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Coldsmoke Apparel- 03.29.13

coldsmoke0.jpg Today i found myself in sunny Venice Beach, tucked away in house twenty six and a half on a walk street… playing with snow ready winter sportswear and exploring the studios of the freshly launched Coldsmoke Apparel - as they say, “Coldsmoke collaborates with some of the most advanced performance fabric mills along with highly regarded finishing companies to create collections that offer the best of both worlds. Our fashion is functional, performing at the highest level whether you’re on or off the mountain.”

It was great to get to explore the collection in person, and hear about the inspiration behind their inaugural collection by CCO, Imani Lanier (who is quite the seasoned designer). What struck me most was definitely the inuit symbols, design details (love the zippers and the subtle mountains stitched into pocket flaps, etc!), and the quality of the materials… also that all of the products were surrounded by quite the curation of vintage goods! The hats are displayed on stacked vintage cots… there are old skis, fishing poles, gas masks, shovels, and more strewn about the studio and they will all be for sale someday in the Coldsmoke Vintage Collection. Take a peek inside their studio and at some of the fun details of the upcoming collection, inspiration sketches, and their playful lookbook on the next page!


Beautiful inspiration sketchescoldsmoke17.jpg

Love this beanie ~ the playfully subtle funfetti vibe of the grey and blue ones just make me smile! coldsmoke2.jpg

The luscious soft furry lining feels amazing… coldsmoke3.jpg

Nice articulated joint detailing… coldsmoke3a.jpg

Vintage gas mask! coldsmoke4.jpg

Excursion - Exploration - Expedition! coldsmoke5.jpg

Love their custom zippers from the Coldsmoke to the red stitch to the snake at the tip… coldsmoke6.jpg

Inuit symbols tucked away on the back of the jacket… coldsmoke7.jpg


They take a lot of pride in the quality of their finishing… these are created by a magical chemical spray in japan… coldsmoke9.jpg



Here’s the video we were watching in the screen above the vintage cots above - the Interview with Kazushige Sakurai on the special finishing for their products in Japan.

Apparently the inuit symbols are all direct translations of the text above them on this shirt… coldsmoke12.jpg





A few of my favorite images from the Coldsmoke F/W ‘13 Lookbook adventures… also fun to check out how much fun they had behind the scenes in Mammoth







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I love the original look of the garment that is pictured in 2 close-ups above (jacket with subtly varied gray hues, achieved by ‘the magical chemical spray’). I never heard mention in the video of what the base material is that has been sprayed. Can you satisfy my curiosity, please? I hate unsolved mysteries! thanks very much from Terpsichore…

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