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SPY Optic Happy Lens- 08.17.13

spy0.jpg SPY Optic and the Happy Lens! Thanks to the magical box of goodies that arrived from SPY today, get close up with Happy Lenses in the Helm in matte blue (designed with drift/rally driver, Ken Block), the Crosstown Haight in dessert tort, and the new Fold in matte black (created for professional surfer, John John Florence)! While i’ve been super curious to try out the magic of the Happy Lens, first things first, the packaging and awesome design details worked into their products are delightful!

If you’re ever unsure of whether your lens is happy… just look for the teeny tiny happy face in the top corner of your lens. Want to run out without a wallet, no worries, because the carrying case for the Fold glasses once folded up, also has a slot in the back ready for credit cards/id. The Crosstown case is quite a unique button sleeve that protects only the lens section of the glasses. Even the bright blue Happy Lens sleeves have a smiley face on the drawstring. And as for why the Happy Lens is so happy, “The SPY Happy Lens lets in the good rays that promote balance in the body, increase alertness, and have an uplifting effect on mood, while simultaneously blocking the bad rays. As an added bonus, it’s also a polarized and color contrast-enhacing lens, giving you the best visual experience possible.” Intriguing, right? I’m excited to try them out properly, but first, take a peek at all the awesome tiny design details on the next page, as well as the playfully animated SPY Happy Lens video!

What makes the SPY Happy Lens so HAPPY?


First up, here’s a close look at the freshly launched Fold in matte black, which were created for professional surfer, John John Florence…







There’s the tiny happy face! Also like the way the joint folds flat… spy7.jpg

ID/credit card slot in the back of the case! spy8.jpg

Ready to get SUPER happy? Here is the super bright matte blue Helm… vintage inspired with aggressive lines, just as Ken Block wanted them…





Spot the tiny happy face? spy13.jpg

And now for the Crosstown Haight in dessert tort

“Journey up miles of pristine coastal highways cooled by salt air. Fade into dark, bright lights cutting through white noise, asphalt andconcrete coming to life. Bask in the company of those who have been through it all with you, not seeing what is was then but knowing what it is now. It’s these moments in time crystallized in iconic memories that inspire our Crosstown Collection. A beautifully crafted, limited offering born from our Golden State roots and a genuine fondness for the City—inspired by our collective passions for quality design, music, art and getting busy outdoors. This premium collection was intuitively designed to combine fashion and function to help keep your style on point—no matter the setting or situation you get yourself into. Exclusive to select core shops and boutiques worldwide, the Crosstown Collection is worth the journey.


Interesting case design which is pretty much a sleeve for the lens side of your frames that buttons shut. spy15.jpg

See the tiny happy face? You can definitely feel the difference in the materials used in this premium line. The frames are made from handmade acetate. spy16.jpg



Helm in matte blue, the Crosstown Haight in dessert tort, and the new Fold in matte blackspy20.jpg

Love the iconography for their various Lens and Frame tech: spytech.jpg

And if you’re unsure whether the lens is a Happy Lens, just look for this little happy face in the corner! spy19.jpg

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Fantastic design and the lenses are amazing. I bought a pair but took them back due to the poor quality of the hinges. The arms got floppy and for $200 i would expect better hinges. Just my 2ç

----- Chris 18.08.13 17:35

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