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Central St. Martin’s 2014 Degree Shows- 06.23.14

csm0.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she visits the London graduate showcases. This post is from Central Saint Martins Degree Shows, including work from both Degree Show One and Degree Show Two.

Work from the MA Narrative Environments program. csm1.jpg

L A B N º 1 from fine art students Theo de Gueltzl and Octave Marsal. csm3.jpg

L A B N º 2, a beautifully etched column of perspex, also from Theo and Octave. csm2.jpg

The one who feels like a fish in the water by Boris Raux as part of the Heteroglossia exhibition by the MA Art & Science graduates. csm4.jpg

bi:skeit from Marie Durand Yamamoto. csm5.jpg

Product design student Robert Cooper’s Cadbury Chocfix, a design for a hollow chocolate-filled wafer in playful shapes you can assemble, like planes. Wish these were real! csm6.jpg

Oyster Active from Noramon Mekavuthiku. Love the idea of a combo activity monitor and Oyster Card in one and the idea that waking earns you discounts. If only TFL would take it up! csm7.jpg

Ever noticed how quick we are to judge? Nathalie Jerming-Havill wanted to demonstrate how difficult that can be to interviewers. She asked them to construct a simple Duplo style figure (as interviewees would need to construct a picture of their competencies) while wearing inverting lenses. Despite confidence, most were unable to succeed. Love the branding too! csm8.jpg

Incredible 3D printed pasta in beautiful geometric shapes from Lina Saleh. csm9.jpg


Tendr from Sam Palmer, a system for growing your own salad at home. csm11.jpg

The Log Stove from Ben Paton. csm12.jpg

Note by Note from Marjorie Artieres a futuristic recipe-free cooking environment where cooks experiment with food compounds to discover flavors, textures and colors. csm13.jpg


Japanese Stoicism from Kensuke Nakata. The ceramacist reflects on the 2011 tsunami while making petals that will raise funds for Aid For Japan. csm15.jpg

Minilathe from Josh Worley. Part of his opentools.cc. csm16.jpg


Birds birds birds from graphic designer Kiki Ljung. csm18.jpg


Physically Unfriendly Cutlery from Jiyoung Kim, designed to force us to slow down as we eat. csm20.jpg

In textile department, these handmade structures by Skye Gwillim that are handmade from paper are incredibly strong and spring back when compressed. In contrast, the 3D printed version of a scan of these objects is brittle and fragile. morecsm.jpg

“Off the Shelf”, playful branding for the BA Product Design Degree Show. csm21.jpg

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