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Perspective- 03.25.14

maintweet.jpg Just a little late night update… I know it’s been a bit quieter here as of late… and while the firehose of inspiration is still flowing strong over at NOTCOT.org, i’ve been saving things that get me beyond excited and giddy for here, and lately instead of endless jetsetting, shopping, and hotel living ~ it has been an amazing change of pace to be head down, designing, soldering (omg. somuch. soldering.), 3d printing, laser cutting, debugging, strategizing, and really just getting involved and learning SO much about every part of creating things from sketches to reality. Also insane problem solving on ridiculous deadlines… Of course this means less crazy posts, but also more tweets and instagrams of what i can share from some of the process (and random inspirations in daily life).

It’s all about the pendulum… and swinging between extremes, and currently i’m loving bigger, complex projects! It’s a whole different kind of up all night lifestyle from the last few years for sure… Getting back into the design process has also helped rekindle my appreciation for the hard work that goes into product design, thorough R&D, and making experiences that really change peoples lives… and raises the bar even higher for the things i fall in love with and need to share with you on NOTCOT!

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