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Summers Juice & Coffee, Brooklyn- 09.06.13

summers0.jpg While Shawn was in NY earlier this week, he came home taunting me (and my juice addiction) with pictures of Summers Juice & Coffee that was just opened by one of his closest friends, Alex Kleinberg. So, here’s a peek at the fun design details and deliciousness. Congrats, Alex!!!

On happy places, you can’t help but smile when you arrive at the freshly opened Summers Juice & Coffee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We’ve enjoyed following their Instagram all summer as Alex Kleinberg and Christopher Taha (and their friend, Steffan Elzinga, of Wood Mgmt.) got their hands dirty and converted the 50 year old bodega space into their adorably refreshing neighborhood juice/coffee/pastry/sandwich spot. They found surprises like exposed brick and a large window under the drywall, which combined with some reclaimed wooden fence planks (which turn into herringbone ceiling and counter facade) and the addition of concrete flooring and counters, projection surf flicks, a stunning red surfboard on the wall, and a fun surf mural on the roll gate… it’s easy to forget there was a bodega there!

As for the food and drinks, Summers isn’t just fun decor, Shawn swears by the egg sandwich. (Here’s a peek at the making-of THE Egg Sandwich!) Part of the secret is definitely the parker roll from Clinton St. Baking Co. and the spiral of sriracha… also the bacon + avocado… oh, and the cheese folded in the fried egg. But i digress, with Alex’s history at his family’s award winning Clinton St. Baking Co., it’s no surprise the food and juice is delicious. (For Clinton St. fans, they also carry their pastries!) And as for coffee, they brew Brooklyn Roasting Company goodness. But, back to the visuals - take a peek inside Summers Juice & Coffee on the next page!




NOTE: Prices might change, this was the board on Sept 2nd! summers6.jpg

Fun milk bottles of cold pressed juice… you can also get fresh pressed juices of your choice! summers7.jpg


Yes, this picture is upside down… summers9.jpg

The coffee cups and sandwich papers are hand stamped every day! summers9a.jpg



Sonos spotted in the corner with the projector! summers12.jpg

Peeking behind the counter… summers13.jpg

Veggie Sandwich in the making… summers14.jpg

The spiral of sriracha on THE Egg Sandwich - (see the making-of THE Egg Sandwich) summers15.jpg

Mmmm - apple, lemon, ginger juice in progress! summers16.jpg


Coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company. summers19.jpg

Pastries and other delights from Clinton St. Baking Co. summers20.jpg

There’s a dog dish ready for your thirsty pups by the bench outside! summers3.jpg

Where did it start from? Here’s a quick overview of the Summers Making-of via Instagram to catch you up! makingofsummers.jpg

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Fantastic to see that the coffee cups and sandwich papers are handstamped. It brings the Old World flair back to life! It has an understated luxury elegance. One designer to watch is James Magni. Its contemporary luxury at its finest. Worth reviewing: http://www.amazon.com/Magni-Modernism-James/dp/1419706713/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381873338&sr=8-1&keywords=magni+design

Keep up the excellent work notcot. Love your blog.

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