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Vapur Eclipse Water Anti-Bottles- 06.03.13

vapur0.jpg So, to be totally honest, i was shopping for a soft water bottle that could be easily hidden in the hydration pack section of my pack… whether to hold ice, other liquids, etc. I remember having one of the simple, cheap feeling, water pouches with a pull cap top that screwed on and a little carabiner from Volvo from frankfurt autoshow years ago, and while exploring i was excited to find Vapur’s sleeker, updated design - the Vapur Eclipse!

With darker colors and a matte finish, it is definitely far stealthier. And i love the updated cap that feels far more solid, has a nice o-ring to keep it from leaking, and the cap is easy to flip open and drink from. I still feel skeptical about how the plastic holds up over time, but they are part of their Explorer Series, which also includes a team of adventurers using them, from arctic explorer to rock climber, kayaker to skier and more! When it arrived tonight, i was also smitten by the graphics and simplicity of the packaging ~ especially with details like the soft touch coating ~ so i couldn’t resist sharing an unboxing/detail peek with you! Check it all out on the next page!




Apparently you can freeze it?!?! Ice pack that turns into water pack perhaps? vapur3.jpg

Close up of how the cap works… vapur4.jpg

Nice o-ring detail… vapur5.jpg

How it rolls up when empty… vapur6.jpg

Stands up on its own when full… vapur7.jpg

And it slips into the hydration pack section of my pack so nicely! You can barely feel its there when both are full of liquids… vapur8.jpg

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had it for a few weeks from REI. today it slow leaked in my messenger bag and ruined an important note book and some expensive magazines. Thankfully I caught it before it got to my iPad and text book which were in another compartment. i would test the bottle before use. fill it and squeeze it and look out for drips or seepage from the cap. bummer.

on a side note VAPUR seems to not post negative reviews on their site. here is what they wrote to me when I tried to post the review above:

Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

----- JJAmes 09.05.14 10:16

Nice bag with cap! I find it useful to keep the packaging light. However, I don’t understand why they named it “anti-bottle”. Maybe is to be used before the bottle? Like anti-pasti before the pasta? Also, the purpose of a water soft-bottle being stealth and easily hidden is beyond my comprehension. Wouldn’t it be better if it was easly seen? Like the carabiner is?
Maybe there are situations where this is desirable. It reminds me when my son saw a swiss army knife with camouflaged handle and said “If it slips and falls to the ground in the middle of the forest, I’ll never find it!”
But to each its own.

----- Aristarco 04.06.13 10:39

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