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Butler Blue Mobile Ford Transit Connect- 09.06.13

blue0.jpg This post is sponsored by the Ford Transit Connect. When they first approached us to profile some fun, inspiring Ford Transit Connects, we weren’t sure what we would find. Well our first stop lead us to Butler University in Indianapolis, IN to visit Butler Blue III who rides around in the Blue Mobile 2010 Ford Transit Connect!

It’s not everyday that we find ourselves popping out to Indianapolis, to spend some time with some very social media saavy bulldogs. Butler Blue III and his predecessor, Butler Blue II (who we also had the pleasure of meeting) have with quite the following… of course it doesn’t hurt that their “dad”, Michael Kaltenmark, is Director of Web Marketing and Communications at Butler University, and a natural at sharing the adventures of these amazing bulldogs both in real life and digitally. With huge support from the community, these dogs are also living quite the life thanks to some amazing sponsors, including their local Ford dealer, who offered them a Ford Transit Connect to get around in. Of course, in addition to bulldog roadtrips, the Blue Mobile has become the perfect billboard, both around town and on the road at away games. In fact even doing errands, people will wave at the Blue Mobile, and sometimes even peek in to see if the dogs are on board. The bulldogs have their own hammocked back seat, tons of space, a flashing blue light to pop on top of the car, and quite the car wraps and stickers! We join Michael and Blue III (aka “Trip” - short for triple!) in the Blue Mobile, to see what life with their Ford Transit Connect is really like! Take a peek on the next page to see our adventures ~ from box destruction and shopping at the bookstore, getting a bath, celebrating at the vet’s with cake, checking out the renovations at Hinkle, and dreaming up the NEXT Ford Transit Connect to come…

First thing we notice when pulling up is the special Blue Mobile parking spot! blue1.jpg

It can’t be missed on campus, especially being right across from the school bookstore. blue2.jpg

Stopping by Michael’s office, i was in awe of his bulldog collection! And this is only one tiny corner of it… blue3.jpg

Here’s Blue III… he only officially took over for Blue II this May, and is just over 1.5 years old, but he’s been in training since 8 weeks old, shadowing Blue II around. blue4.jpg

First stop was the bookstore to get a new Butler leash and collar, he also showed off his “play dead” trick, and then convinced the sweet ladies to give him a cardboard box (his favorite!) to proudly destroy (while drawing quite the excited crowd!)… blue5.jpg

And then we were off… while Blue III CAN hop up into the car if he wanted, his knees are a bit arthritic, so Michael tends to give him a boost. blue6.jpg

He definitely loves going for Transit Connect rides… see how happy he is hanging out in his double layered hammock seat? (I made him share his hammock when i squeezed in alongside him.) Why two hammocks? They shed quite a bit, and cloth seats aren’t nearly as good as leather for all that hair! blue7.jpg Disclaimer - Make sure to secure your animal safely when driving.

We got a tour of Butler University and Indianapolis, the weather was gorgeous! blue10.jpg

First stop, the spa, which has quite the set up for pups! This is one of Blue III’s sponsors, and we stopped by for him to get a quick bath while we chatted… He LOVES drinking the water a bit before getting clean. blue10b.jpg

Then back in we went! blue10c.jpg Disclaimer - Make sure to secure your animal safely when driving.

Next we took a little walk down Mass Ave… blue13.jpg

Where we headed over to his Animal Clinic, which just celebrated its first anniversary! It’s also beautifully modern in design, feeling clean/sterile without that creepy hospital feel… (I wish they had one closer to us in LA!) I’ve also never seen a dog SO excited to go into the vet! While there, he had his weigh in, got a shot (to help his knees!), ate some anniversary (dog) cake, and high fived with shawn while we waited… vetpic.jpg

We did a bit of sight seeing between stops… blue18.jpg Disclaimer - Make sure to secure your animal safely when driving.

He is one happy bulldog… of course it also doesn’t hurt that everyone is SO happy to see him and has treats for him everywhere we go! blue21.jpg

I climbed in the back of the Ford Transit Connect to see just HOW much space there is… and it is impressively spacious! Nice touch that it has the netted compartment above the front seats too… blue22.gif Disclaimer - Make sure to secure your animal safely when driving. But don’t worry, we weren’t moving in this picture (seeing as i’m climbing around and the back is open!)

Checking out the famous Butler University’s Hinkle Fieldhouse arena that is currently under renovations. Blue III happily hopped up in the front row as if ready to watch a game… while all athletes touch him for good luck - his official duties include being pet by the starting basketball players when they are announced, and in football he leads the charge out of the locker room! blue27.jpg

Here he is modeling his custom Nike Butler jersey… (while knawing on some dried yam goodies from Bucky.) blue26.jpg

We went and parked down in the Butler Bowl… check out the Blue Mobile’s blue light ready to go on top of the car! blue23.jpg

As you can see, the Blue Mobile Ford Transit Connect, is covered in fun pictures of Blue II and Blue III, their sponsors, and how to find them on all things social media! blue24.jpg

… it’s bulldogged out down to the tiniest details, like license plate screws. blue25.jpg

The hood is just adorable too! blue28.jpg

From all of our fun adventures with Michael and Blue III, we got to know their Blue Mobile 2010 Ford Transit Connect pretty well, and also learned about what their dream Blue Mobile II might include… here’s what would be awesome in the next model… blueWIP.jpg

Huge thanks to our friends at Ford Transit Connect and our new friends, Michael Kaltenmark, Blue II, and Blue III for having us out in Indy, and sharing their world!



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