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Torres Sangre de Toro Toy Bulls- 07.02.13

toro0.jpg Happy Meals come with toys… kid’s cereal comes with toys… but this is the first WINE i’ve seen that comes with fun toys! While in Sitka, AK at Ludvig’s Bistro, we had Torres’ Sangre de Toro and it came with a little plastic bull toy adorned on the side! It got even more interesting when the second bottle arrived, and the bulls were different! Then the waitress gave us a third from their house bottle, and it was different too! On the back of each bull is a number, and so far, we’ve seen them go up to 7, but who knows how many there are? Can you line them all up on a disc and spin them to animate a running bull? Also, out of curiosity i picked up another bottle at Bevmo when home, and between that and quick internet searches, it looks like the bulls and the ways they are attached evolve regularly. Take a peek at the bulls and packaging shifts up close on the next page!

Here’s the bottle from our wine in Alaska… toro1.jpg



A closer peek at the Bevmo bottle ~ toro4.jpg

As you can see, the way the Bevmo one is attached is far less exciting… toro5.jpg





See, each has a number… this is 4, 5, 6, 7. toro10.jpg

Vintage bulls used to be attached by ribbon. These are on Etsy. toro11.jpg

And this picture on Flickr from a wine tasting at Torres, shows bulls in a variety of colors! toro12.jpg

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10 Notes

I love the entire concept of these bottles. the taste included. An ex boyfriend bought me the wine years ago. A child swiped the bulls from my house so I’m hoping they still attach them. Going to find a bottle (or two) today.

----- Debbie Manning 27.12.17 10:50

Hi there I have up to number 8 of the Torres bulls

----- Tony Pedlar 18.08.17 00:08

I love your wine. Had it in a restaurant and have a hard time finding it in stores in Louisville.

----- Mary 10.05.17 04:27

Looks like the bulls are GONE! Every bottle of Sangre de Toro I can find no longer has the bulls attached. This is a travesty.


----- Eric J. Tidd 07.07.16 12:45

Great little marketing fob and a way to help the brand stand out in an increasingly crowded sea of labels.

@ Peter - the fobs are not toys, they aren’t cartoon’ish, they aren’t intended for the children’s market, and the product itself, an alcoholic beverage named ‘Sangre de Toro’ (blood of a bull, or bull’s blood) is not intended for children any in sense whatsoever.
This is an adult product, marketed to adults, and intended solely for consumption by adults . Now please stop being so overly-sensitive and dramatic in the name of “children” - if you take responsibility for yourself and family, and others do the same, then we would all live long peaceful enjoyable lives, whilst allowing others do the same.

----- David 16.12.13 06:03

There are 8 bulls. I have numbers 1,3,7 and 8. By the way, the vintage ones that came with a ribbon had no numbers and their horns were removable!

----- Octavio 20.10.13 08:53

Hello, I have bulls numbered 1 to 8, from the Torres red, any ideas what number they go up to? Cheers!

----- CP 09.09.13 11:51

Whilst amusing and a cool idea, I don’t like the fact that these may appeal to children and so start to familiarise a youngster with a brand of alcohol.

----- Peter 31.07.13 01:35

I love your wine and I love your bulls

----- marilyn a dunbar 25.07.13 16:05

The numbers may be up to 7, because on the 7th of July the famous Pamplona- “San Fermin” festival starts. And one of the main activities in San Fermines is the bull race.

----- Iv 04.07.13 15:08

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