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110% Play Harder Compression/Ice- 06.07.13

110play0.jpg WOW. On technological/product design advances in the work out/training space… 110% Play Harder is doing interesting things combining both compression wear and portable/modular ice therapy. Essentially creating compression leggings, shorts, socks, sleeves and more with special pockets to target just about every muscle paired with special ice packs (which are impressively thin and flexible once filled/frozen)… Beyond the design and materials used (70% Polypropylene/30% Spandex, Antimicrobial Silvertech Fabric, Superior moisture wicking, and 360° 4 way stretch) ~ the branding is fun and striking, the copy is playful, and using the thermal bag as packaging is just smart! Not to mention the details, like having a branded carbiner on the thermal bag, and giving it a nice easy ziploc like top to keep your ice packs cool inside and your stuff dry outside. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete, or simply need a better solution to icing your soreness… this is definitely something to look into. It seems that some people work out in the compression wear, others wear it later to recover, some combine it with icing post workout instead of an ice bath and manage to run errands/pick up the kids in them… and while using it during workouts (without ice!) you can use any of the many pockets to hold your phone/etc as well. So many options… and the packaging is pretty fun. Take a peek at all the details and unboxing of the Juggler Knickers on the next page.

I’m always a sucker for custom packing tape… 110play1.jpg

It needs so little, since the thermal bag is both the packaging and padding… 110play2.jpg

Carabiner detail on the thermal bag… 110play3.jpg


See? There really are pockets everywhere… 110play5.jpg

Inside are the Juggler Knickers wrapped around the ice packs… 110play6.jpg


Fun copy… though spraying/pouring water on these super thin ice packs didn’t work so well, i ended up running it under the warm tap till they all poofed. 110play8.jpg

You can see the filled ones vs a new/dry one… 110play9.jpg

Overnight in the freezer, and i tried them out IN the pants today… i must admit the cooling felt pretty good (and not nearly as freeze burning as the usual ice packs/bags of ice) 110play10.jpg

Above was on thigh… here’s adding one in the knee pocket. You can also cut down the ice packs to fit exactly as you need them, as well as buy additional packs. 110play11.jpg

Nice detail on how they stitched the corners to have the ice bags stay flat when tucked all the way in… 110play12.jpg


A peek at the variety of iceable compression wear from 110% Play Harder110play14.jpg

Now i just need to get a proper workout in and test them out! But first had to share the unboxing/product design details with you!

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Considering these for my hardcore basketball playing summer season…Wonder if i can play with the ice packs inserted into the pockets?

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