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Kinetica Art Fair 2013- 03.01.13

mainpicK.jpg Here’s the latest from London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw!

Last night I got a sneak preview of this year’s Kinetica Art Fair, celebrating the intersection of science and design and an incredible showcase of innovative sculptures and installations. More photos of the vast array of some of the optical illusions and playful kinetic sculptures that toy with light and design on the next page!



AA DLAB’s Fallen Star installation projects patterns onto a complex geometric “fallen star” shape and uses generative algorithms to evolve color and pattern combinations. The user interface allows visitors to override the algorithm, changing the soundtrack/mood and colors of the projection, demonstrated in the video below from the lab.


I especially loved the work of Laurent Debraux, who strives to transmit emotions by movement and toys with levitation and the movement of magnets.


You can see more of Debraux’s work on the artist’s website, like this one of La marche de l’oursin.


David Ogle’s installations transform light into a structural object.


Aphra Shemza’s Composition X , a sphere within a square, referencing Kepler’s platonic universe from his 1596 Mysterium Cosmographicum. The installation responds to visitors, with more LEDs illuminating to reveal more of the installation as visitors approach.


I loved the whirring of cards at Mechanical Flipbook.


Sharisharishari’s tea ceremony room, a form of intelligent architecture with kinetic-tensegrity-roof and reactive floor, to provide fantastic light experience-shadows correspond with human movement below controlled by the embedded sensors in the floor.


Kinetica-2013-schonholzer.jpg Beautiful play of shadow and light from Matthieu Schönholzer with his Mechanical Ocean Wave Simulator.

The simulator is even more incredible in action, as captured by in the video from Schonholzer below.


Xiaofei Dyson’s musical instrument is a playful, interactive piece that produces a wide range of unexpected sounds when the keys of the typewriter are pressed. The challenge is working out how and where they are connected!

Here’s a look at it in action from Xiaofei.

Kinetica-2013-1437.jpg This tech-savvy dog sculpture was part of the work from Triumph Gallery.

A focal piece of the exhibition was The Walk by Titia Ex, a Dante inspired enormous sphere covered in 35,00 LED and which changed continuously, expressing different colors and patterns across its surface.




These have been just a few of my favorite pieces and many of the interactive exhibits really have to be experienced, such as Chris Levine’s Angel which uses the Visual Echo of Blipvert technique, projecting imagery into the viewer’s peripheral vision to create the almost subliminal appearance of the figure and an interactive installation where vocal communication literally grows a forest of trees from Aether & Hemera whom you may remember from their recent Voyage installation.

The Kinetica Art Fair 2013 runs from February 27th to March 3rd and includes some great workshops, such as the chance to make your own Lumiphone, Electronic Synth, and solar-powered plant thirst detector.

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