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Whole Foods Talking Pineapple Armadillo- 04.22.13

armadillo0.jpg HAPPY EARTH DAY! (And the start of Earthling Month!) To celebrate this crazy box just arrived… and upon opening it smelled like… lasered cardboard! (Yes, we’re VERY accustomed to that distinct scent lately.) And inside was Whole Foods’ “PINEAPPLE Ambassador of the Earthlings” which resembles an armadillo… and it TALKS. Seriously. This fun press kit to celebrate Earth Month of April is all about what Whole Foods is doing for the month of April - “transforming itself into a hub for Earthlings — or humans inspired by the earth’s beauty and bounty — to meet up, share ideas and celebrate our planet online and in stores.” You can learn more about what they’re up to at EarthlingMonth.com, but for now, back to this crazy box - which is the “official vessel of the earthling ambassador”… I love that their creature is actually built from food-safe ceramic and recycled electronics, the packaging is reused cardboard, and the impact from chipping has been offset with verified emission reductions purchased from Renewable Choice Energy… and it goes without saying that the pineapple can be consumed… in fact the TALKING ambassador commands you to “Eat Me!” as you’ll see in the video on the next page! So, if you’re ready to see the full unbox and stab the ambassador parts into the pineapple and hear him talk, head to the next page!

p.s. Just updated the post with a peek INSIDE the electronic guts… and he has a HEART!

I know you want to get right at it ~ so here’s the talking pineapple armadillo earthling ambassador in action!

Now for the unboxing… armadillo1.jpg


Nice detail… armadillo3.jpg



Poor guys feet were facing backwards… armadillo6.jpg


We got curious as soon as we noticed the speaker in his chest! armadillo8.jpg





And he started singing!

Ok, couldn’t resist, had to see what was inside… and he has a heart!!! (ADORABLE detail - nice one, Whole Foods!) And then we just had to put another mp3 on him…





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