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NOTlabs Instagram: Electronics Overdosing- 03.06.14

making0.jpg I have to admit, it’s been terribly difficult (and also weirdly freeing) to be working on so many projects and doing so many things i CAN’T share on NOTCOT… yet! So of course, where i can, peeks at the process and inspiration and randomness encountered along the way sneak on to the NOTlabs Instagram. I’m currently sitting in the lab surrounded by excessive amounts of electronics parts and awaiting the arrival of more before it’s time to become our own little assembly line to build the __ i can’t wait to share with you! Soon! I hope! It’s getting there…

I have been learning SO much the last few weeks. Random things like, outsourced 3D printing lead times are insanely slow (relative to my love of instant gratification). Chinese New Year WILL interfere with electronics orders coming from China - a few days turns into a few weeks. Some stores can’t ship more than 2 (if it has to fly - 12 if shipping ground) lithium ion batteries per package. And UPS will put your mountain of small boxes in a tied up plastic bag for delivery. Super tiny limit switches are hard to find. As are tiny, stumpy 4 way joystick buttons - especially if you want a click button in the center too. Just because there are 14,000 of something in stock, doesn’t mean it will stay there till the next day… and restocking may take weeks. Companies that use only paypal are not the best setup when international clients need to make massive payments on a credit card… so many limits and complications! Sparkfun’s red boxes make me smile every time they show up. And so much more i’m sure i’m not even remembering right now!

None the less, the craziness has barely begun ~ prototyping done, ordering in progress, awaiting all the parts, then comes days of soldering, assembly, etc… so take a peek at what we’ve got so far on the next page

Tiny little Microduinos! Our full Microduino feature is here. making1.jpg

Shapeways is Made in the Future, Made for YOU! making2.jpg

See more details of the Shapeways Materials Kitmaking3.jpg

Here’s the iMaterialise Sample Kit ~ definitely not as helpful as the Shapeways one above. making3a.jpg

Tiny button research… making4.jpg

Love how thin these speakers are ~ also Sparkfun has the best boxes! making5.jpg


Our research even lead us to wander All Electronics in Van Nuys, which amongst tons of electronics randomness, even has some very tempting LED street lights! making16.jpg

More Microduinos! making7.jpg

And the big orders start showing up… tiny limit switches! making8.jpg

Speakers!!! making9.jpg

3D printing experiments… making17.jpg

UPS was nice enough to bag up these 18 little boxes of batteries for delivery! making9a.jpg

LED Rings and USB Charger boards all bagged up from Adafruit! making10.jpg

Unbagging them all took some time today… making11.jpg

… these too! making12.jpg

Organizing what’s here so far… making13.jpg

Here’s my current state of madness awaiting a few more parts before the fun begins! making14.jpg

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Wow. I’m so curious what you gonna build.
I want one or two of “I don’t now what yet but I imagine something cool”.

----- Markus 06.03.14 23:09

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