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Ruffwear at OR- 08.01.13

ruffwear0.jpg I turned a corner at OR and got giddy when i saw the awesome Ruffwear booth! They make the indestructible, waterproof/stinkproof Headwater collar with reflective waves that we’ve had on bucky as soon as he grew out of a tiny puppy sized neck… and as Bucky gets more adventure ready we’ve been curious about things to help protect him in all kinds of environments… and the awesome folks at Ruffwear caught us up on everything from booties and jackets (shells and fleece) to packs and travel food cases and more! Their attention to detail, from materials to hardware to packaging to patterns makes me swoon, and as you’ll see in the pics on the next page, a lot of the upcoming products are adopting new clasps that have been trending in bag design the last few years.

Take a peek at some of the new Fall/Winter 2013 products that are available now, as well as upcoming products, and their playful, woody booth on the next page!

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The soles of these booties remind me of Nike Frees… they’ll let your pup navigate just about any kind of terrain… Summit Trex Dog Boots ruffwear4.jpg

Our favorite Headwater Collar! ruffwear5.jpg


The TurnUp comes highly recommended for super chewers! ruffwear7.jpg

On things that got added on the shopping list, the back of our SUV needs a Mt. Bachelor Pad Dog Bed ~ the microsuede feels great, the tough bottom layer can handle rougher surfaces, it rolls up with velcro straps for easy portability, and you can wash it! ruffwear8.jpg

Their new Kibble Kaddie is like a dry sack for dog food, the best feature being the little trap door on the side to pour food from. ruffwear9.jpg


Here’s a pic of Bucky trying out the Quick Draw Leash to help us get used to off leash time… basically its a short leash that acts like a velcro’d second collar which can be un velcro’d to be a short leash for easy control. ruffwear11.jpg

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