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Yankz + Reflective Elastic Shoe Laces- 01.21.13

yankz0.jpg I had no idea that elastic laces were a thing - particularly in the running/triathlon world… We had lunch across from a triathlon store today and couldn’t help wandering through after… the variety of elastic laces intrigued me and i gave in to some reflective Yankz! (the packaging is a bit better than the website.) They all seem to boast varieties of benefits from never having to tie laces to being able to have a bit more give adding comfort and “personalization”. Some have plastic springy stopper locks (imagine the plastic stoppers on rain jackets, etc)… and the Yankz! have double plastic bits that allow you to adjust from both sides and easily. These particular ones are also reflective, which never hurts. Take a peek at the details on the next page…







As you can see, Bucky got pretty curious… so far, the idea of elastic laces in running shoes feels pretty good, not sure i can handle the way the plastic bits of Yankz! look, and they don’t feel too necessary so far… the reflective aspect is nice too… might experiment with them a little and possibly pull the plastic bits off!

UPDATE… I already gave in and gave up on the plastic bits… yankz7.jpg

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Hey Notcot!
How did you do it with out the plastic bits?!?! Did you just tie it to itself? Please let me know. I hate the plastic bits and wanted to integrate the laces into my oxfords!

----- Patrick Thomas 09.02.13 10:59

I loooove bungee laces! They were critical in removing one of the many steps between getting my ass out of bed and actually running (back when I first started, and motivation was low). :)

----- monica 22.01.13 13:30

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