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Inside ICON + TLC- 05.01.14

icon0.jpg Ready for a peek inside the world of Jonathan Ward’s ICON and TLC? Well, we’ve been working with him on designs the last few months, and the passion at ICON is contagious, and constantly energizing and inspiring us at NOTlabs! So, we figured it was finally time to share some of the wonders inside the ICON and TLC garage!

ICON has been making stunning matte black retro BRs and FJs that no designer (no matter how uninterested in cars) could miss the last two decades… an upgrade would be an understatement, they build on the originals and improve every tiny detail to become a design masterpiece in both performance and style. The plastic is stripped out, grills are milled out of single pieces of aluminum, fonts are matched for updated logos… no detail is missed! More recently, you’ve probably seen the stunning ICON Thriftmaster truck, with a beautiful ash wood bed floor, as well as the ICON Electric Flyer bike. Additionally, if a sleeper of a vintage car, looking rusted and thoroughly aged, flies past you - you may have found one of the rare ICON Derelicts & Reformers. (Another example is the beast of an ICON Dodge D200 Truck he drove to the Hero’s Chest dinner.)

The other half of ICON is TLC, if you’re confused (like I may have been at first) it actually stands for Toyota Land Cruiser, not ‘tender loving care’. Since 1996, they have been the nation’s leading Land Cruiser Service center. As they say, “Though the Cruiser has evolved into today’s luxurious four-door powerhouse - it is the original adventure-seeking spirited classic Land Cruiser, with its worldwide following that lingers in our minds. That’s where we come in…TLC buys, restores, services, and sells Toyota Land Cruisers exclusively. We are dedicated to their preservation and restoration. Recycling a product that in many ways is simpler, stronger and safer than most produced today.” (I both blame + credit Jonathan Ward for helping Shawn convince me to impulse buy the NOTlabs FZJ80 just after this visit! But more on that shortly…) So take a peek inside the ICON and TLC garage on the next page!

First a reminder - here’s what i think of when i think ICON - New is often JUST new, but better is always better! Obvious. I know, but especially in the world of cars, it’s easy to let the advertising and marketing get the better of you as it tries to make you endlessly lust for the next thing… just because it’s next. So it should be no surprise that ICON feels like they are bringing to life the cars that always should have been. icon0a.jpg

… and here are some of the ICON Derelicts & Reformers: icon0b.jpg

Heading in to the Chatsworth office and garage… icon1.jpg

Shawn took me right into the garage to go find Jonathan and see what’s new. icon2.jpg

On our way in you see ICONs in progress… icon3.jpg




… down the way, the ICON Derelicts & Reformersicon8.jpg


I couldn’t help getting distracted by the fun stickers all over… icon10.jpg

On the next aisle are some Toyota Land Cruisers… icon11.jpg


Into the TLC Parts section! icon13.jpg

They are incredibly organized… icon14.jpg



Jerry cans! icon17.jpg

Peeking between the parts at more cars… icon18.jpg

The ICON Thriftmaster! icon19.jpg

The stunning ash wood bed… icon20.jpg

The ICON FJ44 icon21.jpg


Love the details… especially his lizard icon! icon23.jpg

Here’s an FZJ80 in progress… icon24.jpg

Heading out of the garage to the parking lot, you can see Jonathan’s stash of cars… icon25.jpg

From future builds, to possible derelicts, and more… icon26.jpg






A few peeks from our NOTlabs Instagram icon32.jpg

Vintage inspiration in Jonathan Ward’s office that caught my eye… icon33.jpg

… our kind of office! icon34.jpg

The ICON T-Shirts icon35.jpg

Love this video about ICON + “Delivering Excellence”:

Ok, this one is a bit silly, but i had to include it. I love these press/roller contraptions i found in the corner of their garage, and after instagramming it, @monstersofnewyork brought them to life. icon36.jpg

As i finished typing up this post ~ Apparently it’s an ICON kind of week! Just in the mail ~ ICON on the cover of AutoWeek and in Wired! Congrats, ICON! icon37.jpg

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