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Espresso Smith Whiskey Barrel Coffee- 03.19.14

whiskeybarrel9.jpg Whiskey Barrel Coffee! So many things i love in one thing i don’t even know where to start. I love beautiful packaging (and a good skull graphic! and a well designed glass bottle!) I love good whiskey… and i’ve been learning to appreciate and love good coffee. I love good dark chocolate. Artfully combine them all, and you have Espresso Smith’s Whiskey Barrel Coffee ~ and chocolate covered coffee beans ~ in wax sealed glass bottles… the idea alone makes me swoon… but the deliciousness and beautiful branding make me need to share the details with you!

Two and a half years in the making, Espresso Smith now ages green coffee beans in authentic bourbon barrels in Colorado prior to roasting to create a coffee “the goal was not to create a whiskey flavored coffee… the goal was to create an experience that starts with coffee and finishes with bourbon.” Mind you, there’s no alcohol (though you can add your own back in) in the final product but the aromas are definitely present and delicious. Take a peek at the unboxing and details on the next page!


The story right in Tal Fishman’s own words…

And now the unboxing! whiskeybarrel1.jpg














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3 Notes

HI very nice review,
As a huge whiskey and bourbon fan that should be the very right coffee for me:)
And the box is just sublime ;)

----- Jennifer 08.04.14 09:22

I want that! WOW!

----- Markus "Roitsch" Reuter 21.03.14 05:27

Hello! I am just wondering if there perhaps is any chance that I could import your most tempting product to Sweden in anyway.

Cheers Peter.

----- Peter 20.03.14 04:01

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