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Mercedes-Benz CLA: Animalistic Affordability?- 03.18.13

cla00.jpg It has been impossible to ignore Mercedes-Benz’s targeting of the “younger” market with their new entry level CLA model… from the fantastic Super Bowl spot “Soul” featuring Willem Defoe as the devil tempting a young man… to “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion”, which is pretty much what you’d expect… there’s even the Ryan McGinley film featuring model, Karlie Kloss, “Mind of Its Own” that debuted during fashion week… and how can you forget the “Untamed” spot where the car faces off with a wolf? Basically the marketing of the CLA seems to have its target on the younger/college crowd, playing heavily on the affordability and animalistic nature of the car… so when given the chance, i was too curious to see what this affordable, animalistic, compact car (the little sister of the CLS) feels like in person.

Hopping over to St. Tropez to give it a spin, felt like stepping into the “Soul” ad - being given an other worldly experience to play with the car while exploring the south of france… see a peek at our stay at the Hotel de Paris which just reopened. On first impressions - i was first drawn to the grill that seems spotted from afar… and the lights are just stunning up close (both front and rear), with such aggressive eyes that illuminate in the front, and incredible red gills that fill the back lights, they are definitely my favorite features. As for the interior, the dash seems to be where the affordability compromises were made, or my taste has aged me out of the younger demographic they are targeting… and the neon stripe options on some seats were surprising. As far as drivability, it would definitely make a fun little city car ~ and we even tried taking it to an impromptu flea market we found while driving around the french countryside, and it fit in easily (though drawing quite a bit of attention as well)… take a peek at the adventures and details with the Mercedes-Benz CLA on the next page!

To get into the right mindset first…


Upon landing in Marseille, we were whisked to a special airport lounge… cla2.jpg

… on the wall was our path for the next two days! cla3.jpg














A look at the design behind the CLA… cla18.jpg

A press shot of the interior dash… cla19.jpg

All in all ~ this image sums up where it felt like this car best fits ~ in a super urban environment as a compact, city car! cla20.jpg

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Looks like you went to Cassis. Absolutely a beautiful town. I definitely have to go back there.

Hopefully the traffic getting into Saint-Tropez was better than in the summer. From Sainte-Maxime to Saint-Tropez it’s bumper to bumper twenty-four hours a day. Then again, that’s why everyone who can, takes their boat.

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