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The Happy Egg Co.- 01.21.13

happyegg1.jpg Impulse supermarket packaging buy… The Happy Egg Co. eggs definitely jump off the shelf at you with their adorable branding and packaging… the hard part was debating whether they are worth the price compared to the ones they are surrounded by. But i was intrigued enough to at least try them… and the chicken egg character is adorable ~ they really take the happy free range chicken thing all the way! And the packaging has great details, from the vibrant yellow, colorful imagery, and even the logo and chicken-egg molded into the carton itself, but the best part is the way the carton opens with such a satisfying feeling that sounds/feels like it reseals each time its closed. Excessive? Possibly. Necessary? Probably not. Noteworthy design details and branding for eggs? Definitely. They are also on just about every social media platform… fun website, twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest, google+… and have an iphone app game! Check out all the details on the next page…




You can see the panels that lock into each other upon closing… happyegg5.jpg

Here’s the Happy Egg Co. websitehappyegg6.jpg

To show you how happy they are, there are loads of YouTube videos showing the free range chickens Flying, Perching, Foraging, and Dust Bathing… happyegg7.jpg

Facebook contest to win 6 months of eggs and gift cards… happyegg8.jpg

They even have an iPhone App Free Ranger Game happyegg9.jpg

Wow… check out this human sized Happy Egg on their twitterhappyegg10.jpg

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3 Notes

Packaging certainly makes a big difference to the success of a product. I like how this product seems to have the total package, really. Their site looks good an they even have YouTube videos. Nice!

----- Jessica 31.01.13 09:18

Awesome concept, my wife played with it a bit awhile back, she also made magnets out of her chickens and gave them little accessories like mustaches and monacles that you could play with. http://www.robinbirdwell.com/harrysfarm.html

----- Joe Birdwell 22.01.13 09:12

Hello: You never did say if they were worth the extra money.

Have a Joyful Day :~D

----- Charlie 22.01.13 06:47

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