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Highland Park Flask Bangle- 04.18.14

hpbangle5.jpg An amazing surprise arrived today from Highland Park Whisky. Remember this Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle that i posted on NOTCOT.org a while back? Well the awesome folks at Highland Park made a special version and sent one over! I can’t even begin to describe how curious i was when i started to open the box and saw the silver flask bangle with a subtle little H logo on it… and it’s a perfect fit. It even holds around 3 fluid ounces! Perhaps we WILL need to do a ladies’ Hero’s Chest Dinner yet… see all the details on the next page!

hpbangle0.jpg The Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle

hpbangle1.jpg … and the Highland Park Whisky version! With just enough or their special Freya to fill it up…





hpbangle7.jpg The NOTlabs Instagram view of the perfect fit!

Thank you thank you thank you, Highland Park!

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