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RMJ Tactical Loggerhead Tomahawk- 07.01.13

rmj0.jpg Fun surprise of the day ~ package from RMJ Tactical arrived with a Loggerhead Tomahawk! Beyond being just a tomahawk, there’s a skull crusher on the base that unscrews to give you access to the sharpening stone (which you could also probably use to hide other things)… Also the warning it comes with is pretty epic and a funny read! Their cautionary tales are no joke. When shawn did his research, these guys are the best of the best when it comes to design, quality, and functionality. This present was ordered 7 months ago, but was worth the wait. Made in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this father and son team have been making tomahawks for over 24 years, and have a nice balance between incorporating the designs of historical reproductions and utility/camping axes with the modern needs of a tactical tomahawk user. (A good thorough read on their “Our Tomahawks” section.)

I especially appreciate their design philosophy. From their FAQ - “It takes more than an aggressive look or a gray and black finish to make a tomahawk a tactical tomahawk.” So true… also, “A tactical tomahawk should be easy to use and carry. A well-designed tomahawk feels like a natural extension of the arm. The use of it should be intuitive. It is interesting to note that people throughout history have been naturally inclined to “hack” with a bladed object. As for the tomahawk scabbard, it should securely hold the tomahawk in place while making it easy to draw the tomahawk out. Also, the modern scabbard should have multiple carrying options. Finally, the modern tactical tomahawk should be able to perform as an efficient tool and weapon for the many tasks soldiers and officers encounter. We are proud to make tomahawks that meet these requirements. It is not by chance; it comes from many hundreds of hours of design time, customer input, customer requests, and testing, testing, testing.” Take a look at all the details and unboxing on the next page (as well as making of and demo videos!)…



“RMJ’s Loggerhead is a hammer-poll tomahawk. The Loggerhead measures 15 1/2 inches in length inches and weighs 27 ounces. It is forged from chrome-moly 4140 steel with a hard rubber handle molded onto the full tang. The ”skull crusher” butt cap provides access to the included sharpening stone. The Loggerhead comes standard with a Kydex bottom-eject scabbard.”


Crazy right? rmj4.jpg







For more amazingness ~ here’s the story of them on Modern Marvels!

A close up look of the Loggerhead… rmj11.jpg

… and the making of! rmj12.jpg

And for proof of how strong they are, watch the Shrike Tomahawk take the tail off of a Cobra Helicopter…

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2 Notes

The point of that video is to show how tough that tomahawk is.

Military choppers aren’t made with any shitty metal, and are think enough to stop small arms fire. Those hawks show that they could chop through the body and still be in one tough piece.
Try shopping the same thing with other shitty tomahawks out in the market. Either the handle will break or the blades will chip so badly before they could do half that performance

----- Stana 30.08.13 23:08

That video is profoundly pointless.
Let them throw the Tomahawks whilst the chopper is flying and shooting back - that would be a VS Vid.

Is the point of the Tomahawk to be an alu sheetmetal tool - meant to work on parts/vehicles/structures that most probably have metal fatigue from standing in the sun for an extended period?

I’m pretty sure a Dremel with a cutting bit would do more damage in less time…

----- Franc-I-am 26.08.13 06:06

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