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Butler Overboots for Kids- 08.01.13

butler0.jpg Launching in September 2013, Butler Overboots are adorable, amazingly soft, pliable booties for kids that go right over their current shoes. In fact, grown up versions would probably be pretty fun even… Adorable branding and packaging (love that penguin logo!), made in the USA (in a military boot factory in TN!), and when i walked past their booth at OR, i had to touch them. While there currently isn’t much info on their website, you can get peeks into the progress at Facebook and Instagram. Whether puddle jumping, sloshing around in the snow, or just making a mess in the garden… these overboots look/feel incredible, and as soon as i started poking at them, i thought of my mom. These definitely fall under her “lucky you guys aren’t kids anymore” category of products that she would have surely bought us if they were around when my sister and i were little! Take a peek at the details, brochure, and more pics on the next page!

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They said each shoe has three sizes listed on the sole, since it can accommodate/stretch to fit a little bit around the size it’s intended for. (And it depends on what type of shoe you’re putting inside, i assume!) butler2.jpg


Here’s a peek into their brochure… butler4.jpg

butler5.jpg Easy-on puller, easy-off support, big fan easy entry, anti slip sole, super duper stretchtech, four-season overboot, 100% recyclable, 100% waterproof, ultra lightweight, non toxic & environmentally friendly!



Found on their Facebook and Instagrambutler8.jpg





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how can by those boots? is in store?

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