls, a belt unboxing (out of the stunning wooden box!), kevlar lined belt details (with window!), a peek at how the incredible leather wears over time, and so much more. PHEW It is incredible!

Ultimately, the more i went through it all, the more i realized that the only way you can fully understand the passion the Parabellum team has for the unique, beautiful, extremely intentional and particular products that they create is to take it all in much like I did. A truly inspirational, sensory overload - and to top it off, every time i see/touch Shawn’s Parabellum Card Wallet i find myself imaging where it was made (all here in LA), the buffalo it came from, the stories of how it all came to be, and the subtle, intentional details worked into every corner…

So if you’re ready, dive in with me on the next page!

“Park in the driveway and walk to the back,” they say… so we do, carefully… and suddenly we see this! parabellum1.jpg

Peeking inside, you’re in the world of Parabellum. parabellum4.jpg

And also greeted by this lovely, fluffy creature… parabellum14.jpg

On the computer inside, between stories of buffalo (i had no idea about the history of buffalo and the come back they have made - Parabellum only uses free range buffalo - and have even visited quite a few ranches to see where their skins come from!)… i got a peek at the buffalo adventures… buff1.jpg

The back wall screams inspiration ~ and you can see where their fashion influences as well as masonic symbols, numbers, and latin quotes come from… parabellum8.jpg

A look at the Wooster Clutches in person… parabellum7.jpg

… my lust for the Medicine Woman Bag only got worse when i got to see it in person… the details FEEL amazing, and getting to know their leather and workmanship (more to come on that below) makes it clear that it is a timeless bag that will only get better with use! parabellum12.jpg

All of their belts come out of this cabinet before making their way to stores and customers. You can find nearly all their goods at Union in LA! parabellum9.jpg

Dexter’s Laboratory!!! and so much other fun inspiration around their sewing machine… parabellum11.jpg


Seeing the ball & claw feet in the making… they need a necklace of one of these! pdetail1.jpg

The ceramic buttons waiting for products… pdetail2.jpg

Ceramic belt buckle samples… far stronger than you imagine! pdetail3.jpg

Lovely button detail on the Parabellum 10 Card Wallet pdetail4.jpg

The arrow and clip details from the Medicine Woman Handbagpdetail5.jpg

The Oliver Peoples for Parabellum sunglasses that have breath logosparabellum16.jpg

How nice is the detail that the lining/leather base of this Archer Tote can now be unbottoned? parabellum17.jpg

Ok - now for the unboxing! Inside is the Grey Peace Maker Belt It has double sided free range bison leather… with hand skived leather and hand turned edges… kevlar reinforced to refrain from elongation (you’ll see it in the window!)… punbox1.jpg





See? Just in case you didn’t believe them, my favorite detail is this secret window in the back to show you the kevlar within! punbox7.jpg

Now as for how they wear over time - i asked the guys to share some of their MOST used pieces to see how the buffalo leather ages… Mike pulled out his Medicine Man Duffle which is one of their first pieces, heavily traveled with for years through rain, snow, etc… and honestly, it feels better than ever! As it wears down, it gets a little more of a sheen, softens up, but still feels incredibly strong. pwear1.jpg

Here’s an Instrument Case that has been used daily for months, and it feels amazing! pwear2.jpg

Even over the last few days, we’re starting to see Shawn’s Parabellum Card Wallet wear nicely to have more character… and i can’t tell you how much of a difference details like those cut corners make when it is going in and out of pant pockets! pwear3.jpg

Now just for a bit more randomness… This great little piece is on Commodore Jason’s desk… parabellum15.jpg

… and i can’t help sharing a few more pictures of the stunning buffalo from their adventures! buff2.jpg



There really is something special about what they are doing at Parabellum… and they have an infectious passion for what they create. It truly shows through their products which have become a beautiful combination of form, function, technology, and a sensibility that luxurious products should last a lifetime (and beyond), making the most of the best materials available. Thank you, Parabellum, for inviting us in to your world!

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I first read about them in Vogue. Just what I’m looking for: high quality, uniqueness. I’m willing to pay for it too. Happy to support craftsmanship.

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